5 Best Thocky Switches in 2022

If you have read our other articles, you will know how much we have emphasized the significance of purchasing an ideal ‘key switch’ for your mechanical keyboard. Not only are they important when it comes to generating a perfect typing from a keyboard but also for maintaining an accurate rhythm and speed in gaming. There is a variety of key switches available in the market, alongside thocky switches, that enable gamers to level up their performance by allowing a quicker succession of keypresses. One of the best feature of the best gaming keyboards, according to most users, is their sound. Even though, all of the mechanical keyboards may not necessarily be of the same sound; however, they all provide remarkable feedback when compared to their counterpart membrane keyboards.

The most generally preferred switches by users on the basis of the sound they execute thocky switches. Let’s get one thing straight – thocky switches are rare and difficult to come across. You can choose even the most expensive of keyboards and you will find out that the switches have that keyboard does not offer thocky sound. Instead, you will have to lube them to get a thocky experience out of those mechanical switches.

The special feature of Thocky switches is quite obvious. Just as what the name “Thocky switches” suggests, they generate a thocc sound when pressed. It is a deep and loud sound which is quite a lot similar to a sound that a tactile switch would generate. As for why these thocky switches are so popular? Much of its admiration is owing to the satisfaction it brings with each keypress. Not just fulfilling to listen to but also enjoyable to type on.

However, keyboards manufactured by OEMs do not have switches that could produce thocky sound by default, you will have to manually lube them to be able to achieve a sound that can be considered as being close to a thocc. If you wish to truly achieve a thocky experience, you can only make this possible on a mechanical keyboard. In this article, we will discuss some of the best thocky switches that you can use in your mechanical keyboard.

Regular Switch VS Thocky Switch

But before that, you should know the difference between a regular switch and a thocky switch. The primary difference between both categories is that regular mechanical switches are prone to producing a lot of unwanted noise. Regular switches also generate a loud sound of a click from the spring of the switches.  However, on the condition that you lube these same switches precisely, you will be able to obtain a clean thocky sound. If you have never heard what a thocc sounds like, refer to the following link.

With regards to how lubrication assists in the generation of a thocky sound: when you apply lubricating material to a regular switch you minimize the metallic sound that is generated from the spring and instead the lubricated switch produces a deep and rather a wet sound every time you press a key. Do keep in mind, however, that lubing keyboard switches can be an entirely different and difficult task in and of itself.

Other than the fact that it will require quite a lot of preciseness and delicacy on your part, lubricating all of the switches of a mechanical keyboard can be quite a costly process. You will require tools such as high-end lubricant and a switch puller.

However, from the myriad of switch colours available, you might be confused as to which one generates the best thocky sound. Overall, there a three switch colours that are prominent in the market, namely – Red, Blue, and Brown. While the blue switches are known to provide the users with a clicky experience due to the loud sound it generates, the red switches on the other hand are relatively silent switches with the least tactile feel and minimum noise generation. Whereas the brown switches are a mix of that offer suitable tactile feedback for the type of users.

Blue switches are, as you may have guessed yourself, the best thocky switches not only for gamers but also for typists that are looking to experience a smooth tactile feel.  Although out of the box, the blue ones are the best clicky switches by default almost as if they are a typewriter; nevertheless, if you lube these switches correctly, it will be a game-changer and you will get an experience akin to that from a professional keyboard.

7 Best Thocky Switches to Buy in 2022

If you still do not have a general idea of what your preference might be when it comes to thocky switches then you do not have to worry. In this section, we will be discussing some of the best thocky switches that we have come across, tested, and approved. We will make sure to guide you in the best possible way by providing you with the reasons for buying each of these switches along with their cons.

To ensure that by the end of this article you are capable of making an accurate purchase decision to fulfil your gaming needs, we will also be certain of providing comparison remarks on a few of the switches. So without wasting any further time, let’s start our list.

1) Corsair OPX Switch

Best Thocky Optical Switch

Brand: CORSAIR | Actuation Type: Optical | Actuation Force: 45g | Travel Distance: 3.2mm

Corsair K100 RGB With OPX Switch
Corsair K100 RGB With OPX Switch

Currently, exclusive to CORSAIR’s K100 RGB keyboard only, the CORSAIR OPX Switch is considered as one of the best optical switches manufactured by CORSAIR that are known to be very smooth to game on. Although much has not yet been revealed about the OPX switches regarding their OEM we can elucidate their specifications and features.

What we like about the Corsair OPX Switches?

First of all, since CORSAIR’s OPX Switches are optical in nature, they are extremely fast. Through, the transmission of a beam of infrared light, instead of the clicking of two metal contacts, actuation is detected. There are two benefits of this aspect. Since there is no friction or resistance during the registration of a keypress, the wear and the tear of the key switches is minimized which results in a prolonged lifespan of the CORSAIR OPX Optical key switches of over 150 million keystrokes.

This value of high durability is actually well over the average lifespan of even some of the most expensive mechanical switches. Another advantage of the actuation being possible through the transmission of infrared radiation in CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches is that there is little to no debounce processing when the switch signal is registered. Lack of debouncing during the transmission of signal results in a much faster response time compared to its mechanical counterparts. In addition to that, there is an added element of reliability.

Another one of the important characteristics of CORSAIR OPX Switches is that they are not analogue. This implies that these are simply on and off thocky optical switches are. Also, the stroke distance of the OPX Optical switches does not constantly lag throughout the interval. As a result of the absence of any intricacy involved in the process, you can operate the CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches all over instead of only the WASD region.

As far as the design of the OPX Optical Switches is concerned, CORSAIR made use of the blurred lines of distinction between an optical switch and a standard linear mechanical switch for users. You can easily draw parallels between the design of CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches and the Cherry MX Speed Silver. However, this similarity is not merely limited to the tailoring of the design of the CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches but also applies to the dynamics of both switches.

Both of the switches have an actuation force of 45 grams with an actuation distance of 1 mm and a total travel distance of 3.2 mm to the bottom of the plate. These specifications emphasize the fact that CORSAIR OPX Switches are indeed light in nature and quite responsive as well. If you have already used Cherry MX Speed Silvers in the past, you will have an idea of how efficient these CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches are.

However, in case you haven’t, the Cherry MX Speed Silvers are known to be the fastest from the entirety of the Cherry MX product line with exceptionally short reaction times making these switches ideal for gaming. Now imagine the same switch, but even more competent and faster with optical actuation rather than a mechanical one. Indeed, using these CORSAIR OPX Optical switches can be revolutionary when it comes to gaming.

Now, let’s talk about the sound generated by these OPX switches. Compared to the Cherry MX Switches, the scratchiness in CORSAIR’s OPX Optical Switches is present to a very small extent, almost unnoticeable. Due to the relatively loud low pitched clicky and thocky actuation of the CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches properly these have been placed on the list of some of the best thocky switches currently available in the market.

An additional plus point of purchasing CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches is that they have employed clear housing which means that in presence of RGB LEDs the keycaps on these switches can become aesthetically illuminated with a distinct under glow for every key switch. Another feature we liked about these CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches is their compatibility with keycaps.

Owing to the fact that the stem of these OPX optical Switches has been designed by CORSAIR in such a way that it is shaped similar to the configuration of a regular Cherry MX Switch, it allows any standard custom keycap to fit on the switches of this CORSAIR keyboard.

What we don’t like about the CORSAIR OPX Switches?

 Clearly, one of the major let-downs of these OPX Switches is that the only way of experiencing the performance of these switches is to buy the CORSAIR K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard. You cannot buy the switches separately to test them like you could with the standard mechanical switches. You will also have a hard time finding the replacement keys in case you break one of the keys or if some keys become hard to operate due to abrasion or wear and tear.

In addition to that, through our sound tests, we found that these CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches at times produce a springy sound. This mostly occurred when we tried to type faster with the rapid succession of keypresses. For typists, this can be a setback as their work involves typing quickly for a long period of time during which such unwanted sounds can be a cause of distraction and frustration.

Furthermore, due to the fact that CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches are light with an actuation force of only 45 grams and actuation distance of 1 mm which is very short, these specifications make the key switches prone to mistyping. Although the super short actuation means that the responses are quick and immediate which is a great bonus point for gamers, it also means that the chances you accidentally hit a key are much higher and you will have to be extra careful when it comes to typing.

Initially, when you are in the process of transitioning to this keyboard you will experience many typos until you can finally master the art of making the best out of this CORSAIR K100 keyboard with OPX Optical Switches. For typists again, this can be disappointing.

Nevertheless, CORSAIR OPX Optical Switches are considered by many experts as one of the best high-end switches that are ideal for gaming. If you are a fan of thocky sound then by lubricating the switch right you will achieve a good thocky optical switch. Even if you have to buy the entire K100 Keyboard then it is for the best because it is one of the flagship keyboards of CORSAIR that has been revamped and improved with respect to every aspect of it.

Therefore, we will definitely recommend this Thocky CORSAIR OPX Optical switch to our community of gamers, especially the best switches for OSU, and this Corsair keyboard is a good keyboard for playing OSU; however, if you are only concerned about typing you should read other best thocky switches on this list.

2) Gazzew Boba U4T

Best Thocky Tactile Switch

Brand: Gazzew | Actuation Type: Tactile | Actuation Force: 68g | Travel Distance: 4 mm

Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky Switches
Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky Switches

There are many top-shelf tactile switches present in the market that are competing against each other which makes it difficult for the user to decide which one is most suitable for them. However, when it comes to thocky sound profile, then no tactile switch can overpower the one and only Gazzew Boba U4T. Besides being one of the highly tactile switches, Gazzew Boba U4T is also known to have a satisfying deep thocc to its keystrokes.

 What we like about Gazzew Boba U4T?

To put it straightforwardly, we were outright impressed with this Gazzew switch. Starting from praiseworthy sound execution and remarkable housing tolerance to a well-defined tactile bump, there is a lot that Boba U4T can boast about and we will be covering each one by one.

First of all, these Boba U4T switches are manufactured by Outemu and if you have had a chance to use an Outemu switch in the past you would agree that they are known to build excellent mechanical switches specifications of which rightly justify their price.

Now these Gazzew switches are available with either 62 grams spring or ones with 68 grams spring, when we conducted the tests for the sake of this article, we chose the 68-grams spring Gazzew Boba U4T switches; therefore, everything you will read further from here will be with respect to this version only.

To assist you in having an overall view of Gazzew Boba U4T switches before proceeding further, you should know that these are the best tactile switches with a slightly lubed spring and a marginally lubed leaf straight out of the box.

We would first like to comment on the sound profile of these switches. Unlike most of the other switches, the word “Thocky” is largely used right next to the name of Gazzew Boba U4T. This is because, upon actuation, Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky switches to generate a prominent deep thock sound that is low in pitch.

Furthermore, this sound execution of Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky is right out of the box in its original stock form without any lubrication. You can further improve the sound performance by lubricating the switches as per your desire. In addition to that, unlike the competitors of Gazzew Boba U4T, every keypress and actuation is devoid of any spring noise or any leaf noise which is quite admirable.

Although Gazzew has recommended using the Boba U4T Thocky in its stock form, we still went out of the way and decided to film and lubricate the U4T switches. Quite impressively, the sound did indeed improve a lot as the sound that is produced at actuation becomes even deeper which users commend. As far as the housing tolerance of Boba U4T Thocky switches is concerned, it is classic.

Similar to most of the Gazzew switches, the housing of Boba U4T is remarkable with the least to no stem wobble. This is a selling point of Boba U4T for typists whose work involves typing on a keyboard for hours. With minimum wobble and stable housing, not only will the users enjoy the typing experience but there will be the least number of typos.

Additionally, the tactile event of Boba U4T is commendable as well. Not only is the tactile bump strong and noticeable during actuation but it also has very short pre-travel before the tactile event arrives. It goes without saying that Outemu and Gazzew’s collaboration has indeed resulted in a high-quality product in form of Gazzew Boba U4T Tactile and Thocky switches.

What we don’t like about the Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky Switches?

There are always some trade-offs that users have to go through for every positive aspect of a product. Similar is the case with Gazzew Boba U4T switches. We will be starting again from the sound profile of these U4T switches. As we mentioned earlier, the Boba U4T produce a full-bodied thocc sound with a deep octave to its generation in its stock form.

However, we noticed that in the Gazzew Boba U4T 68 grams spring versions, when we tried to type at faster speed with a rapid succession of keystrokes there was a detectable high-pitched noise that cannot be ignored. This issue of unwanted clack especially occurs during the upstroke travel of the Boba U4T switches.

Now, do keep in mind that if, coupled with this problem, you are using keycaps that are low profile ABS ones such as GMK, and you are trying to type quickly on your keyboard, then not only will this be magnifying the issue of clack, but the noise will also become quite distracting.

In addition to that, as we mentioned earlier, Gazzew Boba U4T is extremely tactile and not everyone is a fan of the strong tactile bumps. It is true that there are many users in the consumer base that find the tactile bump fairly satisfying; however, imagine having to type on a strong tactile keyboard for hours on end. This task can become thoroughly fatiguing as you need to apply enough actuation force to press beyond the bump.

Furthermore, if you are used to typing on a linear switch then the transition process can be full of complexity. In such a scenario, we would recommend opting for the 62 grams spring version of Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky instead of the 68 grams.

Although we have mentioned earlier that the Boba U4T switches have exemplary housing tolerance; however, we observed that compared to the horizontal stem wobble there was a noticeable vertical wobble present when we performed a typing test on the Gazzew Boba U4T. Furthermore, the slide rail of Gazzew Boba U4T along with the rail slot is relatively dry.

Another let down of Boba U4T can be the design as there is nothing new or special about it and users mostly consider it as just another clone of Glorious Panda. These are some of the aspects that Boba U4T Thocky lacks and has room for improvement, something that Gazzew and Outemu should take notice of. Not to forget that the availability of these Boba U4T switches is very limited with only a handful of vendors. Users complain about having to wait for months once the switches run out of stock.

Nevertheless, most of the problems associated with Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky can be resolved by applying lubrication and film on them which will lead to a much clear and deep sound and the scratchiness will be further minimized. Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky has the potential to top not only the market of best tactile switches but also the market of best thocky switches.

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3) Cherry MX Blue Switches

Best Budget Thocky Switch

Brand: Cherry | Actuation Type: Tactile | Actuation Force: 50g | Travel Distance: 4 mm

Cherry MX Blue Key Switches
Cherry MX Blue Key Switches

Produced by one of the most popular brands that are considered to be the gold standard, Cherry MX Blue Switches come with a variety of premium features to cater to the need of its users. Although, choosing one type of Cherry MX Switch from its extensive product line can be quite complicated; however if you were to pick one category of switch that is most clicky with the highest potential for thocc then it would be Cherry MX Blue Switches.

What we like about Cherry MX Blue Switches?

With the medium-heavy feel, Cherry MX Blue Switches are tactile in nature with the tactile bump being light and not too strong. The actuation force of Cherry MX Blues is 50 grams which brings a somewhat heavy feel to them, actuation point is 2.2 mm and the total travel distance is 4 mm. In terms of sound, they are quite clicky, a sound that some users tend to enjoy.

With the right amount of lubrication and film, you experience thocky sound output from these Cherry MX Switches. Furthermore, compared to the lifespan of 150 million keystrokes of some of the elite keyboard switches, the lifespan of Cherry MX Blues is 50 million keystrokes. Although the value of lifespan is quite low, it is still highly durable because merely 50 million keystrokes suggest that the Cherry MX Switches can function properly for at least ten years which is considered a lot.

Another positive characteristic of Cherry MX Blues is that you can easily find replacement samples. You will see that with most of the popular and high-end gaming switches, it is difficult to individually replace them as there is a lack of availability. However, this is not the case with Cherry MX Blues.

Furthermore, the typing experience that comes with the Cherry MX Blues is remarkable. This is owing to the fact that due to the tactile mechanism of these Cherry MX switches along with these MX Blue Switches being quite heavy and you can even increase the force to 60 grams from 50 grams if you exert full force over the tactile bump, you can face resistance while hitting each key.

This ensures that each intended key was successfully pressed and therefore there are no chances of mistyping, ghost tapping or double-tapping. As far as gaming is concerned, you can play basic games with Cherry MX Blues which does bring the element of versatility in them. Furthermore, thanks to the short actuation point and total travel point, not much effort is required to press each key. As a result, you will only need to press these Cherry MX Blue switches lightly and the actuation will take place somewhere at the beginning of each keystroke again making it ideal for typists.

What we don’t like about the Cherry MX Blue Switches?

The first complaint that users give is against the medium-heavy feel of the switches. According to many of the reviews of customers, they would have preferred it better if the Cherry MX Blue Switches were lighter than they actually are. Another obvious drawback of purchasing these tactile Cherry MX Blue switches is their loudness.

Not everyone enjoys the noisy clicky sound that Cherry MX Blue Switches generate and at times it can even be annoying especially if you are in a workplace. In addition to that, the response time of Cherry MX Blue switches is nothing extraordinary. Due to this fact, playing competitive games can be quite difficult for them.

If you are okay with playing basic beginner games only on these Cherry MX Blue switches then well and good; however, if you were thinking that its versatile nature means you can make the best out of typing experience as well as competitive gaming then we have bad news for you. The Cherry MX Blue Switches are just not meant for gaming.

Nevertheless, the relatively medium keypresses with a tactility that ensures quality resistance provides consistent clicky feedback with accurate precision is what makes Cherry MX Blue Switches special and worthy to be placed on a list of best thocky switches. For typists, there is no reason not to buy these Cherry MX Blue Switches. However, if you are a gamer and you have not yet come across a thocky switch that could suit your need then you will be interested in reading the next section.

4) Gateron Milky Yellow Switches

Best Thocky Linear Switches

Brand: GATERON | Actuation Type: Linear | Actuation Force: 50g | Travel Distance: 4 mm

Gateron Yellow Optical Switches
Gateron Yellow Optical Switches

It is impossible to discuss a topic on the best switches and not talk about Gateron switches. Not only are Gateron switches becoming more and more popular on daily basis but they rightfully deserve this fame. One reason for this increasing popularity is the fact that Gaterons are basically cheaper alternatives to Cherry MX mechanical switches.

Another reason for the admiration the Gateron switches receive us is due to the smooth experience they provide. Now if in addition to all this, you lube the Gateron switches properly you will achieve a smooth and thocky linear experience which will be one of its kind, especially with the Gateron Milky Yellow Switches.

What we like about the Gateron Milky Yellow Switches?

People who wish to go for a smooth typing and gaming experience should go for these Gateron key switches. The casing of Gateron Milky Yellow Switch is clear with soft plastic stems and copper contact leaf that allow the keypresses to be even smoother.

In addition to that, these Gateron Milky Yellow switches have a durable build that is waterproof and low-profile so you can also use these Gateron Switches for low profile gaming. With the actuation force of 50 grams, pre-travel of 2 mm and total travel distance of 4 mm, Gateron Milky Yellow Switches are light and responsive.

As far as the sound generated by the Gateron Milky Yellow Switches is concerned, being one of the best linear switches in the market their sound resonates more as quiet switches. You can use these Gateron Switches in your office or any other noise-sensitive environment without a care in the world because you can rest assured that the sound produced by Gateon Milky Yellow Switches will not be noisy or distracting.

In addition to that, if you lube these Gateron switches cautiously with proper care you can also achieve pure thocky feedback from them. With regards to the sound profile of Gateron Milky Yellow Thocky Switches, you will not be disappointed.

What we don’t like about the Gateron Milky Yellow Switches?

Although these Gateron Milky Yellow Switches are light and easy to operate, still their actuation force is 5 grams more than a typical Gateron Switch. Even though this is not to the extent that could be a source of fatigue in the wrists of typists but still it is important to consider it. In addition to that, the bottoming out force is 63 grams which are more akin to a tactile switch.

Furthermore, the operating point and the reset points are considerably apart which means that there is no instant reset. Another drawback of purchasing Gateron Milky Yellow Switches is that they are not known to have high durability. Not only is their lifespan below 100 million keystrokes but they are prone to wear and tear easily. In fact, users have often complained of having received faulty switches in the sample.

Overall, Gateron Yellow Milky Switches are a perfect middle ground between extremely light linear switches that are prone to typos and too strong tactile feedback that can be fatiguing for the fingers and the wrists. The response of these Gateron Yellow Milky Switches is clear enough to be ideal for gaming and precise enough to be suitable for typing. This is the reason why the experience of using Gateron Milky Yellow switches is admired both by gamers and typists.

The Gateron Milky Yellow Switches indeed are the most versatile thocky switches present on this list. In addition to that, these are also quite budget-friendly because of which you can take advantage of all of the winning qualities mentioned above without these Gateron Milky Yellow Thocky switches being too heavy on your wallet.

5) Anubis Thocky Switch

Best sounding thocky switch

Brand: DUROCK | Actuation Type: Tactile | Actuation Force: 65 g | Travel Distance: 4 mm

Anubis Thocky Switch
Anubis Thocky Switch

Although this switch is not currently available on Amazon, we would not be doing justice to this topic of best thocky switches if we do not mention Anubis. If you are willing to go out of your way and purchase the “thockiest” switch possible that is in the market, then Anubis will be your ideal choice. The only reason why it is down on the list is because of its availability issues. Other than that, Anubis switches have a sound profile that is even deeper and possess a much lower pitch than the Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky itself, which is our best candidate on this list.

What we like about the Anubis Thocky switches?

Besides the fact that Anubis is considered as being one of the thockiest tactile switches that you will come across, it has countless other features that make it worthy of purchase. These bonus qualities include its praiseworthy soft typing experience, prominent tactile bump, a remarkable housing tolerance and much more. Anubis Thocky Tactile Switches are manufactured by one of the most acclaimed manufacturers, Durock whereas Chewwy and 0sirisTV have contributed to the designing of this switch.

With grey stem, black bottom housing and green top housing the design of the Anubis switches was dealt with a minimalist approach. Although the colourway is not necessarily thrilling, we found the light green hue of the Anubis Thocky switches to be rather nice-looking and appealing to the eyes.

Adding more to the build of the Anubis switches, both of the upper and bottom housing of these switches is a form of nylon. Owing to this feature, the Anubis switches have achieved a deep thocc in their sound profile. In addition to that, there is the presence of an extra poppy sound that the Anubis switches produce which is due to the fact that the POM stem of these thocky switches has a lengthened pole. As a result of this, every time you bottom out on this switch, it will generate a poppy sound that the users love and enjoy.

What impressed us the most was that despite being the thockiest tactile switch, Anubis still manages to offer muted operations. Compared to its Glorious Panda and Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky, the Anubis thocky switches are much quieter thanks to the all-nylon housing. Overall, considering all the candidates on this list, Anubis Switches undeniably are the best sounding thocky switches.

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Additionally, with a five-pin design and gold-plated spring that weighs approximately 65 grams that have been lubed slightly in stock form, the Anubis switches are quite smooth to type on. Since typists are mostly concerned about the tactile bump of most of the switches, we would like to add that this bump is present at the very start with some post-travel after the tactile event.

Moreover, the tactility of Anubis thocky switches is extra sharp compared to its competitors Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky switches and Glorious Panda Switches. Even still, the typing experience that we, along with many other users, got out from Anubis Thocky Switches was a soft one. What we are implying by stating it as “soft” is that, according to many reviews that we have read, the bottoming out of Anubis Switches feel as if they are cushioned.

Compared to Anubis Switches, the bottoming out of other switches, even the best of the best like Glorious Panda, is much harsher. It is important to take note of this soft feel that Anubis Thocky switches provide because when users hear of the word “sharp tactile bump”, they assume that the experience on such switches will be fatiguing. However, this is not the case with Anubis Thocky Switches. This is because of its smooth bottoming out; you can type for hours on end using these Anubis switches and your fingers will not tire out like they normally would.

It does not just end there as Anubis has more to it. The tolerance of a switch is considered as being one of the most important characteristics as it determines not only the typing experience of a switch but also the gaming experience. With Anubis, you do not have to worry about this aspect either.

Housing tolerance of Anubis Switches is as marvellous as the Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky switches which is a big thing to say. Not only horizontal but vertical stem wobble is minimum as well. Therefore, mistyping is not an issue with Anubis Thocky switches and neither is there a problem of a keystroke not getting accurately registered.

What we don’t like about the Anubis Thocky Switches?

Now before you decide to go the extra mile of purchasing these thocky switches by Durock from a website that may or may not even be reliable, it is important that you first familiarize yourself with the downsides of these DUROCK switches. We will start by adding more to the aspect of factory lube that we have mentioned earlier.

The problem with this factor is that there are chances of switches not being properly lubed. Users have complained that some of the Anubis switches from the factory lubed samples had been over-lubed. Now if a switch has more lubrication or extra film, it causes the switch movement to become sticky.

Not only does this “sticky” movement reduce the tactility of the Anubis Thocky Switches which is one of its major selling points but it also causes the switch to offer more resistance during the downstroke movement than it normally does. In the end, it all comes down to your luck as to whether you will get a faulty sample of over-lubed switches or the factory lube will be proper.

Furthermore, out of the box, you might also experience crunchy noises from the spring. During the initial stage of using these keys, you will observe that there is too much leaf ticking as well. Although the problem resolves gradually we still recommend lubing the Anubis switches to get the maximum thocky experience you wish to achieve.

Some users have even complained that compared to the competitors of Anubis Switches, it is less snappy. There are instances, according to our experience and numerous reviews, that initially some of the keys have trouble returning to the original position once they are pressed. However, again, once you use the keys for longer periods of time these problems eventually resolve on their own.

Nevertheless, if take a look at the overall picture of Anubis Thocky Switches then it is needless to say that these thocky switches have the best sound profile. Furthermore, most of its other problems can be taken care of with proper lubing. The only issue with these switches that lubing cannot solve is their lack of availability.

Thocky Tactile VS Thocky Linear VS Thocky Optical

What differentiates each of these switches is the actuation mechanism that goes on underneath the keycap which allows the electrical impulse to be generated and recognized by the controller. Overall, there are two major categories of switches: Mechanical Switches and Optical Switches. Thocky mechanical switches include thocky tactile, linear and clicky switches. Some gamers prefer a tactile or a clicky thocky switch with loud and tactile feedback while others like the performance of a smooth linear switch. With the help of a metal contact point, activation becomes possible in mechanical switches whereas in the thocky optical switches infrared radiations make it possible to quickly register actuation. As you might expect, thocky optical switches are quite faster than mechanical ones and have a longer keystroke lifespan; alternately, mechanical switches provide a softer and more satisfying experience to their users.

Our Verdict:

The extent of the thocky nature of the switches you buy depends on certain factors including the casing, the plating, PCB mounting and the quality of the switches you are using. According to our observation, there are certain brands that manufacture switches with superior housing. For instance, the housing of Cherry Switches and Gateron Milky Switches is known to be stable with a higher degree of tolerance as a result of which there is minimum wobbling of the keys.

However, in the end, we would emphasize what we always do. Be sure to take the chance of spotting any retailer that can provide you with a sample of each of the switches of your interest and test them before you purchase the actual keyboard. You may also purchase a switch tester online to fulfil the same purpose. Our recommendation would be that if you are in the hopes of purchasing good quality best budget thocky switches, then go for Cherry MX Blues. If you are more concerned about the sound profile and want it to be as thocky as possible then our recommendation will be either Gazzew Boba U4T Thocky or Anubis Thocky Switches. Both are equally as competitive.

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