How to Pick the Best Gaming Mouse in 2022?

Every PC gamer understands that selecting a perfect gaming mouse is crucial to his overall experience. A quality gaming mouse determines how fine, speedy, and accurate your clicks, selections, and abrupt movements are. A traditional computer mouse isn’t suitable to withstand quick movement or intense clicking, making it prone to damage and malfunction. A gaming mouse may not turn you into a pro, but it would definitely offer you a competitive edge and make certain games far more enjoyable and convenient to play.

Compared to a conventional computer mouse, a high-end gaming mouse is way more sensitive, quick responding, and strategically developed to bring about certain functions. It also usually has configurable buttons and is designed to be used for longer periods. This gaming device has choices for every kind of gamer, including a first-person shooter, a Role-playing action game, or a strategy simulation game.

Choosing between the many brands and models may be difficult. Furthermore, some websites make it difficult to comprehend technical terms. Below is a brief criterion to help you select the finest gaming mouse according to your requirements.

What to keep in mind while buying a gaming mouse?

Gaming mice are far advanced than any other computer mouse in the market. It means there are several concerns that need attention before making a purchase. It’s crucial to think about the mouse’s general layout, shape, and style, as well as its DPI, type of sensor, configurable buttons, and one’s choice between a wired or a wireless mouse.

Because each gamer has particular preferences, it’s impossible to provide a general recommendation regarding a perfect mouse that suits every person. After detailed elaboration of each section, there are specific recommendations that we believe represent unique quality.

Selecting a sensor

The sensor on the mouse is a technical advancement that has taken the place of the little rubber ball located at the bottom of the mouse. It works by sending coordinates to your computer screen through an LED light that bounces off the surface, mousepad, or other objects, enabling you to navigate, click, hover, and execute all of the other mouse operations.

When looking for a gaming mouse, you’ll come across two sorts of sensors: optical and laser. Selecting the best sensor may be difficult, and there is a hot debate over which actually works best.

laser vs optical mice

There’s detailed scientific information circulating about the differences between two types of sensors and how the mouse works. It uses a different type of light source to reflect off from the surface.

A laser sensor, in general, can accept any surface, including glossy surfaces. It can also transmit information with more detail and precision. However, some users have reported acceleration difficulties, and it became unsynced with the computer screen if it moves extremely quickly.

Optical sensors are less affected by acceleration, but they are more sensitive to the surface material. Both sensors can perform well; however, if acceleration is a key concern and are willing to spend money on the best mouse pad, we recommend you go for an optical sensor.

Choosing your preference in Ergonomic design

We could create a complete guide to the different design possibilities available in a gaming mouse, but we’ll save your time and go right to the point. All such mice are helpful and ergonomically reduce wrist strain allowing you to play freely without altering your hand placement or position all of the time.

To maximize these advantages, consider which weight and grip are appropriate according to your needs. If you wish to make abrupt, rapid, and want little or no resistance, a mouse with an adjustable weight option, which generally comes in the form of inserts, would be a viable option for you.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

Additionally, you have 3 functions when it relates to gripping: fingertip, claw, and palm. In a claw grip, your wrist will rest on the mouse pad, your fingers will hold the mouse, and it lifts your palm above your body. A grip of palm involves laying your palm on the rear end of the mouse, and meanwhile, your fingers rest on top; this type of grip is a feature of conventional computer mice.

A fingertip grip elevates both the wrist and the palm, allowing you to control the action with only your fingertips accompanied by buttons. Grip choice is usually determined by hand size, with a fingertip grip mouse being the most common.

Most mice are suitable for right-handed people, but there are a few great ambidextrous programmable mice out there, such as the Razer DeathAdder V2. Some manufacturing companies, such as Razer, have also created dedicated left-handed mice.

Sensitivity of the mouse

There are far too much jargon and very little time. Whenever it concerns mouse specifications, you’ll encounter a slew of technical jargon that may need some explanation.

When discussing gaming mouse specifications, DPI is the abbreviation of “dots per inch” and is alternatively CPI, which stands for “counts per inch.” The frequency of counts or recorded pixels your mouse takes per inch of movement is DPI and CPI. DPI determines the sensitivity of the mouse.

The more DPI the mouse has, the higher sensitivity will be. However, a high DPI does not automatically indicate a better mouse; you also need a mouse with a high IPS, or inches per second, indicating the greatest velocity it can still record. Many gaming mice have a DPI of 4000 or more, with the ability to adjust the number. Some gamers prefer a lower DPI because they believe that a lower sensitivity equals more precision.

Pixelation of the screen indicates the right DPI. A higher DPI may be beneficial if your screen has a high pixel density. While DPI may not have much of an impact on your gameplay because most gaming mice have a high count, we recommend looking for something adjustable or configurable so you can experiment with what works best for you.

Finally, you should think about the acceleration of your mouse. We talked about this briefly while addressing sensors, but it’s essential to remember that acceleration may influence your gaming regardless of the sensor. The amount of force your mouse can withstand while tracking correctly and adequately is acceleration. It’s also commonly configurable, and while it is not suitable for games that demand a lot of robust back and forth, it may be useful in FPS games and other games that require accuracy.

Preference about customizable buttons

In our honest view, customizable buttons may make or break a great player when used wisely and adequately. Some people prefer not to use extra buttons, although they may be a tremendous help in terms of execution and fast thinking.

A gaming mouse should contain at least 5 buttons and a maximum of approximately 19. Your gaming experience and game inclinations will most likely determine the range of appropriate buttons for you. For novice players or those who like FPS games, a lesser button count would work. Low-button mice are sometimes known as shooter mice, and some even have a special sniper button that, when pressed, lowers the DPI for greater precision.

Logitech G600

An increased button number may need more skill to create and operate, but it will provide RTS or MMO game players with different functions and macros that are required to play properly, even if they take some time to get used to and each one must be programmed. On the thumb side, these mice frequently include a keyboard-style grid for better performance. Several button hybrid mice allow you a bit more versatility without requiring you to stick to a single game genre.

Customizable buttons can, however, refer to lighting options. Custom lighting settings for your gaming mouse may be a lot of fun, even if they’re purely aesthetic. RGB lighting may be seen on anything from speakers to chairs to your mouse in a gaming setup. Choose the look that best suits you or your fellows.

Lastly, its RGB has little influence on the performance of buttons; it does imply that the configurable software is up to the mark. When you’re waging interplanetary wars, it’s crucial to feel in command of the command center.

Wired or a Wireless Mouse?

Another hot topic among gamers and their mice is whether to use a wired or wireless mouse. Wired connection is a more robust and reliable tool. It restricts mobility, range of movement, and the entire layout of the desk. Because these mice connect to the system through a USB port, so you won’t have to buy an adaptor. When it comes to connectivity, almost all wired mice are made equal; however, you may look at each spec to make sure you purchase a cable that is long enough for your requirements.

Logitech G Powerplay Wireless mousepad

Wireless connections are more prone to disconnection or failure; however, models have gotten more efficient in recent years. A wireless mouse will save up space on your desk, give a neater setup, and be simple to replace. Keep in mind that you’ll need to charge this mouse, so look at the battery life. You wouldn’t want to be in the midst of a sequence when your mouse dies, causing you to lose total control.

Because you can play games from almost any place with a wireless mouse; you won’t even need to be near your monitor. This is a wonderful choice for those of you who choose to do some couch gaming while also connecting your screen to the TV.

 In a broader sense, we believe that a wired gaming mouse is a better option for most gamers, and it is also affordable. However, we recognize that there are times when you must prioritize form over features, and as technology advances, the form and function of many wireless gaming options will become more equitable.

For a detailed insight, see Wired Vs. Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Some Highly Recommended Brands

The best gaming mouse is easy to determine by your interests, playing style, and physical requirements; nevertheless, there are several brands we believe you should be aware of before beginning your search. For years, companies like Razer, Corsair, and Logitech provide the greatest gaming gear, and they are always busy serving their consumers with the best.


The unique tagline for Razer is “For Gamers.” They clarify exactly, “By Gamers,” and they mean it. Razer was founded in 2005 by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff and is constantly releasing producing revolutionary gaming hardware, ranging from mouse to consoles, keyboards to gamers chairs. The triple-headed snake trademark is well-known worldwide, and it has received several prizes and awards from different gaming organizations. It is standing through consecutive seven years as the best of CES.


For over 25 years, Corsair has been developing high-performance gaming hardware and technologies. The firm was formed in 1994 to enhance PC memory modules and create cache modules. They continue to make outstanding Hardware parts, but they’ve now expanded to include streaming and gaming gear, as well as Mac and PC interface software.


Logitech was founded in 1981 by Stanford grads Daniel Borel and Pierluigi Zappacosta, as well as Giacomo Marini, with the goal of connecting people through computer accessories and other industries firsts, beginning with the computer mouse. It has developed into a multi-brand corporation that deals with manufacturing keyboards, headsets, chargers, remote controls, and speakers worldwide.

Pro Gamers’ Favorite Mouse

Unsurprisingly, gamers choose a range of mice based on their interests, but two alternatives stand out when it comes to gaming mice. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma and Logitech G502 Hero are both cheap yet high-quality choices for gamers. However, Mr. Fresh Asian, a gaming celebrity’s all-time favorite mouse, is Finalmouse Air58 Ninja CBR Edition mouse for the ultimate gaming experience.

Summing Up

The selection of the best gaming mouse for the divine gaming experience would be quite convenient according to your priorities about specs. Gaming peripherals, such as gaming keyboards and mice, are continuously evolving with advanced features and design options. There are a plethora of wonderful options, and we’re sure that with a brand new, ergonomically designed, programmable mouse in hand, your next gaming session will leave you feeling rejuvenated with the experience. 

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