Fix: “Dev Error 6634” Call of Duty: Warzone

When you play Call of Duty: Warzone or Modern Warfare on your PCs, Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S, or Play station 5, Dev Error Code 6634 is a common problem that distracts your winning concentration. You may face this problem by bad caches of COD: Warzone, or it can also be faced by the corrupted installation of Call of Duty Multiplayer packs on a console.

Why Dev Error 6634 in Call of Duty Warzone/Modern Warfare?

There are potential scenarios that may be responsible for Dev Error 6634 in COD Warzone or Modern Warfare.

Error1: Watch item glitch

Call of Duty Warzone glitch

A well-known bug that frequently causes a deadly game crash when a player equips the stitch operator in conjunction with any Cold War timepiece, as it has been discovered. To prevent the conflict that causes the error code, the only method to get around is to remove the watch item from your inventory.

Multiplayer Pack 2/ Multiplayer Pack 3 (consoles) are the source of the issue. This problem can occur on either an Xbox Series X or S console or a Play station 5. The glitch partial installation feature that is accessible on both consoles is the main reason behind this. You can address this issue by reinstall both the Multiplayer Pack-2 and the Multiplayer Pack 3, which were installed erroneously.

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Error2: Corrupted Battle.Net Cache (PC) Cache Issue in COD: Warzone

If you’re opening this game on your PC through Battle.Net, this error may come because of a corrupted cache.  It has been confirmed by several impacted users who had previously experienced the same type of difficulty. But their problem has been resolved after clearing the launcher cache.

Error3: Improper Shader installation (PC)

This development issue can also be faced by an incorrectly installed shader component on a PC, which is another prevalent cause of this error. If you have recently upgraded your graphics card, this is a highly likely event to happen, or you can add GPU as a part of the SLI setup. This issue can be resolved by going to the options menu and reinstalling the game shaders.

Error4: COD Bundle glitch

Assuming developer error is limited to Warzone, the problem is likely caused by a conflict between other files that belongs to different game components like Single, multiplayer, or Zombie Mode.  After removing their COD package and reinstalling the standalone version of Warzone, some customers experiencing this issue reported that the issue was fixed in their situation.

How to Fix Error Code 6634 in COD Modern Warfare or Warzone?

As you know all the possible scenarios for the appearance of the error code 6634 in COD, below is a short list of corrections for playing COD Warzone or Modern Warfare without revising this problem code.

Solution1: Watch item unequipped

The most common factor that triggers the Dev code 6634 error in COD is the watch plus operator combo that crashes the game during in-map actions.

If you can be stuck in this scenario and loadout contains equipped Watch currently, then follow the instructions to sort out this issue by un-equipping the watch time:

  • Open the main menu of Call of Duty Warzone
  • In the ribbon menu (on the top), select weapons
  • Next, select Weapons from the Ribbon menu at the top.
  • Access the Weapons menu
  • After reaching to Weapons menu then going to the sub-menu and access the Watch Select.
  • After accessing the menu of Watch select, please ensure to set the options none before saving. 
  • Unequipped the Watch successfully
  • Now you can perform any operation efficiently by avoiding the error code.

Solution2: Uninstalling the Multi-Player Pack 2 and 3 (Consoles Only)

  • If the first possible fix in your situation has not been effective and you have checked that your Cold War material does not have any connection to this error, then make sure that you do not address a common source of broken Multiplayer pack (2&3) content
  • The Xbox S series, Xbox X series, PS4 Pro and PS5 are often used (Partially installing consoles for gaming)
  • What generally happens is that one of the Multiplayer packs (2&3) is damaged when a new update is deployed and the game stability is impaired.
  • What usually happens is one of those Multiplayer packs (or both) becomes corrupted when a new update is installed and up interfering with the game’s stability.
  • In this instance, you are temporarily deleting these two troubleshooting multiplayer packages from your console, either Playstation or Xbox, before you back-install them.

Soultion3 (I): Reinstall Multi-Player Pack (2 & 3) on Xbox X, S, or Series X

  • Accessing the Settings menu from your Xbox main dashboard (either through Xbox Button or selecting the gearbox icon).
  • From the Popup menu, select My Apps & Games.
  • Select Apps from the next option and wait until you get available games library
  • Navigate the Call of Duty entry
  • Go ahead and open the “Manage game and Add-ons” menus from the COD Warzone context menu.
  • Selecting the main interface from the top of the screen from the Call of Duty Manage menu gives an overview of all the game pieces.
  • Unselect every game piece and make sure not to delete anything.
  • Check the COD Multiplayer Pack (1 & 2) associated boxes.
  • When you select problematic packages and then uninstall them from console prompts.
  • Now restart the console.
  • After console boots back up, now you can launch the COD game normally and reinstall the missing packs and then check Dev Error Code 6634 is fixed.

Soultion3 (II): Reinstallation of Multi-Player Packs (2 & 3) on PlayStation 5

  • In Play station 5 System, go to the main dashboard, go to the setting option
  • Go to the storage option in the submenu of the setting.
  • Select Console storage and then select the Games and Apps option
  • After choosing the Games and Apps option, you now got the list of installed applications with locating entries associated with COD.
  • After locating the correct entry, go to the Manage menu, select it and press the X button to reach out.
  • Select Multiplayer Pack (2 & 3) before clicking OK to uninstall the faulty multiplayer packs and then rebooting your console.
  • After console boots backup, rerun the game and observe the same problem.

Solution4: Battle.Net Cache Cleaning (For PC Only)

  • If the Dev error code is still seeing on the PC after booting, there might be a chance of corrupted cache. Many Users confirms the instability of maintaining multiplayer connection.
  • You can solve this Dev 6634 error code by clearing the cache through the following steps.
  • To begin, check that and any games that have been opened through it are currently closed.
  • Press the Windows key+R to reach the Run dialog box.
  • Type “%ProgramData%” and click OK to reach the Program Data folder.
  • When you reach the Program Data folder, go to the Blizzard Entertainment folder, then go to >Cache.
  • In the Cache folder, press Ctrl+A then press the delete button from the keyboard.
  • After deleting all cache is cleared from the folder, restart your PC and run/launch Call of Duty Modern Warfare again.
  • If Dev 6634 error still causes an issue, then go to another potential solution.

Soultion5: Game Shaders reinstallation (PC Only)

  • If the 6634 error code prevails in your situation, you may follow the instruction to clear and reinstall the Shaders Cache.
  • Run the game; wait until the initial screen appears.
  • Select Warzone mode from available modes and wait for boot.
  • After entering in Warzone screen, you can choose the options screen, and now you can select the Graphics tab.
  • Scroll the list to find Restart Shaders Installation.
  • Click on Restart Shaders Installation and wait for the completion of installation (It takes several minutes)
  • After complete installation, just rerun Call of Duty to see the problem resolved.

Solution6: Uninstall the game and install Warzone Only

Uninstall the COD Warfare game and install Warzone strictly. However, many players of Warzones have successfully implemented a patch that allows them to play numerous Call of Duty modes simultaneously on both the PC and console versions of the game.

Regardless you play on a PC or a console, follow one of the sub-guides below to delete your current installation of Call of Duty and install the standalone version of Warzone.

Solution6 (I): Uninstall Call of Duty and Install Warzone (standalone) on PC

  • Click Window Key+R to get Run Dialog Box. Type “appwiz.cpl” in the text box section and Click OK to open the Programs and Features Menu (If you are accessing this by User Account Control, then click Yes to get permission from admin to access)
  • Scroll Down to locate the entry if Call of Duty.
  • After locating, right-click on this entry and choose Uninstall option from the menu.
  • Follow the steps for process completion and then restart your PC.
  • After boots back up in your computer, open up the Battle.Net app where you can sign-up with your account detail (If Battle.Net app is not installed in your PC, then can download its latest version)
  • After complete signed into the app, click on the All games option and search and click on Warzone game.
  • Click the install button, configure your game installation, and hit the button named Start, so your Warzone is installing.
  • After complete installation, Run Warzone and observe the Dev 6603 Error while attempting to join the multiplayer game.

Solution6 (II): Uninstall Call of Duty and Install Warzone (standalone) on PS5

  • In the PS5 Console Main Dashboard, in controller use left thumb stick to get listing of Call of Duty.
  • Go to Context menu through Option menu.
  • After reaching the context menu, select the Delete option and confirm it once.
  • Next, go to the Management menu and select all sub-components of Call of Duty before clicking OK, then click OK to start the un-installation.
  • Once the procedure has been completed, go back to the main UI user dashboard and enter the Store component.
  • Use the search option within the Store to find the standalone COD Warzone version.
  • Hit the download button, and wait till the procedure ends once you have the correct listing.
  • Start the standalone COD warzone version and run the game to check the problem is fixed.

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Solution6 (III): Uninstall Call of Duty and Install Warzone (standalone) on Xbox Series X / S

  • Press Xbox on your controller on your Xbox Series S / X consoles.
  • Go to the My Games & Apps menu.
  • Scroll through the installed programs list and find Call of Duty once you’re in the Game & Apps menu.
  • Once the relevant listing is discovered, Press the Start button and select the Game Management from the new context menu.
  • Select Uninstall all once you are at the game management menu.
  • Follow the instructions for uninstalling every connected add-on and Call of Duty game.
  • Please make sure you are backed up in your Activision cloud and not affected by the un-installation procedure by the data related to characters and on-line progress
  • Upon completion of the uninstall, you will have access to the component of the Microsoft Store and download Warzone on your Xbox system
  • After completing the download and installation, start the game and check if the issue is addressed