Best Switches For OSU In 2022

OSU is one of the prominent and entertaining games that is often played and recommended by die-hard gamers. Just like Stepmania, OSU is a rhythm-based game that involves fast-paced movements with precision, accuracy, and coordination. To have the ultimate experience of this game, you need to have one of the best switches for OSU at hand. Generally, OSU is a type of game that requires switches that are fast and possess a lighter spring. However, some users also prefer playing OSU on heavier switches such as the Black or the Blue Switch variants.

Deciding the ideal daily rhythm OSU switches mostly narrows down to the gamer’s personal preference and what you consider is best for your gaming style. However, it is important for you to be aware of different types and brands of Keyboard switches that are recommended by experts and are available in the market. By the end of this article, you will be apprised of the popular Keyboard mechanical switches that are reliable and vital for games based on the rhythm like OSU. All of the below-mentioned OSU switches for durability and speed; the categorization and variability among these OSU switches are because of their feel type and technology.

Best Switches For OSU

In order for you to get a high-end experience from OSU, it is essential for you to focus on purchasing mechanical switches For Keyboard that are specific and not scuffed up otherwise they will mess up your game. If you want to get your groove back, you should try one of the linear, optical-linear, tactile, or Topre switches that we will cover in this article. Not only will we be discussing the pros and cons of purchasing each OSU switch in detail but we will also give you some quick buying tips in the end as well. All things aside, here are the Best Switches For OSU in 2022.

Cherry MX Red Switches

Best Compatible Switches For OSU

Cherry MX Red Switches
Cherry MX Red Switches

Brand: Cherry | Actuation Type: Linear | Actuation Force: 45g | Total Travel Distance: 4.0 mm | Dimensions: 3.98 x 2.68 x 0.63 inches | Weight: 0.634 ounces

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly durable
  • Smooth
  • Noise-free

Reasons to Avoid

  • Too light-weighted
  • Inconsistent scratchiness

According to the feedback of the experts, among all the Cherry MX Switches, MX Red appears to be the most preferred ones for OSU. Cherry MX Red switches For Keyboard are not new to the market and were introduced to the market in 2008. However, since they were a lighter variant of Cherry MX Black Switches they immediately became popular among gamers and continuously remained among the top 50 most used switches. Cherry MX Red Switches are linear mechanical switches that are famous for their highly-rated durability and exceptional quality. The smoothness of the switches is well-talked about and is the main factor that results in pleasant gaming and typing experience. You can also read our Keyboards For Typing article on more analysis.

Who should buy Cherry MX Red Switches?

These MX Switches are meant for gamers that prefer the noise of the switches to be of medium level and are relatively smooth. The MX Red Switches offer least to no resistance, possess no tactile bump and are relatively quiet thus making them ideal for gaming. If you find the Cherry MX Black Switches to be too heavy, you will certainly be satisfied with these Red variants.

What did we like about Cherry MX Red Switches?

The best thing about these MX Red Switches For Keyboards is their high compatibility which is rare in most other switches. Plenty of gaming keyboards offers Cherry MX Red Switches as an option alongside the MX Blue and MX Brown Switches. Cherry MX Red Switches are mostly compatible with all of the keyboards including the famous Corsair K70, K68, Logitech G610 and Ducky One 3. We also enjoyed the smooth and responsive gaming and typing experience that Cherry MX Red offers. As far as the operation of the switch is concerned, the MX Red are relatively light with an actuation force of only 45 grams and a travel distance of 4 mm. Furthermore, since there is no bumpy effect, the operation of the switches is also quiet. See more on this subject in our Silent Keyboard article.

We also liked the fact that the sound of the switches remained consistent at a faster speed. The Gaming performance of Gaming performance, unlike typing performance, is pretty good which is why these MX Red Switches have a high demand. Not only do MX Red Switches function magnificently for fps games but many die-hard OSU gamers have stated that Cherry MX Reds are a great option for having the best gaming experience in OSU.

What we didn’t like about the Cherry MX Red Switches?

The most disappointing drawback of purchasing the Cherry MX Red Switches would be the inconsistent scratchiness of the switches at slow typing speed. While the on-centre scratchiness is decent, the off-centre keypresses are even scratchier. Similarly, the scratchiness also varies throughout the keyboard. We also found the weighting of the Cherry MX Red Switches to be a little too light for what could be considered ideal for typing. It is because of the lightweight that the users tend to make any typing mistakes.

Overall, with regards to smooth performance and a high-quality gaming experience, Cherry MX Red Switches are a great option, if you want Best Compatible Switches for OSU. However, Outemu Red Switches and Greetech Switches can pretty much provide you with the same performance at a much lower price.

Gateron Red Switches

Best Budget Switches for OSU

Gateron Red Switches
Gateron Red Switches

Brand: GATERON | Actuation Type: Linear | Actuation Force: 45g | Total Travel Distance: 4.0 mm | Dimensions: 3.25 x 3.25 x 1.2 inches | Weight: 1.16 ounces

Reasons to Buy

  • Cheap
  • Light-weight
  • Smooth
  • Long keystroke lifespan

Reasons to Avoid

  • Low durability
  • Mediocre Sound
  • Scratchiness
  • Typing errors

Gateron does not have a reputation for manufacturing premium switches which is why most of their switches lie in a budget-friendly zone. The main line-up of Gateron includes dozens of switches that vary on the basis of their operating force, activation point and noise level. As far as the appearance of these switches is concerned, it is quite similar to the Cherry MX switches and offers a minimalistic design. Gateron Red is one of the lightest switches of Gateron with only 45g actuation.

Who should buy Gateron Red Switches?

Gateron Red Switches are ideal for gamers that prefer playing rhythm-based games like OSU on light-to-medium linear switches. Not only are Gateron Red Switches light but they are also smooth and affordable. Therefore, if budget is an issue then you can thoughtlessly purchase Gateron Red Switches for your keyboard.

What did we like about Gateron Red Switches?

One thing that stands true for all Gateron Switches including the Gateron Red Switches is that you can rest assured when it comes to the keystroke lifespan. Your Gateron switches will have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes, regardless of their type. Additionally, even though these switches are clones of Cherry MX Switches but when it comes to smooth movement, Gateron Red Switches are far more superior. These Gateron switches are smoother because of their relatively smaller stem and this renders them enjoyable. The bottoming-out distance of 4mm and actuation distance of 2mm is also commendable.

The gaming performance is really good considering the low price tag. On the other hand, the typing performance of these well-rounded Gateron Red Switches is decent enough apart from some typing errors. Nevertheless, the smoothness and predictability of these Gateron Red Switches are what assists them in standing out. As far as gaming is concerned, the Gateron Red Switches are quite competitive and hold a position in the market which is on par with the most popular and in-demand Outemu Red Switches.

What we didn’t like about Gateron Red Switches?

The obvious downside that comes with cheap products is low durability and the same is the case with Gateron Red. Compared to the Cherry MX Red Switches the durability of the Gateron Red Switches is much lower. Furthermore, another disadvantage of purchasing these Gateron switches is their lack of availability on existing mechanical keyboards. In addition to that, we also observed the off-centre switch presses to feel rather scratchy. We also found the sound of these Gateron Red Switches to be quite mediocre. However, we were not expecting anything special in terms of sound from a cheap switch like Gateron Red anyway. Furthermore, due to the weighting of these switches, it is possible that you make many typing mistakes initially. However, once you are used to the light-weighting of Gateron Red, it can prove quite competent for playing OSU.

Nevertheless, if you find these Gateron switches to be not smooth enough then you have the option to separately lubricate these switches. Furthermore, if you wish to soften the bottoming-out of the switch to make them noise-free, you can also add O-rings. Overall, if you plan on building a cheap gaming keyboard based on on Budget Switches For OSU – focusing on lightly weighted switches, then you should definitely go for Gateron Red Switches.

Kailh Silver Switches

Best Speed Switch For OSU

Kailh Silver Switches
Kailh Silver Switches

Brand: Kailh | Actuation Type: Linear | Actuation Force: 50 g | Total Travel Distance: 3.5 mm | Dimensions: 0.63 x 0.51 x 0.59 | Weight: 1.06 ounces

Reasons to Buy

  • Smooth operation
  • Fast and responsive
  • Affordable
  • Noise-free

Reasons to Avoid

  • Bottoms-out easily
  • Uncomfortable for typing

Speed is crucial when it comes to OSU and speed switches like Kailh Silver can prove to be game-changing. Like Gateron Switches, these Kailh Speed Silver Switches are also Cherry-MX styled but with an additional factor of fastest actuation. This fast actuation is made possible with a reduced travel distance of only 3.5 mm and an actuation distance of 1.1 mm. These Kailh Speed Silvers are affordable compared to Cherry MX counterpart.

Who should buy Kailh Speed Silver Switches?

Those intending to achieve a fast gaming keyboard experience with smooth keystrokes should buy these Kailh switches. The reduced travel distance is the prime selling point of Kailh Speed Silvers; therefore, if you are interested in highly responsive switches then this will serve as an ideal option. These switches are also good for users who tend to type lightly, those whose fingers tire out easily or those gamers who do not prefer switches with longer travel.

What did we like about Kailh Speed Silver Switches?

The feel of Kailh Speed Silvers was similar to Cherry MX Reds; the OSU switches were super smooth to feel and had no tactile bump. We also liked the springs of the Kailh Speed Silver as they were relatively light and as a result, we did not have to press hard to actuate a keystroke. This fast actuation is of immense significance for games such as OSU and StepMania. The fact that the Kailh Speed Silvers are not as light as the Cherry MX Reds is also a plus point for Speed Silvers as this will prevent accidental actuation and lead to lesser mistakes while playing OSU. Furthermore, these Kailh Silvers proved to be quite responsive even when we used multiple consecutive presses which is another one of its great characteristics.

The sound of Kailh Speed Silver Switches is also commendable even at faster typing speed. This is because there is high consistency between the springs of Kailh Silvers, their actuation force and housing material. These Speed Silvers are pretty quiet just like typical linear switches when it comes to operation noise which makes them suitable for office environments as well.

What we didn’t like about Kailh Speed Silver Switches?

The fact that Kailh Speed Silvers have shorter total travel distances can also be a downside of purchasing them for some users. This is because some users, especially typists, prefer extra travel distance because it adds to their satisfaction. These users may not like the feel of bottoming out of the switches that come with the Kailh Speed Silver Switches. This makes the typing experience with Kailh Speed Silvers rather uncomfortable as the shorter keystrokes mean no cushion for typing

Nevertheless, with regards to competitive gaming, in which a split-second can be quite decisive in determining the winner, a linear switch like Kailh Speed Silvers that offers fast Speed For OSU, smooth keystrokes and a shorter actuation point can be advantageous.

Gateron Optical Green

Best Overall Switches For OSU

Gateron KS-9 Green Switches
Gateron KS-9 Green Switches

Brand: Gateron | Actuation Type: Optical Linear | Actuation Force: 35 g | Total Travel Distance: 4mm | Dimensions: 3.94 x 5.91 x 0.79 inches | Weight: 3.52 ounces

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable
  • Swappable
  • No Bounce or Debounce
  • Highly Responsive

Reasons to Avoid

  • Mediocre Sound
  • Mistyping

Optical linear switches are another one of the best key switches for OSU and have recently been gaining a huge amount of popularity. Among these are Gateron Optical Linear Switches that fill the gap between high-quality gaming and typing performance at budget. These Gateron Optical Green Switches are light-weighted linear switches that require an actuation force of only 35 grams, thus they are even lighter than the Gateron Reds mentioned above. Although these are similar in design to Cherry MX Blacks they also feature an infrared sensor whose function is to read the position of the stem and automatically activates an actuation signal. Particularly for this Gateron OSU Switch,  the actuation point lies 2 mm below the reset point and the switch has a total travel distance of 4 mm.

Who should buy Gateron Optical Green Switches?

Someone who is interested in playing different sorts of games where response time and accuracy matter should purchase this Switch For switch. People who are regular typists along with being an OSU player would be heavily interested in buying this switch because of its versatile nature.

What did we like about the Gateron Optical Green Switches?

Out of the box, the Gateron Optical Greens tend to feel a bit smoother than it normally does which is great. The main difference between linear switches and optical linear switches is the fact that the latter is contact-less. Owing to this characteristic, Gateron Optical Greens do not rely on metal leafs to activate actuation and this can lead to greater long-term reliability when compared to the traditional mechanical switches. The fact that Gateron Optical Greens do not rely on metal pins is advantageous for another reason which is that the users can hot-swap the switches for longer periods of time. Rhythm-based games like OSU require frequent hot-swap of the switches which will not be an issue for an Optical Linear Switch like Gateron Optical Greens.

Another great characteristic of Gateron Optical Greens is that they are impermeable to switch bouncing and debouncing. Due to this attribute, every keypress only gives single input and there are fewer chances of generating the issue of key chatter. Although the travel distance of these Gateron switches is standard they still possess speed. Therefore, even if you are using keyboards with a low polling rate then you can rest assured because the speed of these optical linear switches will compensate for it. With Gateron Optical Greens, we found every keypress to be fast and consistent. Furthermore, we also liked the fact that these Gateron Optical Greens offer a keystroke life span of 100 million. Not only are these optical switches much more affordable than the Cherry MX counterparts but they also offer a great gaming experience with their added speed.

What we didn’t like about Gateron Optical Green Switches?

If you are expecting a long list of reasons to avoid these Gateron Optical switches then you are wrong because there is not much that we disliked apart from a couple of factors. First off, the light-weighted nature of these optical switches, similar to most of the switches mentioned above, result in the chance of mistyping. This might not be a problem for games like OSU that is solely based on speed; however, this factor can be a game-changer in games like VALORANT or OVERWATCH.

Furthermore, the sound of these switches was not really impressive either. Although they are called ‘linear switches’ to us they sounded more like the ‘clicky’ switches. Gateron Optical Yellow Switches sound much better than these green ones. In addition to that, if you have OCD then these switches can be a problem as the plungers of the Gateron Optical Greens are wobbly. Merely touching the keycaps can cause skewness or movement in the switches. If you simply place your finger on the keycaps you can feel how loose the switches really are.

Nevertheless, overall, it seems the Gateron Optical Green Switches have been specifically designed for games like OSU. Specifically, the light spring weight, added speed and reliable operations of Gateron Optical Greens easily make them one of the smoothest switches available for gamers to use for OSU. If you wish to opt for an optical linear switch other than Gateron Optical Greens that is similar in performance then we recommend Bloody brand Lightstrike switches which are also spectacular for playing OSU.

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Fastest Linear Switches for OSU

cherry mx speed silver rgb switches
cherry mx speed silver rgb switches

Brand: Cherry | Actuation Type: Linear | Actuation Force: 45 g | Total Travel Distance: 3.4 mm | Dimensions: 7.68 x 4.61 x 1.14 inches | Weight: 7.1 ounces

Reasons to Buy

  • Fast movements and actuation
  • Longer keystroke lifetime
  • Comfortable and reliable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Reset distance longer
  • Greater bottoming out force required

Among all of the models from the well-known Cherry MX main line-up, MX Speed Silver switches are the fastest. MX Speed Silver Switches possess characteristics of linear switching which gives it smooth movements. Along with this, MX Speed Silvers also feature low spring resistance owing to which the MX Speed Silver switch activates directly and thus reduces response time. The actuation distance is 1.2 mm and the total travel distance is 3.4 mm which is shorter compared to Cherry MX Reds’ 2 mm and 4 mm respective distances. Both, however, require a similar actuation force.

Who should buy Cherry MX Speed Silvers?

These MX Speed Silvers will give you a guaranteed victorious gaming session where every millisecond is of immense importance. You can completely rely on this switch for fast-paced games like OSU.

What did we like about Cherry MX Speed Silvers?

First of all, the keystroke lifetime of these switches is spectacular at about 100 million. As mentioned above, this is important for fast-paced games like OSU. Moreover, the speed of this switch for OSU is remarkable owing to the shorter travel distance. This also allows the switches to register multiple keystrokes repeatedly that are apart by a few seconds just by slight finger movements. Again, for games like OSU, this can turn the tide of the game. Not only is the game streaming faster but so is the single tapping of the switches. Fewer finger movements also result in less strain on your fingers which is another one of its great selling points.

With Cherry MX Speed Silvers, you can effectively and easily capture the rhythm in OSU due to the soft and undisrupted keypresses of these switches. You get instant feedback along with the fact that your keypress will be registered before it ever touches the deck.

What we didn’t like about Cherry MX Speed Silvers?

As a consequence of having shorter actuation and total travel distance, Cherry MX Speed Silvers have a longer reset distance which is basically how further you have to lift your finger to activate a keypress. Although the Cherry MX Speed Silvers are super fast this still slows down the speed by a fraction of time. Furthermore, compared to the Cherry MX Reds, the bottoming out force required by MX Speed Silvers is greater by 10 grams which is another downside and not desirable by many people.

Although these MX Speed Silvers are great switches in terms of speed and consistency, there are examples of many switches that still outperform this MX Speed Switch. However, if speed is all you need then we heavily recommend these Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches.

Our Verdict:

It is a given fact that there are no bad switches just like there are no perfect switches to suit one’s needs. The decision always narrows to the gamer’s personal preferences. However, we suggest that even though your main aim could be purchasing the best keyboard switches for OSU, you should also take into consideration the performance of the switch with regards to typing and games other than OSU. With this perspective, we found the Gateron Optical Greens to be one of the best overall key switches that not only perform best for OSU but fulfil other functionality as well.

There are many reasons why we think Gateron Optical Greens are the Best switches for OSU in this list. These factors include speed, durability, and versatility. The main selling point of these Optical Greens is their enhanced speed and the fact that they do not suffer from debounce issues like other mechanical switches. Lastly, the absence of solder on Gateron Optical Green, unlike other switches, means long-lasting switches which are important in games like OSU which can cause a lot of wear and tear.

Red VS Brown Switches/ Tactile VS Linear Switches for OSU

The difference between the brown switches and the red switches is their type or feel. While Red switches are linear and offer smooth performance, the brown switches on the other hand are tactile switches that offer a little bump. Although the actuation and the bottoming out force of both types of switches are similar which makes both suitable for OSU, for tactile switches such as Brown Switches the users need to press the button past this bump in order to actuate the switch. Whereas linear switches such as the red switches, are smooth and level all the way through bottoming out. Therefore, we recommend Linear/Red Switches for OSU because not only are they accurate and smooth but they are also providing fast travel, unlike Tactile Switches. There are also other types of Switches, which are different to keyboard, and serve other purposes, like the best budget kvm switch and best HDMI switches for gaming.

OSU Silver Switches VS Red Swicthes

Both of these switches are quite similar when it comes to OSU. Silver Switches are fundamentally Red Switches when it comes to features, except for the fact that Silver Switches have shorter actuation points. However, since both are linear switches, Silver Switches and Red Switches both are ideal for gaming. Although the shorter actuation of Silver Switches than Reds is not much noticeable if you are a competitive OSU player then we would recommend buying Silver Switches because they are smoother and faster. With regards to availability, you will find it easier to purchase Reds compared to Silvers.

OSU Blue Switches VS Membrane

To understand this comparison better, you will need to first comprehend the difference between mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards. Compared to Mechanical Keyboards, the Membrane ones are cheaper and quieter. However, the quality of these membrane keyboards is mediocre and they have a “mushy” feel too. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are superior in terms of feedback and smoother actuation. As far as Blue switches are concerned, we don’t recommend them for gaming. This is because of their strong tactile bump. While playing OSU, you need to press keys rapidly and you cannot actuate keystrokes in rapid succession with Blue Switches. Not only that, but the loud noises caused by the switch can also be distracting.

Our Criteria For Selecting Best Switches For OSU?

For the sake of this OSU Switch article, we first gathered all the relevant products and categorized them into three major categories. These categories included Light-to-medium linear switches, Speed switches and Optical linear switches. The reason why we were particularly interested in the above-mentioned switch types was due to their direct pertinence to OSU. Light-to-medium switches are mostly a top choice of expert OSU gamers because not only are they smooth and convenient to press but they are also quite predictable with respect to timing and actuation which is a major key factor in rhythm-based games like OSU. The light to medium switch that we have included in the article is Gateron Red Switches.

Then comes the category of speed switches for which we opted for the popular Kailh Speed Silver Switches. The reason why we were interested in this specific switch type was that the responsiveness of these Speed Switches plays a decisive role in OSU. Lastly, we also found the Optical Linear Switches like Gateron Optical Green Switches to be an ideal candidate because of their smoothness, consistency, responsiveness, compatibility, and the fact that these can be easily swapped is integral while playing OSU.

Why Trust GamingExpert?

You can easily trust GamingExpert when making any purchase decision because all of our articles contain well-researched information. Before the content reaches the audience, it goes through a strict process of testing and proofreading. This ensures that there is no contradiction whatsoever and the provided content is coherent. The information that you see before you is after every irrelevant data has been removed and narrowed down.

A Quick Buying Guide:

Even though most people generally opt for Reds such as Gateron Reds, if it is not your preference then don’t worry. There are many factors that you can consider before arriving at the final purchase decision. With regards to OSU, you have to take note of the light-weightiness of the switch, the travel distance of the switch, its build quality, and the low spring weight.

Low Spring Weight

Low Spring Weight is the prime factor that decides the total weight of the key switch. We would recommend that you go for light linear switches that include Yellow Switches, Reds or Clear. If you are an OSU beginner and you are looking for switches that are friendly for training then don’t go for Black Switches but rather try on light linear switches. Pro gamers tend to avoid heavy switches like Blues as they require greater force and can be distracting.

Travel Distance

Travel Distance is the factor is that determines the comfortability and user experience of OSU. The lower the total travel distance and the actuation distance, the better. This is a desirable quality because it ensures that the gamer has more accuracy and faster response.

Build Quality

Build Quality includes the durability of the switches and their body material which is dependent on the fact whether the switch is budget-friendly or not. Cheap switches mostly do not possess high durability. OSU requires the switches to have high-quality durability because the game involves overuse and depreciation of the key switches. Poor actuators can also result in poor accuracy; therefore, make sure that the switch that you are planning on buying has high durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which switch would be best for OSU?

Any switch that supports a lightweight spring, shorter actuation distance and high durability will be ideal for OSU. Reds such as Gateron Red or Cherry MX Red Switches are the most preferred ones. Optical Linear Switches like Gateron Optical Green are also gaining popularity.

Should I buy a tactile, clicky or linear switch for OSU?

Tactile switches can be quite distracting and relatively slow because of their tactile bump. Although they are ideal for typing and avoiding errors, they are not recommended for OSU. The same goes for clicky switches as they can be obstructing and hindering. Linear switches, on the other hand, are ideal due to their smoothness.

Are lubed switches good for OSU?

Not only does lubing make the movement switches a lot smoother which increases speed and responsiveness, but applying lube to the switches also makes the switch function much quieter.

How long do Cherry Switches last for OSU?

Cherry MX Switches are known to be as durable as they are responsive. According to the company, Cherry MX Switches have a keystroke lifespan of 50 million keystrokes which is a lot.

Are Red Switches better than Browns for OSU?

Although it all comes down to personal preference, linear switches are known to perform better than tactile switches. Brown switches have a tactile bump that can slow down the speed of successive keystrokes.

Are orange switches good for OSU?

Orange Switches are meant for those players that enjoy tactile bumps without any audible feedback. These switches are versatile and can be good for gaming and typing.

What type of switches is good for OSU?

The most popular switch type among experts is lightweight linear switches that have short actuation distances. This is because speed is the most crucial factor when it comes to OSU.


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