6 Best Keyboards For Minecraft

Rated as one of the best sandbox games around the world, Minecraft is the most played game in this category. And, if you are playing PVP sessions, the game gets quite tough and interesting. If you are a diehard player of this game, you might be well aware of the fact that the game requires an extra level of skills and high-end accessories to beat the opponents in PVP mode. That said, from building a simple home to a powerful castle in the blocky 3D world, you need one of the best accessories. For this purpose, the best keyboard for Minecraft is the key to success – a keyboard that can register every keystroke while building a castle or making an innovative 3D earthwork.

Only a high-end gaming keyboard can make a difference to help you stay ahead of the competition. While it is quite tricky to find a good keyboard for Minecraft, we’ve done comprehensive research, thoroughly reviewed some of the best options, and found the gems perfect for your requirements. At the end of the article, a buying guide will help you narrow down your decision to get what you are looking for.

6 Best Minecraft Keyboards You Must Try in 2022

  1. SteelSeries Apex Pro
  2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
  3. Razer Huntsman Elite
  4. Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GMMK)- 60%
  5. Logitech G915 TKL
  6. HyperX Alloy Elite 2

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Best Overall Motherboard for Minecraft

SteelSeries Apex Pro
SteelSeries Apex Pro

Reasons to Buy

  • Best Omnipoint switches
  • Best for both gaming and typing
  • Smooth RGB appearance

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not waterproof
  • Adjustable pressure requires some practice to get used to this keyboard
  • Only the main keys have Omnipoint switches

Being one of the popular brands in making high-end peripherals for gaming enthusiasts, the SteelSeries has made some pure gems dedicated to Minecraft. The Apex Pro is simply a gaming keyboard that you can rely on for every PVP, FPS, and Strategy game. The versatility of this keyboard is hidden in its durable body, responsive keys, ergonomic wrist rest, and mesmerizing RGB colors.

What We Liked in SteelSeries Apex Pro?

What is impressive in this keyboard is the minimum actuation force the keys require, thanks to the shorter travel distance of keys ranging from 0.4mm-3.6mm. Given that the keys have a short travel distance you will be confident due to every keypress registered comfortably without feeling wrist pain. Plus, the distance between the keys is a bit narrow making it the best keyboard for Minecraft gamers with short hands, not for those with large hands.

The Apex Pro comes equipped with a solid build thanks to its phenomenal aircraft-grade Aluminum which can stay reliably for a long time. The durable construction combined with the premium magnetic wrist rest is a guarantee that the keyboard can withstand every strain in the longer run. What makes it stand out from the crowd, is the responsive keys which ensure that every keystroke you press is registered. That said, you will experience an unmatchable performance while exploring Minecraft’s 3D world. 

Since the Apex Pro is a mechanical keyboard with OmniPoint adjustable switches, you are free to customize the travel distance from 0.4mm to 3.6mm based on your gaming setup and use. If you are a writer requiring error-free typing, the long keypress would be good, but for a gamer requiring a quick response, the short keypress would work fine. The SteelSeries also claimed that these switches are built for 100 million keypresses. This dynamic feature is like having multiple keyboards at once, that you can change to suit your needs.

The best of this keyboard for Minecraft is the 10-key rollover that makes it easier to register every keypress consecutively without worrying about the misclicks. Apart from that, the keyboard comes with an operation and control center thanks to its onboard storage option that lets you tweak everything from setting gaming profiles to discord streaming, directly from the keyboard without accessing the software for these settings.

For increased gaming performance without interruption, the keyboard has a built-in OLED start display to customize game modes and receive on-the-fly information. As a bonus feature, the Apex Pro comes with smart multimedia features to enjoy music or control audio without minimizing the game. Rest assured, the per-key RGB lighting is another feature allowing you to customize individual keys with your favorite colors.

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What We Didn’t Like In Apex Pro?

Granted, the Apex Pro is a solidly built keyboard with amazing construction, It’s not waterproof. That said, you need to be careful while using it to prevent spilling off liquid over it while typing. Besides, though the keyboard comes with linear switches with double-shot keycaps, the switches are rather clicky in feel and if you click multiple keys at once, you can feel the sound of the keys making it a comparatively louder keyboard.

Another issue with this SteelSeries Apex Pro is the adjustable pressure. Although the keyboard allows adjusting the pressure you require for the keys. You need a lot of practice in using the lightest touch because even rubbing the keys will trigger a push and may give a false click.

Who Should Buy The Apex Pro?

So, if you are looking for a no-frills, mechanical RGB gaming keyboard with small footprints, the Apex Pro is worth every penny you are going to invest. With its sturdy construction, matte black feel, comfortable wrist rest, and Adjustable RGB, you are going to have everything a gamer craves for.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Best Designed Keyboard for Minecraft

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent RGB patterns
  • iCUE software gives exceptional freedom in using the keyboard
  • Top-notch aluminum-based frame
  • Replaceable keycaps and wrist rest
  • Easy cable management

Reasons to Avoid

  • The plastic wrist rest feels flimsy
  • Stiff cable
  • Media and special keys lack RGB lighting

I have been playing Minecraft for the last couple of years, and every keyboard I tried had some flaws in its use or comfort. For every First Person or strategy game, you need a keyboard that won’t disappoint you when zombies are behind you and you need to be quick and smart. This is where I found the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical keyboard best for the Minecraft Bedwars, even though it can’t beat the Apex Pro in terms of Omnipoint switches.

What We Liked In K95 RGB Platinum?

First, let’s talk about the design. The K95 RGB Platinum is powerful enough to last many years thanks to its Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum construction. The metal casing looks fantastic and the keyboard feels highly durable to sustain every strain. Unlike the Apex Pro, the K95 is designed to be waterproof and weatherproof making it a good companion for gamers. Not only does the entire layout of the buttons feel sturdy, but the additional multimedia keys are also well built.

In terms of features, just like the Apex Pro, the K95 RGB Platinum also has something special for playing Minecraft Bedwars and that is the keyboard is equipped with 6 programmable G keys. The G-keys come in handy for switching weapons, opening the chat menu, or holding a quickfire with one click. The best part is that the keyboard has a Full-key anti-ghosting feature to register each click when you need to click multiple keys at once. 

Comfort-wise, the keyboard doesn’t do well, but it leaves a comparatively larger footprint and keeps your hands in place. Though the overall wrist rest is plastic built, it is solid and doesn’t wear off. On the other hand, the wrist rest is attached to the keyboard with plastic pieces that wear off, and the rubber base peels after heavy use. Sliding the keyboard is not easy because it wobbles when moved. 

For performance, the MX Speed (silver) switches are highly responsive and require less travel distance and half of the pressure. Just like the Razer’s Optical Switches, the MX Speed Silver switches are lighter making them good for gaming but not for typing or other tasks. Due to their lightweight nature and less actuation force, I got some time to get used to these switches, but the overall click response in Minecraft was exceptional, and MX Speed registered every keystroke while I was trying to hide the Alex from the Zombies at night. However, if you are a typist more than a gamer, you’ll need to have the K95 RGB Platinum with MX Brown keys.

The Corsair CUE gives the next level of freedom in customizing the whole of the keyboard ranging from RGB lighting to setting an unlimited number of keyboard profiles for every game mode, even in Minecraft. Since the keyboard records Macros perfectly, for Minecraft, I was able to set up the keyboard to swap between the profiles, set the time break between every click, remap the keys on the board, customize the media keys and disable certain keys which I didn’t like.

As a bonus, the wonderful RGB LED lighting on the keyboard makes gaming more immersive by showing the flashy light show. The best part is that it has the best RGB keyboard color schemes, and the Per-Key RGBs don’t overflow into each other and deliver smooth lighting zones giving an effect of multicolor LED moving across the entire keyboard. The only problem with the RGB is that the media keys and special keys lack any such backlighting and look darker at night which, I think, is not a big deal. 

What We Didn’t Lik in K95 RGB Platinum?

The major downside of the K95 RGB is its elevated and less sloppy wrist rest. Though it can be replaced with any other wrist rest, having the best wrist rest that ensures a higher comfort and relaxes your wrist muscles would be a nice addition. Second, the Corsair software is a bit complex, so it’ll take time to customize the keyboard according to your liking.

Who Should Buy The K95 RGB Platinum?

Overall, the K95 RGB Platinum is the best keyboard for Minecraft Bedwars. The keyboard gives the highest level of freedom in terms of use and excellent gaming performance. If you are a hardcore Minecraft gamer looking for the best option which can stay with you for a long time, the K95 is the perfect choice you can make while enjoying the customizing and functionality at one time.

Razer Huntsman Elite

Best Performing Keyboard For Minecraft

Razer Huntsman Elite
Razer Huntsman Elite

Reasons to Buy

  • Fast Opto-mechanical switches
  • Elegant design with small footprints
  • Best for long gaming sessions
  • Comfortable leather wrist rest

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks dedicated Macro keys
  • Expensive
  • Louder keys
  • Not all the characters on the keys light up

Razer has always been the pioneer in manufacturing some of the top-notch gaming peripherals that have revolutionized the gaming industry. Like its predecessors, the Razer Huntsman Elite is the best fast gaming keyboard that you can use for all Minecraft modes ranging from Survival, Hardcore, Spectator, Creative, or PVP. Featuring the fastest optical switches, a comfortable wrist rest, smaller footprint, this is the favorite keyboard of the Minecraft community.

What We Liked in Razer Huntsman Elite?

Design-wise, what makes it stand out from the crowd is the decent quality aluminum frame for increased stability and ergonomic magnetic wrist rest. The memory foam and soft faux leather of the wrist rest is very soft and gives a nice feeling when attached with the keyboard which can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, most common in gamers and typists due to uncomfortable wrist position.

Though Huntsman Elite’s design is somewhat similar to the Apex Pro, and a Full version of its 60% Huntsman Mini, the keys of Huntsman Elite are raised higher and optimally placed making it easy to make every click the right way. Plus the distance between the keys is comparatively short restricting its use for gamers with large hands.

For the long gaming sessions, the Huntsman Elite comes equipped with the Opto-mechanical clicky switches which are superior and faster than the ordinary mechanical switches. These Optical switches are already famous for their quick response time and smooth performance with every keypress. I liked the distinct feel and mechanical click of the keys. When depressed the keys registered every click and responded without any delays. 

Compared with G915, and K95, the Huntsman Elite’s switches perform well and feel more comfortable. The reason is that the Opto-mechanical switches require less actuation force and register than other keyboards in this range. In combination with the Razer Synapse, the keyboard syncs easily with every game and helps you create custom game profiles according to your needs. While playing the Minecraft PVP, I was able to register perfect headshots and gave a much tough time to my opponents.

As far as lighting is concerned, the keyboard has decent RGB lighting patterns which also spread around the edges of the wrist rest for a practically seamless experience. The keys are brighter compared to other Razer keyboards due to the prominent letters. 

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What We Didn’t Like in Huntsman Elite?

What I disliked about the Huntsman Elite is the lack of Macro keys which is a common feature in the high-end keyboards like K95 and Apex Pro. For typing and gaming needs, the Huntsman Elite accomplishes both. However, like other mechanical keyboards, typing on this keyboard is loud making it good for home use, but not for office use. For quiet typing, you need to look at these best silent keyboards. This, plus the lack of the USB passthrough are the things you should consider while buying this keyboard. 

Who Should Buy The Huntsman Elite?

If you don’t mind sacrificing the Macro keys and just need a full keyboard with Optical clicky switches which are perfect for Minecraft, the Razer Huntsman Elite is the right choice for you. Though this is not one of the cheaper keyboards for Minecraft, it is worth every penny, if you prefer a keyboard with fast switches, comfortable wrist rest, and solid frame to use it for long gaming sessions.

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Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GMMK)- 60%

Best Compact Keyboard For Minecraft

Glorious GMMK 60%
Glorious GMMK 60%

Reasons to Buy

  • Replaceable switches
  • Easy to customize
  • Affordable Price range
  • Braided USB cable that feels solid

Reasons to Avoid

  • Replacing switches is a bit tricky
  • Customization software needs to be compatible with the keyboard
  • Not waterproof

Sometimes finding a gem requires a lot of toil and effort. And, Yes! We’ve found a cheaper option after researching more than 48 hours of what a Minecraft gamer would like to have on a keyboard that could let him find diamonds in Minecraft. This compact 60% mechanical keyboard, aka GMMK, from Glorious, is a great companion for Sandbox games like Minecraft and can be added to your gaming setup at a budget price.

What We Liked in GMMK 60%?

Design-wise, the keyboard is a 60% board with a compact design of 61 keys. The board has a much smaller design and lesser footprints compared to the Huntsman Elite and Apex Pro. The overall build of this keyboard is of plastic, yet it is quite durable and the keys feel solid and stable. Unlike the Huntsman Elite, the distance between the keys is relatively wider which ensures that the misclick is reduced to a lot of extents, and also makes it the best keyboard for gamers with large hands. The good thing is that the keyboard comes with removable USB supporting both Micro USB and USB-C making it perfect for playing Minecraft on PC and Mac.

What sets it apart from the other best Minecraft keyboards is its diversity in using different switches you can use according to your requirements. By default, the keyboard comes with Gateron brown switches, you are free to replace them with Cherry MX, Kailh or Gateron switches in Black, Blue, Red, Speed or Silent. The best part is that each switch can be replaced individually with different combinations making it a universal keyboard that you can use for every occasion of gaming and typing.

While the keyboard comes with hot swappable switches, the default Gateron Brown are also great and provide decent clicky response on every keypress. In Minecraft, I usually use the clicky switches to monitor every click. And for this purpose, the Gateron Brown and the Cherry MX Speed are quite helpful.

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What We Didn’t Like in GMMK 60%

What I disliked in this GMMK 60% keyboard is that it doesn’t come with the proper instructions to download the software to customize it. Luckily, I was able to download the software from Glorious PC Gaming Race Official site, but it was still tricky to choose which version to install. The worst part is that if you plug the keyboard into another PC, all the settings will be gone, and you’ll have to customize the whole board for that PC again.

Another downside with the keyboard is difficulty in replacing the switches with a switch puller, especially the bigger ones due to the small clearance areas. However, using a flat switch remover could help remove the keys easily. Third, the RGB lights aren’t as bright as offered by the Huntsman Elite and K95 Platinum. So, don’t expect much in terms of RGB lighting from the keycaps provided with the keyboard. However, I was able to swap the keycaps with the HyperX keycaps which were comparatively brighter and glowing. 

Who Should Buy The GMMK 60%?

Overall, this is the best white keyboard for Minecraft which comes with hot-swappable switches, a nice RGB, and a removable USB-C cable to use for Mac. The keyboard is versatile in terms of use and can be used for any occasion whether it is for gaming or typing.

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Logitech G915 TKL

Best TKL Wireless Keyboard For Minecraft

Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent wireless keyboard 
  • Low profile switches
  • No latency and lagging issues
  • Lightweight and comfortable design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Keycaps aren’t swappable
  • Highly expensive keyboard
  • The base is plastic built
  • Lacks PBT keycaps in this price

When it comes to quality worth every penny, Logitech has always been one of the best companies producing top-notch gaming peripherals and the G915 TKL is no exception. Like its sister model G915 Orion and G915 Full keyboard, the G915 TKL is also a complementary keyboard in terms of gaming performance, tactile feedback, quick response and durability.

What We Liked in G915 TKL?

Design wise, the G915 TKL is more or less like Huntsman ELite. However, the difference is that its top frame is built with durable aluminum while the bottom with plastic makes it less attractive even though the plastic base is still sturdier than an ordinary mid-tier keyboard. My only complaint is that in this price range of more than $200 adding plastic at the base seems odd and a dealbreaker.

The keyboard boasts 40 hours of non-stop gaming for the whole day. The battery performed really well and I tested it for two days playing Minecraft, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends without needing to recharge it. Even after using the keyboard consecutively for 8 hours there was nothing wrong in terms of battery or key response that I could criticize. The good thing is that you can easily keep track of battery level thanks to the built-in battery notification which keeps you notified of the critical battery level.

In terms of switches and keyboard performance in gaming, Logitech has already added the gamers’ popular choice of the Tactile switches. Though the G915 TKL comes equipped with the Logitech’s line of GL switches including all 3 options of Clicky, Tactile and Linear switches, I was impressed with the tactile feel of the tactile switches due to their distinctive sound and impressive feedback. 

For higher gaming efficiency, the Low profile GL switches worked like a charm and much better than the traditional mechanical switches, yet the click response, speed, and accuracy were still behind the Huntsman Elite which I like the most for every type of gaming. The keys are not raised much higher than other tactile switches requiring less actuation force, but you won’t feel as much sound as offered by the GMMK.

The impressive feature I liked the most was the Lightspeed wireless. Granted, most of the wireless keyboards are already available in the market, and you might be thinking why this one? Well, the wireless option of G915 performs beyond the lines, and I have already tested it while gaming, and not even a minute lag was noticed which is where this keyboard beats its competitors. No ghosting, no misclicks, no lags – nothing nonsense I found that I could complain about.

The dynamic portability of this G915 TKL is the real beauty of this keyboard that allows you to connect it with both PC and Mac with a seamless transition. Switching between both devices is effortless and doesn’t require much hassle, and the pattern of the keyboard layout remains the same in this transition. Apart from that, the wired USB option is also available if you need it, but I would recommend using other premium keyboards like the Huntsman Elite if you don’t need a wireless keyboard with multiple connectivity options.

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What We Didn’t Like in G915 TKL?

In terms of downsides, the price is the biggest one. Though you can get something nice and superior to other keyboards at a premium price, the plastic build is our major complaint from the G915 TKL. Second, the special keys are not supported by the backlit, making them difficult to see in the dark. 

The third downside is the lack of the USB-C, which, these days, has become part of every gaming peripheral. Last but the most important issue with this keyboard is that the keyboard comes with ABS keycaps, instead of the PBS-Doubleshot keycaps which are solid and more catchy ones than the former. Logitech should have taken it into notice since most of the popular brands are now adding the PBT-Doubleshot keycaps in their premium keyboards.

Who Should Buy The G915 TKL?

Overall, the G915 TKL is the best wireless keyboard for Minecraft which can meet your expectations if compactness, durability and clicky response is your priority. The good thing is that the keyboard comes with both wired and wireless options that you can choose depending on your preference. What makes it a unique choice from the rest of the keyboards is its TKL design and wireless adaptability making it a sleek keyboard that can be adapted to any battle station and gives extra room for a mouse, monitor, and other peripherals.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2

Best Budget Keyboard For Minecraft

HyperX Alloy Elite 2
HyperX Alloy Elite 2

Reasons to Buy

  • Best for both gaming and typists
  • Highly comfortable in use
  • built-in memory presets for easy customization

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks wrist rest
  • Buggy software

Since the last few years, HyperX has been doing a great job and the company has built some of the finest Minecraft keyboards under budget in HyperX Alloy Series especially Alloy FPS Pro, Alloy Origin, and the Alloy Elite 2. The Alloy Elite 2 is a mechanical keyboard boasting solid construction and excellent craftsmanship of bright and glowing RGBs. Unlike other clicky and tactile options, this one is not the one you need since the keyboard comes with some of the best silent keys and less travel distance making it perfect for both gaming and office use. And if you are a diehard fan of RGB, look at these keyboards to find out what keyboard has the best rgb.

What We Liked in HyperX Alloy Elite 2?

Design wise, the keyboard has solid construction like the Huntsman Elite and K95 RGB Platinum thanks to its steel frame, but this is what drags it on the heavier end. The multimedia keys are relatively better than the ones offered by the K95 RGB Platinum since they offer more control over the multimedia tasks more comfortably without minimizing the game.

With its fixed travel distance of 1.8mm, you are sure to get an amazing level of gaming experience. Plus the 80 million click life is a guarantee that the keyboard will stay long, though it still can’t beat the 100 million clicks of Huntsman Elite.

Most importantly, the switches work like a charm, thanks to the linear switches which feel extra smooth and are soft enough that you won’t feel pain from bottoming out the keys even after long gaming sessions of Minecraft. Since the keys are more spread out, it’ll take time to get used to for gamers with short hands, but ones with large hands will appreciate the extra distance between the keys.

Like other keyboards with Linear switches, the Alloys Elite 2 also delivers exceptional response time. By doing head to head comparison, what I felt was that these switches require quite less pressure (45g) to actuate as compared to the Clicky and tactile switches of the G915 TKL, K95 RGB Platinum and GMMK, but it was somehow similar to the Huntsman Elite in the soft feel and the actuation force required. The switches are a major plus point for those who type and play games with the same keyboard.

What We Didn’t Like in HyperX Alloy Elite 2?

Sadly, the keyboard lacks wrist rest, but this is not a major deal-breaker. I already had a HyperX wrist rest and when connected with the keyboard the comfort level was even better than the one offered by the built-in wrist rest of Corsair K95. The Huntsman Elite, however, excelled in comfort level due to the memory foam and leather plush. 

The major downside with this Alloy Elite 2 is that it wobbles when used for intensive typing. This is because the keyboard is comparatively weight and the keys are not too stiff so that they feel light on the fingertips. Another downside is that the default version of the keyboard comes with ABS keycaps, but the good thing is that you can also get the upgraded version of PBT keycaps to enjoy a premium feel. The third downside is the Ngenuity software which still needs a lot of improvements from the developers’ side to make it more user-friendly and intuitive.

Who Should Buy The Alloy Elite 2?

Overall, I would say that the HyperX is the best silent keyboard for those Minecraft players who need a quiet keyboard for multitasking – typing, gaming, streaming, and office use. You’ll feel the luxurious typing experience, be able to make multiple clicks without doing much effort, and never feel regret over your purchase.

Why Trust GamingExpert?

While keeping up the tradition, GamingExpert and the whole of the team has always been trying their level best to help the gaming community solve the issues they are facing while gaming. And, we also believe that having a promising and high-performance gaming peripheral is the key to excelling in the gaming arena even in the most competitive games.

So, for this purpose, besides the helping tips and knowledge base articles, we’ve listed down the buying guides for the best peripherals like keyboards, Mice, Laptops, Monitors, Motherboards, and Graphics Cards. These buying guides are equally helpful for both Newbies as well as hardcore gamers.

Buying Tips For Minecraft Keyboard

The Hardcore Minecraft gamers would agree that not every keyboard can help you play longer sessions since it takes a lot of factors to consider while buying a high-end keyboard. A keyboard that can help you make the right-click, keep your hands and fingers in the right position, requires optimal force to actuate, and delivers exceptional performance while gaming or typing.

The keyboards we have mentioned are listed based on different factors depending on the needs of the gamers, especially Minecraft. Though most of the keyboards listed here are practically best for almost all the gaming and typing sessions due to their dynamic features and performance level, some of them are purely dedicated to gaming, and using them for typing might make you feel annoyed.

So, before making any purchase, do keep the following points in mind to help you make the right purchase.

Wired vs Wireless

Having a wired or wireless keyboard for Minecraft is subjective, and personal preference. Although most gamers still prefer the wired keyboards over the wireless ones, the new wireless keyboards are now replacing and changing the mindset, thanks to their excellent battery life, zero lagging, and low latency. Overall, the wired keyboards have comparatively higher speed, dynamic connectivity, and a cheaper price point. On the other hand, the wireless keyboards and mice are expensive and deliver portability, convenience, and flexibility in use.

While testing the keyboards for Minecraft, Logitech G915 TKL wireless delivered everything and came at par in terms of performance, portability, and tactile feedback with the wired options, but it was more expensive than wired ones that you can buy at under $100. So, unless you have enough budget to buy the wireless option for Minecraft, it is better to buy a wired keyboard that can deliver the same features at less than half the price.

Mechanical vs Membrane

Mechanical and Membrane switch keyboards can be chosen depending on personal use. Although the Membrane keyboards are cheaper than the mechanical options, they come with switches that don’t give a clicky sound and remain quiet under operation. On the other hand, the Mechanical keyboards produce a nice clicky sound to register every keypress. 

Usually, the Office and Professional keyboards come equipped with the membrane switches to deliver silent working, but sadly, they are less durable and may wear off after intensive use.

Mechanical switches are usually considered the best for gaming and feature three different types: Clicky, Linear, and Tactile. Digging deep, they are further subdivided into Brown, Red, Black, Blue, and Speed switches. All the mechanical keyboards are comparatively durable and best suited to bear the pressure in long gaming sessions.

So, if you are a typist who prefers a multitasking keyboard for Minecraft, we recommend going for Razer Huntsman Elite or HyperX Alloy Elite 2 with Linear switches. But if you need a dedicated keyboard for Minecraft gaming, go for the SteelSeries Apex Pro which is perfect for every game that you want to play. However, do check out the type of switches you are going to get.

Programmable and Macro Keys

This is a recommended option if you need a keyboard built for gaming purposes. That said, a keyboard with dedicated keys saves your time in making precise shots, hitting multiple combos in the shortest possible time which ultimately improves your gaming performance and skills. Let’s say you want to equip a knife or a gun in Minecraft while saving your Lukas or Axel from the Zombies, just press the programmable key and you are all done. The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, SteelSeries Apex Pro, and HyperX Alloy Elite 2 feature some of the nicest programmable buttons and Macro keys.

RGB Fascination

Having RGB lighting with every peripheral to match the gaming setup is becoming a demanding feature among the gaming community. This is the reason the brands are trying to add new and innovative RGB patterns, rainbow and float the most popular ones, in newly launched gaming accessories.

Though all the keyboards I’ve mentioned feature RGB lighting, the best patterns I’ve ever experienced were with the SteelSeries Apex Pro. The keyboard has lots of customization options to tweak the keyboard’s RGB.

So, What is the best keyboard for Minecraft PVP?

For Minecraft PVP, you’ll need a keyboard that can bear every strain of intensive competition in long gaming sessions. For this purpose, the SteelSeries Apex Pro is the best keyboard that delivers everything you need while playing Minecraft PVP sessions. It comes with built-in game profiles, multiple switch types, quick click response, and a solid frame. However, if you prefer the wireless option, the Logitech G915 TKL is the perfect choice you can make.

Final Words

Since buying a good Minecraft gaming keyboard is a bit tricky question and takes a lot of research. Admittedly you can play Minecraft with an ordinary gaming keyboard, but for extraordinary performance, you ultimately need a keyboard that promises everything that a Minecraft player craves. 

The list we’ve listed above is still incomplete and lots of other keyboards can be added, but we believe that brevity is the soul of wit. And, that’s why we’ve added only those keyboards that can be used for different gaming sessions at the same price. So, these 6 best keyboards for Minecraft are already approved and recommended by most of the Minecraft players. If I were to choose a keyboard for this game from the list based on personal experience, I would go for the Razer Huntsman Elite. 

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