The 8 BEST Clicky Switches In 2022

Choosing the right mechanical switches for the keyboard is essential as they make a big difference for comfort and performance. Three major mechanical switches depend on the feel, sound, and feedback. However, the best clicky switches improve the feel and provide a clicky bump. They are best for playing games and typing office documents efficiently.

Clicky switches are a great alternative to the linear and tactile switches to provide an additional actuation and clicky feel. This clicking and feel are achievable by different switching mechanisms. In response, it provides the users with a sound that feels nice and lets you know about the actuation point before you bottom out. You can take the fingers off even before the switches bottom out, which is a nice way to make the typing fast and pleasing.

Best Clicky Switches

The mechanical keyboard industry is booming with the new and improved switch mechanism. One of the most loved key is the clicky switches, as they have a unique feel and typing experience than the rest of the crowd. To filter out the top clicky switches in 2022 for you, we have tested 8 top choices available in the market. Take a cup of coffee and stay with us to know more about these awesome switches.

Kailh Pink

Best Clicky Switches for Gaming

Kailh Pink
Kailh Pink

Switch Type: Mechanical | Mechanism: Clicky | Sound Level: Quiet | Actuation Force: 65g | Feel: Medium | Travel Distance: 3.6mm | Lifespan: 80 million keystrokes |

Reasons to Buy

  • Requires too little force for the actuation
  • Soft feel for typing
  • Quiet operation
  • Resistant to water and dust

Reasons to Avoid

  • Issue of double keypress
  • Very light actuation force can increase the chance of errors
  • Lacks tactile feedback for typists

Kalih Pink are the best clicky switches for gaming as they have very low actuation points. They come with the light to touch mechanism that delivers a powerful typing performance. The mechanical keyboards never feel the same when you opt for these switches as they have a high build quality and performance at the right levels.

The material selection of these switches is quite interesting. They come with movable plates, copper alloy static, and a POM slide. Stainless steel controls the tactile mechanism and the buffering rubber mat to suppress the sound. The switches are RGB-ready as they have a transparent casing. It is best to use the switches with the SMD LEDs that directly mount on the keyboards at the circuit board.

These Kailh switches minimize fight fatigue. The smooth and quiet operation of each switch makes it easy to use. Pressing the keys requires 35 grams of force, which is just about right for everyday use. These switches’ durability and noise reduction are partly due to the glass-fiber-reinforced base used in their construction.

Although Silent Red switches from Cherry MX require ten more grams of force to actuate, these pink switches provide the same satisfying tactile click at the bottom of their stroke. Kailh’s pink is IP52-certified against dirt and water. It means that dust shouldn’t be an issue regarding how these switches work. If anything, they remained protected by the slider design and sealed composite gold alloy contacts, which fight off dirt and grime during typical use.

The low actuation force of this keyboard makes for an unbelievably pleasant typing experience. Still, it could have been even better if only the switches weren’t so easy to accidentally push down in rapid succession. The switches are easy to press to register another letter before the switch is back up to its original position.

Silent Box Pink performs well for gaming, and that’s great because you don’t want your keyboard to sound like an overloaded pinball machine when you scrabble against the keys. It’s easy to hit them repeatedly and rapidly without bumping into anything or bottoming out. These clicky switches are lighter than your average linear switch, so it’s even easier to hit them repeatedly and lightly.

The Kailh Pink are the best clicky switches ideally suited for gaming. They are also great for day-to-day use, thanks to their durability and comfort level. They have higher durability and a higher tendency to actuate quickly and repeatedly. It is especially handy for gaming and ranks top amongst some of the lightest switches available in the market. However, the typist can often expect accidental keypresses and occasional key bounces when typing fast. You can avoid these things by using comfortable keycaps.


Best Clicky Mechanical Switches

OUTEMU Blue Switch
OUTEMU Blue Switch

Switch Type: Mechanical | Mechanism: Clicky | Sound Level: Crisp | Actuation Force: 60g | Feel: Medium | Travel Distance: 4mm | Lifespan: 40 million keystrokes |

Reasons to Buy

  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent lifespan for the keys
  • Perfect loud and clear acoustics
  • Nice and premium feel

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks stability like other clicky switches
  • Deeper actuation point
  • Take a full press to actuate

If you are looking for the best clicky mechanical switches, the Outemu Blue switches should be a great option. They are perfect for people who want more feedback than what a normal keyboard offers. They’re ideal for gamers and people who enjoy typing heavily due to their unique clicky feedback.

Outemu Blue is a clone of Cherry MX Blue that replicates the clicky sound and tactile feeling quite perfectly. Despite being good and robust as the more famous MX switches, they do a pretty wonderful job while being sold at an affordable price. One of the main reasons you will often find Outemu Blue on mechanical keyboards is for people looking for an inexpensive clicky mechanical keyboard.

The Outemu blue features an attractive blue stem while the housing remains entirely transparent. It only needs 55 grams of actuation force to register a keystroke, with a travel distance of 4 millimeters. They’re well-known as one of the best choices for value for money. Moreover, they have a great feel and strike the perfect balance between reflexiveness, responsiveness, tactility, and low noise levels, making typing even more satisfying than usual.

Outemu Blue switches are perfect for fast reaction skills needed for FPS gaming. According to many users, these have been described as the best tactile and clicky switches in the market today. They’re just right when it comes to getting a nice balance between loudness and tactile feedback, as well as being durable enough to withstand long periods of use.

The switches provide you with the best options for a unique tactile bump. The tactile experience with this keyboard is intense, and clicking will give you great auditory feedback without much effort at all. Outemu Blue mechanical switches are a great choice for users who want a similar feeling to Cherry MX Blues but may not be looking to spend as much on a switch.

An Outemu clicky blue switch makes a lot of noise, so that it’s more appropriate to work at home because it’d be hard to concentrate in the office, especially if someone else is working there who doesn’t like loud noises while typing. Or you may use lubricant or modify the switches to get the clicky experience without producing disturbing sound for others in the office.

If you’re looking for some quality clicky switches for your gaming sessions with the best mix of responsiveness and durability, then Outemu blue switches are what you need. These sturdy switches will give you a high-end tactile feel with a high degree of durability to boot. For the price, these kinds of top-notch features are hard to beat.

Kailh Green

Best Clicky Tactile Switches

Kailh Green
Kailh Green

Switch Type: Mechanical | Mechanism: Clicky Tactile | Sound Level: Loud | Actuation Force: 70g | Feel: Medium | Travel Distance: 3.6mm | Lifespan: 80 million keystrokes |

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium clicky tactile feel
  • Waterproof and dustproof design
  • Feel good for typing
  • Fast actuation

Reasons to Avoid

  • Need medium force for actuation
  • Loud
  • It feels heavy for long typing

Kailh Green is the best clicky tactile switch for mechanical keyboards. They offer a unique typing experience with loud but bearable clicky sounds. The actuation and feel seem great, and they work quite efficiently for everyday use. When paired with the Kailh Green switches on the mechanical keyboards, the clicky feedback feels right.

The aesthetics of the switch is quite similar to the other Kailh switches provided, with the only change in the green color. The transparent housing and spring mechanism are visible. You can use them for the RGB lighting as the housing is transparent and can display solid RGB lighting on your keyboard. Besides the housing, the stem is regular with a pin-compatible with many keyboards.

The material selection for the Kailh Green switches is interesting. Compared to the MX Cherry Clicky switches, they have a life span of 80 million clicks. It is superior to the 50 million clicks offered by many manufacturers. Besides the life span, durability is another factor that makes Kailh switches strand out. They have IP water and dustproof rating to protect them against dust and accidental spillage on the keyboard. You can wash them if needed, but we won’t recommend this as a precautionary measure.

The 80g spring mechanism makes Kailh Green a good switch for smooth typing. Although the typing is smooth, it feels heavy for long hours. I have tried the switches for typing and gaming and experienced a smoother but slightly heavy feel on the keyboard. It is great for people looking for clicky switches alternative suitable for heavy typists.

The accuracy of the Kalih Green switches is why I placed them in these best clicky switches list. When typing, it won’t pose an issue, and the click registration is genuinely speedy. You need to touch them with the right force to do the job without issues. They feel so good when typing, and the heavier spring plays a vital role in the tactility and faster click registration.

Kailh Green switches are the best clicky tactile switches that you can get for mechanical keyboards. They offer a unique feel with smooth typing. The actuation feels right on the spot, while you don’t have to deal with the slower typing anymore. The hard spring provides a bounce-back force that fastens the typing without errors or mistypes.

Kailh White

Best Overall Clicky Switches

Kailh White
Kailh White

Switch Type: Mechanical | Mechanism: Clicky | Sound Level: Quiet | Actuation Force: 50g | Feel: Medium | Travel Distance: 3.6mm | Lifespan: 80 million keystrokes |

Reasons to Buy

  • Very high durability
  • Affordable pricing
  • Actuation feels great
  • The switches are stable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Trigger level is average
  • Medium feel

Clicky switches are very popular among mechanical keyboard custom enthusiasts because of their unique clicking sound when in use. It is one of the most sought-after clicky switches for gaming keyboards in 2022. It is best for gaming and typing while remaining bumpy enough to improve the typing experience.

The Kailh BOX White design features white box stems which translates into a crisp and satisfying click. Additionally, the transparent top housing allows for optimal viewing of the LED on-switch. The bottom housing has translucent plastic that nicely compliments the overall style of BOX White variants. This variant has been highly regarded in gaming circles as it boasts an incredible 50 million key cycle life span.

Since the BOX switch utilizes Kailh capacitive technology for rapid key presses, it requires only 55 grams of force to actuate. It features 3.6mm of total travel with the “Thock” sound enabling a responsive typing action and positive feedback. It offers superior durability for long-term use in professional gaming keyboards with a superior material selection.

We think that Kailh’s white switches are truly a work of art. These clicky switches are perfect for any gamer or even typists out there who love a certain auditory affirmation every time they press down on a key. We cannot praise the box switches enough. Kailh box switches are at the forefront, given their amazing clicky options. As if that weren’t enough, we can add to the hype given that maybe specifically the Kailh box white switches deserve mention as some of the best clicky mechanical key switches available around right now.

The Kailh White are the best clicky switches In 2022, giving you very clean tactile feedback without being noisy or too low-profile.

The switch makes a nice clicking sound, not too deep or loud but still satisfyingly audible. It can give you unwanted noise if there are any loose parts underneath the switch, but this design by Kailh prevents the rattle from happening by adding a stabilizing stem beneath the box.

The 50 million keystroke life span and 3.6mm travel distance of Kailh BOX switches, when combined with the mid-level resistance rating, make it a perfect choice for anyone wanting a more substantial switch than you’d find on one of the standard mechanical keyboards. It is equivalent to Cherry MX switches but at an affordable price. With these characteristics, it’s known as the best switch for both gaming and typing scenarios.

Cherry MX Blue

Best Clicky MX Switches

Cherry MX Blue Key Switches
Cherry MX Blue Key Switches

Switch Type: Mechanical | Mechanism: Clicky | Sound Level: Loud | Actuation Force: 60g | Feel: Heavy | Travel Distance: 4mm | Lifespan: 50 million keystrokes |

Reasons to Buy

  • Moderate force needed to trigger
  • Incredible acoustics for clicky feel
  • RGB supported
  • Durable and sturdy

Reasons to Avoid

  • Deep actuation point
  • Expensive option than competition
  • Need proper press to trigger

One of the best clicky mx switches for mechanical keyboards, in my opinion, is the Cherry MX Blue switch. With durability and high quality to back up its features, a gaming keyboard cannot get any better than this. Through its tactile feedback – that makes you feel like you’re pressing a real mechanical button – and an audible clicking sound when pressed down, it provides a wonderful experience for both typing and gaming.

Cherry MX blue has transparent top housing, black bottom housing, and bluestem. Some versions have all black housings; however, they are not suitable for RGB keyboards. The black housing can trap the RGB lighting and make the RGB lighting not appear clear on the keyboard. Besides the housing color, there is no difference between the functionality of both versions.

Cherry MX Blue switches make a distinct clicking sound every time you press them down. Some users enjoy the sound and find it gratifying. Other users, in contrast, really hate this noise! You won’t know which camp you fall into until you try out a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches. At 60 grams of actuation force, it is one of the lightest switches on the market.

The typing feedback produced by Cherry MX Blue resembles a bumpy wave. Its keystrokes are very loud and produce a rumbling sound. It is the world’s first clicky switch product and serves as an excellent example of what you can expect from other highly inexpensive mechanical keyboards. Cherry MX switches are top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard switches and used to be the choice of competitive gamers before being replaced by Kailh in 2015 due to their affordability.

The Cherry MX Blue switch is a classic addition to their lineup of keyboards switches. They are a great option for just about any type of user, but you can’t go wrong with them if you are a fan of the loud, tactile response and fast-paced clicking sound that comes along with this blue switch variation. They are also a great all-around choice for some intense typing, inputting, and gaming on all your different devices.

The Cherry MX mechanical switches can prove to be the best clicky MX switches for both typing and gaming, as they feature a lifecycle of over 50 million clicks and come with their RGB backlighting along with amazing sound feedback. Being durable, they are also quite a unique type of switch. Unfortunately, they may not be the cheapest mechanical hardware available on the market right now. The higher actuation point is likely something many players may find more annoying than helpful.

Kailh Jade

Quiet Clicky Switches

Kailh Jade
Kailh Jade

Switch Type: Mechanical | Mechanism: Clicky | Sound Level: Loud | Actuation Force: 50g | Feel: Medium | Travel Distance: 3.6mm | Lifespan: 80 million keystrokes |

Reasons to Buy

  • Great audible feedback
  • They have a stable base
  • Unique clicky sound

Reasons to Avoid

  • Slightly expensive
  • Trigger level is not best in competition

Kailh Box Jade Switches are a special switch with an impressive sound. If you are looking for the best experience in terms of the best decibel output, then Kailh Jade may be a great option. It may not offer you quite as fabulous sound quality as other options, but the sound will be loud and impressive. While the sound may not be as nice as the Kailh White switches, they still offer a great deal of volume in comparison.

The Kailh Jades are nearly identical to other in-stock Kailh switches. They feature five pins with opaque white bottom housings and clear tops. The stem is “silver grey” with a dustproof box enclosure, similar to other styled switches from the manufacturer, including those from the Cherry MX line. The long bottom springs are silver in color but different from standard MX-style springs, differing slightly in a thread per length count.

The Kailh Box Jade switches are a popular choice for quite clicky switches. They are one of the most visually appealing switch options out there. The Box Jade sounds more aesthetic, making what would otherwise be a mundane quality typing experience a lot more fun and supposedly even easier on your fingernails for typing.

The mechanism of Kailh Jade is unique. As we pass the linear portion of our force curve, eventually, we reach the tactile bump. This bump is particularly interesting as it carries some metallic sharpness that clicks bars typically exhibit but in a much duller form. It almost seems more rounded despite being medium-strength instead of the lighter to medium tactile strength of an ordinary MX switch.

The BOX Jades are just like the BOX Whites, with a spring force and travel distance of 3.6mm and an actuation weight of 50g. What that means is they’re both awesome options if you’re looking for something standard but not too linear. These quiet clicky switches last a long time at an average of 80 million keystrokes, which will suit most people just fine. They’ll prove invaluable to anyone who wants an alternative to their usual mechanical keyboard.

The Kailh BOX Jade takes the prize for the most audible click. It’s louder than any other switch out there. If you search for a switch that will make noises that truly echo off the walls and reverberate throughout the room, then this is the right one for you. The BOX Whites have a much better sound quality and noise reduction, so they’re our personal favorite when it comes to aesthetic silences.

Gateron Yellow

Best Optical Clicky Switches

Gateron Yellow
Gateron Yellow

Switch Type: Optical | Mechanism: Linear | Sound Level: Quiet | Actuation Force: 50g | Feel: Light | Travel Distance: 4mm | Lifespan: 50 million keystrokes |

Reasons to Buy

  • Unique optical mechanism
  • Several housing options for aesthetics
  • Different pink options
  • Affordable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Brand new switches are not as smoother
  • More linear feedback
  • Not clicky enough

Optical switches are unique in their operation and differ from the rest. They have a design that lowers the response time, making them physically shorter. The internal mechanism of these switches is different from the standard mechanical switches as they have optical switch types. Gateron switches have broader compatibility and pack similar designs in other best clicky switches for the keyboard.

As for the push feel of these Gateron switches, what I love most is how consistently smooth they are. Throughout the stroke, this switch has a consistent feeling with no changes in force or jerky movements that could negatively impact your day-to-day typing experience. If you were testing this switch out against other higher-priced keyboard switches, you’d be surprised how smoothly Gateron Yellow keyboard switches can handle tasks related to simple chores such as writing emails or documents.

Gateron Yellow switches are among the top switch options for mechanical keyboards. Its smooth, quiet (no clicky feel at all), vertical pressing sensation makes them a good option for gamers who like fast typing on their keys and even those who work in offices. The actuation force is 50g with a 4mm travel distance, making them suitable for various tasks.

Much like the sound these switches make, there is virtually no sound during activation at any speed. While they are spring-activated and may sometimes create a ping, the noise is not so hollow or overwhelming to detract from your experience with them. The bottoming out sounds of these Gateron Greens are quite solid and don’t have much distance from their origin – which we found to be a charm rather than a curse.

Gateron Yellow is not as forceful as Gateron Red, but the force curve of this switch allows the key switch to respond to your actions consistently. Unlike Cherry MX brown switches with a tactile bump at the initial press, Gateron’s best optical switches provide a smooth and gradual typing experience. With optimized bottom out and clicky sound, these best optical clicky switches are versatile enough for any situation, whether you’re gaming or simply going about your everyday business.

Kailh Navy Blue

Best Clicky Switches for Typing

Kailh Navy Blue
Kailh Navy Blue

Switch Type: Mechanical | Mechanism: Clicky | Sound Level: Loud | Actuation Force: 65g | Feel: Medium | Travel Distance: 3.6mm | Lifespan: 80 million keystrokes |

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly stable
  • Durable for long term use
  • Highly audible click
  • A good amount of tactile bump

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive choice
  • Higher actuation force needed
  • Loud for office use

It’s hard to say which brand of mechanical switches is the best because they’re becoming more and more varied these days. One thing we can do certainly tell you, though, is that the Kailh BOX Navy Switches are comparable to many other third-party brands, including the original Cherry MX switches. Still, they add a very exciting dimension to your typing keyboard experience.

The Kailh BOX Navy switches are another great addition to the best clicky switches family. These switches may seem similar to their sibling, the Kailh Jade, but it is important to remember that each color has a different feel. Navy blue switches are best for the gamers who look for stability and aren’t afraid of typing away at top speed without worrying about pressing too hard on their keys. These mechanical switches help when it comes down to offering up 80 million keystrokes, which should be more than enough for even the most avid gamer or typist.

On paper, it states that Kailh Navy Blue switches require 65g force for pressing the springs. However, I’m still not certain about the authenticity of this claim. They need moderate force to press over long periods and end up feeling very fatiguing. Heavy-handed typists will truly enjoy typing on these. Still, other everyday typists are likely to be frustrated by how heavy the bottoming out feels due to a lack of proper adjustment in their typing habits.

Although Kailh Navy Blue switches are still somewhat noisy, they’re not as loud as I expected them to be. They are louder than any MX switch, but they’re not screaming like buckling springs. Their click is very high pitched, almost as high pitched as BOX Whites, and although it sounds thin like you might expect a high pitch click to sound, the clicks are nice and crisp, and one can hear them individually, which makes the sound seem very clean. By no means should these switches be used in an office setting due to their loudness; however they aren’t nearly as annoying or obnoxious sounding as other clicky switches can get.

Kailh Nacy Blue ranks top among the best clicky switches for typing. They are a unique option that deserves your attention due to their exceptionally tactile feel while providing great smoothness. What’s more, they come with some heavy springs making bottoming out almost perfect for the typists and gamers. Regarding the spring and tactile bump balance, these are nearly perfect.

Linear vs Clicky Switches

Linear switches are popular because they’re simple to use and glide so smoothly that they don’t even make a clicking sound. This type of switch is common in the gaming community, especially in devices requiring quick reflexes and fast response, such as using a computer to play video games. The soft linear switch makes for a comfortable experience for most people, including beginners or advanced users. However, it does take some getting used to if you’re not accustomed to this keyboard style before it feels natural.

TactilityNo bumpStrong bumpTactile bump
NoiseSilentLoudLoud Clicky
Actuation ForceLowModerateHigh
Typing FeelSmooth and SilentGood with tactilityExcellent with tactility
Gaming FeelFast and responsiveModerateBest for gaming

The Tactile Clicky Switch produces a tactile bump and a loud clicking sound whenever the key is depressed. While you might have to depress or bottom out the keys fully, you can release them immediately after getting the right amount of feedback that tells you that everything is working properly. The main advantage of using this switch is ensuring every keypress registers while giving proper feedback.

Clicky Switches are the most satisfying to use. They’re ideal if you intend to do a lot of gaming, and they’ll help you speed up typing. Clicky Switches have a very clear ‘click’ sound when depressing the keys and releasing them, so be aware that it may be distracting if you spend time working with others or in public areas. If you can use the Clicky Switches, then go right ahead and do so, and we will guarantee you will love using them. Choose whatever matches your aesthetic tastes best if that’s not a priority.

Clicky vs Tactile Switches

The clicky switch has the characteristic of clicking or generating an audible sound each time one types on it with their fingers. This type of switch is tactile and audible among the best clicky switches. When the user presses down the keycap, they might feel the slight pressure applied onto their fingertips and hear the keyboard produces a clicking sound. Clicky switches are ideal for gamers and typists alike, who want to ensure that every keystroke gets registered as successfully as possible.

Clicky switches are noisier than their other two counterparts. I’m sure you’re anxious to learn about the most popular blue switches, which belong to the clicky category. These Blue switches make a loud, clicking sound and provide a tactile bump, so typing on them feels fun and satisfies users.

Tactile keyboard switches are mechanical switches that have an over-travel feature when you press the key down. They are tactile because they produce a bumpy and loud feedback switch sound over the top of the regular clicky noise, often associated with various keyboards. Tactile switches response is bumpy instead of smooth. The bump helps to stimulate the user as they type.

Before choosing or buying tactile switches, there are a few things that one may want to be especially aware of. The actuation force of these particular keys is higher – meaning that the switch requires more pressure to be applied to it for it to register a keystroke successfully. It results in fewer mistakes made while typing and a little more security while using your keyboard.

Although the sound isn’t too loud or annoying, they still make that clicking sound. Tactile switches are good for everyday usage and typing but not great for fast-paced gaming. If you’re upgrading to mechanical keyboards from a membrane keyboard, I recommend getting a mechanical keyboard with tactile switches.

Clicky VS HDMI VS KVM Switches: What’s the difference?

Some people may confuse the clicky, HDMI, and KVM switches to be similar. However, they are different in terms of functioning and their usage. Clicky switches are mechanical buttons for the keyboards to offer tactile feedback. In contrast, the HDMI and best 4k kvm switches are on a different horizon. They provide connectivity for different outputs while connecting the same input devices. For example, you can use the same mouse and keyboard for handling two different TV or displays. They help in multitasking and are different. You can read our best HDMI switchers guide to get more insight into the difference.

Clicky Switches Buying Guide

Buying the best clicky switches is not an easier decision with many options available in the market. Before buying these switches for the mechanical keyboard, you need to consider a few considerations. Here is the list of things that need your attention while buying the clicky switches.


You should first consider where you want to use the keyboard. What kind of environment will it be used in? Some people prefer to use their keyboard at work with the feel of hearing keys click together when typing. Others may feel that the old typewriter-like noise isn’t for them.

But when typing on a mechanical keyboard, you’ll notice that they tend to make loud clicking sounds because of the spring-based system used to return the keys, so, if you intend to use your keyboard while others are around or you want to use the clicky switches with less loudness.

Hand Size

Hand size plays an important role in selecting the switch for the keyboard. People with smaller hands tend to perform fewer mistakes than people with larger hands. If you are the person that has bigger hands, you may consider buying clicky switches with a high actuation point.

At least the actuation point should meet the 2mm or higher requirements as the distance to activate the key. More actuation point distance is there. Another thing that needs consideration is the medium to heavy force, as it ensures the prevention of accidental clicks.

Actuation Force

Actuation force represents the force that you need to exert to push the switch down for the key to getting registered. The actuation force is different for each switch type. So, you need to pre-determine what suits your needs best.

Most manufacturers can offer the best clicky switches actuation from 45 to 50g. They provide a perfect feel when the key actuates. Choose the actuation force that is not too low or too heavy for the keys to work.


Key switches have a similar design consisting of three or five pins at the bottom while having a plastic casing. A plastic portion with the spring underneath it helps register the key while typing. A slight difference is there, but most have a similar design.

It is worth considering the number of pins at the bottom of the key switches. The keyboard can work with the three pins, so it is important to consider their number. You may cut the additional pins, but it can take lots of effort and is time-consuming.

Travel Distance

Key travel distance refers to how far your fingers must travel when pressing a key on a keyboard. Factors like the switch type and the keyboard’s design determine key travel distance. For example, “speed” or “low-profile” switches require less key travel than other more common varieties of switches.

How We Selected the Best Clicky Switches?

Selecting the best clicky switches is not easier when various options are available online. We have selected these switches based on extensive research and evaluating each product for its pros and cons. Testing each option made the selection process easier for us as we got a closer look at the features the product offers. Here are the criteria that we used to select clicky switches for you.


Although aesthetics is not a big concern for most users regarding clicky switches, we ensure that our selected options tick the right boxes. All the switches included in the article are aesthetically pleasing, with transparent housing and beautiful color on the top. The transparent housing allows the flow of RGB lighting from the switches for better aesthetics.


Each clicky switch has a varying level of loudness. We have included the switches with every loudness level to ensure everyone remains available. Select the switches with louder noise if you like crisp and strong tactile noise. Choosing the switches with less noise lets, you work in peace without making noise to disturb your roommates or colleagues.


Investing in the best clicky switches without thinking about durability is not possible. So, we have analyzed the life span of each clicky switch to ensure that you get hands-on the best possible switch regarding durability. Most switches here have more than 50 million keystrokes, while some have 80 million keystrokes to provide your reliable typing.

Other Features

Besides the above features, there are some other features that we have kept in mind while selecting the key switches for the audience. They include travel distance, actuation force, tactile feel, and performance. Each switch fulfilled the criteria and can provide you best performance depending on your needs.

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Final Thoughts on Switches

Whether you are a gamer or casual user of a mechanical keyboard, the best clicky switches are the ultimate choice for their unique sound and features. While there are two other types of switches available, they are preferable to gamers for their amazing feel. They offer a precise actuation point and help to type faster without even bottoming out on the keycaps.

While many options are ready to purchase, buying clicky switches is never simple. It takes extensive research and filtering of the products to get the product of your choice. By following the buying guide and getting through each switch, you can buy the clicky switches according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are clicky switches?

Clicky switches are mechanical switches that focus on providing a clicky bump and audible noise on each keystroke. They provide a distinct typing experience while giving feedback on the actuation of the keys.

Can you lube clicky switches?

Lubing the clicky switches is not the best practice. It can result in uneven clicky sounds while converting the clicky switches to the tactile ones with quieter operations. Don’t lube them if you want the clicky switches to keep their sound and feel.

Are clicky switches good for gaming?

Clicky switches for gaming are an excellent choice if you like to have a clicky tactile bump on each keypress. It helps to give you an improved typing experience and increased control of gaming. The clicky feedback is helpful if you want to keep track of each keystroke during combo training.

Are clicky switches worth it?

It depends on your aim for the loudness and feel of the switches. The clicky switches are worth it if you feel the feedback when typing. If you are not into the loud click sounds, you may look for the linear switches as they offer less sound.

What is the difference between linear tactile and clicky switches?

Linear tactile switches produce less noise while providing tactile feedback on the keystrokes. They offer a smooth typing experience with less distraction from their surroundings. In contrast, the clicky switches are audible and provide a clicking noise (usually louder) when you type the keys. They are good for gaming and provide a complete feel of each keystroke.

How do clicky switches work?

Clicky switches work on the same mechanism that most mechanical switches follow. They have a spring, stem, outer housing, and clicky button on the top. When the top button goes into depression, it produces a loud, clicky sound while the spring gives the bumpy feedback on the typing.

Who makes the best clicky switches?

Several manufacturers make the best clicky switches, including Razer, Cherry MX, and Kailh. However, Kailh is the brand that performs well for clicky switches. It makes affordable switches with one of the best features and durability combined.

Why do people hate clicky switches?

The opinion of the people divides when it comes to the clicky switches. Most people love their feel and sound while others don’t like them. The hate is the loud click sound and feedback that put the people in an uncomfortable position when they are trying to focus on something or working in an office environment.

What are the most clicky switches?

There are many clicky switches available in the market, but few names resonate with the mind regarding the most clicky switches. According to the loudness and bumpy feel, Kailh Jade, Cherry MX Blue, and Kailh Navy Blue are the most clicky switches currently available.

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