How to Refund a Game on Steam

To refund a game on Steam Go to “Help” Tab in Steam, Click on “Steam Support”. In the Next Window, Click on “Purchases” and Finally Click on “I’d like to request a refund.”

One of the issues with computer games is that we can’t tell whether we’ll enjoy them unless we purchase them and try them out. This is why Steam, the world’s largest digital game reseller, provides reimbursement for sales that don’t meet your expectations.

If you have the misfortune of experiencing pangs of guilt soon in your gaming experience, Steam will gladly refund the money you spent on that game. You simply need to request the Steam, and after approval, the game gets removed from your Steam library, and get your money returned.

You can only keep a game for a certain amount of time before actually having to return it. If you’ve had it for more than two weeks and played it for more than two hours in total you can’t return a game. If you attempt to refund a game that isn’t within these parameters, Steam rejects and turns down your request.

Keeping in mind the two-hour game time limit, Steam has a strict policy, and it counts each second during that the game remains open in a playable mode.  The timer keeps running even when you minimized or pause the game, which is essential to remember if you plan to refund the game after having an early experience.

Here are quick fixes if you want to change your Steam account name, or your steam is downloading slowly, or steam download is stopping.

How to get a refund on a Steam game

To get assistance with Steam, go over to “Steam Help.” Next, proceed to Steam and sign in with your username and password. At the very top of the screen, select the “Steam Help” tab.

game refund on steam

Make it clear that you require assistance with a purchase. You’ll get rerouted to a range of choices after clicking “Steam Help.”  You need to find the option “A Purchase” towards the end of the list. Now click on this option.

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Choose which game you’d like to receive a refund for. You get shortly directed to a list of games you bought on Steam after clicking “A Purchase.” Choose the game that you want to get a refund for.

Explain the situation in detail. After that, you get the option of describing the issue with your purchase. Choose why you want to return the game and get a refund. “Gameplay or technical issue” or “I bought this by accident” are examples of possible options.

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Refunds are available upon request. Select from the options “I’d like to request a refund” on the next window. After that, you can add a few lines to explain the details and then hit the “submit” button.

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You can write something such as, “I intended to buy the latest versions of this game, but it wasn’t properly listed on the site,” in the notes section.

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Steam Refund Basics

There are various circumstances in which you may request a refund from Steam, but keep in mind that the process is not always straightforward and clear.  You can request a refund for about any game purchase, according to the Steam customer service. Some games, however, do not fall in the category of refundable items, and you must wait a certain amount of time to be eligible for a refund.

The best part for you is that you can get a refund from Steam in most cases and for many reasons. However, there is two main time limitation. You will not be able to get a refund if you do not adhere to the Steam return policy of two weeks following the purchase and a total playtime of two hours.

With some exceptions, the time restrictions implement to games and software programs acquired on Steam, including downloadable content (DLC), pre-purchased games, and gift items, with some exceptions that we explained below. If you purchased a game before it went up for sale, you can get a refund and repurchase it at a lower price if you request it within two weeks.

You can get the refund money via the payment option you used when you first applied for it once Steam authorizes it. If this is not feasible for any cause, your Steam Wallet will get credited with the total purchase amount. In the United States, Steam offers repayments from MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and JCB.

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Getting a Reaction

After asking for your refund, you should receive an email notification soon. If you haven’t received one within several hours, you should contact Steam’s customer service to double-check that your refund request gets received.

It will take a week for your request to fully adress. When it comes to queuing up for your refund, be patient.  Although it happens that some refunds works quickly, your refund could actually take about a week to process. If Steam received a large number of refund requests around the period you filed your query, this could take much longer.

Contact your bank and verify your bank account to see if the funds have to get reimbursed. Keep a close eye on your bank account if you got a notification that your refund request has gotten authorized. Your funds can get back to you within the next few days. If you haven’t received your refund after a week, call Steam to double-check your bank details.


Avoiding Rejection

Ensure that you request a refund within 14 days of making your purchase. You typically have 14 days to ask for a refund after making purchases. Whereas Steam may release a reimbursement beyond this time period on a specific instance basis, you’ll have a much better chance of receiving one if you act quickly.

Make a limited number of refund requests. Theoretically, there really is no limit on the number of refunds you can ask for. You may, nevertheless, receive an email with notice if you demand too many refunds in a short amount of time. Steam is suspicious of customers who request refunds regularly because some folks collect games for getting rewards and accomplishments before demanding a refund.

Please stick to the rules when it comes to gift refunds. If you purchased a game as a gift and need to get a refund, you must do so before actually giving the item. Only the person who got the item can demand a refund if you’ve just given it away.

To get a refund, you’ll need to appeal the decision. You have the option to challenge if your refund gets denied for any justification. Simply send another request, this time highlighting your issues.


Steam is lenient toward issuing refunds for any game that you purchase from its store. However, you have to follow certain time constraints and limitations to get a successful refund. You can contact the Steam support team in case of issues getting a refund on a game that you purchased. Most of the time, you get away with refunding the purchases, but sometimes, Steam may flag the user if they keep refunding the games.

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