How to Change Your Steam Account Name

To Change your Steam account name Go to Username> Select “Profile”. On the next page Click on “Edit Profile” and After Choosing your preferred account name Click the “Save” Button.

Whenever you are setting up a new account on Steam, it asks for the unique account name. The account name must contain the username that no one else has created since the beginning of Steam. Your account name on Steam is unique to your name, and it helps to identify you from the rest of the users. You can use this unique ID  for account name to easily connect with your friends and group members and pair with them.

But it happens sometimes you choose a username that seems cool at that time or has trendy vibes to it. But after few months, you realize that you need to change that username. Since everyone joins Steam at a young age, there are likely chances of setting up a username that suits your 14-year-old self, but it seems a little awkward as you grow old. So the question arises here can you change your steam username.

Before answering your question, you need to understand a significant difference between this Steam username and account name. The Steam account name is the permanent number that gets associated with your Steam account. However, this Steam username or profile name is the name that is visible to your friends. We can change the Steam username, but we cannot change the Steam account name.

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How to change your Steam username

To get started with modifying the steam username on your computer or Mac, you need to open the steam client.

Once inside the steam client, take your mouse to the username on the main screen.

Click on the username, and from the drop-down menu, select “Profile.”

how to change steam username

Now on the next page, click on the “Edit Profile” button, which is on the right side

change steam username

Make changes inside the edit profile option to the username. Choose the preferred surname and save the change by confirming the action.

How to clear previous Steam Aliases

Steam offers the username change within the profile settings. But you cannot change the Steam account name. When you make any changes to the username, the previous username also gets saved in the Steam database.

The previous username help s people to find you on Steam even with the old usernames. But you can modify this if you don’t want people to track you from the previous username. To do so:

Open the Steam client and go to the profile page.

You can access the profile page by the drop-down menu near your username.

Once inside the profile, click on the arrow next to your current username.

Select “Clear Previous Aliases” from the menu.

It will clear all previously saved usernames in the Steam database.

Creating a new Steam account and transfer games

Since Steam doesn’t allow changing account name and only let you modify the username, you may be thinking of creating a new Steam account with the desired account name and transfer your purchased game on another account to the new account.

This whole thing may look simple, but Steam does not allow games to transfer from one account to another. The game licenses are not for multiple users, and Steam only distributes single-user licenses associated with your account when you purchase any game.

You cannot even merge two Steam accounts and transfer the game between the merge accounts. Once you created a Steam account name, you are stuck with it unless you are willing to buy games on the new account and invest your money there.

Deleting the Steam Account

We have already explained the Steam uninstallation in detail. There is a clear line between deleting and uninstalling the Steam accounts. Uninstalling frees up space on your computer hard drive, and your data remains safe on the Steam server.

But deleting the Steam account involves deleting all the purchases, licenses, personal CD keys, and everything along with your account. But what makes you delete a Steam account with all the purchases and invested money?

If you want to delete your Steam account only to create a new account, then bear in mind that all the licensed games you bought from Steam will not run on a new account unless you repurchase them. However, the games you purchased outside Steam will be able to play due to their external licenses.

Deleting the Steam account removes all the activities on the Steam forums. Deleting the account is not complex. You have to file a support ticket to Steam support and go through the verification process to remove your Steam account.

Creating a New Steam Account

Once you deleted your old Steam account, you can create a new Steam account using a super easy method. You have to sign up on the Steam website for a new account. By putting all the necessary information there, it will ask for an email.

Provide email verification, and you are all set to choose the new account name. Before selecting any weird account name, make sure that you select an account name that you can stick with in the future.

Utilizing Steam Privacy Settings

If you do not want to delete and recreate the Steam account again to change the account name, you can hide it from friends and family. It is better to keep it hidden instead of deleted the account and losing all your precious data.

Steam provides an easy way to hide your Steam account name. To do so, follow these easy steps.

Open the Steam client and navigate to the profile page.

Inside the profile page, click on “My Privacy Settings.”

changing steam profile privacy

Now toggle the options to “Private” or “Friends Only.”

Once you set up these settings, your friends and family won’t be able to see your Steam account name now.


Steam account name and username are different things. You can change your Steam username anytime while the account name is permanent. If you have set up a weird name for Steam account name while setting up your account, you can delete the account at the risk of losing the game licenses and all your Steam data. However, you can hide your Steam account name from friends and the public by setting it to “Private” from the profile settings.

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