Where are Steam Screenshots Saved on Computer

At some point, we all get confused that where are Steam screenshots saved. Finding the Steam screenshots is difficult for most people because of no obvious indication of their storage folder. We only see a notification of a screenshot getting saved to the PC.

Although it is not difficult, it requires some digging inside the Steam folders or getting them directly from the Steam app. Depending on the easiness level and your understanding, you can follow any of these methods to find “where does Steam save screenshots.”

How to find Steam screenshots using the Steam App

Finding screenshots using the Steam client is significantly more accessible and convenient than other methods. By following the simple steps, you can easily access the screenshots.

Open your Steam client and click “View” on the upper left corner of the main screen.

find screenshot using steam app

Once it opens up, find “Screenshots” from the options.

It will open the Steam Screenshot Manager, which is the default utility to handle the screenshots in the Steam client. From here, you can easily access your stored screenshots within the Steam app.

find screenshot using steam client

However, this method is not only limited to show you the screenshots inside the Steam client. But if you are curious that “where does steam store screenshots on the local drive,” then you can click on the “Show on Disk” button to access the locally saved screenshot folder that is present on your computer.

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Access the screenshots Folder using Online Library

This method exactly answers your query, “where do steam screenshots go.” To make things simple, Steam allows users to save their screenshots on its online store. This method is more efficient and safe for storing the screenshots as you can access your screenshots from any device and remain safe from data loss.

To open the screenshots from the online storage, open the Steam client.

find screenshot using steam app

Go to the top corner and find “View,” and open it.

From the menu, select “Screenshots” and navigate to “View Online Library.”

steam screenshot using online library

However, saving screenshots in Online Library is not a good option for those who want privacy because Steam makes them public by uploading them on your social media profiles and Steam community profile. Steam offers a 1GB storage to save your screenshots online and save thousands of heated game moments to your account.

How to Find Steam Screenshot folder on PC

Although finding the Steam screenshot folder is easier using Steam client, you might sometimes run into the situation that you cannot access Steam or uninstalled it. You can find the Steam screenshot folder manually on Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows in this situation.

Finding out screenshot folder

The process is straightforward and involves no gimmicks at all. Even if you are a newbie, you can follow these easy steps to access the screenshots folder of Steam.

First, you need to go inside the installation directory of the Steam client. By default, the Steam installation directory locates on C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam on Windows 10 and earlier Windows editions. If you have changed the installation directory during the installation, then you can go to that folder.

Once you have found the installation directory, proceed with the below steps to get your desired screenshots.

Go to the “userdata” folder inside Steam’s main folder. You can navigate to its default location on C: > Program Files > Steam > userdata.

If you have more than one Steam account, then you will see folders named as numbers. These numbers are the user ID number of the different accounts that you have set up on Steam. In the case of a single account, you will see only one folder. But for multiple accounts, you need to know your Steam user ID to navigate to the desired folder.

Knowing your Steam User ID

To find out which user ID belongs to your Steam account, follow these easy steps.

Open the Steam client and go to “View” on the top left corner of the screen.

finding steam user ID

Now go to “Settings,” navigate to the left pane menu and select “Interface.”

finding steam userID

From the Interface, make sure to mark “Display Steam URL address when available.”

Now confirm the action by going to the bottom and press OK.

Once gone past these steps, go to the Steam profile name.

finding steam user ID on windows

Choose “Profile” from the drop-down menu.

finding steam user ID b

A URL will appear on the top side of the windows. It contains a long-form number which is your Steam user ID.

The Final Part

Finding out your screenshot folder and user ID is pretty straightforward in most cases. But it gets tricky when finding out the screenshots in each game folder. Don’t worry; we will make it easy for you by getting you through each step.

Once you find the user ID, you can navigate to the folder you found earlier within the “userdata” folder.

Inside that folder, look for a folder named “760” and open it. Within this folder, locate “remote” and open it.

Here comes the part that needs a bit of attention as this folder contains the game folder with its own ID, just like user ID. This option does not look viable for a larger game database, but you can efficiently utilize it by knowing each game ID.

Getting familiar with each game ID is not an easy task. However, certain online websites let you search game ID and get the name of the game. You can go to this website to search the game by title or by ID.

After getting the game ID of your game, you can open the desired folder and go to the “screenshots” folder to access your saved screenshots of that game.

Where do Steam screenshots go on Mac?

If you are a Mac user and have difficulty opening the Steam screenshot folder, you can go to the default location and access your screenshots.

To do this go to Users > Username > Library > Application Support > Steam.

Keep in mind that the “Username” in the above address is not your Steam username, and it is your Mac username.

Finding Steam screenshots on Linux

Linux users are not in the dark for finding the Steam screenshots folders. The method is free from any complications and involves hovering over to the Steam directory. For most users the default location for Steam screenshots in Linux is ~ > .local > share > Steam

Modifying default location of Steam screenshots

Sometimes you wanted to do things differently from the majority. To do it your own way or create more free space in your C drive, you can modify the default location of the Steam screenshots folder.

Changing the default screenshot folder of Steam also helps you to navigate to that folder quickly. Even you do not have to open Steam client only to open the screenshots folder because doing that is time-consuming and sometimes irritates the users.

To make changes in the default folder locations, you need to follow these easy steps.

First thing first go to “C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > userdata > AccountID > 760” and find “Remote” folder inside the directory and delete it. (Before proceeding with delete, make sure to backup the data inside it}

Once you finished deleting that folder, open CMD (command prompt) with administration privileges. You can directly open it from the start menu or search bar in Windows 10. Open the search bar and type “CMD” or “command prompt” without using quotes. Once it appears in the results, right-click on in and select “Run as Administrator” to give it administrative privileges.

Now inside the CMD use following command

mklink /D “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\AccountID\760\remote” “XXX”

Replace the XXX in the command with the path of the folder that you want as a default screenshot folder.

A restart may need to create the directory and complete the task.


Making screenshots on Steam is real fun to show your friends the achievements you achieve in different games. Sometimes it gets challenging to find the screenshot folder, especially if you are not familiar with the Steam options. We have compiled all the methods you can utilize to discover the screenshots you take inside Steam games. Hopefully, this article answered your queries of “where are my steam screenshots” effectively.

If this article has helped you find your Steam screenshots, share it with your friends who may find it helpful. In case of any questions and suggestions, you can contact us in the comment section below the post.

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