Dell G5 Gaming Desktop Review (2022 Update)

At a first glance, the Dell Inspiron G5 Gaming Desktop, 5090 model, (view at Amazon, BestBuy) gives an impression of a powerful gaming Desktop. The reason is that, at an affordable price, the Desktop offers premium quality gaming performance and ability to run games in ultra-HD. Even you will be able to perform productivity tasks and assignments related to your office. In this Dell G5 5090 review, we will discuss all of its specifications, performance reports, Pros & cons in detail.

The Dell G5 5090 is ranked among high-performance desktops and is still unbeatable by many good-looking costly gaming Desktops. If you are the one who isn’t willing to build his own gaming machine, this is a worth buying ready-made gaming desktop in your hand.

Dell G5 5090 gaming desktop LED


In a price range of under $1000-1350, the gaming desktop comes with a 9th-Generation 9700 Intel Core-i7 processor. Besides, the gaming desktop offers premium features like 16GB RAM, 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics card, 500 GB SSD.

Let me make one thing clear, the more specifications you want from your gaming desktop the more you have to invest in it. I mean to say, for more powerful features, like 1TB SSD, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, Killer speedkiller Gigabit Ethernet, and a stunning cooling system for proper airflow you would have to go for higher priced edition.

Dell G5 Desktop Specifications

ManufacturerDell inc.
Model Dell G5 Tower 5090
Memory8GB-32GB DDR4
Motherboard Dell proprietary 0DXJD9 (Intel H370 Chipset)
ProcessorIntel Core i7-9700
NetworkingBluetooth 4.2, Ethernet jack;
Qualcomm DW1810 1×1 802.11ac,
Graphics 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660
Storage512GB M.2 PCIe  NVMe SSD
Cooling 1x 80mm CPU fan; 1x 80mm rear case fan
Video OutputDisplayPort; HDMI; DVI;
Power Supply 460W
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
PortsFront: Microphone & Headphone jacks; 6x USB ports,
Back: Audio in-out; ; Center Line-out; 6x USB ports; Ethernet jack
Dimensions 14.5 x 6.7 x 12.1 inches
Extras Blue LED lighting and side panel window

Dell G5 Design

In terms of design, the G5 gaming tower offers whats it promises. Packed in simplicity the gaming tower is actually a perfect choice. Having a very low weight nearly 18.6 pounds, and medium-size in 14.5 x 12.1 x 6.7 inches dimensions the chassis is a big monster that offers blazing fast speed. Not only can you put it on the floor without any issues but also you can keep it on your gaming desk as it will not cover a huge space due to the compact size.

Dell G5 5090 desktop internal side

Overall, I really liked the chassis that looks pretty durable and easy to carry and manage. The plastic rectangle pattern combined with blue light helps to get a clear inside view of the tower.

On the front side, a blue LED strip in a diagonal pattern is most appealing. Sadly you can not change colors as this is not a customized RBG light that can be seen in most of the RBG gaming keyboards. The LED and rectangular openings let you monitor the hardware without opening the whole setup which is a nice modification.

Ports and Connectivity

What made me feel happy is that the Dell G5 gaming desktop comes with all ports necessary for the working of high-end desktops. Starting from the front side, the desktop has one 3.5mm mic jack, a 3.5mm audio jack, one USB-C port, and three USB-A ports. On its backside, you will find six USB-A ports.

In terms of connectivity you will get Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, and Qualcomm DW1810 chip for 802.11ac wireless on the internal side. Besides, there is a DisplayPort, an HDMI port, a DVI port, and an Ethernet port.

Dell G5 5090 gaming desktop back side

One good thing about Dell G5 5090 desktop is that upgrading this tower is quite easy. Just remove screws from the backside and insert your required accessories in the desktop. As this is a prebuilt Gaming desktop, you will not add additional parts due to limited ports rather you may replace some of its parts like RAM or GPU.


In addition, the G5 5090 comes with a traditional mouse and keyboard. These accessories are not much appealing due to the cheap plastic build. For this purpose, you may find the best gaming keyboards or the best gaming mice here.

Productivity Performance

Usually the default G5 desktop comes with a 9th generation Core i7 processor fully loaded with features like 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM that boosts its speed for an ultra-fast gaming experience. Its speed when compared with its competitors like Skytech Blaze 2 and Nitro 50 earned it achieve a good ranking.

Through its SSD drives, you will be able to send massive 5GB files at an ultra-fast speed of 550 MBps. The desktop 4K to 1080p conversion speed is also the highest, which means you will be able to complete tasks in just a few minutes.

Dell G5 5090 – Gaming Performance

Actually, the G5 5090 model is 1080p optimized, which means you will get no problem playing high-definition games. In the gaming performance test, I enjoyed playing Tomb Raider, Star Wars, Street Fighter V, Far Cry New Dawn and Assassin’s Creed at 1080p with 60 frames per second. In each game, the desktop gave excellent frame rate performance (60-80 fps).

In every benchmark and performance analysis, the G5 5090 proved itself as an outstanding gaming desktop that is best for every gamer. Had you added the best gaming monitor in your accessories i am sure the results would definitely be beyond imagination.

In addition, the results with 4K were satisfactory, albeit not outshining as this desktop is 1080p optimized. No matter whether you are playing World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, or the Age of Empires II you will never feel disappointed after having this gaming desktop.

Dell G5 Gameplay Performance

Credits: Alienware

Dell G5 – Software

As you have read in its specifications that G5 5090 comes with pre-installed Dell Software Windows 10 Gome Edition. The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Plus you can get in touch with customer support service, update firmware and even optimize USB-C displays.

The good thing is that these features allow you to stay updated about firmware and software updates. The downside is that these features eat a lot of RAM and sometimes you will have to switch off unnecessary features to save RAM memory.

Another plus point of buying a desktop G5 desktop model is a one-year free service of McAfee Antivirus. Most of the McAfee users would find it a quite a perfect bonus, while others may switch to the required Antivirus based on personal preference. The reason is that McAfee Antivirus sometimes considers some of the important gaming files as trojans which is hectic and unwelcoming. You may choose the Windows 10 Default Defender program that works like a charm and does not create complications.

Is G5 5090 future-proof design?

Sadly the G5 tower has a pre-built compact design. As we have already discussed, you are getting a ready-made gaming desktop. That is to say, there will be limited options to further upgrade this gaming tower. You may , however, upgrade some of its options like RAM and GUPs which is a huge limitation. This is the basic reason that the 5090 model is not as future-proof model as the custom-made gaming desktops have to be.

What you may expect something good is a Standard one year warranty of parts. Additionally, you may get warranty upgrades up to 4 years depending upon your choice. You may, however, save more than $300 with Dell’s Premium upgrade plan beside accidental protection plan. This is actually a little bit more to lengthen its lifetime.

Alternatives to Dell G5 Tower

Some of the best gaming PCs alternatives to G5 5090, that we thought perfect for your choice are;

These pre-built PCs are the best alternatives for every serious gamer. You may choose any one of these depending on your needs and interests.

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop Video Review

Bottom line

Overall, I really liked the Dell G5 gaming desktop. The 5090 offers a 1080p premium quality display. Though not equal to 4K displays, yet it still competes aggressively against every gaming desktop in terms of performance and quality. The user-friendly software, attractive chassis, and ultra-fast speed are perfect combo that appeals to every serious gamer.

The only downside is the lack of a dedicated 4K display and limited upgrading options that restricts its suitability for some gamers. Yet in a price range between $900-1300, this is the best option. For further information, you may also watch a video of the Dell G5 Gaming Desktop review.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent gaming performance
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to configure and manage

Reasons to Avoid

  • Cumbersome software
  • Thin storage capacity

For custom PC builds, see our list of best motherboards for AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

Dell G5 Desktop Review Score

Dell G5 Desktop


Dell G5 5090 gaming desktop LED
Dell G5 Gaming Desktop is a high-performance PC built for high-end gamers


At a reasonable price ranging from $900-$1300 depending upon features, the headset is an ultimate choice for high-end gamers. The desktop can easily handle every type of game.


Dell G5 FAQs

Is Dell G5 VR ready?

Dell G5 desktop supports VR-capable graphics which are built for easy expandability., The G5 tower supports the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX and RTX 2060 graphics cards for high-powered gameplay.  For more power, you have to install high-end graphics cards like RTX 2070 Super or RTX 2080 Super.

How to Update Bios in Dell G5?

According to Dell here are the quick steps to update Bios in Dell G5.
Note 1: Before updating the BIOS, ensure that you suspend BitLocker encryption on a BitLocker-enabled system. If BitLocker is not enabled on your system, you can ignore this step.
Note 2: Do not turn off the power or interrupt the BIOS update process during the update.

Run the BIOS update utility from the Windows environment.

Download and Installation
1. Click Download File, to download the file.
2. Click Save to save the file to your hard drive.
3. Browse to the location where you downloaded the file and double-click the file.
4. Click Yes to open the BIOS update utility.
5. Click Update to initiate the update process. A progress bar is displayed.
6. Click Restart to restart the system once the progress bar reaches 100%.
The update process initiates at the Dell logo and an update initiation message is displayed with a progress bar. The system shuts down after the update is complete.

Updating the BIOS from the BIOS Boot Menu (independent of operating system)

1. Copy the downloaded file to a USB drive. The USB drive does not need to be a bootable device.
2. Insert the USB drive into any USB port.
3. Power on the system.
4. At the DELL logo screen, press F12 to access the one-time boot menu.
5. Select BIOS Flash Update in the Other Options section.
6. Click the … button to browse the USB drive to locate the downloaded file.
7. Select the file and click Ok.
8. Verify the existing system BIOS information and the BIOS update information.
9. Click Begin Flash Update.
10. Review the Warning message and click Yes to proceed with the update.
The system restarts and displays a Flash Progress bar on the Dell logo screen. The system restarts again when the Flash update is complete

How to Upgrade Dell G5 RAM?

This video will guide you through the steps to install the RAM on your PC.

What is minimum PSU requirement for Dell G5 PC?

Normally, the G5 desktop requires a 460W power supply, but the more powerful PSU you have the better you will be in running the gaming PC as it needs more power while running heavy games for good performance.

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    • Next time try to get a powerful power supply unit for any gaming PC, above 500 PSU. A little bit more investment can avoid a bigger loss.
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  3. I just bought one! I wish i had seen these complaints before I did, the one I got is maxed out, i9 processor, 1tb NVMe with a 2 tb HDD, 64gb ram win 10 pro Geforce 2060 super. I haven’t unpacked it and now I’m wondering should I just return it and get something else

    • No Dear, These are quite impressive specs. I am pretty sure you will definitely love this rig. I don’t know what sort of complains have you got, but i am quite sure the G5 is still the best gaming PC.

  4. Are you sure the lighting isn’t adjustable? I only ask because dell has an article about how to change the lighting. I’m looking into getting one with an I7-10700KF and a1660 TI and i was wondering if you knew what exactly the Chassis options mean (500W Chassis with Bezel Lighting and 360W Chassis with Lighting) is that first number the PSU?

  5. Help please. I bought one dell g5 5000 desktop gaming and surprised me with its overheating couldn’t it be fixed without having to pay money ?? it annoys me to spend 1300 for a computer that overheats. Please help

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