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Welcome to the GamingExpert’s Nintendo Switch review. Here, in this review, we will be discussing about Nintendo Switch’s design, performance, display, Battery life and a lot more about this gaming console.

Did you know when was Nintendo’s first game launched? It was EVR Race first launched in 1975 even before the most popular video game Super Mario.

Nintendo has, actually, taken a big leap forward, after the boring Wii U console, by making a most promising gaming console: the Nintendo Switch gaming console. This is a big achievement and the winning point of this console is its portability and adaptability: both as a common console as well as handheld console.

Soon after its launch, the console has seen a lot of improvements in terms of battery life, performance and display. The good thing is that there is a new version completely dedicated for handheld use: the Nintendo Switch Lite. Keeping in mind the demand and performance of this product, we have thoroughly reviewed the products by considering all the important features of this console.

Nintendo Switch neon blue and neon red

Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch neon blue and neon red
The Nintendo Switch is a worth buying gaming console that offers extraordinary graphics quality and adaptable to change into home console


The Nintendo Switch is is an impressive gaming console that you should take into consideration. The console offers extraordinary graphics quality and adaptable to change into home console.

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Nintendo Switch Review: Design

Shrouded in plastic material and combined with soft curves, the rectangular-shaped design of the Nintendo Switch looks impressive, though not much surprising. What inspired us in terms of its design was its appealing colors combination that was Neon Blue and Neon Red. You can choose the color varies depending upon your personal choice. Whatever color you choose, the common color you will get is the grey color around its display.

The material which obviously is grey plastic seems a little bit odd, as you can’t change it. The interesting thing, however, is that the material is plush, finely built, and durable that is an indication of Nintendo’s seriousness in making the console for the next level of gaming. The device comes with an AC Adapter for charging, and a USB-Type-C port on its central bottom. Besides, there is a high-speed port for HDMI-enabled devices to connect it with your TV or gaming monitor and three other USB ports to plug in the peripherals.

The Nintendo Switch has come with a lot of improvements in its portability and adaptability features. On the adaptability side, you can either use the console in tabletop mode by sliding the Joy-Cons or join them to use it for handheld mode. In the first case, you will better be able to use the console either by laying it flat or install it on the built-in stand. On top of that, the TV mode allows you to connect the console to your monitor or TV by plugging in the dock.

Overall the Console Box includes

Nintendo Switch gaming modes

Nintendo Switch Review: Graphics

The best feature of the TV mode is that you will be able to play the games at 1080p resolution. I really enjoyed using these features because the handheld mode allowed me to play the games in 720p. This is the only way to play your favorite games like Fortnite, Pokemon, and Super Mario.

On its upper right side, there is a power button, a game card that is inserted on its port on top. Also, there is a 3.5mm jack, and a volume button. The console comes with a 4,310mAh battery that can be charged in less than three hours either through its dock or the charging port. For increasing the data storage space of your console, you have the option of inserting a microSD card up to 128GB of space.

Nintendo Switch’s Specs

Unbelievably, this is actually the lightest gaming console weighing around 400 grams. Plus, the smart console that measures simply 4 x 9.4 x 0.55 inches with Joy-Cons attached. The touch screen offers bright 720p display that runs seamlessly with the support of Nvidia custom Tegra CPU.

Bear in mind, the batteries are packed in the console’s Joy-Cons pair. The battery life is very impressive: offering more than 20 hours, and take even less than 4 hours to full charge which means you can play the whole day with one charge. For charging the batteries, either insert the Joy-Cons to the main switch console and charge it via the charging port. Or you may use different charging accessories available online.

Though not as good as its competitors, the console has still managed to draw the attention of gamers due to its unique design and diversity of games offered. But, still, the graphical performance and diversity of Sony PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are exceptional, but at a higher price and without adaptability.

Nintendo Switch playing

Nintendo Switch Controllers

The Nintendo Switch’s controls aka Joy-Cons seem much interesting and handy. Their main advantage over other similar controls is to use them either separately or as pairs. Other features of Joy-Cons include a gyroscope for motion control, an accelerometer, and HD Rumble for feedback during a gaming sessions. Besides, an NFC sensor (especially for Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines) and an IR sensor on the right side of the pair are very handy to effectively utilize controls in specific games.

The controllers come with some additional accessories, including Joy-Cons straps for extra grip in motion controls. The shoulder buttons on the straps give greater comfort when single controllers are in use. The Joy-Cons come with a grip to convert them like a gamepad. So, if you are already using the Xbox or PlayStation’s controllers this feature would be much familiar for you. However, in my opinion, you will be more comfortable if you use the Joy-Cons separately.

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Online Games and Multiplayer Feature

In single-player games, the Nintendo Switch comes not only SNES and NES games but also the most popular games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros. To get more apps and games you’ll have the online subscription option through the Nintendo Switch Online app depending upon the type of game.

Though certain games are costly, you can download them on your Cloud data. The downside is that just specific games can be saved on Cloud, while the good thing is that, for multiplayer, you don’t have to pay for every game. But, for voice chat in multiplayer mode, you’ll need the smartphone app.

If you want to use the Nintendo Switch Online for Cloud storage, you’ll have to get a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription for $7.99, $3.99, or 19.99 respectively. These are applied for single players: for a family membership, there are other subscription options available. The good thing is that Nintendo Switch is highly adaptable for families as it lets you connect eight consoles and pair up to four Joy-Cons simultaneously to enjoy multiplayer mode more comfortably than other consoles.

Nintendo Switch with joy-cons

Game library of Nintendo Switch

There are two options to get new games for your Nintendo Switch: The first option is the online game saved from Nintendo’s shop, and the second option is the physical game card.

In its first option, you can download the game and save it to the 32GB built-in storage capacity of the console. In addition, to enjoy more space, you have the option to insert a microSD card in its microSDXC or microSDHC port. The card’s capacity depends on your personal preference. For the second option, you have to use physical games which consume less internal storage space.

Nintendo is famous for its fancy and huge library of games where the best gaming companies are available to serve you in a better and appropriate way. Even, at first, there were some of the high-in-demand games were available included everyone’s favorite Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These games are still one of the most favorite and trending games among children as well as adults. You can get these games from the Nintendo Switch games collection.

If you want something more from high-rated games, you can enjoy playing the newly added Overwatch, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Fortnite, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Astral Chain. For more classic SNES and NES games, as well as highly advanced and latest games collections, you’ll have to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch blue and red joy-con

Battery life of Nintendo Switch

Sadly the previous model’s battery life was in between 3-6 hours that might seem satisfactory for some players. The less battery life compelled Nintendo to upgrade its version to HAC-001(-01). This new model proved much better than the older model and gave satisfactorily 4.5 to 8.5 hours of battery life. If you are planning to buy the Nintendo Switch, don’t forget to get this new and updated model that is much impressive in every aspect including the much-needed battery life.

When we tested the battery life of this new version the results were quite impressive and accurate as claimed by the company. We were able to play games for more than 4.5 hours and still the console had some potential of running for a few more minutes. Besides this was fairly more than the battery life of Switch Lite as well as the previous model.

Reasons to Buy

  • Three convenient and dynamic gaming modes
  • Bright and crisp screen
  • Huge collection games
  • Two impressive controls

Reasons to Avoid

  • Graphics not up to the mark
  • Limitation of Online membership
  • Expensive accessories
  • Moderate Battery life

Testing Results

The Nintendo Switch is an impressive gaming console that you should take into consideration. The console offers extraordinary graphics quality and is adaptable to change into a home console. Overall, the Nintendo Switch is a worth buying gaming console, for all kinds of games, that offers extraordinary performance and a huge collection of diverse games to play with.

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