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Gone are the days when Xbox and PC gamers had to wait for months to play and know about the upcoming high-end games on their systems and consoles. Now technology has transformed a lot of things for gamers. Now they can get latest updates about upcoming games and play high-end games on the first date of their release. This is where Xbox Game Pass has proved to be the first choice for PC and Xbox gamers. The Game Pass is undeniably becoming a quintessential subscription service for gamers to play new as well as old Xbox games.

Since its launch in 2017, this is actually becoming a Netflix for gaming enthusiasts. In these three years Microsoft has endeavored a lot to improving the service in terms of quality and gaming library. In a reasonable monthly subscription, the service is now offering a huge selection of the high-end games that we were expecting from it.

Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service
For Xbox One and Windows gamers, the Xbox Game Pass has a myriad of benefits and features to be proud of.
Titles Collection


For Xbox One and Windows gamers, the Xbox Game Pass has a myriad of benefits and features to be proud of. From a continuously growing gaming library, that has almost all of the best AAA-game titles, to the frequent updates about upcoming games, everything offered by Xbox Game Pass is actually amazing and worth buying.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service

The major difference between Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now is that the Game Pass lets you download many titles on your console, while the later only allows you to stream most of its titles. Besides, Microsoft is highly confident in providing better customer service than its competitors and is now adding latest titles, such as the recently launched Gears 5 and The Outer Worlds, and the most popular titles like Grand Theft Auto V and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Also, the upcoming Halo Infinite will join the league as soon as it is released.

This will be the biggest advantage for Xbox Game Pass users as they will be able to enjoy playing latest games on the first date of release in a cheapest price. Still unsure whether it is essential for your gaming needs or not? Believe me you will get everything you are looking for to quench your gaming thirst.

What is Xbox Game Pass?

This is actually a monthly subscription service offered by Microsoft. The service provides hundreds of first party as well as third party games which you can download and play on PC and Xbox One. Besides, the Microsoft’s offers monthly Xbox Live Gold service, as an additional option in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which provides a diverse gaming content and a great selection of online games to play. The additional service costs $15 extra per month.

Xbox Game Pass service

Through Game Pass, the players will be able to earn rewards including old titles. That is to say you can enjoy some finest classical titles in this service. The good thing is that the library also offers some good games in huge discounts, that you can grab and keep the game forever. This opportunity is usually available when the game developers want to quit their service.

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Design and interface

In terms of design, the Game Pass is quite different from PlayStation Now. Though the PlayStation Now offers a dedicated app for its gamers in console, the Game Pass appears as a tab on the top of screen.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

The tab, when hovered over, shows the recently played games as well as demanding titles. The Game Pass tab when clicked shows game suggestions organized in different genres such as shooting or racing games.

The most appealing thing about Game Pass is that it includes multiple challenges to earn points. The points appear on your progress screen which can be redeemed as gift cards from Argos, Microsoft and Tesco etc.

Following steps will help you find a a complete list of available games in Xbox Game Pass:

  1. Go to “My Games and Apps” page
  2. Now move to “Game Pass” tab in sidebar
  3. Here you will find available as well as installed titles in your PC or console
  4. From here you can select a game of your choice (By selecting the game will first show you game description, size and other options).
  5. Now, click the install button and, in a few minutes, the game will be installed on your PC or console, depending on game size and your internet speed.
  6. If you want to learn from other gamers’ experience, you can go to Game Club option (Optional)

Overall, the Game Pass is quite user friendly and easy to navigate. Though playing games on PlayStation doesn’t take time as it streams games, the Game Pass has a great advantage over its competitor as it allows you to play game locally by storing game on your hard drive. So, Those having slow internet connection might consider using the Xbox Game Pass service on their console to get huge benefit. Sadly the Game Pass service offers beta version for PC gamers, which may sometimes cause lagging or crashing of the app. The Beta version, however, offers the same features as offered by the Game Pass for console.

Xbox Game Pass content library

In offering gaming content, the Xbox Game Pass’s library is still far-away from PlayStation Now which offers more than 800 titles. This is true that the Game Pass currently offers nearly 200 titles; the good thing is that more and more titles are being added each month.

The library includes some most demanding titles like, Gears 5, Halo, Monster Hunter, and Hitman Season One. Besides, there are some classic Xbox 360 titles which include Bayonetta, Fable games, Fallout 3 etc. In the month of January alone Microsoft has added some most popular titles such as GTA V, Tekken 7, Frostpunk, and A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Xbox Game Pass games

Microsoft is trying its best to keep the content fresh, and we are noticing new titles being added every few week. The year 2020 is proving to be the best year for Xbox Game Pass as multiple new titles, especially Flight Simulator, Will of the Wisps, Halo: Infinite, Minecraft Dungeons and Wasteland 3 are going to be added on their launch date. This is surprising news for Xbox gamers who are waiting for these titles to be released.

The real inspiration is actually in the pipeline as Microsoft has decided to add some PS4 exclusives, especially PS4 Pro, such as Yakuza titles, and Final Fantasy titles in its library. Sadly, the Game Pass offers not more than 150 titles to play, though many of the titles are due in 2020. Despite the low number of titles offered by Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, the content it offers is much better than PlayStation Plus in terms of quality.

Xbox Game Pass monthly

Price and Package

Xbox Game Pass costs $14.99 per month on console. The beta service for PC costs $1 extra for the first three months – and subsequently $5.99 per month, plus a quarterly package for $44.99. The gaming enthusiasts who want to enjoy online games as well as monthly games the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the most suitable option costing $119.

Reasons to Buy

  • High-profile games
  • Continuously increasing gaming library
  • Xbox Live Gold added optionally

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks streaming feature
  • Still fewer titles than PlayStation
  • Beta version for PC

Testing Results

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is an incredible service for Xbox and PC users. The service is amazing if you are looking for something new that is worth the money. Those, Xbox One X and One S users, who want to enjoy a huge collection of the most popular as well as latest titles on the go in a cheapest price need to buy the Game Pass and upgrade it to Game Pass Ultimate.

Whether you are a Windows PC gamer or Xbox One console gamer the Game Pass is really a great deal that has a lot to offer. The library is growing every month, the new titles are being updated; and even some of them are being added on their release date. So, in every aspect this will be a best choice for you.

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