How to Play The Hidden Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome?

There was a time when google chrome dinosaur game was a hidden treasure that Google set-up to let us hunt. And we still imagine how cool that person would have felt, whoever discovered this for the first time. Even now it is not that known to everyone.

As for people who just discovered this gem, you would still be figuring out ‘how to play the hidden chrome dinosaur game’.  And even people who know how to play it, would not have known so many ways to activate it.

Although this game is not something as dramatic as the Call of Duty? Warzone, for some fun, it is quite a good one. As the name suggests, the character is of course a dinosaur. You have to hit the spacebar to make the dinosaur jump whenever you see a cactus. If you hit the cactus, you lose the game. We will call it a simpler version of Mario!

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You can Play this Game at your School, Office, and Anywhere. The main advantage of this game is it’s based on Browser, so no one can block this game.

Now that you know the rules of the game, let’s see how to play it.

chrome dinosaur

1. When you are offline

  • Simply turn off your internet
  • Now open chrome browser/chrome app
  • If you are operating from your smartphone, then just click the dinosaur above the ‘no internet’ sign
  • If you are trying from a laptop, then just hit the spacebar
  • Happy playing!

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2. Go offline without even being offline

  • Press the F12 button to open dev. tools
  • Select the ‘Network’ tab
  • In the second row towards the right, you will find the ‘online’ option
  • Click on it and a dropdown menu would appear
  • Press on ‘offline’
  • Now try visiting any random page
  • Hit the space bar
  • PLAY!

3. Don’t want to mind switching off the internet?

  • Open your browser
  • Type “chrome://dino” in the address bar  
  • Just hit the enter bar
  • Click the spacebar
  • The game is all yours

Although there has been news of a major update to this game making it somewhat more fascinating, however, they are not so sure as of now.

Yet there is a birthday edition of it, which you can download from the Chrome extensions

  1. Visit chrome
  2. Search Chrome Extensions
  3. Search for the T.Rex dino game
  4. Download it


We do agree that we didn’t give this disclosure in the beginning but here it is. This game is ADDICTIVE. You will be like, this is such a simple game how addictive it would be ever addictive.

Well, that’s the beauty of it, Google made a game so simple to compete, and so irresistible to ignore.

We told you the rules of this game, we gave the disclosure, we told you how to play it, you know it would not take even a bit of extra storage from your device than what chrome already took, you know you can play it between work, and it wouldn’t ask for any extra devices to play with except that Spacebar right there on your keyboard.

 We are wondering what you are still waiting for!

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