Best Fortnite Settings for Higher FPS on PC, PS4 and Xbox

Fortnite revitalized the gaming world with its epic and fun-packed gameplay. For getting the best and competitive, you need game settings that best suit your gameplay. According to your gameplay, tweaking around the game settings is what you require to get the maximum benefit of your gaming skills.

A question hammering your mind right now is, “What are the best settings for Fortnite on PC, PS4, and Xbox?” Well, we are here to address every bit of your curiosity. As a beginner, you may wonder how you can configure the settings without knowing much about them? Well, you do not need to worry. Relax, and we will get you through each of the settings in a way that you can tweak them further even without any assistance.

One setting that is good for others might be not as good for you. So, it would be best if you tune around the menus for deciding which settings suit you best and fulfills your need. There is a lot more to take into consideration while determining the best personalized Fortnite PC Game settings.

Besides your gaming style and skill level, there are other factors like processor, graphics card, keyboard, mouse, and headset that you need to consider while tweaking your game for the best suitable settings.

Fortnite is an ever-changing game where you build and protect stuff. Similar to the game mechanics, the settings continue to move around with updates. Recent changes in Chapter 2 included new settings. There are some changes in updates, but the core settings remain mostly untouched.

Let get straight to Best Graphics Settings that we find useful for Fortnite.

Best Graphics Settings for Fortnite PC

Fortnite is not a graphics-hungry game and proved as an impressive feat by Epic Games. But being light on graphics doesn’t mean that we do not need any tweaks in the graphics settings. For competitive gameplay, every bit of detail contributes towards overall excellence.

Graphics settings are dependant on your PC build and can vary from user to user. But you can tweak around and turn on or off some of the settings that are not very important. For a standard PC build, follow these settings, and these balance the quality and competitive components of modern-day gaming.


Scrolling through the game setting display is the first stop that needs a bit of attention. Windows mode is the decider for your gameplay as it links to lag and performance. 1920 x 1080 is the best resolution for Fortnite, and the game doesn’t look stretched when using these settings. Frame Rate is crucial when tweaking the settings. Set it according to your monitor refresh rate and lower it to 60 FPS for a standard 60 Hz monitor. You can increase it for 144 Hz 4K gaming monitors.

fortnite best settings
Window Mode Full Screen (For better display)
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS (Lower it according to your monitor)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (16:9) 


This section of graphics settings does not impact the game’s performance but adds to its overall look. For an exact look at enemies and dark places, brightness needs to set at 100%. Contrast and brightness are personal choices. Colorblind mode helps to distinguish colorful objects, especially in the dust storm inside the game. See below to get the best graphics settings.

fortnite graphics settings
Brightness 100% (Better visibility)
User Interface Contrast 1x (lower or high according to contrast)
Color Blind Mode Off (Turn on in case of difficult color differentiation)

Graphics Quality

Graphics quality settings in Fortnite impact the performance and relates to the hardware performance. Keeping the settings on auto cause issues as it tweaks the setting according to hardware. But if you need smooth FPS with lag-free gameplay, you need each setting in this menu to set according to your manual experience. Here are the best graphics quality settings.

fortnite graphics quality settings
3D Resolution 100% (Lowering it increase FPS but not recommended)
View Distance Epic (More distance more advantage)
Shadows Off (Can cause FPS drop and GPU load if turn on)
Anti-Aliasing Off (Don’t make much difference, and turning off cause performance boost)
Textures Low (Give details to objects but not cause much improvement to Fortnite Cartoonish animations
Effects Low (Keeping it low boosts performance)
Post Processing Low (Don’t have much difference playing at 1080p)

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Advanced Settings

Now, coming towards the advanced setting, most of these impact the game in one way or another. It is better to turn off Vsync and motion blur for better performance. They do not make much difference when turned on—the rest of the things you can tweak according to your performance needs.

fortnite advanced graphics settings
Vsync Off (Can cause input delay, so better turn off)
Motion Blur Off (Not suitable for people getting nausea from motion blur)
Show FPS On (It helps to determine the best setting and show real-time FPS)
DirectX Version DirectX 11 (Performs better, but you can try other versions)
Allow Multithreaded RenderingOn (Give more performance and use on PC having 4+ cores)
Use GPU Crash Debugging Off (Used to ping developers about crash causes but can cause performance issues)

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Best Game Settings for Fortnite PC

Language and Region

These settings are basic but related to the gameplay experience. Keep the matchmaking to Auto for getting better pings. As the game will automatically detect the closest server with low ping giving the best connection.

fortnite language and region settings
Matchmaking RegionAuto
LanguageSystem Default


Movement speed dramatically affects the gameplay, and toggling settings have a significant impact on the game. Keep toggle sprint off if you do not want to sprint on a toggle. Most of the players like sprint On, and it frees up an extra keybinding in the game. Keep sprint cancels reloading Off for getting an edge on fights. Auto door open needs to be On all the time as it will automatically open the door when you reach near them.

fortnite movement settings
Toggle SprintOff
Sprint Cancels ReloadingOff
Auto-Open DoorsOn
Sprint by DefaultOn


Combat settings in Fortnite help your fluent movements while fighting with the enemies. Hold to swap pick-up need to be Off as you can accidentally drop your favorite weapon while swapping. IN the case of toggle targeting, you should keep this off because it allows quick ADS shots. Danger targeting keeps your teammates alert of the possible danger when placing a mark using ADS. Most of the players keep Auto pick-up weapons On, but one drawback of keeping this on is getting other weapons on auto pick-up that you might not want to use. Keeping auto-start consumables to the right ensures a shield against the consumables to the rightmost slot.

fortnite combat settings
Hold to Swap Pick-upOff
Toggle TargettingOff
Mark Danger When TargetingOn
Auto Pick Up WeaponsOff
Auto Start Consumables to RightOn


It is not difficult to decide the best building settings for Fortnite. Keep all the settings inside the building’s menu On for better results. Reset building choice always brings the first building piece when starting the building process; otherwise, it remembers the last settings you used previously. Turbo building keeps your building process paced with auto-placement of the selected building pieces. Keeping confirm edit on release On gives you the option to edit or release the building edit automatically.

fortnite building settings
Reset Building ChoiceOn
Turbo BuildingOn
Confirm Edit on ReleaseOn


fortnite tutorial settings

In the tutorial, settings keep the contextual tips on keeping tips from time to time for new players.

Extra Game Options

Extra game options are mostly accessibility settings inside Fortnite PC. Invert view acts as opposite control action, and when your control is up, your character looks down, so better turn this Off. A similar case is with airborne controls, and pressing down move your airborne character forward. Turbo delete helps in building and deleting and rapidly deletes the things when pressing it. Content creators can use Nvidia highlights, and it records game events, including winning, eliminations, and unique movements. Peripheral lighting controls the supported mouse and keyboards and lights them according to the game. Turning On tap to search enables quick search and makes searching things hassle-free.

fortnite extra game options
Invert ViewOff
Invert Airbone ControlsOff
Turbo Delete In Creative ModeOn
Nvidia HighlightsOn
Peripheral LightingOn
Tap to Search/InteractOn


Turning Off record replays is best if you do not need any recordings of your match, as turning this on affects the game’s performance on some systems. Record large team replays, keep match recording of 20vs20 and 50vs50 matches, and take space and hardware resources to recommend turning them off. Creators can keep creative record mode replays On as they record the movements in creative mode and be good sources of videos or thumbnails for content.

fortnite replays settings
Record ReplaysOff
Record Large Team ReplaysOff
Record Creative Mode ReplaysOn

Best Game UI Settings for Fortnite PC

Let you go through some major UI settings in the game. HUD scale represents the overall size of HUD and usually at 100%. The best thing is to keep it below 100% for better coverage. Spectator count shows the number of people that are watching your gameplay. For creators, this can help them utilize the options for viewers. The reticle is the crosshair that lets you know where to aim. Player health, resources, minimap, quick bar, and target info need to keep on for better gameplay.

Pick-up loot stream lets you know the number of resources you have picked up and kept the loot record. Elimination feed keeps you updating about the enemies and their number if they are alive or dead. You can turn the quest progress on or off, and it doesn’t really impact gameplay and only update regarding progress in the quests. Reticulate ammo indicator keeps a record of your ammo that is remaining in the weapon in real-time. Runtime performance stat is for creators and to tune your settings as it shows GPU time, total game thread time, entire draw cell, and other settings, including RHI thread time.

fortnite game ui settings
HUD Scale75%
Show Spectator CountOn
Player HealthOn
Quick BarOn
Target InfoOn
Pick-up Loot StreamOn
Map & Backpack KeysOn
Elimination FeedOn
Net Debug StatsOn
Quest ProgressOff
Reticle Ammo IndicatorOn
Vehicle ControlsOn
Runtime Performance StatsOff

Mouse and Keyboard Settings for Fortnite PC

It is tough to determine the perfect universal settings for mouse sensitivity. As every user has a mouse with different DPIs and giving everyone the same settings, it can cause some users. But do not worry; you can always check for the best sensitivity using the eDPI calculator for Fortnite.  You can use between 45 to 100 eDPI, depending on your experimentations in the game.

Once you successfully selected the mouse sensitivity settings, you move towards mouse flight options. In Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier for Aircraft Steering, always use settings at 100% to completely synchronize the mouse’s setting. In Invert Aircraft Mouse controls, you need to keep the setting to Off to avoid inverted gameplay.

Sensitivity X0.5 to .10
Sensitivity Y0.5 to .10
Targeting Sensitivity0.5 to 0.7
Scope Sensitivity0.4 to 0.7
Polling Rate1000hz

Controller Options for Fortnite PC

fortnite controller input settings
Controller Auto-Run On 
Build Immediately (Builder Pro) On 
Edit Hold Time 0.100 Seconds 
Vibration Off 
Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier 1.7x-2.5x
Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier 1.0x-2.5x
Use Advanced Options On
Look Horizontal Speed 40-60%
Turning Horizontal Boost0%
Look Vertical Speed40-60%
Turning Vertical Boost0%
Instant Boost When Building Off
Turning Boost Ramp Time0.00 Seconds
ADS Turning Vertical Boost0%
ADS Look Vertical Speed8%-16%
ADS Turning Horizontal Boost0%
ADS Look Horizontal Speed 8%-16%
ADS Turning Boost Ramp Time 0
Look Stick Deadzone 6%-12%
Move Stick Deadzone 6%-12%
Look Input Curve Linear
Look Dampening Time 0.00 Seconds
Aim Assist Strength 100%

Best Controller Settings for Fortnite PC

Controller settings are the best bet at perfect gameplay and impact the game. Setting up the controller is time-spending and can confuse new players. For making this process easy, three main controller settings are given below. For overall balance gameplay, use builder controls.

Combat Controls

L1 Previous Weapon
L2 Aim Down Sites
R1 Next Weapon
R2 Attack/Confirm
Triangle Toggle Pickaxe
Circle Switch Mode
Square Reload/Interact
Cross Jump
D-Pad Up Inventory
D-Pad Down Emote/Replay
D-Pad Right Squad Comms
D-Pad Left Place Marker
Options Button Game Menu
R3 Crouch/Repair
L3 Edit
TouchPad Map

Build Controls

L1 Roof Piece (Select/Place)
L2 Stair Piece (Select/Place)
R1 Floor Piece (Select/Place)
R2 Wall Piece (Select/Place)
Triangle Toggle Pickaxe
Circle Switch Mode
Square Trap Picker/Interact
Cross Jump
D-Pad Up Inventory
D-Pad Down Emote/Replay
D-Pad Right Squad Comms
D-Pad Left Change Material/Trap
Options Button Game Menu
R3 Rotate/Repair/Change Trap
L3 Edit
TouchPad Map

Edit Controls

L1 Reset
L2 Unbound
R1 Unbound
R2 Select
Triangle Toggle Pickaxe
Circle Confirm
Square Unbound
Cross Jump
D-Pad Up Inventory
D-Pad Down Emote/Replay
D-Pad Right Squad Comms
D-Pad Left Unbound
Options Button Game Menu
R3 Unbound
L3 Unbound
TouchPad Map

Best Audio Settings for Fortnite PC


fortnite best volume settings
Sound Effects50%
Voice Chat80%


fortnite best sound settings
Sound QualityHigh
3D HeadphonesOff
Background AudioOff
Visualize Sound EffectsOff

Voice Chat

fortnite voice chat settings
Voice ChatOn
Voice Chat MethodPush to Talk
Voice Chat Input DeviceMicrophone
Voice Chat Output DeviceHeadset
Voice Channel (Filled Match)Game
Voice Chat NotificationsOn

Creator Options

This option is mainly for the content creators that run Twitch and YouTube streams. As both platforms strictly follow the Copyright Law, these settings help you here in this regard. There are three options in the submenu of creator options.

Play: Keep playing standard gameplay audio

Mute Others: Mute other players if they use any licensed audio

Mute All: Use this option to mute if you or other player use licensed audio

If you are a content creator, then you should use the Mute All option.

Misc Settings for Fortnite PC

Other settings that are present in the game are accounts and privacy settings. These settings are linked with the social privacy and filter to limit certain functions in the game. You get liberation to turn on the mature language filter and control over the friend request and social chats.

Gameplay privacy includes hiding other player names, showing career leaderboards, and hidden matchmaking delay. These settings prevent the game’s distraction and let you be anonymous to the other, and prevent any identity detection.


Fortnite offers a lot of customizations in its settings and gives control over a large set of options. This guide targets noobs as well as experienced players that are searching for the best settings.

In this article, we try to cover nearly every aspect of in-game settings. If you still need suggestions about settings or have any queries, you can comment below.                                               

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