Best Gaming Hacks For Mac Enthusiasts in 2022

If you are a Mac enthusiast and a gamer, you will probably think that the two do not mix well. It is a common belief that these devices are not great for gaming. Fortunately, it is only a myth, and you can have an incredible time with Mac gaming. As long as you buy a device with the right specifications, you need not worry much. Even if you have an old device, there isn’t a need to spend on a new device to explore the world of gaming.

You can get it ready for your newly-found enthusiasm for gaming. You only need to know the basics of fine-tuning the device for the experience. Remember that snags, freezes, and performance dips can happen, but optimization takes you a long way in preventing them. Everything boils down to finding the gaps and addressing them. Here are some hacks that can help.

1. Keep an eye on Activity Monitor

The best place to start is with an assessment of your device’s performance. Gaming is a resource-intensive activity, and your Mac needs to be on top of performance to support it. You will have to do your bit to boost the device. Managing your system for gaming requires you to keep track of the Activity Monitor. It gives you a clear view of the CPU, memory, disk, energy, and network usage. CPU and memory usage is closely related to gaming performance, so you have to make sure you have them in control. Once you know the lags in both, you can address them easily to optimize the device for the best experience.

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2. Clean the desktop

screen size of gaming monitor

Surprisingly, a crammed desktop can affect the way games render on the device. If there are many documents, photos, and screenshots on your device screen, the OS will struggle with rendering them for a quick preview. It can affect the speed of your Mac sooner rather than later. Cleaning the desktop is easy as you only need to organize the documents and images in folders rather than leaving them around. Steer clear of saving everything on the desktop. Excess baggage here will eventually affect the performance of the computer. If it happens, you will end up with compromised gaming experiences sooner rather than later.

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3. Get breathing space for your Hard Disk

A neat Hard Drive also helps gamers get the best with Mac devices, specifically if you have been using it for years. It is easy to stuff it with countless files and games that slow down the system over time. Movies, music, and pictures are also not great to have because they are heavy and can overload the memory. You must clear the storage by getting rid of the redundant files and games. Alternatively, you can move them to external storage if required for later use. Moving them to the cloud is another good idea because they will be secure and accessible when you need them. Ideally, 10% of the max HDD capacity should be unoccupied at all times. It will keep your system light and happy.

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4. Run updated versions of software

This one is a no-brainer as running the latest versions of software keeps your Mac ahead on the performance front. It helps in maintaining the basic system process and optimizes the device for high-end gaming. Check the App Store often to find the latest update on the game. Updated versions offer better performance and resolve bugs that could be slowing them down. You can set up your Mac to update the entire applications running on it instead of doing it yourself. Ensure that all software is updated, including the OS version, as it keeps your Mac performing above and beyond the gaming expectations.

5. Check your hardware

Gaming performance is as much about hardware as it is about the OS and software. The better the machine, the more you can expect from the experience it delivers. Those buying a new Mac can pick the one with the right specifications according to their gaming needs. You can get an upgrade for your existing machine if you are serious about gaming. Seek recommendations from an expert because they can suggest the right hardware upgrades for the RAM and HDD, depending on your needs. Graphics and processors are important, but hard drives play a crucial role. It enables fast game loading, boots the system at lightning speed, and boosts the system tasks. Extra memory takes the system a notch higher.

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6. Run a cleaning app

If you want your Mac to go above and beyond with gaming, ensure that it is clean and well-maintained from the core. Fortunately, you need not do a lot to keep the device in great shape. A cleaning app works like an excellent solution to handle scheduled maintenance for your device Mac with minimal fuss. It reaches all the dusty corners and manages unused apps, startup items, extensions, and more. You need to do nothing except clicking a button, and it does the rest. Running the app a few times a month is enough to keep your Mac ready for gaming. Here is a guide to uninstall apps from your Mac.

7. Optimize the in-game features

Apart from optimizing your device for top-notch experiences, you can enhance in-game features as well. Most games let you tweak the video and graphical experience to match your machine. Check the settings in Graphics/Video options and tweak them. Small changes make a difference. For example, the screen resolution you choose in the game can impact the performance. Test by running full-screen, windowed mode, and in-between. You can see which one delivers the smoothest experience. Lowering texture quality and shadow quality can also help if the game doesn’t seem to run well. Toggle between low, medium, and high presets to find your sweet spot.

Once you complete these steps, you are all set with a high-end device that delivers the best experience for gaming. If you still think you need better, consider investing in a gaming-specific model with high-end features and specifications. It will only be a small investment for serious gamers who want to go pro. Follow these recommendations and have fun!

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