Acer R240HY Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Buying the best budget gaming monitors under $200 is quite complicated. The reasons might be numerous, but one thing is clear: a few of the high-performance gaming monitors come within budget. Acer R240HY is one of those monitors that complement each criterion of a good gaming monitor at a meager price tag under $150.

Usually, most of Acer’s monitors and gaming gadgets are priced in the medium-to-high range. This is because the Acer products are excellent in performance, premium in design, and best in the market. Now, Acer is trying to compete for the low-budget products too.

Moderate in size, above average in screen resolution, and built with an IPS panel, the Acer R240HY monitor is the finest combination of design and performance. The monitor comes in 24 inches screen size, with IPS display and full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. The response time of as low as 4ms and refresh rate of 60Hz also add to its performance.

If you are a regular gamer and looking for a gaming monitor that meets your gaming and streaming needs, this monitor is the right choice. The Acer R240HY gaming monitor’s review will explore all its features, specifications, and performance-related discussion. So, without further ado, let’s go to the detailed specifications of this monitor.

Acer R240HY Gaming Monitor

Mathew Bradford

Acer R240HY monitor


Moderate in size, above average in screen resolution, and built with an IPS panel, the Acer R240HY monitor is the finest combination of design and performance.


Acer R240HY Specifications

Screen Size 24 inches
Resolution 1920×1080 (WQHD)
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (Widescreen)
PortsHDMI 1.4, VGA, DVI
Headphone Jack
Contrast Ratio1000:1 (static)
Brightness 250 cd/m2
Colors16.7 million (6-bit + FRC)
Response Time 4ms (GtG)
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Panel Type IPS
Power Consumption25 W (energy Star)
Dimensions21.3 x 7.3 x 16 in
Weight6.4 pounds

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Design & Display

Quality and performance indicators really matter for any popular brand to survive in this tough competition. Any company lacking these features is bound to decline. This is what matters for Acer. Though the company has built the Acer R240HY monitor at a low cost, nothing bad is seen in its design and build quality.

The monitor casing comes with a glossy feel and an appealing design. In addition, the tilting features allow to tilt the monitor up to 20 degrees to place it in the right position better. As usual, this monitor too comes with the latest anti-glare coating feature, which means it will not affect your eyes too much, even in sunshine.

Acer R240HY gaming monitor

Image Quality

Usually, most of the low prices gaming monitors are notorious for low picture quality and blurring issues. Such quality issues have been resolved in the Acer R240HY monitor.

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The R240HY monitor offers a completely dynamic view of images with its 16.7 million (6-bit + FRC) colors in Full High Definition (FHD) resolution. We have already talked about its panel type, which is obviously obvious IPS. This would be an impressive addition for those gaming geeks shifting from TN monitors to IPS monitors. But, it would be an ordinary feature worth nothing for others who are already using advanced IPS panels.

The IPS panel offers clear and sharp image quality with a much better viewing experience than TN monitors. In addition, these panels provide wide viewing angles of almost 180 degrees. It enables you to watch the monitor screen from any angle without losing image quality.

The R240HY gaming monitor is an excellent choice for beginner-level gamers or photographers. The reason is its cost-effectiveness and better performance. However, for high-end gamers or professional photographers, Acer Predator X34 would be the best option that is comparatively pricier.

Acer R240HY monitor's side-view

Acer R240HY Performance

The monitor offers a satisfactory contrast ratio of 1000:1. Although the ratio is quite incomparable with other high-end monitors, it is good for everyday use, as a contrast ratio of less than 800:1 is average. Normally a contrast ratio of 1000:1 is considered good, but the higher, the better.

At the same time, the monitor offers a refresh rate of 60Hz, which equals Acer Predator X34 (which offers a refresh rate in the range of 60-100Hz). But this range is much behind the ViewSonic XG3240C, which offers a refresh rate of 144Hz. Interestingly, the R240HY monitor’s refresh rate can be maximized up to 75Hz through overclocking.

In this monitor, you will get as low as 4ms grey-to-grey pixel response time. This response time was behind the 3ms response time offered by Viewsonic XG3240-C. But in this price range, the 4ms is a great deal.

The R240HY monitor is built with Acer’s “Flicker-less Technology.” This feature is most effective for your eyes, as the screen flickering due to continuous use of computer is the major cause of eye problems especially eye pain and eye strain.


The Acer R240HY includes an HDMI port, a DVI, and a VGA port. In addition, it comes with a headphone jack port.

Sadly, the monitor neither supports DisplayPort nor comes with AMD FreeSync features. These features are pretty advanced and very common in high-end gaming monitors for much better performance and connectivity.

Also, it lacks built-in speakers; instead, it comes with audio pass-through output on the rear side. Using this monitor as a TV, you will have to connect speakers or headphones separately via Aux cables.


The Are R240HY gaming monitor offers some basic features in its software. The software allows tuning its brightness, saturation, and contrast by using an on-screen display. However, the downside of this software is that you will not be able to see the picture or video while adjusting its brightness. So, bear in mind that you are not playing a game while adjusting the screen brightness. Otherwise, it may ruin your gaming experience in a matter of seconds.

Price & Similar Monitors

With a price tag of $125 (when reviewed), you will get the 24″ gaming monitor within budget. This IPS panel monitor offers a modest full HD display at 1080p resolution. See our list of Best gaming monitors that are most suitable for high-end gamers.

For a similar monitor with a higher price and more exciting features, check out the LG 24MP59G. This monitors additional AMD FreeSync features, which R240HY is lacking.

Reasons to Buy
  • Affordable price tag
  • Energy and Eco-friendly
  • Nice Color combination
Reasons to Avoid
  • Lacks AMD FreeSync
  • No DisplayPort input

Acer R240HY Video Review

Credits: Tech Deals

Testing Results

Still, thinking again and again? Believe me; this is the cheapest gaming monitor with some impressive features. Overall, the Acer R240HY is the most affordable 24-inch monitor with an IPS panel. The monitor is best for entry-level gamers and photographers. However, if you are a regular high-end gamer, you should check other alternatives like ASUS VE278Q. The cost may be higher for these monitors, yet the performance would be extraordinary.