WD Black SN750 SSD Review

Through thick and thin, WD Black SN750 Internal Gaming is designed to stay with you for decades. Stunningly, the company upgraded the firmware to take out as much performance as possible. The dashboard of this drive is updated for gaming as it incorporated the gaming mode which tend to deactivate the low power state of the drive, lowers latency, and improves the gaming performance.

Talking about performance, this drive can read up to 3400 MB/s of read and 2900 MB/s of write speed to provide you with the best of both worlds. Moreover, it uses 64-layer 3D NAND and an advanced NVMe Architecture controller to maintain excellent speed in a compact design.

To dig deep, SN750 is marked as Loot Box Strong and also holds EKWB heatsink as optional in higher capacity models. The heatsink is made of solid aluminum and prevents the drive from overheating. Furthermore, the compatible Western Digital’s SSD Dashboard Software has the ability to automatically shift to the dark theme which is designed specifically for SN750.

This gum-stick-shaped SSD requires an M.2 slot on the motherboard of the destined PC. The high-end performance of this drive is backed by the integration of the PCI Express bus and NVMe transfer protocol. Overall, it’s an excellent drive that is available in varied storage options to suit best the needs of gamers or any other professionals.

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WD Black SN750 SSD

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In fact, the WD Black SN750 SSD runs like the wind to offer excellence in a reasonable price range. It entails PCIe 3.0 x 4 NVMe which is based on 64-layer NAND technology. You are free to hold 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB models according to your needs. Surprisingly, each version incorporated two SKUs, but optionally you are allowed to purchase anyone with the EK-based heatsink to maintain high-end performance. Furthermore, it can attain the sequential read speed of 3400 MB/s and write speed of 2900 MB/s. For gamers, it arrives with a gaming mode to enable fast gaming performance. Above all, the users trust it as it is backed by 5 years of warranty.



Brand NameWestern Digital
Digital Storage Capacity250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
Hardware InterfaceSSD, PCI
Sequential Read SpeedUp to 3400 MB/s
Sequential Write SpeedUp to 2900 MB/s
Random Read SpeedUp to 515, 000 IOPS
Random Write SpeedUp to 560, 000 IOPS
Form FactorM.2 2280
Hardware PlatformPC, MAC
Power9.24 Watt
EnduranceUp to 1200 TBW
MemorySanDisk 64-layer TLC
ControllerWD NVMe
Weight0.26 Ounces
Warranty5 Year
Dimensions0.87 x 3.15 x 0.09 inches


Fit as a fiddle, WD Black SN750 internal gaming SSD is carved in a blacked-out design with the military pattern font, and the company’s branding is printed on the upper surface. The accurate information transfer is enabled by the PCI interface taking into count the NVMe 1.3 protocol. Additionally, the slim design comes with M.2 2280 form factor which is single-sided and helpful in providing excellent compatibility with mobile systems.

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To be on clear ground, WD Black SN750 Internal Gaming SSD features a sequential read speed of up to 3400 MB/s and a write speed of around 2900 MB/s to offer you the best results. It uses single-level cell (SLC) 64-Layer 3D NAND to enable fast data transfer and basically, the triple-level cell insertion allows excellent storage.

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This drive comes with the new advanced version of its firmware to speed up the built-in performance, previously existing WD drives lacked this improved firmware. It costs only 25 cents per gigabyte; the low price is achieved by packing more layers of memory in the same physical space.

Grounded in fact, this drive is designed to suit best the needs of gamers as it ensures flawless gaming by keeping the large files stored in addition to allowing the fast-downloading speed. The most stunning feature of SN750 is that it can sustain the built-in elevated performance even on long writes, which were lacked by most previously existing TLC-based drives.

Inching forward, WD Black SN750 Internal Gaming SSD is compatible with Western Digital SSD Dashboard software that has a built-in feature of automatically switching to the dark theme which is designed especially for this model.

Furthermore, inside this dynamic UI, you can find a specified gaming mode. You are free to switch the gaming mode when flipped and go to deactivate the low power state of the drive which can halt the SN700 from idling and tend to eliminate the latency. If you really want to boost the gaming speed, you must enable the gaming mode. As it comes with a 22mm wide and 80 mm long form factor, so make sure that you have a compatible slot on the laptop or desktop’s motherboard, because not all PC supports booting from NVMe.

Get on to excellence, WD Black SN750 Internal Gaming SSD has a printed company’s branding on the upper surface to give the classy feel and incorporates a font of military-style. Additionally, this drive uses the PCI interface as the mean of communication and use NVMe protocol to provide you with the best of both worlds. Furthermore, it is based on the M.2 2280 form factor which is single-sided to proffer elevated compatibility with any kind of mobile system.

The integrated DRAM chip will let you take good mileage out of it. Practically, the NAND on the 250GB to 1TB models comes with a density of 256 GB perdie. And the 1TB version entails 16 dies per single package, whilst the 2TB model holds a much denser 512 GB die in a similar 16 die configuration. After formatting with the windows, the 2TB model of SN750 can provide you with 1892 GB of perfectly useable space. Overall, it entails the feature of thermal throttling, NAND management, error correction, and SLC write features to take your practices to the next level.


Like riding a bike, WD Black SN750 Internal Gaming SSD allows you to handily deal the bigger file transfer. The performance of this drive is far better than the previously existing SATA interface as it comes with PCIe NVMe to do the excellent chaos. Stunningly, more memory layers are packed in the same physical space to maintain the upper-end performance at less price.

WD Black SN750 SSD -3

Moreover, SN750 incorporates upgraded firmware to attain some more MB/s in the sequential workloads in addition to significant improvement in random performance even over extended use. Interestingly, it can attain up to 3400 MB/s of sequential read and 2900 MB/s of write speed. This is almost equal to the performance offered by Samsung 970 EVO which offers 3500 MB/s and far better than 860 EVO and Crucial MX500. While the random read, write speed of up to 515,000, 560,000 IOPS respectively is attainable.

When it comes to endurance, WD Black SN750 Internal Gaming SSD entails some advanced endurance rating for a higher capacity model like for 2TB version it can catch up to 1200 terabytes written (TBW) level of endurance. Hold on there, this endurance performance is quite less than some advanced models, but it’s more than enough for most of the users.

Plus, this drive doesn’t allow you to perform secure erase in the Parted Magic or the hardware encryption, but that’s not a big deal as most of the users even not demand any of the encryption features. Keep in mind that hardware encryption can add more security in addition to the performance benefits.

Coming to the gamers, WD Black SN750 Internal Gaming SSD has integrated gaming mode feature to best the needs of professional gamers. How this setting help gamers? Actually, enabling this gaming mode leads to disabling the low power modes via the firmware hooks which assist in the reduction of latency in order to improve overall performance. All you need to do is to restart the system after making this gaming mode operational. Your drive will remain in the destined mode until you move it to another system.

Stunningly, SN750 also proffers downloading of free Acronis true image in order to clone your existing data to any new drive. The integrated heatsink in the higher capacity models allows maintaining the built-in performance over excessive use. Practically, WD Black SN750 can copy a 10GB folder or file in just a few seconds which is made possible by faster write cycles. This fast transfer speed makes this drive an ideal choice for media and creative producers who are aimed to achieve faster writing speed to take their production practices to the next level.

Testing Results

To saunter through the world of internal SSDs, the WD Black SN750 SSD offers excellent sequential and random Read & Write speed to allow fast file transfer even on massive files it takes only a few seconds to communicate. As it comes with M.2 interface which is efficient to deal with enhanced bandwidth by using PCI Express bus lanes and the M.2 solutions are aimed at motherboards of enthusiast-class.

Additionally, the 64-Layer advanced NAND technology and availability of destined heat sinks make it an ideal choice for many. Above all, the integrated gaming mode to enable fast gaming is taking the heart of professional gamers. Overall, the durability, speed, performance, efficiency, and low-price range are available at a place!

Reasons to Buy

  • Consistent and predictable performance
  • Efficient read and write speed
  • Affordable cost per gigabyte
  • An ideal choice for PC gamers
  • Integrated optional heatsink
  • Wide range of compatible device

Reasons to Avoid

  • Consumes high power when left idle
  • Read performance needs improvement
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