SteelSeries Rival 310 Review – Is it Worth Buying in 2022?

Testing Summary

SteelSeries Rival 310 is a comfy mouse with an ergonomic design. The split trigger left/right buttons, exclusive to this model, have a guaranteed 50 million click endurance. The Rival 310 features two zones of multicolor Prism RGB lighting for fully adjustable illumination, plus it has the ability to save your performances and light setting directly to the device. Rival 310 is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and the Xbox One.


A Steel Series Rival 310 mouse can keep you up with the fast-paced action in your competitive games. Right-handed Rival 310 with competitive price promises to give quick handling for the esports audience and the majority of other gamers.

The robust SteelSeries Engine Software also enables gamers to customize the lighting effects and create game profiles with ease, thanks to its intuitive interface. The Rival 310 proved to be a pleasant and dependable accessory for everyday use and serious gaming, thanks to its ease of use and constant operation.

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The Rival 310 is an excellent wired gaming mouse from SteelSeries.  It features a palm grip, it is pleasant to use for people of all sizes of hands, and it has minimal click latency. It is likely to be more than sensitive enough for the majority of users. Additionally, the Rival 310 mouse is perfectly compatible with macOS and Windows, which is a huge plus for most users.

SteelSeries Rival 310 Review

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ModelRival 310
Sensor ModelTrueMove 3
Sensor TypeOptical (LED)
No. of Buttons6
Polling Rate1000Hertz
Grip TypePalm grip, Claw Grip
Lifetime click rate50 Million Clicks
Weight128 Gram
Button TypeOmron
AwardsBest Mouse for League of Legends
Best Mouse for CS: Go
Best Mouse for Dota 2 
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Rival 310 has a simplistic, minimalistic appearance. Furthermore, it offers nearly everything a gamer might want in a gaming mouse: a scroll wheel that can be clickable, two thumb buttons, two main buttons, and a CPI switch, among other features. This mouse consists of two RGB zones; one consists of the SteelSeries logo, and the other consists of the scroll wheel. Both zones have different RGB differentiable illumination. On the other hand, the light is entirely decorative, as it cannot be programmed to indicate the setting of CPI or in-game statistics.

The majority of the mouse is made of this matte black plastic scroll wheel, and the side grip is made up of grey silicone.  While the majority of the SteelSeries Rival 310’s form is composed of smooth curves, there are a few points where abrupt angle changes are present, lending a sense of ferocity to the overall design. Even those angles, however, are rounded out to maintain comfort. SteelSeries describes the material as “Fingerprint Resistant,” and it performs a fantastic job of hiding unsightly palm sweating and finger grease on the palm.

The structure is of high quality. Although the plastic appears lightweight, we are persuaded that it is a durable little mouse after giving it a few strong squeezes. Our fingernails could not readily tear out or scuff the silicone side grip, which indicates that they are incredibly durable.

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The silicone coating is also a tremendous aid; regardless of the grip style chosen, they don’t have a gummy feel, and it provides a good grip for picking up the mouse during liftoffs. Even though the right side of the Rival 310 is sloped downward, it is simple to lift comfortably with a slight grip.

For proper palm grip, this mouse feels a bit light. Furthermore, the mouse is suitable for those people who have large claw grips. The majority of gamers will most probably find the size to be comfortable.

In other words, the Rival 310 is a bit light side, weighing only 88.3 grams in total. This is truly a lightweight mouse for most users, though its competitors like ENDGAME GEAR XM1, Razer Viper Ultimate, and Glorious Model O are comparatively lighter than this model. Although I prefer heavier mice like Razer DeathAdder Elite, Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS, and Cooler Master MM711 60G, I was comfortable with the weight of this one due to its robust construction. Some people may be annoyed by the rubber cable, while others may prefer a braided cable.

In our opinion, the only easily breakable components of this product are the primary mouse buttons, which have a large gap at the front that allows something to force its way.

Despite its gaming heritage, the Rival 310 proved to be more than enough for everyday office duties such as browsing on the web, word processing, among others. Even the bright lighting effects were visually appealing enough to merge into an office environment without standing out.


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The outstanding handling of the Rival 310 mouse made it simple for us to get straight back into the most intense games available today. We only have to state that the Rival 310 exceeds expectations in every facet of performance. The company, SteelSeries, is exceptionally skilled at placing buttons on mice.

The actuation on the primary mouse button is consistent, no matters where we can place our finger on the button. The same may be for thumb buttons as well. Because we’ve frequently blown important OverWatch moments by accidentally activating our ultimate due to an inadvertent thumb click, we’re pleased to say that such days are good with the Rival 310.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the Rival 310 has a polling rate of one millisecond. It can achieve up to 12000 counts per inch (CPI), precision at speeds of over 350 inches per second, and acceleration up to 50Gs. These remarkable numbers are capped-off with one-to-one tracking up to 3500 CPI, which is the highest level available.

Even though we don’t have access to a testing facility where we can test those figures through their paces, we can confirm that we were able to go through heavy fire-fights in Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, CS: GO, and Overwatch without experiencing any hiccups, hitches, or inaccuracies. And, of course, it is the gaming experience itself that is most important.

With the SteelSeries Rival 310 gaming mouse, we can feel and see the consistency and movement of our mouse in every game participate. We find it extremely easy to shoot onto targets in all the games that we play. The only minor complaint about the efficiency is that the CPI can switch toggle only between two settings, and there is no indication of which setting has been selected.

Of course, anyone struggling to develop the most one-to-one monitoring will almost certainly continue with a single CPI setting for nearly everything. In this case, the CPI button can be re-mapped to do an utterly other function.

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There are four effects to choose from; Multi-Color Breathe and Trigger, in addition to the standard color selection with 16.8 million colors. Nevertheless, because your hand will most likely cover the mouse while using the PC, all of those effects may also be identical to the fifth setting.

SteelSeries Utility Engine

A simple firmware update allowed the Steel Series Engine software to connect with the Rival 310 mouse. You can access a wide range of customizing settings without experiencing any difficulties.

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You may personalize the function of each button in the program, as well as the lighting mode and color scheme of the logo displayed on the screen. You can also choose between two different DPI levels and the mouse’s polling rate (how often the mouse communicates with the computer).

The Engine Apps page, organized into a collection of apps for creating reactive lighting effects, is another helpful option. There is the Prism app, which allows you to sync lighting profiles across multiple SteelSeries devices, as well as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-specific program that illuminates the mouse in response to particular actions in-game. Last but not least, the Library area allows users to personalize settings for specific programs or game genres.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Click latency is very low
  • Built to last long
  • Competitive price
  • Acceleration, deceleration, and angle snapping are all supported

Reasons to Avoid

  • Small for palm grip
  • No weight adjustment
  • Not too many side buttons as there are in the dedicated MMO mouse
  • The macro editor is quite simple

Testing Results

The Rival 310 is an excellent gaming mouse that is well-built and feels lovely in hand, and its TrueMove-3 sensor and connected connection ensure that it runs as smoothly as it should be.

It does not have many side buttons as in a dedicated MMO mouse. The SteelSeries mouse is an excellent mouse for massively multiplayer online games. It is comfortable enough to use for extended periods while gaming. This gaming mouse has low click latency. You can also install the SteelSeries mouse software on Windows and macOS, which is particularly useful if you enjoy playing World of Warcraft on your MacBook.

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