Redragon K585 DITI Review

The Redragon K585 DITI is an inexpensive gaming keypad that offers the same features that other mechanical keypads offer at higher prices. Redragon is making high-quality, durable, and affordable gaming peripherals for the past few years. It never ceases to amaze us with its quality products on a budget.

Redragon K585 is not an exception in this regard. It looks odd compared to the standard keyboard, but once you get your hands on it, it is a pleasure to play your favorite games. When looking at its design, it seems like the designer missed some of the keys. But it’s not a designer’s fault. The keypad layout carries this design to provide more space on your desk for the mouse.

Aside from the oddly looking design, it features mechanical switches with fully programmable keys. The keypad layout on K585 is best suited for shooting games. However, you can use it for other games after a careful key selection. As mentioned earlier, it will take time to learn the new layout, but once you master it, there is nothing that can slow you down.

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Redragon K585 DITI

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The Redragon K585 DITI outperforms many competitors due to its comfortable detachable wrist rest and programmable key mapping with macros. If you are switching from a conventional 104-keys mechanical keyboard, it requires some time to get used to it. Overall, it’s a budget keypad with all the bells and whistles of expensive top-notch keyboards.



ModelK585 DITI
MaterialSteel Plate, ABS plastic keycaps
Layout47-Key form factor and 60% US ANSI
Weight1.7 pounds
Macro SupportYes
Anti-ghostingFull N-Key rollover
Switch TypeOUTEMU Blue Switches
Wrist RestRemovable
Height AdjustableNo
Media KeyProgrammed Layer
ConnectorUSB 2.0
Dimensions11 x 9 x 2 inches
OS SupportWindows, macOS
Xbox/Switch/PS4 supportWith converter
WarrantyTwo years


You will notice that Redragon K585 DITI is a one-handed mechanical keyboard with half a standard keyboard layout in your first expression. But it does not look bad, and the half layout serves the purpose of quick gaming without taking more space. There are 47 keys in this mechanical keypad that gives the perfect mechanical experience. When looking at the layout, there are additional seven keys on either side of the keypads. These are macro keys and serve the purpose of user demand. Aside from that, we see a comfortable wrist rest. It is detachable from the main body and uses a magnet to attach and detach itself. The wrist rest’s presence adds more to the keypad’s comfortability. It is not high quality but still serves its purpose.

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Redragon DITI offers appealing keypads. There is engraved text on the keys for long-lasting protection from getting blurred. RGB lighting in the key shines very well through the keys and makes the text more visible. Light passes through the textured keys and does not scatter around. However, there is customization available for the switches that enables you to explore more lighting options.

Redragon is well reputed when it comes to the build-quality of the products. It features a top-notch build quality in the K585 DITI. We see the usual half keyboard setup with F keys and alpha keys standard in one-handed gaming keyboards. The key switches used in this keypad are Outemu Blue, which carries a box stabilizer at the bottom of the switch to prevent the key from wobble. It is a standard practice that we see in most high-end gaming keypads.

All the keys in the Redragon 585 DITI are mechanical, including the macros keys. These keys provide a typical clicky noise on pressing. You can switch the layout and change the keys using the pin very quickly. There are some extra blue switches included in the package with the switch and key puller. The switch and key puller help you rearrange the keys and switches at your ease.

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A detachable type c USB connecter makes it easy to connect the keypad with your gaming machine. The type c connectivity provides faster transfer with the ability to disconnect the keypad when not in use quickly. The RGB lights provide a vibrant and vivid light that does look very pleasing to the eyes. Keycap material does not scatter the rays and has enough texture to handle the brightness very well.

We observed the arrangement of the keys because they look more spacious than a typical setup. Having more space allows precise keypresses but can be a problem for some people. It offers cable management by providing a USB passthrough. However, we have not tested the USB passthrough latency and cannot claim anything about its performance for a gaming mouse.


Redragon K585 DITI has Outemu Blue switches that are a joy to use and have a responsive performance like in mechanical keyboards. Although they have a sharp clicking sound, it’s not noisy enough to irritate you; instead, they sound good. We have reviewed Razer Tartarus V2, and from our experience, the key switches on K585 are very responsive and have performed at par with the Razer switches.

However, one worth mentioning thing is the space key. It is naturally placed away from the thumb and needs a stretch to activate. But after a few practice sessions, you can overcome this issue. The mechanical gaming keypads offer a steep learning curve. But you can rearrange the custom space key with the Redragons software.

A commonly asked question about using a half keyboard is why to use it over the full keyboard. The answer is straightforward: it offers more space management and liberty over the mouse hovering and movement. Once you have removed half of the keyboard from the right side, you have more space to use the gaming mouse and Redragon K585.

From a performance perspective, the Redragon k585 feels much heavier. It is suitable for large hands, but for smaller hands, it can feel a bit oversized. Another main thing that can hinder the performance is the palm rest does not feel much comfortable. The buttons on the keypad feel good and provide good efficiency.

The Redragon keypad is worth your money and offers performance in your budget. Unless you are willing to pay more buck on expensive keypad options, but the thing is that it is the perfect combination of performance and budget, and you won’t regret buying it.


For mechanical gaming keyboards and stylish mechanical gaming keypads, the software is the backbone of the customizations. It is a fundamental component when switching the keys and controlling profiles and RGB lighting.

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Overall, the software on Redragon K585 DITI is blurry and does not provide a help section and information. You fumble around the menus until you find the required settings. There are only a few options, so it won’t take much time to understand the settings.

Inside the software, you can do certain modifications like changing the polling rate, changing the lighting, double-clicking, and recording the desire macros. You can rearrange the keycaps and remap them easily with Redragon’s software.

While rebinding the key, you can add more actions to them. All the keys are programmable, including capslock and letters. Media keys are not exclusive, and they are easy to alter according to the desired remapping.

However, there is a bit downside of having a budget keypad that, unlike Razer Synapse, you can save only four profiles on the device. But according to my experience, four profiles are enough for most people. But for a family console or PC, this can be an issue where everyone uses their own profile.

Macros and custom keybinds are equally usable in consoles and PC. Recording macros on the go is not a problem, and you can easily map them using the record button.

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium looking plastic body
  • Ergonomic design
  • Detachable magnetic wrist rest
  • Budget gaming keypad

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit oversized for smaller hands
  • Spaces between the keys

Testing Results

The Redragon k585 is an excellent budget keypad option for better gaming needs. It offers a balance of value and features. This is still debatable if you want to prefer it over the full-sized keyboard. Its steep learning curve makes things easy for you after a few practice sessions. This mechanical keypad is best for people who want to save more desk space and want a high level of customization along with responsive key switches.

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