Redragon K502 RGB Review

Ever since Redragon introduced its first line of devices in 2012, it is influencing the gaming industry with its comparably cheaper but quality hardware across the globe. Their products are not perfect, but they are one of the world’s best budget gaming hardware producers.

The company has stood out well in the competition with affordable gaming keyboards and mice for their customers. We have seen the recent adventure of Redragon with Redragon K550 and K570. They offer more premium features at an increased cost.

Since the introduction of mechanical keyboards, the gaming industry has gone crazy. Gaming keyboards are getting more expensive and featured with extra perks each year. Redragon is impacting this expensive gaming market with its budget gaming keyboards by not compromising its quality. In Redragon K502 RGB, the manufacturer’s focus shifted towards low price; therefore, this keyboard has a high-quality membrane design rather than mechanical switches.

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Redragon K502 RGB

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Redragon K502 RGB offers a price range below $30 which seems unrealistic when we see customizable backlight options, ergonomic design, and anti-ghosting features. With its high-level comfort and ease of use, it is the best low-profile gaming keyboard.



Brand NameRedragon
ModelKarura K502
ColourBlack + Red
Dimensions45.2 x 20.15 x 1.85 cm
Weight1.3 pounds
Number of Keys104
RGB BacklightYes
Anti GhostingYes
Keyboard TypeChiclet style gaming keyboard
Splash ProofYes
Inbuilt Wrist rest
OS CompatibilityWindows XP To Windows 10, Mac OS


Redragon K502 RGB weighs 1.3 pounds (approx. 600gm) and has dimensions for comfortable handling and use. When you use the keyboard, you will notice something odd about the feel of the plastic material. Unlike the plastic used in most keyboards, it features soft-to-touch plastic. Gamers that are using mechanical keyboards for some time will feel a mushy feel from the keys. In the beginning, you won’t feel much clicking when pressing the keys, but after some time, you will get used to it. It can hurt your game progress, but later on, everything will settle down,

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There is not full RGB light effect beneath the keycaps. Instead, you get LED lighting with several different colors in the mid of the keys. Like most of the keyboard options, it also doesn’t have a backlight setting. You may miss the customization light options of other gaming keyboards, but it performs okay most of the time. We get a braided USB cable for extra sturdiness.

Another plus point regarding design is the huge wrist rest. A larger wrist area provides comfortable typing and prevents strain on your wrists. The writing on the keycaps is durable due to the laser engraving. They are almost impossible to wear because of durable and high-quality engraving. This way, key symbols last longer than ordinary keyboards.

The only drawback that we observed about Redragon K502 RGB is its red color USB cable and red stripe on its body. In case you got a PC setup with a different color scheme, this keyboard won’t fit nicely. Another area of improvement is the placement of the LED light. They shine only in the middle, and the space bar does not light upon the entire button.

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Redragon features that no one in this price bracket offers. In K502 RGB, we get a full-sized USB gaming keyboard that features a 104-key setup with LED RGB lights and a Numpad. The keyboards’ keys are low profile, which produces less sound typing and a shorter height. These low-profile keys give tactile feedback while keeping the noise to the minimum level.

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This noise reduction is a plus for gamers that don’t like the noise of mechanical gaming keyboard. Mechanical switches are louder and produce sounds that most people don’t like. Aside from the advantage of less noise, it is still a membrane keyboard. We have to deal with its regular maintenance and get harder to clean with time. Also, it won’t last long like a mechanical keyboard and miss the feel of a crisp.

Not all but most of the gamers desire to have silent keystrokes. Especially the streamers on Twitch and Youtube may like this keyboard due to its significantly less noise. Their mic doesn’t record the minor sound of the key. Ultimately contribute towards less noisy videos.

Every keystroke is very crucial while playing competitive games. And membrane keyboard registers only on stroke while pressing the key at a given time. In this way, there is always a chance of some inputs not get registered. This way, any gamer turns into a frustrated soul due to missed combos.

Lighting options in the Redragon K502 RGB are more than enough for a vivid gamer. You can choose from four brightness levels and six different preset lighting modes. Different breathing speeds and lighting effects are also on your setting menu. It serves the purpose of gaming as well as an office keyboard. It does not look bad in a workspace without lights, and lights are easy to turn off to work in a well-lit environment.

Gamers usually sit at their desk and eat and drink their whole day. Any spilling of a food material can result in keyboard damage. To address this K502 RGB membrane keyboard offers water resistance from splashes. Don’t try to check the water resistance level as there is no rating for more than splashes.

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Another small but remarkable feature of Karura K502 is its ability to lock the windows key. Locking the key disables the functioning. This locking feature is very significant for gamers. While playing games, I bet every gamer has gone through a situation where you accidentally pressed the windows key, and all of a sudden, it dropped the fps with a considerable spike. In a real-life scenario, this may not be a long time, but every second decides the character’s life and death for a gamer. So this addition of disabling the windows key proves a tremendous but underrated utility.

Dedicated media controls are present in Redragon K502 RGB and are easy to operate using F1-F12 keys. You have to use them in tandem with FN keys. Interchanging the arrow and WASD keys is possible and can help to a certain extent in many games. The keyboard’s response speed is likely to change easily, but it looks like a pretty weird option as no one wants to change the speed and keep the settings to the minimal value.

Reasons to Buy

  • Budget-friendly
  • Splash-proof body
  • Ergonomic designed lightweight body
  • Fully customizable backlight
  • Broader compatibility
  • 25-key anti-ghosting

Reasons to Avoid

  • Easy to catch dust between key gaps
  • Not enough LED for the space bar

Testing Results

Redragon K502 RGB is good quality and durable gaming keyboard that is available at a low price. When you are low on the budget, this is the best choice to buy a gaming keyboard. It offers some premium features that are difficult to find in this price range. Redragon needs to work on some areas of improvement. But under $30, you can’t get a gaming keyboard this beautiful and with many keyboard settings. If you have no budget issue, you may think of buying higher-end keyboards from Razer or Redragon.

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