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Built for performance and efficiency the Razer Viper (Priced at $79.99) is the best gaming mouse for both left and right hand gamers and offers perfect claw and fingertip grips, albeit not the palm grip.

With the introduction of optical switches in Razer’s Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard, the trend changed dramatically. Soon after that the company introduced the optical switches in its gaming mice and this is where the Razer Viper (Check Price) came into the market.

Featuring infrared beam in optical switches for better mouse clicks the Razer Viper is a wired gaming that is best for left hand players who are looking for great features in a simple looking gaming mouse. As per company’s claims the Razer Viper is the fastest gaming mouse which delivers highest accuracy in clicks; and due to its Esports-grade precision and cutting-edge technology it is especially built for professional gamers. As the Viper’s price ranges in medium-priced gaming mouse, at $79.99 it is worth the money.

Razer Viper Specifications

Sensor TypeOptical
Sensor ModelRazer 5G
Programmable Buttons8
Polling Rates125, 500 or 1,000 Hz
LED Zones and Colors1 RGB Zone
Cable Length6.89 feet (2.1m), Razer Speedflex
Dimensions4.99 x 2.61 x 1.49 inches
Reasons to Buy
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • 16K DPI and 5G sensor
  • Fast optical switches
  • Appreciable performance
  • Best for both left and right hand players
Reasons to Avoid
  • DPI buttons are hard to use
  • Not an appealing design
  • Not suitable for palm grippers

Razer Viper Design and Features

While looking at the design the first impression gives it an idea that the Viper is an ambidextrous gaming mouse which might be true for its design and look. On its palm rest, the mouse features the Razer’s logo, and on its sides, the contouring is clearly visible to give an extra grip to the lefties as well as righties. Color-wise, the Viper comes in a fascinating black-and-grey color that is usually the tradition for most gaming mice.

Razer Viper Gaming Mouse

To give easy access to both right and left-hand gamers the mouse is equipped with four side buttons – two on the right and two on the left side. This is what makes it a comfortable ambidextrous gaming mouse that doesn’t discriminate in any case.

In total the mouse has eight programmable buttons, including a DPI button, mouse wheel, and the standard left and right-hand buttons. On the bright side, the DPI buttons have been moved to the bottom to prevent accidental clicks.

The only downside in its side design is that the side buttons are a bit far from the reach of the thumb making them difficult to press. Like me, most of the gamers with small hands are used to press the side buttons, the placement of buttons away from normal reach makes them either difficult to press or useless in intensive gaming. This is actually the problem with most of the ambidextrous gaming mice to make them comfortable for both left and right-hand players. For this reason, Razer has introduced Viper Mini to accommodate small hand players.

Razer Viper Gaming Mouse Optical switches

From the inside, the mouse is equipped with Razer Optical Mouse Switches. Not only the switches are perfectly rated for 70 million clicks, they also have a 2.1m Razer Speedflex cable to resist dragging. The good thing is that the Viper features a 5G Advanced Optical Sensor and the sensors register up to 16,000 DPI. The sensor’s efficiency is behind the Focus+ sensor of Basilisk V2 and DeathAdder Chroma V2.

While the Viper weighs around 2.43 ounces (excluding cable) and measures 4.99 x 2.61 x 1.49 inches, it is a bit shorter than its predecessor Basilisk V2 and Glorious Model D FPS mouse. The design and measurement fit comfortably in the medium hand but in the large hand, it looks quite small. Without discrimination, I must say that the design gives equal weightage to both right and left-hand users, though the lefties will find it quite handy.


While talking about the comfort level we’ve got from the Viper, I would say that the mouse is perfect for the left-hand player. The reason is that for right-hand players multiple attractive options are available built solely for their hand grips. But, due to the limited choice for left-handers, the Razer Viper delivers exceptional fingertip and claw grip.

Due to its small design, the Viper fits too small in hands that actually restrict its palm grip. For persons with smaller hands and fingers, the Razer Viper Mini with a minimal design than this one is also available.

Aside from that, the mouse has two textured side grips built with rubber to provide comfort while gaming. The slightly outward-bulging sides, which are traditional in every ambidextrous mouse, give maximum grip and comfort to thumb and finger, and you won’t feel your hand fatigued even after hours of intensive gaming.

Its lightweight is another opportunity that gamers will find much useful. The weight of 69g makes it not only one of the lightest gaming mice, but it also lacks optional weights. So, if you love lightweight gaming mouse the Viper is the one you shouldn’t set your eyes off.

Razer Viper Gaming Performance

While keeping its pace the mouse delivers exceptional performance in gaming. If the design suits your needs the performance in gaming will ultimately make you love this gaming mouse. With its 5G sensor, it becomes the mouse with the most accurate clicks, and for a smoother gameplay experience, the mouse features a 1,000MHz polling rate.

Despite their placement being a bit away from the reach, the side buttons are highly responsive. While playing Overwatch the mouse gave me an ultimate advantage in protecting the teammates from opponents and preventing damage by the protective bubble. The fire became more accurate and kept up with all demands of my player. The mouse also provided better tracking and gave more stability than other mice we’ve ever seen.

Aside from the Ambidextrous design, the Speedflex cable, optical switches and smooth movement of the Razer Viper gave us an opportunity to move the player, target the opponents and fight in the battlefield very precisely. Unlike regular mechanical switches, the optical switches offer clicks at the speed of light without any strain in the fingers or hands.

Razer Viper Software

The Razer has moved to another level of perfection in Razer Viper in terms of software. The company has added both Razer Synapse and Razer Chroma RGB lighting customization software in this accessory. Both the software are great in their ease of use and with great customization features.

The Razer Synapse allows you to set up and save five CPI profiles on Viper’s onboard memory and to customize the polling rate. On the other hand, Chroma gives freedom in customizing the RGB lighting (that is similar to Corsair M55 RGB Pro) pattern to be chosen from 16.8 million colors.

Testing Results

An ambidextrous gaming mouse that features some of the most promising features and equips itself with the latest technology is none other than Razer Viper. The mouse is worth the money especially if you are a left-hand player as the best combination of design and features will give you a competitive advantage in gaming. For a left-hander, the Logitech Hero might be the best alternative for you.

Also if you are a claw and fingertip gripper the mouse would definitely appeal to you because its small design and lightweight will always give your a greater level of comfort and extra level of grip.

Razer Viper

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Razer Viper Gaming Mouse
Razer Viper is the best gaming mouse that delivers good performance for both left and right-hand gamers and offers perfect claw and fingertip grips.


Razer Viper is the best gaming mouse that delivers good performance for both left and right-hand gamers and offers perfect claw and fingertip grips, albeit not the palm grip

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