Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB Review

The Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB is a majestic addition to the gaming peripherals race with an elegant style and practical functionality. Gone are the days when we enjoy PC gaming with the conventional mouse and keyboards. I still remember playing the game without any knowledge about mouse DPI.

With the changing time, we have seen a lot of innovation regarding gaming peripherals. The latest Razer Orbweaver Elite keypad is one of the earliest gaming keypads and offers a great utility set using a half keyboard layout. It gives more in-depth gameplay with macros and custom settings on a minimal keypad setup.

For an avid gamer, this is a perfect situation where he only has to tap limited keys to get the job done. It provides more advantages over the standard keyboard because of its comfortable and easily reachable layout. Razer Orbweaver is a bit expensive choice as compared to the Razer Tartarus V2 and Redragon K585 keypads. But when using it, we observe a significant performance boost compared to the other options that we have reviewed.

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB

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The Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB is an initial step towards futuristic gaming with a combination of full keyboard utility and a blazing fast approachable mechanical layout.



ModelRazer Orbweaver Chroma Elite
Key SwitchesRazer Green (Mechanical)
Connectivity TypeWired
Programmable KeysYes
Palm RestYes
Dimensions8’’ D, 2.2’’ H, 6.1’’ W
Weight 0.87 pounds
SoftwareRazer Synapse 2.0
CompatibilityWindows, macOS


When looking at the Razer Orbweaver Chroma layout, we see an ergonomic keypad that offers 8.0 x 2.2 x 6.1 inches (DxHxW) dimensions. It shares a size that is compact to the Logitech G13 Gameboard. The main layout of the keypad has a design that does not take much space. It features a higher supportive palm rest and fits well in the palm while maintaining the proper finger contact with every key. However, it does not offers the digital display that we get on Logitech and other manufacture.

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB - Image 3

There are rubber feet at the keypad base that sits well once placed on the desk, preventing the Razer Orbweaver Elite from slipping. Overall, there are three main components of the Razer Orbweaver that separates each layout pretty well. It offers a thumb module to allow thumb action and contains two thumb buttons with a reach-friendly joystick. The second main part of the layout is the 20 programmable buttons. Aside from them, the third part offers a two-piece comfortable wrist rest. The keypad’s ergonomic features allow ease of access to all keypads without much hand movement. It is well made for average hand size and provides a well-set position for wrist and palm. You can play for hours and note no significant stress on the wrist and palm area.

The key feature of the Razer Orbweaver Mechanical Keypad is its fully mechanical switches. These switches are a breeze to use with their very light actuating force and short pressing distance. Each key on the keypad is programmable with the conveniently place central buttons. These buttons offer the same functions that we usually get from the WASD keys in the full mechanical gaming keyboards. There are several levels of brightness for the keys backlit. From the backlight setting, you can change the intensity of the bright green-colored backlight.

Razer has improved the thumb controls in the Orbweaver Chroma Elite EGB by a large margin and provides a more miniature and more responsive joystick with adjacent two thumb buttons. It has enough head shape to provide you with faster access to the thumbs and has a perfect position. For space button mapping, a bottom button offers easy access for the jump commands and has a mechanical switch for the right amount of force. It does not have a wobbling effect and fits well for a space button. We have reviewed several gaming keypads but found Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB as one of the best mechanical keypads for the thumb controls.

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB - Image 4

Several other features offer great utility in the Orbweaver operations. For instance, there are several adjustable parts for an improved utility. The palm rest is two-way adjustable and provides both horizontal and vertical adjustable positions. It has a textured surface for slip-free movement during hardcore gaming. Even the thumb module is easy to adjust, along with the thumb-friendly joystick and two dedicated thumb buttons. With these easy adjustments, Razer Orbweaver emerges as a keypad with one of the most adorable designs and comfortable adjustments for all users.


We have tested the Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB on several keyboard dependant games and collected the performance data. It works very smoothly during the gameplay and provides responsive gameplay. The keypad proved to help move across the rooftops and race across the maps. It works very fast to your commands, and macros are easy to apply in the gameplay. However, one thing that could be better is the layout of WASD keys. The keys get mixed with the other buttons during hardcore gaming. A slight tactical differential in those keys could increase the chances of the error. But most users would probably feel okay with these WASD keys.

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB - Image 5

The thumb area on this keypad is well adjustable and arranged to reduce the chances of the accidental press. The actuation force is meager that provides a responsive keypress. If you face any issues in the thumb layout, you are not out of luck and can replace the layout to make an arrangement that works better for your style.

Once you switch to the Razer Orbweaver mechanical keypad, there is no going back. Because it offers the utility that no other keyboard offer in such a compact size. The keys and wrist support are much better than any other full-size keyboard. Once you set up the perfect macros and program keys according to your need, you can get a beastly performance from the keypad. It offers more performance-oriented and programmable keys along with a comfortable and adjustable layout. Better controls than other competitors make it one of the top keypads picks for PC gaming. The keys fit well for the fingertips, and most of the time, they are accurate. We observed there are only a few cases of the wrong key press during our testing with the Razer Orbweaver. It types with accuracy, and low latency makes the typing responsive and fast.

Razer Synapse 2.0

Razer Orbweaver is fully customizable with the Synapse 2.0 software utility. It gives a solution for the customization needs. All the 20 keys are customizable with a 4-way hat switch, thumb button, and down button. We can change the hat switch to the directional thumb control or add other functions to them.

Creating macros is very straightforward in Synapse because of its utility-based user interface. You can write the macros, adjust the brightness and manage their intensity easily. But the main notable feature about it is unlimited profile creation across 8 keymaps is very handful. Having unlimited profiles gives it an advantage over Redragon K585, which has limited profiles for the settings. Razer Synapse makes it easy to customize all of the products from the dashboard. So there is no need for the installation of multiple programs for the management of each product.

We observed one more plus point about the Synapse on Orbweave because it is more functional than we have seen on the Razer Tartarus V2. Overall, Synapse provides good utility, but sometimes it lags in games that need improvement.

Reasons to Buy

Reasons to Avoid

  • Single color for backlights
  • Pricey

Testing Results

The Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB is a perfect keypad for the serious gamer looking for more utility in handy design. It offers an adjustable ergonomic design, Intuitive controls, unlimited profiles, and 20 programmable keys for a better gaming experience. Orbweaver may look pricey, but it fulfills all the needs a full-sized gaming keyboard can perform. However, the additional functions are tempting with a less space-taking design.

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