Razer DeathAdder Elite Review

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DeathAdder Elite is a gaming mouse that is reasonably priced and has good overall specifications. An update to the popular Razer DeathAdder line that also includes the capable DeathAdder Chroma provides gamers with complete RGB smart lighting when it comes to gaming mice with retaining the design and feel of the previous award-winning gaming mouse.


Those who prefer to use a mouse with excellent performance and configuration options will appreciate this model designed for right-handed users. It has a stylish gaming design that is not overly flashy, and it matches up with almost all hand sizes and grip configurations. Unfortunately, when using the fingertip or claw grip, people with short hands may find themselves with an awkward hand posture. Despite this, the latency of this wired mouse is low, which is excellent for gamers, but the wire is quite rigid.

As a result, the DeathAdder is frequently mentioned and selected as the best mouse available by reviewers and gamers alike. The DeathAdder has gone through many transitions over the years. Still, Razer has always focused on incremental improvements rather than changing what has made it so popular: its comfortability, accurate design, awesome ergonomic design, and, most lately, proven endurance.

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Razer DeathAdder Elite

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DeathAdder Elite is a gaming mouse that is reasonably priced and has good overall specifications. An update to the popular Razer DeathAdder line that also includes the capable DeathAdder Chroma provides gamers with complete RGB smart lighting when it comes to gaming mice with retaining the design and feel of the previous award-winning gaming mouse.



ModelDeathAdder Elite
SensorRazer 5G
CPI100 – 16000
No. of Buttons8
Polling Rate AdjustmentMaximum 1000 Hz
Hand Grip StylePalm Grip: (Small, Medium and Large hands)
Claw Grip: (Medium and Large hands)
Fingertip Grip: (Medium and Large hands)
WeightWith Wire: 131 g Without Wire: 99 g
ShapeLength:  5.0″ Height: 1.7″ Width: 2.8″ Grip Width: 2.5″
RankingBest gaming mouse under $50
Best gaming mouse for Minecraft
Mest mouse for PUBG
Best mouse for CounterStrike: Global Offensive
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The DeathAdder Elite design is simply awesome. Not only is this ergonomically designed mouse, but it also has light-up accents (with customizable colors, no less!) that make your desk stand out without being obnoxious.

This gaming mouse Illumination can be fixed to a single color or alternate between several different colors as desired. You can even choose reactive lighting, in which case the lights will illuminate in sync with your mouse movements, which is cool.

The Cable is rigid, and it has a length of 2.1 meters, which permits the target accuracy and improved fluidity. Underside the mouse feet, two Teflon are used with the sensor. The Elite can drift smoothly on soft and hard mousepads with relative ease.

However, even though the Elite’s smoother plastic cover is very similar to that of its bigger brother, the DeathAdder Chroma, you can still detect a slight upgrade in the Elite’s smoother plastic. The side buttons also have a little more texture to make them more appealing.

Razer chose to keep the Elite’s buttons with the same feel and click sound. Although the click is slightly louder than its predecessor due to the improved switch, it is still crisper and more defined due to the improved button.

There is a slightly sharp edge button, which hasn’t been popular with everyone. On the buttons, finger grooves pretty deep, which means it feels somewhat raised where they come together in the middle. On the other hand, this feature is fairly simple by using, and you’ll enjoy the sensation of these comfy grooves touching your fingers while playing games.

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The mouse wheel, with its LED accents, is nestled in the middle of the main buttons. The wheel makes a lot of noise but is a little difficult to turn. The grip could use a little more tension, but it is generally satisfactory, with a dotted pattern that provides a good feeling of control.

Due to the hump of the mouse being quite integral and sloped, DeathAdder Elite is suitable for those who have a larger grip on their mouse. The gaming mouse is not inaccessible to those with smaller hands, but the hump can cause your fingers to be in an unnatural position when using the mouse, which can make your aim in first-person shooters a little more difficult to achieve.

As a whole, the construction is both sturdy and lightweight. You can hear a slight rattle when you shake the mouse, but don’t be put off by this. Once your fingers grip the numerous buttons, the rattle will disappear. In terms of combat performance, DeathAdder Elite is to develop for both endurance and high-level combat performance. 


The sensor used in the DeathAdder Elite mouse is the real show-stopper, boasting an unprecedented 16,000 DPI resolution (dots per inch).  On both soft and hard pads, Elite allows drifting easily and smoothly across the surface.

Because of its outstanding motion device, the DeathAdder Elite maintains excellent tracking performance while gaming. While being swiped at high speed and lifted off from the pad, Liftoff distance stability will maintain up to one DVD.

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Elite is extremely accurate, with no latency or skipping. The speed is good, and the latency evidence indicates an impressive result of around 180ms, which is excellent. The resolution accuracy is also extremely high, at 99.4 percent, which is incredible.

Two small “DPI buttons” located on the top of the DeathAdder Elite allow you to quickly modify your DPI (Dots Per Inch) settings without pausing the game.  However, for those who enjoy customizing their gaming experiences, Razer Synapse is the software that comes with this mouse – it allows you to reprogram these buttons.

The Elite’s grooves, curves, and textures allow users to comfortably cradle the mouse as it drifts with their every movement. The Elite, on the other hand, has a slight preference for a larger hand. The DeathAdder Elite is better suited to a palm or claw grip, but for those blessed with a 7.87-inch hand length, a fingertip grip is also possible with the Elite.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is unquestionably a gaming mouse, especially when considering all of the performance gains. However, this does not rule out the possibility of using it in a more general setting.

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The Elite gaming mouse has a 5G optical sensor that Razer collaborated with Pixart to develop. This sensor helps maintain the accuracy in tracking when you slide the mouse instantly in one direction, and it can withstand approximately 50 times the gravity force.

DeathAdder Elite mouse offers a wire option, so click latency is too low when playing games with it.  Click latency is 17ms when you press a button.  In other words, this latency is to be measure by software, and you will not be aware of it if you are not using software to measure it.


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You can connect your DeathAdder Elite to your computer and start playing, browsing, or doing whatever you want. The Razer Synapse software, on the other hand, can be downloaded by those who wish to control more with customization options.

When using Razer’s Synapse software, you must first register with the company, activate your account through an email account, and agree to a legal contract. The terms “binding” and “possession” are to be mention. Given the amount of effort Razer has put into defending Synapse from Razer product purchasers, and you aren’t completely convinced that the supernatural is being referenced. Plan on spending about five minutes (or a little more) on the registration process, which may take a little longer depending on how quickly your email activation is complete, and another five minutes on the installation process.

In addition to allowing you to customize the efficiency and illumination of your mouse and set macros and customize the mouse as per your interests, Razer Synapse is also simple to use. Individual preferences can be saved to separate profile files, allowing for the easy loading of a specific performance spec based on the game being played.

With Elite’s software, you can customize everything from the sensitivity and polling rate to tracking statistics and calibrating the sensor for specific surfaces. You can also personalize the Lighting systems and adjust acceleration, among other things.

Synapse does not have any onboard memory, but changes or settings you make are stored data to the cloud so that you can access your customized configuration from any location. Before changes in setting, you must create an account.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent for gaming
  • Exceptional value
  • Good for all hand sizes
  • 5G Sensor
  • Sturdy and Solid Design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Rigid Wire
  • During use, the RGB lighting is hidden
  • Lacks on-board memory to allow for quick profile switching

Testing Results

The Elite is the latest and greatest in gaming mice. It has all of the features that made its predecessor to other popular mice, but with some upgrades to make it even better. You can customize your DPI settings on the fly for precision accuracy, programmable buttons for easy access to your favorite commands, and more.

With the Elite, you’ll be able to do anything from playing games at home or work, editing photos and videos on your computer, or just browsing the web while sitting on the couch. You won’t find another product like this anywhere else.