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The ground-breaking ergonomics of Razer Basilisk deliver the comfort, precision, and accuracy that only the ‘King of Gaming Mice’ can provide. Equipped with 16,000 DPI Optical sensors, Chroma RGB Lighting, eight programmable buttons, mechanical switches and customizable scroll resistance, it is the best gaming mouse for FPS games. Clicks endure up to 50 million clicks with a 2-year warranty.


Razer Basilisk is a fantastic gaming mouse with excellent customization options, especially when you’re looking to experiment with the RGB illumination and sensitivity setting. The stylish and appealing design attracts more people’s attention, but those with small hands may face difficulty reaching the sniper button.

Razer Basilisk is an excellent choice for gamers who want a mouse with excellent ergonomics and low wired latency. Because of its size and cable, it is not a great travel option, and it has not had enough lights for ultra-light gaming.

The Basilisk is a complete package for first-person shooter gamers. If you like this type of mouse design, it isn’t easy to think of anything else Razer could do to make the experience even better. The optical sensor with 16000 DPI is excellent, and the button selection is excellent with a customizable sniper clutch), there is RGB support, and you can adjust the scroll resistance.

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Razer Basilisk Review



Razer Basilisk Specification

SensorRazer 5G
CPI100 – 16000
No. of Buttons9
Polling Rate AdjustmentMaximum 1000 Hz
On-Board MemoryYes
Hand Grip StylePalm Grip: (Small, Medium and Large hands)
Claw Grip: (Medium and Large hands)
Fingertip Grip: (Medium and Large hands)
WeightWith Wire: 139 g Without Wire: 110 g
ShapeLength: 123 mm Height:  42 mm Width:   72 mm Grip Width: 61 mm
AwardsBest Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
Best Gaming Mouse for Minecraft
Best PUBG Mouse
Best Gaming Mous under $50

Razer Basilisk – Design

Razer Basilisk front view

Specifically, in terms of design, Razer has established a stronghold in the gaming mouse market. Though plagued by micro-switch quality defects in its earlier versions, the legendary DeathAdder is one of the old mice on the market. It has been improved over time to produce the most ergonomic design over the years.

If you have a typical-sized hand, the mouse will fit perfectly between your palms and fingers. This mouse is a comfortable thumb rest that does not protrude too far out from the left side of the keyboard.

When you press the forward or backward buttons, the actuation forces are low, which allows you to click without having to stretch your fingers; concerning the sensitivity clutch, the same holds. You can exchange the clutch for a smaller one if the larger one proves to be too long.

Razer Basilisk side view

The left click is elevated toward the edge and has a positive mark on your index finger, making it more confident. The right-click bugles are a little bit longer than the left click to facilitate your middle finger when you click it. Palm is to be taken into consideration throughout the entire design of the mouse. As a result, the right side of the mice is slightly curving in the downward position, while the left side is raised. With a great palm and claw grip, the mouse will be incredibly comfortable to use. Overall, if your main priority is mouse ergonomics, you may not have any issues with the shape.

All of the plastic outside the mouse, including the palm area and right and left clicks, is intended to protect it from damage. Large rubber pads cover the left and right sides of the mouse, providing a better grip and a more comfortable experience while using the device.

Shaking the mouse uncovered buzzing head from the metal pedal on the scroll wheel, which was located inside the gaming mouse. It is the same pedal that allows you to adjust the resistance of the scroll wheel to suit your preferences. Three large PTFE feet are positioned in the bottom of the mouse, providing sufficient glide on mouse pads’ surfaces.

Two RGB LEDs are available in Basilisk, and one is in the middle, and the other is in the bottom position of the scroll wheel, allowing two lighting zones to be achieved. When the mouse is closed, a small hole in the upper part of the mouse allows the bottom LED to illuminate. RGB LED is encased within the compartment, and the iridescent layering within it aids in diffusing the illumination to the logo of Razer on the outside of the compartment.

According to Razer, their new micro-switches, which were developed in partnership with Omron, have a lifetime survivability of 0.05 billion clicks. This gaming mouse is the highest rating in the history of the industry. These micro-switches serve as the foundation for both left and right-click in a game. As is customary with micro-switches, Razer has bonded the switches diagonally to the PCB rather than in a straight line. It was done to avoid having to increase the length of the PCB to fit the switches.

using Razer Basilisk while gaming

Razer Basilisk – Performance

As a huge gamer, particularly of first-person shooters such as CSGO and PubG, the prospect of having the opportunity to put the Basilisk through its paces was extremely appealing to me. Optical sensor performance is on the highest level in all-new Razer mice with precise tracking and fantastic response time. This gaming mouse has a comfy grip, fantastic look, and RGB lightning that performs in harmony to eliminate your opponent.

The pretty cool ergonomic thumb seats and the weight are two aspects that I believe are particularly noteworthy in this model. A mouse with a weight (139 g) has always been a favorite of mine. The weight of the Basilisk, combined with its large footprint, provides gamers with the best possible hand feel when aiming.

Razer Basilisk gaming performance

During testing, I discovered that my precision in long-range War was significantly higher and more precise than other smaller-sized mice. On the other hand, many people believe that the weight is too heavy to be used for longer periods without getting fatigued. I’ve been using this mouse solely for the past month and have never considered it to be particularly heavyweight; I guess it all depends on personal preference in the end.

It feels natural in hand, the ergonomic right-hand design, which includes the magnificent thumb rest, is ideal for creating a snug fit in hand. Because it feels natural in your hand, it almost inadvertently takes away the consideration of gripping.

Enotus Mouse Test is performed to check the sensor performance of Basilisk mouse. The mouse performs exceptionally well, earning the highest possible score on a skinny cloth pad. Test results demonstrate that Razer Basilisk gaming mouse sensors have a consistent overall rate and do not easily lose track while in performance. As a result, this mouse is suitable for competitive gaming.


Razer Synapse software

An abundance of additional features has been introduced in the current Synapse software, currently in beta testing. Mice buttons can be programmed to perform various functions from many shortcuts and presets. You can program the buttons to perform multiple tasks such as opening programs, enabling keyboard shortcuts, switching lighting effects, controlling multimedia playback, and more. It can all be accomplished by simply selecting the appropriate options from the menu bar. This aspect of the software has seen a significant improvement.

One more area in which the Synapse software provides extra features is under the macros section. In most cases, users will be able to allocate a set of mouse or keyboard functions, or both, to a single function in the software. It goes one step further in this case by incorporating mouse movement tracking. Thus, your macros can now include the location of your mice on the screen and include it as a macro function in addition to the previous position of your mouse.

In addition to these amazing features, Synapse has gone the extra mile to support lighting synchronization for applications and games. Chroma will enable your mouse to change the lighting in response to events occurring in-game or application actions.

If you want to be more creative, you have the option to create lighting effects with your own choice and save it in the mouse onboard memory. It would have been fantastic if an online library was accessible from within the software, where users could browse for lighting effects and profiles that they had submitted. It is possible to use the standard features of allocating DPI stages and adjusting the polling rate and the surface calibration feature. (See How to Check DPI on Windows?)

Reasons to Buy
  • Comfortable thumb grip
  • Adjustable scroll Wheel resistance
  • Adjustable DPI control
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not good for left-handed
  • Beta Software
  • using Razer Basilisk while gaming
  • Razer Basilisk side view
  • Razer Basilisk Review
  • Razer Basilisk gaming performance
  • Razer Basilisk front view
  • Razer Basilisk image

Testing Results

Razer Basilisk is an excellent gaming mouse for FPS games. You can customize the mouse’s sensitivity as per your choice, switch the setting between CPI, and set a sniper button hold for current sensitivity. The mouse speed and performance are awesome in medium and large hands with a good claw and fingertip grip. While in short-hands, palm grip is good. Click Latency of this gaming mouse is a bit low. Basilisk wired latency is too low, so the mouse performs very well and feels responsive.

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