MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard Review

In short, the MSI MEG Z590I Unify is the best Z590 motherboard carved to push the limits of the extreme gaming series. This motherboard supports both 11th and 10th Gen Intel processors. It can support DDR4 memory to equip you with 5333 MHz memory speed. Moreover, 64 GB of memory storage capacity is provided. The innovative addition of Thunderbolt 3 ports in this price range is quite admirable.

The advanced high-level cooling solution is introduced, as plenty of heatsinks are provided. Stunningly, the optimal performance of this motherboard remains maintained even during extreme conditions due to effective temp control. Furthermore, for excellent online performance, the latest WIFI 6 and 2.5G LAN solutions are provided. Hence, you’ll enjoy the online experience without any lag.

MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard - box image

MSI MEG Z590I Unify

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ManufacturerMSI Computer
Model NumberMEG Z590I Unify
ChipsetIntel Z590
CPU SocketLGA 1200
PlatformWindows 10
Form FactorMini-ITX
RAM Memory TechnologyDDR4
Compatible ProcessorIntel Celeron, Intel Pentium
Memory Speed5333 MHz
Memory Storage64 GB
Memory Slots02
Graphic Card InterfacePCIe
Voltage Regulator8+1 phase power
Wi-Fi Generation6
CompatibilityIntel 10th and 11th Generation Processors
Wireless LANYES
Weight2.81 Pounds
Dimensions6.7 x 6.7 x 2.5 inches


To cut back the trend, MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard is carved in classic all-black aesthetics. And the integrated RGBs emit colorful lighting to add some flare to the existing design. To maintain the classy look, heatsinks are also kept fully black. Unlike ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590, the form factor of this motherboard is kept mini-ITX, so it’s only 6.7 x 6.7 x 2.5 inches in diameter.

MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard - front side image

On the top left side, digital PWM is incorporated to maintain performance during extreme conditions. Whilst in the middle, 10-layer PCB and 2oz copper PCB are placed to ensure extra stability. And the extreme bottom line contains PCIe steel ARMOR. Right above this, a combination of M.2 slots is present. On the socket area, 2.5G LAN, Wi-Fi 6E, and dual Thunderbolt 4 slots are present in order.

MSI MEG Z590I Unify – Features

Behind you all the way, MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard is designed to meet professional gaming needs. The RGB lighting is also incorporated to accomplish the dreamy needs of your gaming room. Although this motherboard is smaller due to its mini-ITX form factor, it comes with all the premium features. The most stunning feature of this motherboard is the embodied 10-layer PCB to enable the fast read and write speed of each associated component.

Moving on, the MSI MEG Z590I Unify motherboard comes with all-black heatsinks, and a black dragon merged on the rear panel cover. Moreover, a combination of M.2 and chipset heatsinks are provided to offer high-end results. Just because of the mini-ITX form factor, this board has only a single full-length PCI x16 slot. But you can expect to get two M.2 slots, of which one operates at PCIe 4.0 x4 and the other supports PCIe3.0 x4 and SATA-based drives.

Digging deep, along the right-hand side in MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard, four straight angled SATA ports are placed there. And the two memory slots have the ability to support up to DDR4-5333 MHz. But your mileage may vary according to a connected device and the type of processor you’re holding. Stunningly, the 64 GB of available capacity seems enough to meet our basic gaming or professional needs. See: 8 Best RAMs for Intel i9

MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard - image

This motherboard arrives with a direct 8+1 power delivery phase. In addition to high-end 90A power stages throughout the range, a single 8-pin 12V CPU power input is destined to deliver power to the CPU. To ensure high-end networking, an Intel I225-V GbE controller and Intel Wi-Fi 6E CNVi connectivity are provided. These compatibilities are excellent to keep on the built-in performance during online gaming or calling.

When it comes to connectivity, the rear panel of MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard incorporates two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports that can support mini-DisplayPort video inputs. Moreover, two USB 2.0, two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A, and two USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A ports are provided to let you take good mileage out of it.

As far as audio quality is concerned, the three integrated audio jacks are hold up by a Realtek ALC-1220P HD audio codec. This means you can expect to get studio-grade audio quality to accomplish your fast gaming needs. There is also a clear CMOS button on the rear panel to store your computer’s BIOS or any UEFI configuration. Furthermore, two video outputs are also placed, of which one is HDMI 2.0b, and the other is DisplayPort 1.4. So, you will be equipped with high-grade video results.

MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard - rear side image

MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard is famous for its unequaled cooling solution. This is made possible by VRM heat-pipe, Frozr Heatsink, aluminum cover, and M.2 screen Frozr to ensure optimal performance at the low-temperature range. With the incorporation of Thunderbolt 3 ports, the interface bandwidth reaches up to 40 Gbps. And allows you to attach six daisy-chained devices.

Finally, another significant attraction of this motherboard is its support for both 11th and 10th Gen Intel processors. Furthermore, the PCIe steel ARMOR is intended to protect VGA cards against any bending. Plus, EMI is provided for excellent performance, stability, and strength. So, if you are ready to experience the future of gaming, then this motherboard is perfect for you.

What is Upgraded in MSI MEG Z590I Unify?

Here, we are going to discuss that why MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard is better than the previous models. The main difference between both is the form factor. Z590I unify comes with a mini-ITX form factor, whilst Z590 unify has an ATX form factor. One thing which is clear is that Z590I is an advanced model, so you can expect the latest connectivity options. Hence, the price of this model is quite higher than Z590 unify.

The Z590I Unify is compatible with the latest Intel 11th Generation processor and equally beneficial for backward 10th Generation processors. But Z590 Unify is only compatible with Intel 10th Generation processor. So, you can’t expect it to stay with you in the future, but surely Z590I is ready to meet future needs. Another improvement is made in the memory clock speed, which is now upgraded to 5333 MHz from 4800 MHz to ensure high-end performance.

The most significant difference between both is the flare of RGB. The Z590 Unify has no RGB lighting. Although the title of this board contains the word “Gaming Motherboard,” but the lack of RGB makes it less attractive for gamers. But professional people can take excellent mileage out of it. To perfectly meet the gaming needs, Z590I Unify comes with RGB lighting to boost the gaming taste. Moreover, there are no Thunderbolt ports in the Z590 Unify, while Z590I Unify comes with Thunderbolt 3 that ensures better display.

MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard - side view

Don’t Buy MSI MEG Z590I Unify if;

The main concern about any motherboard is its memory storage capacity, which can directly influence your choice. To be on clear ground, MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard can support RAM of up to 64 GB with the help of two provided memory slots. So, if you plan to store massive data that can exceed 64 GB, you might go for other available choices like ASUS ROG Maximum Xlll Hero.

Another important thing is the form factor; MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard has a mini-ITX form factor. This is quite a smaller motherboard, but you must look at where you want to fit it. If it doesn’t seem compatible with smaller sizes, then don’t go for this motherboard. Moreover, it also lacks the ECC RAM support, SLI support, and CrossFire support. If you need any of these to extract your desired value, you may go for other advanced models.

Buy MSI MEG Z590I Unify if;

Unquestionably, the MEG Z590I Unify is designed especially for gamers. As we already discussed that this motherboard comes with advanced online connectivity. So, if you are planning to play more online games, we highly recommend this model for you. Moreover, if you want to amplify your gaming with audio boost 4, you can expect good mileage out of this motherboard.

The board has advanced performance with a DDR4 boost. So, if you wish to fuel your system with high-speed memory, excellent overclocking, and advanced stability, then this model is perfect for you. This feature will assist you while working with large video and photography files, so you can grab it to get excellent performance during extreme conditions.

Improvements Needed

Grounded in fact, the significant improvement can be made by adding support for ECC RAM, SLI, and CrossFire. These supports are the demand for advanced technology. Moreover, only one full-length PCIe slot is there, which is a limiting factor. By adding more PCIe full-length slots, this model can attract a bigger marketplace. The addition of a SATA express port can also be a good move.

Reasons to Buy

  • Supports both 10th and 11th Gen Intel processors
  • An outstanding cooling mechanism for excellence
  • Advanced networking solutions for better online gaming
  • Latest onboard USB 3.2 Gen2 and Gen1 options
  • Mini-ITX form factor with all premium features

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit pricier
  • Only one full-length PCIe slot
  • No SATA Express ports

Video Overview

Final Verdict

MSI MEG Z590I Unify Motherboard has a mini-ITX form factor and contains all the essential premium features to meet your dreamy needs. The price of this motherboard is kept moderately low to assist you in making a choice. After doing a thorough research and checking all the features, we can proudly recommend this model for all-level gamers. Moreover, if you hold an 11th Gen processor, or have a 10th Gen but opt to upgrade it, then Z590I Unify perfectly fits your needs. To completely guide you, we’ve explained all the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this motherboard. So, you can read before making a firm decision. Hopefully, you’ve found it all here!

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