Logitech G915 Review

Logitech G915 is another silent mechanical keyboard from their G series. We have seen some high-quality and innovative gaming peripherals from the G series in the past.

Logitech is continuously evolving its range of gaming peripherals and feature products that are faster and more efficient. The Logitech G915 silent keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that promises comfort and speed with high quality.

Unlike most premium gaming keyboards, Logitech G915 Lightspeed offers a mechanical RGB gaming keyboard that is sleek and sturdy. It offers both simplicity and vibrant lighting animation to use in office and gaming setup. Once the RGB lights are off, you get a keyboard that looks premium with traditional looks.

The ultra-fast typing experience and clicky keys make the Logitech G915 the perfect pick for a premium gaming setup. Besides having a high price tag, we have seen no other major drawback of this silent mechanical keyboard.

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Logitech G915 Review Score

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Logitech G915 is a top-of-the-line wireless mechanical gaming keyboard with a sleek and sturdy design with no compromises on quality. It offers silent and improved low-profile switches. However, it is an expensive option featuring a whopping $250 price tag.



ModelG915 Lightspeed
Dimensions0.8 x 18.7 x 5.8 (HxWxD)
Weight2.26 lbs
Keycap MaterialABS
Key SwitchesGL Tactile
Media KeysDedicated
USB PassthroughNo
Windows Key LockYes
Battery TypeRechargeable
ConnectorMicro USB
Individually Backlit KeysYes
Programmable BacklightingYes
Macro Programmable KeysDedicated Only
Onboard MemoryYes
OS SupportWindows (Full), macOS (Partial), Linux (Partial)


Logitech G915 offers a sturdy plastic body with a brushed metal finish, providing a gorgeous and premium look. The keycaps are ultra-thin and provide a clicky typing experience. There is the macro key layout on the far left of the keyboard. Simultaneously, it features a macro record button and three macro profile keys about the function keys beside the macro column.

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There are a USB dongle and a wireless connectivity button above functional keys. RGB lighting brightness and a Game mode key are also featured on the keyboard layout for quick access to the settings. G915 offers a dedicated media keys section to adjust the volume and other related features. This section is well-designed to give it a gorgeous look.

The G915 uses three different types of mechanical key switches. Gamers can choose G915 Keyboard with GL Linear, GL Clicky, and GL Tactile switches. The same options we have seen in Corsair keyboards like Corsair Strafe RGB that let you choose between Cherry MX Blue, Brown, or Red key switches. The switches on G915 are new but low-profile mechanical switches that provide the same key travel we used to get in Best Typing Keyboards. However, it offers the same key travel but provides a more stylish and smaller layout.

All three switches have a crucial travel of 2.7 mm, an actuation force of 50g, and an actuation distance of 1.5 millimeters. Having the exact technical specifications, they still feel a little bit different. For instance, the GL tactile features quiet and switch and actuates before you hit bottom. GL Linear is also quiet, but it requires pressing the switch to the bottom down for registering a command. On the other hand, GL Clicky actuate before you hit bottom but is a little noisy.

But it is worth mentioning that GL Clicky keys are noisy but not the level of Cherry Blues that we have seen in Corsair keyboards. They seem not a big deal regarding the noise, and if you are sharing the room with some, he will not complain about the clicky noise of GL Clicky.

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We have observed two areas where Logitech G915 could do a lot better. The first one is the wrist rest. Unlike other gaming keyboards, it does not feature a wrist rest, making you uncomfortable if you stay on the keyboard for long hours. The thin-sized keyboard does not work well with third-party wrist rests as most of them are padded and are higher for a thin keyboard.

The second thing that can be an issue for gamers with limited desk space is the dimensions of the keyboard. G915 features a full-sized mechanical keyboard with a length of 18.5 inches. When we compare it with other full-sized keyboards, the length is a full inch more. However, this can be an issue for some users and would be okay for most users.


For gaming, Logitech G915 has obvious benefits, and it registers the keypresses faster and accurately than the many mechanical keyboards. Suppose you have fast reflexes, then you can keep up with its responsive performance. In the games where things get heated, you want every advantage from your skill and keyboard response time. The G915 Lightspeed does not disappoints you in this regard and gives you better gameplay with its fast response time.

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Low profile keycap helps register the key presses faster, and gamers who play competitively like this mechanical keyboard for its accurate key register. There are some lateral movements for the keys, but they provide a stable base even if you wiggle them. When typing with these responsive keys, you will observe fewer mistakes and get confidence with a faster typing speed. It sounds a bit optimistic, but Logitech claimed to reduce travel distance to 25%, making Logitech 915 to type 25% quicker.

Logitech 915 features wireless connectivity with the features of the best wireless gaming keyboards. It has Bluetooth, a 2.4GHz company dongle-based connection, and Lightspeed. Both Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connections work well, but Lightspeed is better. While Wi-Fi on testing achieved constant connectivity with 1000Hz polling, Bluetooth seems slow, and any sudden input lags it.

When connecting the Logitech G915 wirelessly to the android mobile, it is observed that playing game seem more fun because of better controls and options. The pairing is straightforward and quick with good overall performance. However, there can be few lags because mobile is not handling the keyboard, or Bluetooth is probably not the best choice for mobile gaming.

Talking about the battery like of G915, we get a solid backup with Lightspeed. It can surpass 30 hours in a singles charge that sounds impressive. Even with all colorful RGB lights turned on, you will constantly hit the 30 hours battery backup. Once you are out of charge, plug the keyboard into your PC USB port and keep using the keyboard. It takes a couple of hours to get back to a fully charged battery.

If you are not happy with the remarkable 30 hours battery life, you can turn off the RGB lights to test its potential. Logitech claims an impressive 135 days of nonstop wireless gaming on a single charge without RGB light. We doubt that number, but it would still be impressive for a battery-powered mechanical keyboard even if it gets nearly half.

Logitech G-Hub Software

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Logitech G-Hub is a straightforward and easy-to-use configuration program. It supports all the Logitech gaming peripheral range, including the G915 Lightspeed keyboard. Due to its simple design, it is one of the favorite configuration programs. Its design is free from cluttering menus, and you can find each and everything on a simple lookout.

Logitech G-Hub utility helps in recording macros, setting up and custom lighting patterns, and setting presets. It can store infinite profiles in the PC, while onboard memory can store three configuration profiles. You can assign game-specific profiles, and on running the game, the profile loads with the preset values.

However, there is one limitation that you can store the onboard profiles from the setting menu on the keyboard instead of using the profiles menu inside the G-Hub. This seems weird as there is always a way to view and switch profiles in the profile menu in the company-provided software.

Reasons to Buy

  • Contains dedicated media keys
  • Sleek and sturdy mechanical keyboard
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Excellent battery life

Reasons to Avoid

  • No wrist rest
  • Expensive keyboard

Testing Results

The Logitech G915 is an impressive mechanical gaming keyboard with top-of-the-line features. The responsive low-profile switches provide extremely low click latency. The keyboard design is sleek and durable, with dedicated media keys on the top. These keys offer functionality with uninterrupted gameplay. It offers complete control over the RGB lighting and setting up macros keys using G-Hub. If you are an avid gamer and like a low-profile silent mechanical keyboard, G915 suits your luxury and needs.

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