How to Change Color of Your Gaming Keyboard?

If you are a novice in the field of gaming keyboards and perhaps unaware of how backlighting works, this article is for you. With 16.8 million color varieties, best RGB keyboards are precious to gamers. They can conveniently alter the settings of their keyboards or create stunning effects that resonate with their mood. Some people struggle with changing the color settings of their gaming keyboards. Possibly because different keyboards have a different set of commands to change the settings. Therefore, we have compiled for you a detailed helpful guide on how to change the color of your gaming keyboard with respect to different brands.

How to change the color of a gaming keyboard on MAC?

Changing keyboard colors on MacBook is a lot easier than adjusting the settings on Windows.

  1. All you have to do is go to the Apple Menu and then navigate to the system preferences.
  2. After that, select the “Keyboard” settings.
  3. From here, you can also use the “Adjust Keyboard Brightness” option for low light environment.
  4. You may also use the F6 Key and the F5 Key to brighten or dim the MAC keyboard backlight.

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How to change the color of a laptop keyboard?

The first method that we recommend is using the hotkeys to change your keyboard’s color settings.

  1. In the majority of Dell laptops, press the “Windows key/Fn key + C” key to activate the dedicated application that will allow you to adjust the backlighting of your laptop’s keyboard.
  2. Next up, navigate to the “Set Your Keyboard Theme” section of the app, and a range of color options will show up on the screen, including the standard RGB colors, pink and gray colors.

Alternatively, on Dell Inspiron 15000, you can press the F10 Key in combination with the Fn key, whereas, on Inspiron 147000, you can press Alt Key combined with the F10 Key. If the method mentioned above fails to work, you can use Window Mobility Centre to perform the same task.

  1. First, you need to open the Control Panel by pressing the Windows key combined with the S key.
  2. Navigate to Windows Mobility Center and select “Keyboard Backlighting.”
  3. Here you can enable/disable backlighting or adjust the brightness level.

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Click here to watch the helpful video to change keyboard color of laptop

How to change the color of a gaming keyboard on Windows 10?

In order to change the colors of the gaming keyboard attached to the Windows 10 PC, you can use the following procedure.

  1. At the start, press the Win key along with the C key.
  2. From here, navigate to the Control panel> “Lighting” option and select it.
  3. Make sure the “Keyboard” option on the top right side is selected.
  4. Here, you will be presented with three lighting modes, namely: Static, Animation, and Off.
  5. If you wish to manually customize the color settings of your gaming keyboard, select “Static”.
  6. A color wheel will be available on the screen from which you can apply colors to individual areas of the keyboard. Bear in mind, that you can only add a couple of custom colors to the BIOS system.

Click here to watch the helpful video to change keyboard color on Windows 10 and 11.

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Changing Color on Gaming Keyboard by Brand

Generally, changing the gaming keyboard color involves playing around with the predetermined key combination. Each manufacturer has a different guideline for their keyboard. In the next section, you will learn how to change keyboard colors on each manufacturer to boost the aesthetics and match your gaming setup.

Here is the detailed guide on how to change color on a gaming keyboard for different manufacturers!

Changing Color on Corsair Gaming Keyboard

Before I take you to the method for changing color on the Corsair Gaming keyboard, let us understand how many RGB zones are on these keyboards. I will take the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard as an example to explain things precisely.

Corsair K55 has three RGB zones that can have distinct colors associated. You can change colors in each keyboard zone by playing around with the key combinations. Even you can select from the 12 predefined modes that provide you with many cool backlighting effects using the Fn keys.

You can change the colors in the first section of the keyboard using Fn and F1 key. This zone is the section that spans from the Esc key to the F4 key. Changing color schemes in this region requires you to press Fn + F1 keys repeatedly.

The second zone starts from F5 to F12 keys using the same Fn + F2 keys. It is the middle zone of the keyboard. You can repeatedly modify the colors using Fn + F2 keys until you find the right combination according to your goals.

The third and last zone includes the arrow keys, numeric keys, and special keys. You can use the Fn + F3 key combination to change the color in this zone. Repeatedly pressing the key combination can let you cycle between the effects and choose the best color for the zone.

Changing Color on Bluefinger Gaming Keyboard

Bluefinger gaming keyboard allows complete customization solution for changing colors. You can either use the keyboard keys to change the colors or utilize the OMEN commands center to change the colors and customize the things more deeply.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Changing the Bluefinger keyboard color using the keyboard requires a key combination like all other manufacturers. Using the Fn + SL key can change the backlit color of the keyboard. You can repeatedly press the combination to cycle between the colors.

Controlling the backlit intensity is also possible as you can use the Fn + Arrows key to achieve it. Pressing the Fn + Arrow Up can increase the backlit brightness, while using Fn + Arrow Down can decrease the brightness.

Using OMEN Utility

Using OMEN software, changing the color is also possible on the Bluefinger gaming keyboard. You can install the command center by downloading it. Run it to get access to the detailed settings for each region.

OMEN lets you configure different colors on various parts of the keyboard. You can assign the colors to particular areas and set the things manually to change the color and backlight intensity.

With OMEN command center, you access three distinct lighting modes: On, Off, and Static. Switching between the mode is also very convenient as you access vast options and settings.

Changing Color on ASUS Gaming Keyboard

Changing color on the Asus gaming keyboard is not challenging as the company has provided the ROG Aura and TUF Aura utility for easy management of the keyboard backlighting. It has a bunch of options and cool effects with a beginner-friendly interface.

Here are the steps that you require to change the color on the Asus gaming keyboard using the software:

  1. Depending on the model, download and install ROG Aura or TUF Aura from the website.
  2. Launch the utility, and you will see two tabs: basic effects and Aura settings
  3. In the basic effects, you can modify the color and effects of the keyboard.
  4. There are three general effects that you can select, including static, breathing, and color cycle.
  5. You can even control the brightness using the slider given on the main interface.
  6. Changing the color is simple as you need to click the color panel and start exploring the options.
  7. There is some preset color given in the software; however, you can customize them according to your liking.
  8. Changing the breathing frequency is also possible as you can switch between slow, medium, and fast settings.

Changing Color on Onn Keyboard

Onn keyboards provide an easy way to cycle between colors using the keyboard. It does not require you to use any software, so you can plug and play the keyboard to any device and start changing the colors and effects.

To change color on the Onn keyboard, you must press the Fn key with other key combinations. Each combination gives you different effects and colors depending on the preset value. You can change the colors and effects using Fn and Home, Ins, Del, Page Up, Page Down, and End buttons.

Changing Color on Havit Mechanical Keyboard

Havit mechanical keyboard

Changing color on the Havit mechanical keyboard is not possible for individual key levels; however, you can change the effects and color of keys depending on the preset modes. When you plug the keyboard into the computer, it starts on the basic Solid Rainbow mode.

You can press the backlit key on the keyboard while on the Single Rainbow mode to change it to Marquee mode. You can switch back to the Solid Rainbow mode by pressing the backlit key while it is in the Marquee mode.

If you want to change the direction of the effects, you can press the Fn key and left or right direction keys. Depending on the direction key you press, the direction of the effect can change, and flow starts from that direction.

In the Solid Rainbow mode, you can press Fn + backlit key to change the effect to Breathing Rainbow mode. You can change the breathing speed by pressing the Fn + Up and Down key. It will increase and decrease the speed accordingly.

In the Breathing Rainbow mode, you can change to the next Single Color mode by pressing the Fn + backlit key. You can switch between 7 color modes by pressing the backlit key. Further, you can switch to more modes by the same combination and select according to your desired criteria.

Changing Color on e-Yooso Keyboard

changing color on e-Yosoo Keyboard

e-Yooso keyboards are amazing for their colors and effect. They provide easy switching between the color using simple key combinations,

You can change the color on the e-Yooso keyboard by pressing the Fn key and “-“key on the number row. It will cycle between the single solid colors. To switch colors in the other direction, you can use the “+” key on the number row. It helps you choose the best color that you would like for the keyboard.

If you want to change the backlight brightness, using Fn and Arrow up and down, keys can help. You can increase the brightness to full by continuously pressing Fn and Arrow Up keys. Pressing Fn and Arrow Down key works like a charm if you want to dim the backlight strength.

When it comes to modifying the light effect, pressing the Fn and Page Down key lets you select the best effect. You can repeat the key combination to switch between the effects.

Changing Color on Redragon Keyboard

Redragon S101

Redragon offers both software and keyboard shortcuts to change the colors. Both options are convenient but using the keyboard is more practical as it doesn’t need you to install the software every time you connect the keyboard to a new computer. Here is the breakdown of both methods in easier steps.

Using Keyboard Only

Changing color on Redragon Keyboard is straightforward without using the assistance of any software. You can change the colors and effects using only a key combination. I am using Redragon S101 as a reference to show how things work.

Changing colors on Redragon S101

Press the Fn key and Right Arrow (>) key to change the keyboard’s colors. It will let you switch between the colors after repeatedly pressing the combinations. However, the limitation of changing from hundreds of colors is there. Using the software is a better option when changing the color with more customizations.

There is also an option to change the color of the individual key on the Redragon keyboard. It involves a method that does not require any software too. You need to press Fn and Tilde (~) key two times in a row. After the successful activation, you will see the flashing Caps Lock, Num Lock, Win Lock, and Scroll lock.

Once the function activates, press Fn and Right Arrow (>) key to change the color option. After setting the things, you can move to the next steps. Set each key using the same keys, and after you have done settings the things, press Fn and Tilde (~) key to save the customizations.

Using Software

Although using keyboard keys is the fastest and most convenient way to change the keyboard color, the software allows for more customization. You can utilize every possible color and color combination by using the software.

Here are the steps you will need to change the keyboard color using the software.

  1. Download software from the official website of your keyboard.
  2. Install the software by running the downloaded file.
  3. After completion of the installation, run the software.
  4. Inside the software, check the Light Box and then, using the dropdown menu select the Coastal option.
  5. Here you can pick the color using the Basic color button.
  6. You can pick the desired color or go into a more detailed selection by going into the other menu.
  7. Once you are done with the changes, save them and enjoy the customized colors on the Redragon keyboard.

Changing Color on Logitech Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G915 TKL

Logitech keyboard provides a separate button to let you change color according to your will. You can press the light button given on the top right side above the Home and Ins button. Pressing the light button with a combination of keys can change the colors differently.

If you press the light button once, it will change the whole color of the keyboard or another single color. Pressing the button, again and again can change the color according to your keyboard presets.

If you want to change the color to breathing or other effects, pressing the light button from 0 to 7 can give you preset color effects. The number of presets can vary depending on the model, but the procedure will remain the same for every Logitech gaming keyboard.

Changing Color on Razer Gaming Keyboard

Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer is another brand that offers a wide range of gaming keyboards with various customizations. It provides both software and keyboard-based solutions to change the colors. Let us discuss both methods briefly.

Using Keyboard Shortcut

No matter what Razer gaming keyboard you are using, changing color on a Razer gaming keyboard is straightforward as most other brands. You will need to press three keys instead of two keys, which is standard for most manufacturers.

Press the Fn + Ctrl buttons with keys from 1 to 7 on the number row to change the color. Each combination will provide a different color effect. Here is the complete detail of each key combination and possible outcome.

  • Fn + Ctrl + 1 = No lights
  • Fn + Ctrl + 2 = Static Color (Different colors)
  • Fn + Ctrl + 3 = Breathing Effect (7 modes)
  • Fn + Ctrl + 4 = Changing Colors
  • Fn + Ctrl + 5 = Rainbow Effect
  • Fn + Ctrl + 6 = Individual Key Illuminates on Keypress
  • Fn + Ctrl + 7 = Random Colors on each Key

Using Razer Synapse

Razer keyboards support two software, depending on their model. Some keyboards support Razer Synapse 2.0, and some support Razer Synapse 3. There is a slight change in the process when changing the Razer gaming keyboard color on each software.

For Razer Synapse 3

Razer Synapse 3 is the latest edition of the Razer software. Follow these steps to change the color using it.

  1. Download and install Razer Synapse 3 from the official website.
  2. Run the software after installation and go to the System.
  3. Inside the System, find Lighting.
  4. It is where you can access the settings for the color presets and effects. You can change the lighting effects and colors within the settings.
  5. If you want to access the advanced settings, go to Studio, as it lets you access the advanced lighting options while letting you create the lighting effects according to your preferences.
For Razer Synapse 2.0

Here are the steps you need to follow when using the Razer Synapse 2.0 software.

  1. Download and install Razer Synapse 2.0 software from the official website.
  2. Open the software and then go to the Razer Blade.
  3. Inside the menu, find Lighting, and proceed to the Chroma Configurator.
  4. Here, you can modify the lighting color and effects with plenty of customization offerings.

Changing Color on Boyi Keyboard

Boyi keyboards are the perfect match for gamers who like to have an excellent typing experience while getting an aesthetically pleasing design. It lets the users change the colors like we have seen in other mechanical keyboards from various manufacturers.

Here are the steps that you can follow to change the color on the Boyi keyboard:

  • Press Alt + Fn + T key to trigger the color change.
  • It will change the color to the next preset.
  • There are ten presets, with each having different backlight patterns.
  • You can switch between the presets by pressing the key combination repeatedly.

Changing Color on Glorious Keyboard

To change the color of the Glorious keyboard, we have used the GMMK Compact keyboard as a reference. Here are the easy instructions that you can follow to change the color or play around with different settings.

To increase the brightness of the backlight, press the Fn + W key. It will help increase the backlight intensity while lowering the intensity; pressing the Fn + S key will work. You can change the backlight color by pressing Fn + X key. It will let you switch between preset colors.

If you want to change the color effects, press the Fn + V key. It will change the effects to Christmas, rainbow, responsive mode, and more. Pressing the Fn + Z key lets you change the direction of effects which is great for customizations.


That’s all from my guide on making your gaming keyboard change colors. I have briefly explained the process for most manufacturers. Changing the colors and effects is straightforward for most keyboard brands.

If you feel the process is difficult or cannot understand the color-changing mechanism for your keyboard, let me know in the comment section. I try to address the queries from my readers as soon as possible and provide the information that they need the most.

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