Fortnite Ban: How to Get Unbanned And Tips to Avoid A Ban?

Owing to the fact that Epic Games are hoping to make Fortnite a fair game that is based on equal settings, there can be strict repercussions for any player who even slightly violates the game’s Code of Conduct. Now, if you find yourself in such player’s shoes there is no need to fret over it. Continue reading this article to learn more about Fortnite bans and how you can effortlessly get yourself out of it

Fortnite, a game that is available on all digital platforms such as PC, Game Console, Xbox, PlayStation is one of the trendiest games of the century. It is a fun battle royale game where players from all over the world gather to compete and survive. The game words on the concept of “the last man standing”.

The game has a plethora of other modes to explore a well; the creative mode, the party mode, and the save the world mode. These modes are a lot of fun to play with and provide the player with a unique experience as they progress. This game is fun to play with a group of friends and family members as well.

However, different issues can arise while playing this game. Being banned from the game is one of the most concerning issues that the players face. So, why do Fortnite players get banned?


Types of Fortnite ban

The fortnite players get banned in two ways, there is the temporary ban and the permanent ban. Temporary bans on the players may last for about 30 days.  Other than that, there are mostly three types of ban that a player may face. There is the IP address ban, the Hardware ID ban and the account ban.

IP Address Ban:

When a player logs in to the game, their IP address is recognized; an IP address ban prevents the player from logging in from the device that holds that IP address. The “epic games” prohibits the participant by prohibiting that IP address from joining the game.

This type of ban occurs when the player violates the terms and services of Fortnite game. In that case, the company Epic Games will take action against the player by banning the player’s IP address. As a result, the player will be unable to connect to the game’s server using the same IP address.

The Hardware ID Ban:

The Hardware id address ban will cause the player to be banned from joining the game with the hardware they usually play the game in. It can be a tablet, monitor, a console and a laptop; any device that the game is played on can face a hardware ban. Having said this, A player may face the hardware ID address ban.

 A ban may occur if they have been cheating, using hacking tricks and other similar things to win the game. This ban will not cause any harm to the account. The account will remain unharmed but a different device needs to be used to access the account.

The account ban:

An account ban in Fortnite done by Epic games is the type of ban which will not allow the player to access the game permanently or for a period of some time. The permanent temporary ban will not allow the player to access the game with the same account. This type of ban is the most annoying one because it will cause the entire progress of the game to be gone.

Reason to get banned:

Now let’s talk about how they get banned. Many players are looking for new ways to win in the game. While doing so, they risk being banned for violating the competition’s rules. They may also be banned for breaching the game’s code of conduct. Cheating, hacking and similar actions in the game also gets the players banned form Fortnite for a long time. They players may face warnings in the game before they actually face the ban.

Inappropriate behavior of the players may also result them to face warnings and then a ban from fortnite. The behavior can be bullying, inappropriate communication method and also using the platform to exchange personal information. If the person if behaving in such a way that

The Fortnite help centre clarifies all the reasons why the players get banned in the first place. So, it is important for the players to play the game according to the rules. So that they do not get banned.

However, if a player does gets banned how will they get unbanned? Keep reading to know how !

How to get unbanned in fortnite?

It is true that many players get irritated when they are at a certain level or stage of the game and face being banned for some reason. With all the progress gone they might feel demotivated to start playing again. Some bans are hard to overcome, we have list done some ways to help you out:

1. Getting unbanned from the IP Ban:

For this method you need to first buy a dedicated IP address for your VPN. This is because usually the users of a similar VPN service possess matching IP address which can again lead to a ban from Fortnite as it will simply consider these users as being alternate accounts.

Best way is to choose a VPN service that offers dedicated IP addresses and then sign up for it. For instance, you can use NordVPN, CyberGhostVPN, TorGuard etc.

Download and install any of these VPN services, configure your IP address, connect using this specific IP address and that’s it! You’re back in the game.

2. Solution for Fortnite Account Ban:

Prior to getting any Account Ban you will receive several warnings. If you still fail on complying, that is when you will receive a permanent ban. This type of ban will withhold your access to your account and you will lose all of your score points, ratings and even your complete profile.

The only way around this type of ban is to create another account. There is no such method for you to salvage your previous account. With the help of VPN, you can manage on infiltrating Fortnite again but under a different account.

3. Recovering from Hardware ID ban:

If you have been placed under an HWID ban, then I have bad news for you. There is no easy or straightforward way of getting yourself out of a HWID ban. You either have to purchase a whole another gaming system to be able to play Fortnite again or get an expert and alter your HWID through windows registry.

Do keep in mind that avoid messing with your PC system unless you are an absolute expert because there are high chances of your operating system malfunctioning at slight errors.

4. What if the ban is a mistake?

If you believe that the epic games made an error in judging your actions. If you believe you are innocent and have been banned without a valid reason, you can always contact the game’s help services or the provided services and request that they look into the error they have made. Then they will get back to you in a matter of days to resolve your issue.

5. How to Appeal Fortnite Against a Ban

Fortnite Unban Appeal Guide

If you are damn sure that the ban was just a mistak and you don’t want to use an VPN, you can adopt a legal process by appealing the Epic Games. The support team will revisit your appeal and see if the ban was a mistak. Here are the steps to appeal to the fortnite support team to get unbanned:

  • Open Epic Games’ official page.
  • Navigate to “Contact Us
  • Provide them your Display Name and your email address.
  • Provide them the name of the gaming device you normally prefer to use
  • Briefly explain to them what the problem has been and submit your response
  • Wait for the response from the Epic Games.
  • After evaluating the valid appeal the support team will unban your Fortnite account within a few days.

Final thoughts:

Lastly, in order for a player to get unbanned from Fortnite they need to be a good sport. Don’t go around cheating and getting your account banned in the first place! We hope this article has helped you and given you the information you needed.

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