How to Fix Stuttering in Games in Windows 10 and 11?

Many players are complaining about progressive stuttering in games which, obviously, can be tremendously obnoxious. After reading this article you will be able to determine what factors have led to your game stuttering problem and what are the easy fixes for PC games stuttering and Micro stuttering in Windows 10 and 11. Micro stuttering is different from usual stutter as it is not related to low framerates. It is much harder to discern and strains your eye muscles. Continue reading to find out what leads to these stutters and how to fix them.

Reasons of Stuttering in Games?

Before you get to the part where you fix this bothersome problem, it is essential that you first understand why it is occurring in the first place.

Pervasive reasons behind stuttering of any game can be game’s bug issues, decline in Frame Per Second, deficient performance system of your computer, not up-to-date GPU drivers, unoptimized PC settings, viruses, or an uncompliant software.

Here are 9 Ways to Fix Game Stuttering

Let’s start analyzing some of the ways to eliminate random stutters. Most practical solutions that have proved to be useful for most players are installing latest patch, enabling v-sync, limiting background apps, updating graphic card driver, adjusting in-game and computer settings.

1. Install Latest Patch:

It is recommended to frequently check on your game’s steam updates as in order to improve and fix game issues developers frequently release new patches. This fix can be handy especially for Fortnite stutters.

2. Turn off Game DVR and Windows Bar:

Latest updates of windows 10 have been creating problems for gamers. One of these updates include Game DVR and Windows Game Bar. Following these steps can help in reducing stuttering:

  • Press Windows + I and go to “Gaming”> Game Bar. Toggle off the “Record Game Clips, Screenshots” option.

3. Limit background apps:

Another one of important reason that causes game stuttering in most cases is running background applications while playing game which leads to your system’s resources constantly getting consumed.

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift +Esc
Task manager options
Task manager options
  • Close all the applications that are taking up most of CPU & Memory. In most of the cases, just like in this one, such applications will be your browser and your anti-virus software.

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4. Update Graphic driver

You must ensure that in order to make the best out of your gaming experience, you update your graphic card driver along with other drivers regularly. You can do it either manually by visiting the official website and installing latest most compatible driver or you can set it to be updated automatically, an option available for Windows 10.

5. Enable V-Sync:

At times there can be differences between your GPU’s frame rate and your monitor’s frame rate. Easy fix to this problem is to utilize Enhance Sync Settings and V-Sync (available in AMD and NVIDIA PCs).

  • You will need to access NVIDIA control panel through search bar
  • Go to 3D Settings and under Global Settings, navigate to “Vertical Sync” and turn it on

            You can also use Free Sync if you have AMD graphics card.

6. Disable Intel Turbo Boost

In search bar, enter powercfg.cpl and click on it.

image of powercfg.cpl command
  • Click on change plan settings
image of PC power options
PC power options
  • Click on advanced power settings > Processor Power Management > Maximum Processor State.
  • Adjust the values to 99% and choose “Apply”

7. Disable Diagnostic Policy Service

According to some gamers, disabling Diagnostic Policy Service reduces stutters to an extent. Follow these steps to turn it off:

  • Type services.msc in search menu and open it.
  • Scroll down to Diagnostic Policy Service and open it.
Diagnostic Policy Service option
Diagnostic Policy Service option
  • In Type choose “Disabled at Startup”. Click on Apply and restart your computer

This should fix most of your stuttering problems, if not, try the methods below.

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8. Adjusting in-game settings:

  • Run your game on Windowed mode. This way it will not be covering the entire desktop and can be moved around the screen
  • It is also recommended that to stop these lags and stutters, change your game’s graphic settings such as Texture Details or Shadow Quality to either Normal or Low.

9. Adjusting PC settings:

In order to boost the performance of your system there are several alterations that you can make

  • Open Control Panel > Power Options and set your Preferred Plans to High Performance and restart your PC.
  • Open Task Manager > Details
Task manager options panel
Task manager options panel
  • Right click on your game’s exe file and Click on Set affinity and uncheck CPU 0
Picture of processor affinity in Task Manager
Task Manager
  • Restart your game. This will give you an FPS Boost

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Fix Micro Stuttering

Along with updating graphics and audio card to fix micro stuttering, there are several other solutions that you can retort to if the above-mentioned ones somehow fail to work.

Ending Explorer.exe Task

Sometimes, even after turning explorers off they still keep running in the background which can lead to your game micro stuttering. You can easily end this task by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, go to Details, scroll down to explorer.exe and right click on it and choose “End Task” and reboot your PC.

Disabling Dynamic Tick

Dynamic Tick is a feature integrated so that the system can conserve power.

  • In order to disable it you have to open Command Prompt from Start menu a nd run it as administrator
  • Input this “bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes”
  • Press Enter and type “bcdedit /set useplatformclock true” and again “bcdedit /set tscsyncpolicy Enhanced”. Once done, restart your computer and launch your game to test if the method was successful.

Running Troubleshooter

You have to run Hardware troubleshooter in order to make sure that it is not your hardware that is causing micro stuttering, which is a rare case.

  • Navigate to Update and Security in your Settings and Click on “Troubleshoot” and run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

If you believe that all of the stuttering is related to FPS you should set a frame cap that is below your average frame per second. It is also credible that stuttering can be due to several external devices that you may have plugged in, therefore, it is recommended to unplug them before playing games.

These were some of the popular solutions to eliminate stuttering in games. Nevertheless, if even after going through all these you still experience stuttering, it is plausible that there is a fault with your PC cords or that your hardware is obsolete, so you should also look into these factors.