How to Create, Set-Up and Manage Discord Servers?

Discord is currently the #1 platform for gamers to chat seamlessly on voice channels during the gameplay. It enables them to make the strategy and discuss it during critical times in the game.

Discord is more like a combination of Slack, IRC, Skype, and Teamspeak. There is a combination of the best features of all of these platforms and some extra native features. Discord server is a separate space for people to discuss things on similar topics. It contains text and voice channels. Text channels are like standard text medium where members of the server can send messages. Voice channels give freedom of VOIP calling between the members of a Discord server.

Separate voice and text channels can easily be set up for people of different interests or play various online games. For example, if you are running a gaming server on Discord, you can create separate channels for Destiny 2, Overwatch, Minecraft, LoL, and CS: GO. Join the desired channels when playing the game and discuss the strategy and gameplay using voice chat.

There are already thousands of Discord servers that are both public and invite-only. These channels are easy to search from the server search option inside the Discord application. You can also create your server. There is no limit on the number of servers that you can create and join. These days influencers, Youtubers, Streamers, and business owners are building their audience on Discord servers. These servers are straightforward to use and have flexible options to moderate.

Downloading Discord

Discord is a cross-platform application that works on almost all popular platforms, including Android, iPhone, Windows, and Macbooks. Discord is no doubt the best VOIP service that is available on all devices. The download is straightforward, and you need to go to the Discord homepage and download it and install it on your device. Android and iPhone users can search on their Playstore and Appstore, respectively, to download the Discord app.

How to Create Discord Account?

Before doing anything on Discord, you have first to create your account. First, you need to download it using the procedure given above. Install the software and run it on your device. You can either register on Discord utilizing an application or web browser.

Creating an account is a straightforward process and requires your email. Click on the register button and enter your name, email, and password. After creating your account, you will receive an email containing the confirmation link. Confirm your mail address by clicking the link. This is how the whole process works by which you get registered to Discord and create an account.

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How to Create a Discord Server?

After registering the Discord account, sign in to it and start the application. After you get inside the application, look for the big + button on the main interface. Click on the “Create a Server” button to create a new server. Provide a name for your server name and check for the region selection. It usually automatically selects the region but double-check it before proceeding further. Then click on the “Create” button to finish the process.

Your server is now live, and it will connect you automatically to it. On the left side, your server is available, and you can invite your friends, change server settings, create text and voice channels, and make permission for the users.

How to Set-Up User Roles and permission?

Roles are the specific permissions for the users on the server. You can create different roles and assign to the member to give them specific tasks. For example, creating a moderator role and allowing it to certain people makes it easy to manage the server. People having a moderator role can kick and ban users and even delete their messages. Roles make the server’s management very easy, and assigning these roles saves a lot of time. Specific color and rank can set for particular roles.

To assign the roles, go to the server settings by clicking the setting button. Now click on “Roles” on the left side. There is a little plus button that creates new roles. The role is easy to edit even after their creation.

Managing the roles is straightforward and need to edit the permissions of the role. There is a list of permission for the roles, and you can choose any of them for a specific role. These permissions include channel creation, kick users, ban users, delete messages, and manage users in the voice chat.

The administrative role has all the permissions to manage and operate the server. Only server deletion permission absent from administrative role.

“Display role members” separately is the first setting in the list, and it makes the people show in their category in the member’s panel. Changing the roles’ color makes them display in a bunch with a different color for their roles. You can add your role color separately but creating a separate role. This way, you remain unique from other members on the server.

You can do several tricks with the permissions and roles. For example, you can make yourself server administrator by enabling role for the administrative permissions. Make sure to not give the administrative role to all of the members. This way, you may end up losing your server.

Assigning the roles to users is easy, and you can right-click on their name from the member list and add them to a specific role in the role menu.

Do you have a large server? You can still search for the people under the member in the setting tab. You don’t have to @ them or scroll down the list to find them.

How To Organize Discord Channels?

There are text and voice channels in the Discord server that are organized into categories. To create a channel, right-click in the channel panel and create the channel using the “Create Channel” command.

After that, please select the channel as text or voice and give it a name. Make sure that channel names don’t have space or capital letters.

Channels also have permission, just like we have permission in the role. This permission is easy to access by clicking the gear icon next to the channel. Chose from the permission which best suits your channel.

You can create channels that are only allowed by certain people. These channels are called “Private Channels.” Only roles assigned to access private channels can enter and chat.

How to Set-Up Discord Bots?

build a discord bot

Chatbots are not a new thing in chatting applications. They are used to moderate the content, welcome the users, control abuse, and do any assigned task. In Discord, chatbots are set up from online websites like Bots on Discord and Discord Bots. There are several bots available on this website. You can sort the bot on the website according to topic and type. From there, invite the bot to the server and give them specific permission to moderate your servers automatically.

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How to Control Abuse on Discord?

discord chat session

Discord is a very clean platform for chatting mostly for the gaming audience. But there is an issue with the abuse of permissions as well as the content. To moderate abuse, there is a need for a whole admin panel. To avoid abuse and misuse of channels, always follow these instructions.

  • Always double-check the permission of different roles after creating them, and assigning a wrong permission parameter to the member role results in abuse of permissions.
  • Channel specific roles should be in such a way that it should be above the highest administrative role.
  • When creating a private channel or new role, make sure to assign it to the right person. Giving to the wrong person allows them to access the private role and private channel.
  • Never give “Manage Channels” permission to the user other than admins. Manage channels permission allows us to delete and edit the channel to destroy the whole server in the wrong hands.
  • “Read-Only” channels are still prone to abuse. They are read-only, but people can send reaction messages to these channels. We cannot delete these reaction messages. However, you can hover over the reactions and see who gave it in the read-only chat.
  • Any misuse of admin power needs to monitor. “Audit Log” keeps a record of all the actions performed by the admins. In this way, you can keep track of the baning, kicking, deleting message activity by the admins.
  • In the case of outside spam in the server, set the setting to the auto-mod level under “moderation in the server settings. These settings bounds users to verify their email before becoming active.
  • As discussed above, we can control abuse inside Discord channels by managing channels using bots. Several online bots manage the server very well.

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Final Words

There are several social media platforms for chatting. But Discord offers many features that are not present in those applications. It is also a major platform for gamers. Let us know in the comment section if you face any issues related to the setting up a discord server.

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