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Testing Summary

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB mouse is a remarkable piece of equipment deliberately built for first-person shooter (FPS) games. It combines a sturdy aluminum with a highly interactive sensor, and it even includes a unique ‘Sniper’ button that, when pressed, neatly lowers the DPI.

CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB: Introduction

An FPS gaming mouse with competition-grade, the M65 PRO RGB combines the innovation you need to win with the customization options you want to make your own. Design with a good build quality that lasts long. At the same time, high accuracy sensors support surface calibration and provide precise pixel tracking. The aircraft-grade aluminum frame ensures that the device is both light and durable at the same time.

Set your center of gravity with the advanced weight tuning system to match your playing style, and take advantage of the CUE system’s macro programming, advanced configuration button, and 3-zone RGB lighting customization on the backside. The mouse is available in three weight options, So you can reduce the weight of the mouse by efficiently removing the weight with the help of a screwdriver or coin. I must appreciate the extensive range of weight customization options available.

CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB-Front view

Corsair M65 Pro RGB

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The Corsair M65 Pro RGB mouse is a remarkable piece of equipment deliberately built for the first-person shooter. It combines a sturdy aluminum with a highly interactive sensor, and it even includes a unique ‘Sniper’ button that, when pressed, neatly lowers the DPI.


CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB: Specification

ModelM65 Pro RGB
SensorPixArt PMW3360
CPI100 – 12000
No. of Buttons8
Polling Rate AdjustmentYes
Grip StylePalm Grip: (Small, Medium and Large-sized Hands)Claw Grip: (Small, Medium and Large-sized Hands)Finger-Tip: (Medium and Large-sized Hands)
WeightMaximum Weight With Wire: 172g
Maximum Weight Without Wire: 141 g
Minimum Weight Without Wire: 121 g
ShapeLength: 4.6″ (118 mm)Height: 1.5″ (39 mm)Width: 3.0″ (77 mm)Grip Width:  60 mm

Video Review of M65 Pro RGB


Similar to its predecessor M55 Pro RGB, and Dark Core RGB Pro SE the M65 also has an aluminum unibody frame called aircraft-grade by Corsair. I’m not sure if there are planes with the same aluminum type, but I can assure you that the mouse build quality is excellent. This gaming mouse has a pleasant heft and rigidity, weighing in at a hefty 135.5 grams, with three available weights attached to the bottom panel. You can remove the weights with coins or a screwdriver. The mouse weighed will be 115 grams when you can remove the weights and screws. I liked the way I was able to customize the weight loud and how hefty it is when fully loaded.

CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB Mouse -Underneath View

The upper half of the mouse features an RGB lighted Logo of Corsair, two adjustable DPI buttons, a scroll wheel, and two click buttons, all of which are loud and noticeable. Another feature is the presence of a DPI light, which indicates the current stage of DPI. Only a right-handed, standard mouse in a gaming world would call a palm-grip mouse because of its low and long design. You can’t adjust its palm rest in height. It’s also appropriate for users to change their wrist position.

Its single top piece, which includes the right and left click buttons and the palm rest, is coated in soft plastic to provide comfort while using the computer. Although the textured, grippy surface on the mouse’s sides will allow you to rest your thumb, ring, and pinky fingers on the mouse’s sides, there is no ledge or even the beginnings of a ledge on the right side of the mouse where your pinky finger might rest.

While using this mouse, my pinky was dangling a little off to the side meant that it was gently pinched underneath the mouse a few times, which was aggravating, saying the least. The Corsair M65 Pro RGB has five large glide pads on the bottom panel, which is where the majority of the action takes place. The smaller glide pads provided a slightly smoother gliding sensation, but the larger glide pads did not.

CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB -Hand Grip position

Eight programmable buttons are available in the M65 Pro RGB. A clickable scrolled wheel, up and down DPI buttons, and three thumb buttons are available in addition to the right and left click buttons. The ‘sniper’ button below the standard front and back thumb button lowers the DPI configuration when it is retained. Also, with extreme sensitivity, it features an optical sensor of 12,000DPI and surface tuning capabilities to ensure extreme precision even in a crowd of highly sensible mice.

The cable that comes with the device is braided; however, it is not removable. M65 pro optical sensor is located on the bottom of the gadget, along with three detachable weights for delicate balancing and, of course, the three detachable weights. The sensor, which has a maximum resolution of 12,000dpi, is suited for monitoring all resolutions, and it can be completely customized using the included software.

CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB: Gaming Performance

CORSAIR M65 Pro - Front buttons with RGB

A coherent light sensor was employed for tracking in the original M65, however, an optical sensor has been implemented in the upgraded M65 Pro. Generally speaking, these sensors are considered superior in the gaming field, although laser sensors are un-liking and they will not perform well on glass surfaces.

The M65 Pro, with its RGB-three zone illumination, can easily become the focal point of any workspace. Colors are bright and vibrant, with blazing streaks of color.  Corsair’s animated effects, static lights, and other options are all synchronized with other Corsair RGB peripherals so that you may customize your setup to your liking.

M65 Pro RGB Mouse - Sideview

The decision to make the transition has certainly paid off, as the M65 is an excellent mouse for gaming, web browsing, and video editing applications. Gliding around my textile surface was a breeze thanks to the raised shape’s comfortable fit for my hand. Even though some may dispute its value, I have found it extremely beneficial in situations where precision is necessary. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The Sniper button on the M65 Po RGB is extremely handy when editing video timelines, even though it is promoted as a “gaming” mouse.

In gaming settings, the M65 Pro mouse confirms its worth, with even the most fast-paced games posing no threat to its performance. The MOBA Paragon third person has fluid camera movement, and the Sniper button allows for an unmatched level of precision, making it a must-play title. This mouse is also best for Battlefield 1: playing as the Assault class provides impressive control, and individuals who like long-range combats will quickly set up headshots with ease if they choose this option.

Corsair Utility Engine (CUE)

M65 Pro RGB - Software Interface

In this case, the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) is the software. It works across all of the company’s devices that enable software management, making it comprehensive and offering a wide range of customization choices. The DPI varies, so you can cycle into when gaming is most likely the most critical setting to adjust on your computer. You can set up to five different DPI settings that run from 800dpi-9,000dpi, that’s relatively standard, but Corsair has added a few extras.

When using a sniper rifle, there is a separate slider in the CUE that allows you to adjust the DPI for the sniper button. This allows you to, for example, drop the DPI to 100 when zoomed in and then have it restored to 8,000 when the button is released. Also possible is calibration for your mousing surface, which may be anything from a suitable gaming mousepad to a gaming desk or even a piece of glass, depending on your preferences. To finish the calibration, the software requires you to drag an icon for five seconds, making it a relatively rapid process.

The Corsair CUE software, which can be downloaded for free from the Corsair website, can customize the lighting. It’s well-established, and while it’s not without flaws, it’s unquestionably the best software suite available in today’s market.

Also available for customization is the polling rate of the mouse, a semi-common function of gaming mouse that’s intended to make mouse action feel smoother overall. As installed, the mouse is installed to a rate of 1,000Hz (1ms response time), but you may adjust it to 125Hz (8ms), 250Hz (4ms), and 500Hz (2ms) if you prefer a more non-jittery experience. In addition, the mouse has onboard memory to store profiles, which allows you to take them with you and avoid lengthy configuration operations when you are gaming at a friend’s residence.

Reasons to Buy
  • Build quality is awesome
  • Looks excellent
  • Click latency is excellent
  • Thumb rest and textured, grippy sides provide comfort
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not perfect for flick shots
  • Mouse Feet and cable are just good
  • Heavy

Testing Results

The Corsair M65 PRO RGB mouse is an excellent first-person shooter gaming mouse. It has a very solid feel to it, with low click speed, a CPI that can be adjusted precisely in one-step increments, and has a very short lift-off distance. Its form is well-suited for all grip types; however, if you have extra-large hands, then you could discover the mouse small while using palm/ claw grip. If you have small hands, you may face problems in controlling the mouse with a fingertip grasp. The downside is that it’s also rather heavy, and the cord isn’t particularly flexible.

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