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When it comes to a wired gaming mouse, the Corsair Glaive is an excellent choice because of the features and performance packed with it. When you combine this with innovative lighting design and a limited but welcome range of personalization possibilities, you have a formula for success.


CORSAIR GLAIVE RGB is the best gaming mouse that contoured form promotes prolonged play. A 16000DPI optical high gaming sensor ensures maximum performance. Choose from three replaceable thumb grip designs for a custom fit. Onboard profile storage allows you to preserve lighting effects, macros, and DPI settings for universal access on any PC.

Omron’s all-new switches are designed for over 50 million clicks, ensuring rapid response and long-term reliability. Dynamic RGB backlighting with three zones allows stunning Red, Green, and Blue lighting effects and customizability. A sturdy aluminum scroll wheel with a rubber grip ensures responsiveness and accuracy.

The onboard profile function allows sophisticated actions and unique lighting without additional software. The profile can be change with user-specified key remaps or macros and stored to onboard storage by using CUE. Even if CUE isn’t operating on the new PC, the mouse’s settings are retained.

CORSAIR Glaive - unboxing

Corsair Glaive

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ModelGlaive RGB
Sensor TypeOptical
CPIUp to 16,000
No. of Buttons6
ConnectionWired (1.8 Braided Fiber)
Polling Rate Adjustment125Hertz, 250Hertz, 500Hertz, or 1000Hertz
Grip TypePalm
Lifetime click rate50 Million Left/Right Click
Weight122 Gram
On-Board MemoryYes
Button TypeOmron
AwardsBest Gaming Mouse for Dota 2


CORSAIR Glaive - sideview

The Corsair Glaive is a large and heavy piece of technology for gaming purposes. The mouse has measurements of 3.6×4.95×1.75 inches (WxLxH), and it is so small that no one should be able to complain about it being too small unless they have giant hands, which is unlikely. Because of its immense size, your hand will automatically get a firm hold on the palm.

With the Glaive, Corsair invested a significant amount of time and effort into making it as ergonomic as possibly reflected in their product. The curved peripheral form has the appearance of having been precisely designed for comfort and ease.

While playing, this mouse is covered in soft-touch paint that provides you a comfortable grip. If you look closely, you can see a rough area on the right corner of the mouse that you can grab onto, even if it is not large enough to accommodate your ring and pinky fingers.

CORSAIR Glaive - RGB Gaming Mouse front view

The buttons on the sides are also distinguished by their size and shape, which allows you to securely operate them when you are in the Gaming War without looking down at your fingers. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the DPI status LEDs are neatly situated on the mouse’s left side, making it simple to keep track of your current sensitivity settings.

The Glaive is also fitted with magnetically adjustable thumb grips, which help to improve the entire mouse ergonomics. The initial accessories consist of a simple, smooth-coated adapter that complements the rest of the mouse’s overall look and functionality. In order to use this point, you must first attach an enlarged textured thumb grip, followed by another grip that has an additional thumb rest.

CORSAIR Glaive - Grips and style

Corsair handled most of the features beautifully, the master of RGB lighting, including a 3-Zone illumination system that is soft and diffused throughout the entire mouse. There is a tiny light leakage crack on the side button, which we refer to as “mainly,” but it is a minor issue that you will have to seek down. It didn’t not, however, interfere with our enjoyment of the game in any way. While we admire Glaive’s large size and comfortable form, we can’t get away from the impression that it comprises primarily entry-level products.

All of the RGB lighting on the Corsair Glaive seems like it was put in the right places to make the mouse stand out from the crowd. Aside from the eye-catching Corsair logo, you’ll see flashing lines, which encircle a five-tiered sequence of lights that correspond to the current DPI setting on the device.

You can change the resolution of the display by utilizing the buttons below the scroll wheel, which are ergonomically situated to be very comfortable to use. The artificial vents are located on the backside of the Glaive.

We find it fascinating how the vivid colors alternate in their appearance. The fact that they are positioned so that you will never honestly notice them during everyday use is a disservice to them.

It is also possible to be critical that the Corsair Glaive gaming mouse is primarily composed of plastic. Some may argue that this devalues the experience, but this is a nit-picking point given how inconsequential it is in the grand scheme of things. The plastic design is a matter of individual preferences.


CORSAIR Glaive - sensor

The Corsair Glaive, which has a maximum DPI of 16,000, thanks to its PMW 3367 optical sensor, is surprisingly sensitive, especially when considering its relatively low asking price. It may also be configured to work on any surface, regardless you are using a mouse mat or are not using one at all. In order to avoid hurting the mouse’s bottom, we wouldn’t advocate using it on a smooth surface for obvious reasons.

You have the option of selecting from five different settings, all of which we found to be useful in various scenarios. When it came to normal browsing of different websites and social media, we settled on the third tier, allowing us to navigate between our plethora of tabs with little difficulty correctly.

The top levels become a little more chaotic as you accelerate to dizzying speeds, the kind of speeds that are ideal for action and FPS games. Apart from being a multifunctional beast, the Corsair Glaive also offers these advantages in an easily accessible physical size, which means we were up and running within a few seconds of plugging, which is very impressive. It simply feels fantastic, and we can’t think of many negative things to say about it.

CORSAIR Glaive - RGB Gaming Mouse with K95

The majority of critics have praised Glaive for its performance in FPS and MOBAs, and we are inclined to agree. More precise gaming mice don’t come along very often. The 1mm lift-off distance (you will need to modify via software) essentially prevents inadvertent movements.

If you spend your gaming time on massively multiplayer online games, you may want to clear the setter. Incredibly, the Glaive Mouse only has two additional buttons, which is bizarre considering that four has long been the unofficial basic minimum for years. However, this is the only substantive performance-related concern we have with Glaive, which receives an A- in this category.

Aside from the durable sensor technology, the Corsair Glaive has Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks. In an average session, you’ll press it hundreds of times. Thus the cost mounts up quickly.

Corsair Strafe Utility Engine

CORSAIR Utility Engine

Corsair Utility Engine is responsible for the powering of RGB lights, as is the case with many of Corsair’s products. It is unnecessary to use this custom software because the Glaive Mouse still looks beautiful when flipping through a variety of colors when the software is not loaded. Alternatively, The Corsair Utility Engine, on the other hand, is a must-have piece of equipment for individuals looking to customize their mouse.

Making your color profiles that spread out across your favorite color schemes is an absolute joy. Consider it a game in and of itself, one that you may play before diving into the real deal. And don’t worry, it’s all completely free to use and will instantly detect any Corsair goods you’re currently utilizing on your computer.

In the gaming mouse, polling rate is a function that is intended to make mouse activity feel smoother overall. You can also customize the setting as per your preferences.

Reasons to Buy

  • Awesome three replaceable thumb grips
  • Smoothie motion and tracking
  • The RGB lighting is impressive
  • Glides as butter

Reasons to Avoid

  • Almost all of it is made of polyethylene
  • The scroll wheel is not satisfying
  • Corsair RGB logo heats up when in use
  • A little on the expensive side

Testing Results

When it comes to first-person shooters and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), the Glaive gaming mouse is a fantastic choice, and it’s perfect for gamers with big hands. One of the most comfortable and responsive gaming mice we’ve ever tried, it comes with an adjustable thumb grip and sensor that you will not get in any gaming mouse, and it’s priced competitively with other gaming mice.

Even though the Glaive mouse is primarily made of plastic, the device’s profusion of exceptional features and luxurious design does not make the device’s hefty price tag seem excessive.

More parts of the Corsair Glaive RGB mouse that we like than there are that we don’t like. It also has enhanced ergonomics, sensors that have been changed to be more responsive, making it a viable option to take into account.

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