Best Wrist Rests For Gaming Keyboards And Mice

Welcome the GamingExpert’s list of the best wrist rests/pads for gaming keyboards and mice. Here we’ve reviewed top wrist rests for extra comfort and immersive level of gaming.

Only a health-conscious gamer would care for his health while choosing gaming accessories for an ultimate gaming experience. The statement is valid because, in some cases, the lack of an insignificant or unwanted accessory in gaming could cause serious injuries. Just think of playing the game or working continuously for more than five hours, and you are surely putting your wrist at maximum risk. You might probably develop Carpal’s Tunnel Injury if your wrists are not optimally supported.

If you already have an ergonomic mouse, a typing keyboard, or a keyboard for Xbox Series X, but don’t have an ergonomic and comfortable wrist rest for your gaming mouse, keyboard, or laptop, you might have to permanently abandon your love for gaming due to serious injuries or complications like tingling and numbness.

No doubt you will find multiple wrist pads available in the market. But not all the wrist supports are as ergonomic and comfortable as they should be. This is the reason we have compiled a list of the best ergonomic wrist rests for your lovely RGB keyboards as well as mice, and surprisingly most of them are highly affordable. You may choose any one of the given pads depending on your preference and price range. 

10 Best Wrist Rests in 2022

  1. 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboard
  2. Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest
  3. Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest Bundle
  4. Bailey Leather Wrist Rest
  5. BRILA Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest
  6. Redragon P023 Wrist Rest
  7. HyperX Wrist Rest
  8. Aelfox Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest
  9. Gimars Memory Foam Set
  10. VicTsing Memory Foam Set Wrist Rest

1. 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboard

Best Gel Wrist Support for keyboard

3M Gel Wrist rest

Reasons to Buy

  • Fits keyboards of any size
  • Grooved surface improves mouse precision
  • Anti-microbial leatherette cover
  • Washable material
  • One year warranty

Reasons to Avoid

  • Gel leaks out after continuous use
  • Surface gets dirt easily

Just a few wrist rests are perfect in providing excellent support and comfort as offered by 3M Gel Wrist Rest. The pad comes with soft gel technology, which makes it really soft. Just put your wrist over it and play the game for the rest of the hours without pain. The only limitation is that it is only made for keyboards, not for mice.

Equipped with leatherette material, the 3M gel wrist pad’s surface offers effective antimicrobial protection. That said, the pad, with its comfort, prevents your wrist from microbial and bacterial infection, not to mention its washable feature. The antimicrobial surface material is also good for those whose hands sweat a lot due to the heavy gaming experience.

The product measures 18” x 2.7” x 0.75”, which is good for a gaming keyboard to be kept perfectly along with the pad. The soft gel with a thickness of more than half an inch relieves pain from pressure points and gives wrists an optimal position for better placement. In addition, the height of the support pillow provides additional comfort in its use.

Those suffering from minor pain due to unnatural placement of their wrists while working for the whole day might resolve your problem. Not only the wrist rest looks pretty, but it also fits great over the gaming desks, workstation, or anything else.

The 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboard is designed to provide support and comfort for users who work at a computer or laptop. The product features a contoured, cushioned wrist rest that relieves pressure on the wrist and forearm. It also has a soft, gel-filled pad that helps distribute weight evenly across the user’s hand. The 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboard comes in two sizes: Small (for keyboards up to 12″) and Large (for keyboards up to 15″).

Moreover, it is a great way to relieve wrist and hand fatigue when using the computer. It is made of an open cell foam that will not absorb liquids, resists bacteria and odors, and provides a comfortable place for your wrists while you type. This product features a soft gel pad on top for extra comfort.

It’s designed to fit under your keyboard, so you can type comfortably without having to reach for the mouse or trackpad. Plus, it has an ergonomic design that helps align your wrists in a neutral position while reducing pressure on your hands and fingers.

Besides this, it is best for maximum comfort and support. M’s unique gel formula absorbs pressure and provides a soft, cushioned feel that lasts all day. The Easy on/off design with no snaps or buckles to break or wear out. The 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboard is designed to fit most keyboards with a flat surface area of approximately 2″ x 10″.

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3M Gel Wrist rest for keyboards

The good thing about this pad is its eco-friendliness, as almost 25% of its content is recycled content, and I think this is a nice approach for a gamer to support an eco-friendly environment.

Overall, priced under $15, this is the best wrist pad for those who need an additional support pillow with a wrist rest, making it a wrist rest worth buying.

2. Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest

Best Keyboard Wrist Pad

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad

Reasons to Buy

  • Covers the entire keyboard
  • Durable Stitching due to Dual Lock Anti-Fraying frame
  • Nonskid rubber base
  • Washable material

Reasons to Avoid

  • Medium firmness

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad is one of the best wrist supports, which comes with an excellent stitching frame combined with Dual Lock Anti-Fraying capability. The pad offers better comfort to your wrist while you are busy in immersive gaming. The stitching is really durable and doesn’t tear away even after heavy use.

Measuring at 17.5”x 4”x 25mm, the pas not only offer enough space to your hands for easy placement but also ranks in medium sides wrist rests. Besides, the pad’s base is made of rough rubber that prevents the pad from sliding away from its position whenever pressure is applied over it.

As the Glorious Gaming Wrist rest is made of washable cloth, you can wash it whenever it catches dust. However, bear in mind that frequent washing is not recommended for these products and avoid washing them with other washing machines. Otherwise, the pad may lose its firmness, and the cloth and interior foam may tear away due to friction.

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest is the ultimate companion for anyone who plays video games. Whether you’re a professional gamer, casual player or just someone who likes to game on occasion, Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest provides comfort and support every time you play. It has been designed to provide optimal support and comfort while playing video games. With its ergonomic design and high-quality material, it can be used by both left-handed and right-handed gamers alike.

The memory foam provides a comfortable experience, while the wrist pad relieves stress on your hands and wrists. This product is also easy to clean and maintain, so you can use it over and over again! It’s adjustable! You can adjust the wrist pad to any size that fits you best. No more struggling to find an ideal fit for your hands. Take it with you wherever you go, whether at home or on the road. The lightweight design makes it easy for travel and storage.

The ergonomic design provides an elevated surface that allows your arms to rest at a natural angle, reducing muscle tension by aligning your forearms with your upper arms. This reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. It has a soft, gel-filled cushion that evenly distributes pressure across the wrist area and helps reduce stress on wrists, elbows, shoulders and upper back.

The wrist rest has a non-skid base so it stays in place as you type. It’s also easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth or mild soap solution.

3. Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest Bundle

Best Wrist Rest bundle for mouse and keyboard

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse & Keyboard Wrist Rest Bundle

Reasons to Buy

  • Attractive design
  • Excellent Gel pillow with ventilation channel
  • Easy to clean
  • Curved wrist rest prevents wrist strain
  • Available in a variety of colors

Reasons to Avoid

  • Weak Gel pillow
  • Not for vertical mouse

When it comes to wrist rests for keyboards and mice, Kensington is no exception. The brand might be new for some gamers, it is gaining popularity due to the most appealing and innovative wrist pads it has ever produced, and the Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest bundle for keyboard and mouse is one of them.

Equipped with premium quality duo gel foam, the keyboard and mouse wrist pads completely adjust to the wrist’s size and shape. Apart from that, the pads in their center have a ventilation channel to reduce perspiration issues and keep your wrists dry and cool. This makes a lot of difference from other pads, which lack a ventilation system and sometimes cause sweating, just like in Bailey Leather Wrist rest.

The design is appreciably good with a nice combination of red + black, blue + black, and silver + black colors. The curved design offers wrists and hands comfort in clicking, scrolling, or typing. The gel pillow, along with the ergonomic design, offers enough support to your wrists without any wrist pain. Besides, the product has achieved maximum positive customer reviews.

Though the material is not washable, it is quite easy to clean. For this purpose, you need to wipe it over without worrying about cleaning it with some cleaners.

The ergonomic shape supports your hand in a natural position that reduces strain on your wrists and hands. It’s great for both right-handed and left-handed users!

Furthermore, The BRILA Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest provides a soft, supportive cushion that gently conforms to the contours of your hand and wrist. Its curved shape supports your forearm in a neutral position while you work on your computer or laptop. The ergonomically designed, contoured shape of this mouse pad uses high-quality memory foam that molds to the natural curve of your hand and wrist. The soft, breathable material also repels bacteria and is easy to clean.

Overall, the Kensington gel mouse and keyboard pads are just as comfortable as the 3M Gel wrist rest. If you have a horizontal mouse and a long keyboard, the package could offer you more support and comfort than an ordinary gaming wrist rest. But sadly, the design is not perfect for persons having a vertical mouse, which needs a uniform mouse pad like Brila Ergonomic memory foam wrist rest.

4. Bailey Leather Wrist Rest

Most Durable Leather Wrist rest for keyboard

Bailey Leather Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Reasons to Buy

  • Best for gaming as well as office use
  • Sufficient length and width
  • Best for Carpal’s Tunnel injury
  • Durable material
  • Doesn’t occupy huge space

Reasons to Avoid

  • Leather gives a foul smell after long use
  • Not for persons who suffer from sweating

The Bailey Leather Wrist rest has a few advantages over the Glorious Gaming wrist pad. First, its outer cover is made of leather that means greater durability and comfort. Second, its stitching is finer than other gaming pads. This is why the pad will stay with you for a long time, and there will be little pain in your hands.

The pad’s sizing doesn’t matter as its size completely fits every medium-sized as well as a large gaming keyboard. What matters most in this wrist pad is its support and thickness. The wrist support offers extra relief to your hands and prevents feelings of pain even after non-stop gaming for many hours. What more do you need when a gamer already suffering from pain can also get maximum relief from this pad?

The thickness and design are highly ergonomic, providing a balanced level of support to prevent possible injuries. You need to place your wrist in the right position and get the optimum support your wrist needs.

The good thing is its adaptability, for this wrist pad also be used in the office, workplace, or even for a gaming computer kept in a garage. The pad provides ultimate support due to its one-inch-thick padding, which, besides offering support and comfort, prevents painful diseases like Carpel tunnel and Bursitis.

The next part of the story is its durability: the perfectly durable leather material gives maximum longevity to the pad. The surface is smooth enough to avoid any friction. On the contrary, the base is rubber made which prevents it from slipping away.

Just like the Glorious Gaming Wrist rest, this one will not move away from its original position. Also, the material is washable and doesn’t rupture if used rudely. The only issues with this pad are: its heavyweight of around 1.1 pounds, and the leather’s color fades away with time, which I think are not a deal-breaker. Along with that, the pad is not suitable for those who suffer from sweating, as the leather material doesn’t absorb as much sweat as the cloth can.

5. BRILA Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest

Best wrist rest with massage holes to prevent the Carpal Tunnel

BRILA Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest

Reasons to Buy

  • Comfortable material with soft memory gel foam
  • Washable material
  • Holes over the surface offer better massage to the wrist
  • Medical grade material

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not much durable

BRILA Ergonomic wrist rest is unique in its build material which is medical grade. The material is actually the finest quality LICRA fabric that is insanely plush, smooth, and comfortable. The memory gel foam further improves the importance of this pad for those who are already suffering from Carpal Tunnel pain and need a medical-grade wrist rest which could soothe their pain and relieve their injuries.

The wrist rest measures 4.7 inches in length, 0.8 inches thick, and 2.8 inches in width. As per dimensions, this is the best wrist rest for mice; for the keyboard, you may see a 3M Gel Wrist rest which is as good and comfortable as this one.

This mouse wrist rest offers exceptional comfort and stability due to the optimum resistance it provides at the base to prevent slipping away while an intensive gaming experience. The base material is similar to the already mentioned wrist rests: Skid-proof and rubberized.

The only caveat in this wrist rest is that it is available only in the United States, which is good news for gamers in the US.

Overall, this is the best wrist rest for regular gaming and office use and is perfect for those suffering from wrist injuries or pain.

6. Redragon P023 Wrist Rest

Best Wrist Rest for Keyboards and Laptops

Redragon P022 Wrist Rest Pad Support

Reasons to Buy

  • High-quality memory foam surface
  • Base consists of silicon + rubber
  • Waterproof as well as washable material
  • Skid-proof and anti-curling design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Surface not as smooth as 3M Gel wrist rest’s

Built for gamers by gaming professionals, the Redragon P023 is the best wrist rest pad for gaming keyboards, especially those having 104 keys. Measuring at 3.19 x 0.87 x 14.35 inches, this hand rest cushion is surprisingly great in its comfort and support. The size fits the full-size gaming keyboards and small Compact Slim (87 keys) laptops and keyboards.

Other than size, what really matters about the Redragon wrist pad is the design which is not only adaptable to your wrists and hands but allows you to put your elbows on the cushion instead of the desk. This is the reason it is made especially for gamers who need comfort while gaming. The shape of the pad is similar to the wrist’s shape, which aligns itself to the wrist and prevents complications like tingling and numbness.

The wrist pad features memory foam, but this is not just like gel foam available in 3M Gel Wrist rest, though both offer an equal comfort level. The Redragon P023 is, however, a bit more firm and offers better relief to the pressure points. Overall, the wrist rest’s surface is waterproof, washable, and durable in silicon texture. It is similar to other pads with no certain innovations, except the addition of silicon with the rubber material from the base.

 Redragon P023 wrist rest is a great fit for any PC, laptop, or tablet keyboard. The durable and high-quality leather material will keep your wrists in the right position while typing. Besides this, The adjustable Velcro strap allows you to easily adjust the height of this wrist rest to match your typing needs. This wrist rest features an ergonomic design that cradles your hands comfortably as you type.

With a high quality, durable mouse pad, it has been designed to provide gamers with excellent control and precision. It features an anti-slip rubber base which provides stability while the soft cloth top ensures comfort during extended periods of use. This mouse pad is compatible with all types of mice and it can be used on any surface including glass.

It is a simple neoprene wrist support, offering good grip and softness to the skin. It’s made of high-grade quality neoprene and features a vulcanized non-slip bottom that prevents it from sliding or moving around on your desk/mouse pad even during those long gaming sessions.

The top of the wrist rest features a thin and wide strip of special material, known as Polymer Butadiene Rubber (PBR). PBR is an extremely durable polymer that provides smooth and tacky grip to your skin. It is used in various applications such as sports gears, fitness equipment, instruments etc. Because it’s not only durable but also extremely soft and grip-friendly. Another benefit of using PBR is that it’s naturally immune to bacterial growth and infection.

Overall, Redragon P023 is the wrist rest with durable material and a nice design that can equally be used for gaming keyboards.

7. HyperX Wrist Rest

Best Budget Wrist Rest under $20 with Gel Memory Foam

HyperX Wrist Rest

Reasons to Buy

  • Best for large keyboards
  • Durable material
  • Includes gel memory foam for greater comfort

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not much Flexible

Design and size really matter for those who are looking for a large wrist rest for full support. The wrist rest by HyperX offers everything that you want from a comfortable large wrist pad.

The pad offer support to persons who use large gaming keyboard. Unlike simple wrist pads, the HyperX wrist rest comes with neat gel memory foam, making your gaming experience more comfortable and supportive.

The pad has an appealing design. The surface of the HyperX pad is similar to the Glorious Gaming pad’s Anti-Fraying stitching, albeit single-lock design. Also, the base is completely anti-slip and prevents any interruption or slipping away.

Overall, the pad’s material is really comfortable, stable, washable, and durable. It is perfect for those who need a large wrist rest for a smooth movement of their wrist.

The HyperX FURY S Pro Gaming Wrist Rest provides an elevated wrist position that’s comfortable for your hands and wrists. It features a soft, textured surface that keeps you in control of your mouse movements and is easy to clean.

Besides this, the Pro Gaming Wrist Rest is a pro-quality, self-adjusting wrist pad that provides maximum comfort and support for extended gaming sessions. The soft, durable leather construction helps reduce stress on your wrists, while the specially designed shape keeps your hands in an ergonomic position to prevent fatigue during those long gaming sessions. It’s also fully adjustable, so you can set it up just right to fit your play style.

It is designed to provide the most comfortable support for your wrists during long gaming sessions.

Upgrade your computer keyboard and mouse with this ergonomic wrist rest pad. It is a good choice for those who spend long hours in front of the computer, typing or playing games. The memory foam will provide you with maximum comfort and support while you work.

 This ergonomic gel wrist rest provides excellent support to your wrists, hands and arms during extended periods of use. The soft gel conforms to your natural shape and weight, allowing you to relax while working at your desk or gaming on the couch. The gel infused memory foam reduces pressure on the nerves, joints and muscles by allowing you to rest your wrists in a neutral position.

8. Aelfox Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest

Best Wrist rest solution for Laptop, Keyboard, and Mouse

Aelfox Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest and Gaming Mouse Pad

Reasons to Buy

  • Combo package of wrist rest for keyboard and mouse
  • Good-quality medical-grade foam
  • Perfectly fit for all types of mouse and keyboard

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not much durable

Aelfox offers an all-in-one wrist rest solution for those who are looking for both keyboard and mouse wrist rests at a low price. The Aelfox’s wrist support package offers a keyboard wrist rest, a mouse pad, and wrist support, which means you’ll be getting a maximum out of an affordable price. The combo package is best for gaming laptops, mice and keyboards.

The keyboard and the mouse wrist pads measure 17.32 x 2.76 x 0.89 inch, and 5.31 x 2.76 x 0.89 inches. The size fits almost all of the keyboards, laptops, and mice. The inside material is made of medical-grade memory foam, making it suitable for soothing the pain and optimal pressure for wrists.

The pad has the rubber grip underneath, which, I think, doesn’t need any further explanation. What makes it different from other wrist rests is its combo package and medical memory form. Besides, the upper surface has small circular holes that offer better comfort and air circulation, ultimately reducing strain on your pressure points.

Overall, the design is Okay, and material quality is good for everyday gaming and computer use.

9. Gimars Memory Foam Set

Best for gamers with large hands

Gimars Gel Memory Foam Set

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable set that costs $20
  • Memory foam lasts longer than expected
  • Designed to offer hand and wrist support
  • Appreciable customer service

Reasons to Avoid

  • The edges may curl up

Another candidate for comfortable wrist rests is the Gimars Memory Foam wrist rest set that costs under $20. Equipped with smooth and lightweight material, the pad is straightforward to use. The lightweight feature makes this pad easy to carry when using your laptop in a café or restaurant.

The pad comes with breathable memory foam that prevents sweating issues and offers optimum ventilation. The foam is durable and of premium quality that doesn’t become stiff even after many hours. The material is washable and easy to clean.

The good thing about this pad is its optimal size. Measuring at 10 x 8.6 x 1.1 inches, the pad practically accommodates all the users. The extra-wide pad means you won’t need to focus on where to place your hand when you are immersed in gaming. Besides, the size exactly fits almost all the standard mice and keyboards.

The wrist pad is actually a set of mouse wrist rest and keyboard wrist rest: get two pads at one price. The set is the perfect combination for those who do a lot of typing and need comfort while doing office work. The base meets all the minimum standard criteria: Skid-proof rubber material prevents it from sliding around the desk.

Overall, the Gimars Memory Foam set is good; needless to mention that their customer support is good. The product whatsoever, best maybe, the company still provides a replacement if you get a defective article. Those who often type a lot and use a PC for many hours a day may find this set the best choice to avoid wrist complications and enjoy maximum comfort.

10. VicTsing Memory Foam Set Wrist Rest

Best TKL wrist rest for budget buyers

VicTsing Memory Foam Set

Reasons to Buy

  • Costs under $10
  • Gel-filled cushion provides a neutral position to your hands
  • Good mouse tracking

Reasons to Avoid

  • Produces foul smell after a long use
  • The wrist rest is a bit small

Another comfortable and affordable wrist rest set under $10 is made with eco-friendly material. Built with soft material, the VicTsing memory foam set’s surface is smooth and comfortable to use. The pad has a gell-filled pillow and Lycra cover, making it a unique pad on its own.

Like the 3M Gel wrist rest, this pad is also filled with a gel that adjusts to every hand and offers an ergonomic shape. This adjustment not only supports hands and wrists but also prevents wrist pain and fatigue.

The best part about this set is its mouse pad. The pad made of Lycra material significantly enhances mouse precision and accuracy by offering minimum resistance; needless to say, the mouse tracking is also improved.

As usual with waterproof wrist rests, the only downside is the odor smell that comes out of this product after using it for a long time. This is because the sweat remains on the surface and produces bacteria that produce a foul smell.

Other than this downside, VicTsing’s Memory Foam set is really the perfect set that offers a neutral position to your hands and wrist and prevents Carpal Tunnel disorder.

VicTsing memory foam wrist rest is a perfect addition to your desk. The ergonomic design is made from high quality memory foam and breathable mesh fabric, which can provide you with the most comfortable experience.

This is the best wrist rest for typing and gaming. It relieves wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis and other repetitive stress injuries. It also helps with tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or any other type of hand or wrist pain. The memory foam design conforms to your wrists shape and reduces pressure points while you are typing or gaming. The gel palm pad provides extra comfort and support while you work on your computer or play games. The ergonomic design supports your forearm in a neutral position which allows it to move naturally without straining muscles.

This ergonomic mouse pad can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipe. It features a smooth surface that allows you to glide your mouse over it easily without getting stuck. You can also fold it up for easy storage when not in use.

The VicTsing memory foam wrist rest is the most comfortable wrist rest for those who spend long hours in front of the computer. It is made from high density memory foam that provides optimal support and comfort to your hand, relieving pain and fatigue caused by repetitive stress.

Our set includes 2 memory foam pillows and 1 memory foam mouse pad. They are made with high quality materials that provide comfort while reducing pressure points. You’ll love how they feel!

How to Select the Best Wrist Rest in 2022?

As you walk down the aisle, you see a vast range of different wrist rests that are currently available in the market. While all these products seem to have their own advantages and disadvantages, choosing one for yourself can prove to be a rather tough job. The various factors that need to be considered while purchasing a wrist rest include:


 The material used for manufacturing the wrist rest is perhaps the most important factor that needs to be considered while selecting one. There are mainly three different types of materials that are commonly used for manufacturing these products. They include:


The foam rest is made using high-quality memory foam and it usually comes with a soft surface area. This material easily conforms to the shape of your wrist and offers maximum comfort while you are working on the computer. However, these rests can get dirty rather quickly and require consistent cleaning as well.

Steel mesh

The steel mesh is basically made using a series of fine metal wires; however, these rests are capable of providing your wrist with the required support. Steel mesh wrist rests come without padding and they also offer good ventilation to allow heat escape from the underside of your wrist. However, such products cannot be designed to fit all types of wrist sizes and they can also cause problems for users with a nickel allergy.


 The silicone wrist rests are made using a soft, almost elastic material that is able to provide the required support in the most efficient manner. These products are sturdy and durable enough, however, there have been complaints about their surface area getting dirty rather quickly.


 Most wrist rests are available in a standard size of 18 x 6 x 0. 5 inches. This ensures that they are compatible with almost all types of computers and keyboards out there. However, smaller or larger models are also available for users who want to choose the best one based on their personal requirements.


Some of the wrist rests are designed with a thick layer of padding that allows users to reduce the amount of fatigue and stress on their wrists. This factor is especially important for people who spend most of their time working on computers. However, you should always go for a product that offers the required level of comfort without causing any problems to your wrist movements.

Wrist support

A wrist support is a popular feature on some of the best wrist rests out there. These products allow users to easily rest their wrists on them and they also help users maintain a neutral wrist position. Some of these types of products are capable of reducing the overall impact that occurs as your wrists hit the desk.

 Other features:

A few other features to consider include anti-bacterial or antimicrobial properties, adjustable height, etc.

Wrist Rest Effect While Gaming

In simple words, Yes! A wrist rest may help some people but it will not provide a good gaming experience for everyone.

The basic idea of a Wrist Rest is to provide more support to the wrist while gaming compared to bare hands so you feel less stress on your wrist while gaming and thus have a better gaming experience. But, this is not the case for every gamer.

Yes, it may provide more support to the wrist but would make you feel slightly uncomfortable as well as compromise with your gaming performance if not handled properly (for instance, resting the entire arm on it for hours during gaming).

So, the simple answer is that it can help but not always! This means there are chances of you getting used to it and then be able to game without any wrist rest.

However, some people who have not had previous problems with their wrists may find support by using a wrist rest while playing games. So, in a nutshell, it may help but not the best option for everyone.

Before you decide to use a wrist rest while playing games, make sure you get more information on whether it will work for you or not and if there would be any side-effects of using it during gaming (for instance, your performance may deteriorate and this makes you feel uncomfortable)

Now that you know how wrist support can affect while gaming, let’s take a look at some tips to keep the wrists healthy while gaming.

  • Practice good posture by sitting upright and do not rest your arms on any surface.
  • Do not sit in same position for long hours as it will cause stress on your muscles.
  • Give a break to your wrists after long hours of gaming.
  • Avoid playing games which require you to click continuously by resting your fingers.
  • Get massage done for the forearm muscles and other muscles if you feel any pain or stress on them.

Types of Wrist Rests

Wrist rest is a standard piece of equipment in most office environments. This article will review the various types of wrist rests. There are three main categories – solid , gel-filled, and inflatable. Some have incorporated additional features such as memory foam or built-in massagers. The common types include:

1. Solid Wrist Rests

The most common type of wrist rest which covers the entire width of the keyboard. These are often made of foam covered with fabric, leatherette or vinyl. Wrist rests that have a larger surface area provide more support to the wrists than smaller designs.

There are several types of construction found in solid wrist rests. The two main methods are injection molded and die cut. Injection molded wrist rests can be identified by the telltale seam line across the width of the rest. They are very common and tend to be inexpensive. The injection molding process forms a uniform thickness which results in wrist rests that remain flat over time and provide even support to the wrists.

Die cut wrist rests are cut from a single piece of material and are typically constructed with thicker foam which provides more support to the wrists. They tend to be more expensive than injection molded wrist rests but can provide better pressure distribution for some users.

2. Gel-filled Wrist Rests

The main feature is a gel core that often also has a fabric, silicon or leather cover. Other gel wrist rests are solid, but the surface has dimpled texture to improve grip.

The most common type of foam utilized in wrist rests is ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). It provides cushioning without affecting the feel of the keyboard due to its softness and flexibility. Gel wrist rests can provide more pressure distribution than standard solid wrist rests. Some gel wrist rests are solid with a gel-filled core, while others have an open design which may allow for some compression over time that would not occur in a solid product.

3. Inflatable Wrist Rests

A relatively new type of product, inflatable wrist rests do not cover the full width of the keyboard. They can be inflated to provide a surface that increases the height of the wrists and/or adjust for different angles. Users with carpal tunnel syndrome will benefit from an inflatable wrist rest, as it allows them to alter their position throughout the workday.

 There are two main types of inflatable: those that use air and those that use water. The first type of inflatable typically only allows for inflation of the wrist rest, whereas the second can be inflated or deflated to adjust height.

4. Memory foam Wrist Rests

Memory foam is a viscoelastic urethane material developed by NASA in 1966. It contains an open cell structure that distributes pressure evenly throughout the surface and slowly returns to its original form after pressure is removed. Memory foam wrist rests are unique because of the ability to provide support across the wrist by adjusting for variable contours of the hand and wrist.

These types of wrist rests can be solid or gel-filled. Some memory foam products also incorporate a layer of memory foam on top of more traditional material, such as gel or polyurethane.

Memory foam wrist rests are often thicker than other types of wrist rests, but they can be at least partially compressed to fit under the keyboard. The material slowly regains its former shape after being compressed which may cause the wrist rest to rise up while typing if it does not have a flat base.

5. Built-in Wrist Rests

Some keyboards and mice include built-in wrist rests for added comfort. Built-in wrist rests may be either inflatable or made of foam. They extend the typing area slightly, but they do not allow for adjustments to various hand sizes as fully adjustable products can. Users should check the design before purchasing a keyboard with a built-in wrist rest to ensure there is enough room for their hands and wrists to fit properly.

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GamingExpert is the perfect solution for you if you look forward to purchasing any gaming PC-related accessory anytime soon. You can trust our website because we have a team of experts who research everything for you in detail and then provide you with complete information about different products related to gaming PC. Every product available on our website is tried and tested, and only then is it reviewed on our website.

 3. Genuine Products

Another reason why you should choose our service is because we provide genuine products information and we genuinely care about our audience. Our audience is our priority, and we believe in being completely transparent with them so they can choose the accessories that will be the best for them according to their needs and requirements.

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Hey! Mathew Bradford Here, A proud member of GamingExpert Team. I love playing games with new gaming gadgets. Our team is here to help you find the best gaming products, reviews of videos games and to help you decide which one is best for your. You can contact me if you need further assistance.