6 Best VR Games for iPhone in 2022 – Top Rated

2020 is the year where people have been far away from each other, more than ever. VR Headsets have never been more useful to reduce this physical gap between people. With social distancing in place all around the globe, VR Games for iPhones and iOS systems have given everyone the chance to beat Covid, and at the same time try to outdo each other at games.

Virtual Reality Games have changed the way we looked at games. It isn’t simple gaming now. VR has helped games evolve to a next-level interactive entertainment service. With mesmerizing graphics, significant control over movement, and an overall immersive experience, the VR Games market is on a boom.

But, a fully functional VR System (Game Console / Gaming PC) may not be the perfect choice for everyone out there. There are loads of options to choose from for people who still want to enjoy the VR Headset experience with the Best VR Games for iPhone.

List of 6 Best VR Games for Your iPhone

1. Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR game

Apple App Store Rating- 4.7

A post-apocalyptic world, full of zombies, that too in virtual reality. It is a hundred times more fun than how it sounds.

Zombie Shooter games have always been the top choice for games worldwide; moreover, playing them on a VR Headset will make you addicted to this game for sure!

This game’s developers have created ultra-realistic 360 Virtual Reality Graphics, making it one of the Best VR Games for iPhone on the Apple app store right now.

2. Fractal Combat X (FCX)

Fractal Combat X (FCX)

Apple App Store Rating- 4.0

Each of us has been to an arcade in our lives, where we enjoyed those Fighter Jet Simulations. Well, the developers of Fractal Combat X have brought the same experience to the comfort of your house.

All you need is a VR Headset compatible with your iPhone to become a Jet Fighter Pilot. FCX is a fast-paced flight combat action game that involves you piloting a top-notch fighter plane.

With more than five vibrant landscapes and twelve missions to choose from in the story mode. An immersive soundtrack that takes the experience to a whole new level. Fractal Combat X is a must-try game when it comes to VR Gaming on iPhone.

For the Best Gaming Experience You need these gaming accessories:

3. Romans From Mars 360

Romans From Mars 360

Apple App Store Rating – 3.8

The game is straightforward to play but is euphoric when you give it a chance. Romans from Mars 360 is one of the best VR Games for iPhone in its genre.

Romans from Mars 360 is the Virtual Reality version of the hit game Romans from Mars. In which, you are a roman soldier who has to save his lands from the invading Martians. Thrilling, isn’t it?

You can use elemental powers like Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning to kill your enemies and defend your castles from the endless waves of the mighty Martians. Keep upgrading your only weapon in the game, the legendary Crossbow, and shower wrath on the invaders on the planet Earth.

4. InMind VR

InMind VR

Apple App Store Rating – 4.2

This game will surely hit your brains because it literally takes you inside the brain of a human. This game is about going into the brain’s unvisited parts and searching for neurons that can cause mental disorders. Interesting, isn’t it?

InMind VR by NIVAL INC. is one of the most popular VR Games for iPhone right now. This game takes you on a journey into a patient’s brain, unraveling the mysteries and diving into the miracles of the human brain.

Once you wear your VR Headset, you are all set to pacify disordered neurons and help your patient get better.

5. Roller Coaster VR

Roller Coaster VR game

Apple App Store Rating – 3.7

The pandemic has put a full stop to all the entertainment we had in the amusement parks. No Roller Coaster in 2020 is too dull to adjust to, so why not enjoy these rides from your couch.

Roller Coaster VR lets you enjoy the immersive and thrilling experience of a Roller Coaster ride. Lightning-fast speeds, exciting drops, and neck-bending twists and turns with a lag-free experience are all you could ask from a free iOS application.

This iOS-based application is compatible with most VR Headsets in the market, including cheap gadgets like the Google Cardboard and high-end pieces like the Oculus Rift and others.

6. Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Lamper VR - Firefly Rescue

Apple App Store Rating – 3.7

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue is a cute little game that would bring joy to anyone who plays it. What better than a cute Firefly game? A cute Firefly game that you can play on a VR Headset.

Lamper the Firefly is the leading protagonist of the game, which is stuck in a world full of danger and hazards. Delve into the world of green, dense jungles and caverns and complete the missions full of adventures.

The best thing about this game is that all you need is a VR Headset and nothing more. Not even a controller, you simply turn your head to navigate through obstacles and reach as far as you can.

This is all for the list of Best VR Games for iPhone. For more updates about games and gaming accessories keep visiting GamingExpert. We will regularly update the posts with latest gaming gadgets, news and reviews.