Best Surge Protectors / Power Strips in 2022

Personal safety and protection are the highest priority of everybody. When it comes to gaming or the use of high-tech products, the needs for personal safety remain the same. And this is why having the best surge protectors or power strips in your gaming setup, office, or home are necessary to keep yourself as well as the electronic equipment safe from wiring faults or electrical power spikes.

With the latest advancements, smart extension cords are available for smarter connectivity and to monitor power consumption. The best part is that the smart surge protectors can be controlled by using your smartphones. Besides, they are equipped with certain special safety features, adjustable cords, and coaxial connectors to make life easy.

Considering the user demands and availability of myriad surge protectors in the market, we’ve decided to make a comprehensive list of the best surge protectors and smart power strips to protect your devices and offer dynamic features like multiple connections, USB ports, and phone line protection. In addition, there are multiple models based on the user requirement like tower models, wall-mounted, Wi-Fi enabled, and desk-mounted models.

How We Test The Power Strips?

Everybody seeks quality products, and this is what we believe in. At the same time, for the convenience and satisfaction of our users, we also consider certain other criteria: price, performance, availability, durability, user reviews, and other such things.

Before enlisting these power strips, we thoroughly checked and reviewed them. Our professional editors did the tests. Even after that, the customers’ reviews were keenly read and observed to see if the product is durable, reliable, and worth buying or not. Besides, the professionals are discussed, and their opinions are taken into account.

After thorough evaluations and surveys, the power cords were considered worthy for our readers. For this reason, we expect you’ll find your best surge protector for home or office use. The good thing is that we’ve added strips for every reader, no matter whether you are a gamer or an office worker, a working mom, or a mother with children to care most for her child’s safety. You will find all the surge protectors ranging from low joules to the highest joules rating in this list.

Here is the list of the best surge protectors you must have for your home, office, or gaming PC.

List of Best Surge Protectors / Power Strips in 2022

1. Kasa HS300 Smart Plug Power Strip

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip Surge Protector
Number of Outlets6
Power Rating15A / 1875W
Joules Protection Rating1,710 joules
Cord Length3-ft
Additional Features3 USB-ports
Voice and scheduling support
Reasons to Buy
  • Voice and scheduling support
  • Six sockets
  • 3 USB ports
  • Sleek and compact design
Reasons to Avoid
  • Expensive
  • Short cord length
  • Outlets lack the childproof features

If you are in the quest for a smart surge protector with a decent design and moderate power, TP-Link’s Kasa Smart Power Strip is a nice option for your needs. Unlike other power strips, the Kasa Smart delivers a 1710 joule rating sufficient to power up a small home.

Basically, the Kasa features six individually monitored outlets. The outlets can be controlled with Kasa App. The app will further help you track power consumption. The app enables you to check power surges to protect your gaming laptops and high-end gaming monitors from wiring faults or electrical storms.

In terms of additional features, the Kasa Smart Power Strips comes with the nicest features like voice control, scheduling support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana. Besides, the strip boasts three USB ports with 2.4A charging speed for smart-charging mobile phones.

Regarding its downsides, the Kasa KS300 model comes with a comparatively shorter cord length of 3-ft, which is insufficient in a large room. Second, the USB ports are non-QI ports, so it is a constant 5V 2.4 amps, limiting its usage from a charging point of view.

All in all, gadgets with innovations are always welcomed, so they are costlier than traditional gadgets. The same is the case with Kasa Smart Strip. The features like Wi-Fi support for voice-assisted gadgets and monitoring power consumption in a Power Strip are worth buying even if the price is a bit high.

2. Belkin 12-Outlet

Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector
Model12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector
Number of Outlets12
Power Rating15A / 1875W
Joules Protection Rating3,940 Joules
Cord Length8-ft
Additional FeaturesGround fault detection
Coaxial cables for TVs
Phone lines connection
Reasons to Buy
  • 12-outlets
  • High joule rating
  • Compact flat design
Reasons to Avoid
  • No USB ports

Next, we have Belkin’s surge protector that is the most stable, highly powerful and comes with the maximum number of outlets right now. Equipped with high surge protection range of 3,940 joules, the surge protector offers a guarantee to connect a maximum number of high-powered devices like home theatres, PCs, and other appliances. The good thing is that all the outlets come with protective covers to give an enhanced level of satisfaction in a family.

The design seems quite compact, and the company has done well in space management to make it perfect for rooms and offices. On its bright side, the power filtration feature of the power strip allows it to operate silently even under high load. The 8-feet long extension cable is another advantage to connect it to the far away appliances in a more convenient way.

Talking about the bonus features, this is the best surge protector for gaming TVs; the surge protector allows connecting DSL, phone, fax lines, and coaxial cables for TVs, Ethernet, and power cords. That said, this is an all-in-one connector to accommodate all the necessary features conveniently.

The six widely spaced parallel outlets of this power strip are good for devices with large power adaptors. There is a cable organizer section to manage wires in use and keep the cords in the same direction.

The compact design enables it to be placed behind the equipment or furniture or even under the desk. However, it is recommended to keep it in front of your eyes to monitor the ground wiring status lights.

Finally, to give you full-time satisfaction against loss, Belkin provides a $100,000 warranty for connected equipment. The only downside is that the power strip lacks USB ports, though you get other alternatives.

All in all, this is the powerful extension lead that you can use for TVs, DJ equipment, deep freezer, digital piano, and treadmills.

3. Bestek 8-Outlet USB Power Strip 

Bestek 8-Outlet USB Power Strip
ModelBestek 8-outlet Surge protector
Number of Outlets8
Power Rating13A
Joules Protection Rating300 joules
Cord Length6-ft
Additional Features3 USB-ports 2.4-amp
Reasons to Buy
  • Decent tower
  • sturdy Design
  • Doesn’t slide over the table
  • Best for small devices
Reasons to Avoid
  • Less surge protection
  • Price above $30

The next surge protector with modest surge protection is from a reputable brand, “Bestek.” The Bestek 8-outlet surge protector is the most convenient option to place on the table if you frequently need the power strip.

Design-wise, the Bestek 8-outlet boasts an upright-tower design that offers two outlets on each side. While placing the power strip in the center, you can connect the devices by having easy access to the outlets.

The three Smart IQ identification USB ports provide a worry-free mobile phone charging option. Besides, the flat top comes in handy to leave the mobile phone over the power strip while charging. The USB ports are built with fast-charging technology to deliver a charging speed of up to 5.2 amps. Besides, the strip comes with a 15-amp circuit breaker for higher safety, though it lacks ground fault detection like the Belkin 12-outlet to monitor wiring faults.

The surge protection rating of Bestek is, however, modest. So, it is advisable not to go for this power strip as a permanent source for expensive equipment. Instead, you may use it when power is needed. During a project, it comes in handy when you require a power strip placed in the center of the table to connect glue guns, computers, laptops, or soldering irons.

The Bestek 8-outlet offers a 6-feet cord length, which means connecting all but faraway devices at ease. A safety shutter is also included to protect from electric shock. On the satisfaction side, the company offers 6 months refund and an 18-month product replacement warranty.

Overall, the Bestek is the safest power strip to connect small appliances requiring low-power like mobile phones, hairdryers, PC speakers, and laptops.

4. AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Surge Protector

AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector
Number of Outlets12
Power Rating15A
Joules Protection Rating4,320 Joule
Cord Length8-ft
Additional Features4 LED Lights
Reasons to Buy
  • High joule protection
  • Great capacity
  • Good value for the money
Reasons to Avoid
  • Can’t turn LEDs off
  • Limited features

If price and performance are the main points under your consideration, the AmazonBasics 12-outlet surge protector is the best choice you can make. Equipped with the highest joules protection rating of 4320 joules, the product is the most powerful surge protector to connect appliances requiring high power. And you know what is best about this power strip? “The affordable price and the lifetime warranty.”

Granted, the design seems bulky and cheap due to plastic material; it is seriously sturdy and built to last longer. The power strip offers 12-well spaced outlets guarded by the sliding covers in a minimum possible price tag. The power switch, placed near the main cable, is equipped with a 15Amp overload resettable circuit breaker. The presence of built-in green LEDs gives reassurance that the devices are protected, and the wiring is grounded.

The Amazon Basics 12-outlet power strip does the job of providing a high energy rating and an 8-feet long power cord to connect distantly-placed devices. Bear in mind; the power strip is for those looking for more outlets at a lesser price. So, don’t expect extra features like USB ports and smart features from it.

All in all, considering its long cord, the Amazonbasics is the best extension cord to use for powering regular appliances like gaming PCs, home theaters, and high-end audio systems. The low price and high joules rating also make it a good choice for the garage and kitchen.

5. Tripp Lite TLP808B 8 Outlet Power Strip

Tripp Lite TLP808B 8 Outlet Power Strip
ManufacturerTripp Lite
Number of Outlets8
Power Rating15A
Joules Protection Rating1,440 joules
Cord Length8-ft
Additional FeaturesInternal Surge protection
Diagnostic LEDs
Reasons to Buy
  • Decent surge protection
  • Three outlets designed for bulky transformers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Inexpensive
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not that great build quality

For an optimum level of performance, the Tripp Lite’s TLP808B 8-outlet surge protector is our most recommended product. At an affordable price under $40, the TLP808B does a decent job with its surge protection rating of 1440 joules and wattage of 1800W.

Though the power strip isn’t equipped with advanced additional features, it is enough to plug in all the necessary devices. Out of eight outlets, three of them support large transformers to connect heavy-duty appliances.

The good thing about these power strips is that it automatically turns off if a circuit is compromised or the power surges. The power to all the devices is cut to save other appliances from damage.

For the higher level of customer satisfaction, the TLP808B complies with all the safety standards. The power strip features both child safety covers and LED diagnostics to make sure that life is more important than devices. Besides, the lifetime warranty is enough to make it worth buying a surge protector device.

6. Schneider APC Desk Mount Power Station

Schneider APC Desk Mount Power Station
ModelAPC Power Station
Number of Outlets6
Power Rating120V / 1800W
Joules Protection Rating1,080 joules
Cord Length6-ft
Additional Features2 standard USB-ports
1 USB Type-C port
Reasons to Buy
  • Innovative design
  • USB-C port
  • Average joule rating
Reasons to Avoid
  • Won’t fit all partitions

Looking for a desk mount surge protector? Schneider has done this task for your needs. Sometimes, unplugging is really a pain, and this is where Shneider’s APC Power station works flawlessly.

Due to its most appealing U-shape design, the APC Power Station is a worth buying desk mount power strip for gaming. The design is great for gamers who want to manage cables as space in-between the power station allows efficiently tying up the cables. Other than this usage, the power station fits perfectly in the back of your desk. The spring-loaded arm inside the power station will keep it attached to the desk securely.

Aside from its great design, the APC SurgeArrest power station delivers a primary level of surge protection that should be available for your computers or electronic devices. On its features side, the APC power station features six outlets, a USB Type-C port, and two standard USB Type-A ones. Besides, it provides 1080 Joules of surge protection to protect your equipment from wiring faults.

Overall, the APC Power Station is a great buy if you want to keep the cables off the floor and to have easy accessibility of outlets.

Surge Protectors Buying Guide

For your convenience in getting the most appropriate power strip for your needs and a quick search, don’t forget to consider the following features in mind.

Surge Protection Rating

When it comes to surge protection rating, the more joules mean, the better protection. Besides, the protector will deliver higher resistance against short circuits and overload. This is where the homes with higher power requirements will take advantage.

Power Support

Gamers requiring higher power to run their desktop PCs and graphics cards are advised to have a surge protector with maximum supported power. I must admit that the conventional PCs require not much load, but when you have added powerful graphics cards, you also need something powerful to meet demands. Don’t fool yourself by saving some bucks, and if you want to have enough power to run all devices, go for the best power strip.

Number of Output Ports

The point is clear: more output ports mean more opportunities to connect the devices. Before going for an option, don’t forget to calculate the requirements. After calculations, add one or two extra outlets for future use.

Additional Features:

Normally, extra features aren’t required, but they may come in handy on certain occasions. Let’s say you don’t need USB charge ports right now. However, you may require them to charge the mobile phone, just if your charger gets damaged. Besides, features like Child protected outlets are great for a family with kids. Every feature matters, but again the decision is all yours.

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