The Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

The RGB lighting is getting an integral part of every gaming setup. With every component of the gaming PC containing RGB color, selecting between the lighting setup is getting easier. However, seeing the same lighting setup on the keyboard or mouse can get boring sometimes. Therefore it is important to consider changing the RGB scheme of the keyboard now and then.

If you are looking for RGB keyboard color schemes, plenty of pre-set profiles are available on the Razer and other manufacturers to lighten up your gaming setup. This article will enlist some of the most popular RGB lighting effects that you can select on your keyboard.

RGB color schemes can vary for each manufacturer as some keyboard comes with built-in settings while some allow for customizations. You can make two types of color customizations with the keyboard. One is the keycap color scheme, while the other is the RGB lighting scheme. Let’s get into each detail, followed by some popular color effects.

1. Keycap Color Scheme

Setting up different keycap schemes is not a new trend as more manufacturers are offering mechanical switches with replaceable keycaps. You can pull off the keys with the help of a keycap puller and set the layout as you like.

If your keyboard does not come with the spare keycaps or extra set, you can search for a trusted website online. Several websites offer custom keycaps that look great for setting up patterns.

Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

Kono and Originative are two popular stores that offer plenty of colors for your next best RGB keyboard color schemes adventure. One of my favorites is Snowgivings 2021 light brown theme by the Kono store. You can try something different with Goodspeed. It has a great keycap color scheme with modifier legends and neatly spaced keycaps.

Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

RGB lighting color scheme is the second most popular type of keyboard customization that we gamers do these days after setting up macros and key binding. These RGB lightings are either built-in with pre-set effect or come with a partial or full range of color customizations.

Each one has its advantages, but fully customizable RGB lighting is best for gamers like me who tend to tweak every gaming aspect. Here we will discuss all the RGB lighting color schemes that you can get and some popular illustrations of these, especially my favorite Pac-Man scheme. You can see our full gif collection for Keyboard Color Schemes here.

Built-in RGB Lighting Scheme

The built-in RGB color schemes are most prevalent in the keyboard at a relatively low price. These keyboards allow for limited RGB customizations, and you can only customize certain effects.

These RGB customizations mostly include ripple, rainbow, fade, wave, and single color effects. You can only switch to pre-set effects using the keys provided on the keyboard. The downside for these keyboards is the lack of full customizations that most use gamers want for the keyboard.

Custom RGB Lighting Scheme

The custom RGB lighting scheme has both simple color schemes and custom color schemes. It depends on your preference what you like to see for your setup. Each of these lighting effects is extremely attractive and provides a good combination for your other RGB peripherals depending upon what your priorities include.

Single Color Scheme

These color schemes do have only one color as keyboard lighting. The lighting looks minimal and provides an attractive setup for your gaming setup. If you are not a fan of several color combinations for the keyboard backlighting, single colors are the best RGB keyboard color scheme.

Here are some popular single color schemes that you can match with your existing RGB setup for desk and other accessories.


Red is one of the most popular lighting setups for gaming rigs. Most gamers prefer Red over other colors for the LED lighting around their large displays and PC covers. If you have a red color setup, you probably don’t wanna go with other colors for the keyboard lighting scheme.

red rgb keyboard

There are certain downsides to a red color, known for its angry vibes. You won’t get relaxing vibes like the blue color as it is not the most relaxing color in the world. However, if you are an avid gamer, you won’t be leaving the trendy color scheme for your keyboard.


Blue adds more classic touch to the keyboard and overall PC rig. Going all blue for the keyboard adds a touch of delicacy with a slight spaceship look. Moreover, the blue color looks cooler to the eyes.

Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

Overall the green color looks cool for the most part, but it has alien vibes to it. You can work all day with the green keyboard scheme with less tiredness on your eyes as it provides a relaxing theme for working and gaming for long hours.

Cyan or Light Blue

Cyan is similar to blue in terms of the lighting effect. Cyan is a good color to change when you get bored with the Blue color for people who prefer Blue light. It provides optimistic vibes and has a lot of positives when it comes to color combination with other peripherals.

cyan rgb keyboard

The cyan color looks optimistic and has more white than the blue color. If you want something more interesting, mixing Cyan with white does wonders. It looks excellent with the white background. By the way, White Keyboards look really good as well, try them.


Purple color is not favorable for most gamers when using it as a single color scheme. However, it is not a bad color, especially if you want to match your streaming setup.


It looks similar to the galaxies and nebulas. The different looks of purple earn it a unique place among the gaming community. It is not a common color as it is one that you won’t regularly encounter.

Hot Pink

Best RGB Keyboard Color Schemes

Another pick for the unique color is hot pink. It is one of the best colors for the keyboard RGB lighting scheme and well suits the girly gaming setup. It looks pretty interesting and gives an ultimate look with the black background. We also have in-depth guide on Pink Keyboards if you are interested.


Orange may seem less popular for RGB lighting choices for other peripherals, but for the keyboards, it looks amazing. If you mix it with a black or white background, the end product is a unique color emergence for an eye-gazing experience.


One of the most common popularity factors of the orange color is its matching with the Overwatch theme. You can set all your peripheral to the Overwatch theme by setting all orange colors. I tried the scheme, and the colors looked promising.


If you want more clinical color choices, white is the right option. Although it is the most basic color that you will see in the RGB or non-RGB keyboards, you still won’t get bored by this color any given day.


The white color looks extremely bright while providing you with a minimalistic feel. If you don’t want the fancy color to distract your gaming experience on the keyboard, try an all-white color scheme with a dark background.

Custom Color Scheme

Custom color schemes are the best RGB keyboard color schemes as they offer more room for customizations. Us gamers are usually getting bored easily with a simple color layout, so getting a color pattern of different types can spice things up for the keyboard RGB lighting. Here are some best custom color schemes that you can set for your keyboard if your keyboard allows for customized RGB lighting.

1. Absolute Zero

It is a popular RGB lighting scheme with a neon color for the lighting. For the most part, the effect looks simple, but the real magic happens when you press any key. As soon you register a keypress, a ripple effect happens that gives a beautiful view to the eyes.

2. Checkers

To all the gamers looking for a more classic but interesting RGB keyboard scheme, checkers is an absolute blast. It comes in a black and yellow color scheme. The overlapping of the color scheme gives a checkers effect.

However, the timing of the overlapping is planned so that you can see a black ripple arising for a brief moment when you press a key. If you press several keys in a short duration, the effect does take some time to start uniformly. Every time you press a key, there is a random checker pattern awaiting an eye-gazing experience.

3. Chrystalline

Chrystalline is not much mainstream when it comes to the RGB effect. It gives a subtle effect on the keypress. You can search for the effect on the internet, and there are several sources available that you can download and run on your Razer Synapse tool.

4. Diamond Thing

If you are looking for a unique RGB color scheme, the Diamond thing is worth considering a try. It is an excellent RGB effect that produces reactive feedback on each keypress. As soon you press the key, a diamond shape effect comes as a pattern which is a delight for the eyes.

5. Don’t Know

As the name suggests, a random effect gives a glimpse of randomness with a cool look. This effect has two waves that tip into each other, giving a cool but wavy effect for a gaming keyboard.

6. Double Rainbow

The rainbow effect is pretty cool for the RGB keyboards and is one of the best RGB keyboard color schemes to date. However, the double rainbow is a slightly different story. This pattern has two overlapping rainbow effects that give a cool sight to watch. Both the waves go into each other, making them look like a diffusing into each other.

7. Hacking the matrix

The RGB keyboard schemes are not only based on the games but also include effects that are based on fiction movies. One such effect is “Hacking the matrix.” If you have watched The Matrix Trilogy, you probably already guessed the theme and colors of this color scheme.

It is based on the matrix and looks neat. The effect looks clean, and you can boost among your friends after downloading the settings file and uploading it into your keyboard software.

8. Pac-Man

For 90s kids, Pac-Man is still a much close to heart game than a most modern game out there nowadays. If you feel the same, this color scheme is one of the best that lets you play like Pac-man with the dot-eating effects.

You can download the scheme from the internet or show you skills by making your scheme. The layout is easy as the red color is on the numeric keys. In the center, there is a blue color while the WASD and surrounding keys are yellow for Pac-Man shape. Overall, there are two variations available for this scheme.

9. Rainbow Madness

It is another rainbow color scheme modifier that shows a ripple effect. Whenever you press a key, the ripple starts in the form of waves across the keyboard. This scheme looks fresh to the eyes while giving more freedom to you for delaying or the ripple effect if you like to customize.

10. Red Black Effect

If you are not a fan of overly crowded colors on the keyboard but like to have something more than the usual single color scheme, the Red-Black effect is your way to go. It is an amazing effect with red flashing keys. A white color effect emerges as soon you press the key, giving it a unique look to add more to the fun.

11. Scorching Zero

One of my favorite among best RGB keyboard color schemes is scorching zero. It is an amazing choice looking like a mix of fire and ice. The red shows fire on the left side of the keyboard, while the right side has a blue color for the ice.

When you press the key on either side, a wave emerges from that portion and travels to the other portion giving an impression of a fire an ice fusion. However, the middle part is unique, producing a ripple effect on pressing the key.

12. Chromium Blue

It is the last color scheme on our list. The important thing about this scheme is its effects. A grey wave travels across the keyboard for the idle position. When you press any key on the keyboard, the blue color takes over the slow waves. Then again, the color gets slowly replaced by the grey wave giving it a cool look aesthetically.

How to set up custom RGB Lighting on Keyboard

Most manufacturers offer software to customize the RGB lighting and set up a color scheme for their keyboards and other peripherals. Each software has almost the same procedure for the customizations. Here is a brief guide for popular brands.

Customization software offers setting up custom lighting color schemes. From there, you can create some pretty awesome effects for your device based on these lighting pre-sets. To get started, plug in your keyboard to your PC. It will be detected by the software, where you can now select which setting you’d like to edit and then proceed to do so.

Change anything from the speed of the effect, several effects that play simultaneously and even set up parameters like intensity. You can create multi-layered effects, so simply selecting another pre-set will add another colorful layer over the top if desired.

To proceed with creating a new lighting color scheme, follow these steps

  1. Open customization software on your computer
  2. Select your keyboard from the list of connected devices
  3. Open “lighting effects” from the menu
  4. Add new effects by using the + button
  5. Select the lighting scheme you want to set for the keyboard from the given layout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best keyboard RGB color?

There is no single best RGB color for everyone because of individual preferences. However, you may incline towards Cyan, Red, and Green for getting a unique and bright color lighting scheme for your keyboard. Using orange with black background also gives a cool look, especially for the Overwatch players.

What are some good RGB colors?

All colors have their uniqueness, and they add to the overall color scheme of the keyboard. Red, Blue, Cyan, Green, Purple, and Orange are good RGB colors. You can light up your keyboard with a single or combination of these colors.

Can you set RGB keyboards to one color?

With customizable RGB keyboards, you can change the color of your will. If you want to change the color of every key, some keyboard allows for such customizations. Setting up a single color layout is fairly easy than setting multiple layers or color schemes.

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