9 Best Pink Keyboards For Gaming

Finding the best pink gaming keyboard for all pink setups can be a challenging task in this world, where every other gaming accessory is predominantly black. Every gaming setup has a color scheme that makes it distinctive from the crowd. Similarly, a pink gaming setup needs a perfectly working gaming keyboard that matches the color scheme. It adds to the vibrance and overall feel of the setup and helps to express your personality positively.

There are many different kinds of colored especially pink, lack and white mechanical keyboards available for purchase on the market. Some have simple white keys with pink accents on the black casing, while others are whole-hearted plaid in the color of roses. Each of them meets the same high standard of quality and durability necessary for top-tier gaming. A pink keyboard allows you to make a statement around your office or home. The gaming world is full of black and grey accessories, so it’s important to find some colors that match your personality.

Pink Keyboards Buying Tips

Here are the quick buying tips for the best pink keyboards.

  • Always check the keyboard’s type to match your preference. If you need a keyboard for gaming more than typing, consider buying a mechanical pink keyboard. But, for typing needs membrane keyboards are a good choice.
  • Keyboard size matters a lot for those who need a compact keyboard to fit on the gaming desk. For this purpose a compact 60% or a TKL keyboard is comparatively better than the full-sized keyboard.
  • Keyboard Switches and Keycaps are primarily picked based on personal preference. Usually gamers go for the Tactile or Clicky switches with PBT doubleshot keycaps which are solid and highly responsive. On the other hand, typists choose the linear switches with ABS keycaps which are comparatively soft and easy to press for silent typing.

9 Best Pink Gaming Keyboards 2022

We will highlight the top 7 pink gaming keyboards that can add vibrance to your gaming setup. Plus, for your convenience, we have also added buying guides of RGB keyboards, typing keyboards, and the silent keyboards. We will brief you about the features, performance, and RGB lighting on these gaming keyboards. In the end, the buying guide will help you to choose the right option to fit your needs. Let’s begin with the top pink gaming keyboard.

  1. ASUS ROG Strix Flare
  2. Razer BlackWidow V3
  3. Logitech K380 Wireless
  4. Ducky MIYA Pro Sakura Edition
  5. Motospeed CK82
  6. HK Gaming GK61
  7. Varmilo VA87M
  8. NPET K10
  9. MageGee K1

1. ASUS ROG Strix Flare

Best Pink Gaming Keyboard with Red Switches

Best Pink Gaming Keyboard with Red Switches
ASUS ROG Strix Flare Pnk


Manufacturer: Asus | Model: ROG Strix Flare | Switches: Cherry MX Red | Interface: USB/Wired | Storage: Yes | RGB Lighting: Yes | Software: Yes | Dimensions: 17.9 x 6.1 x 1.2 inches | Weight: ‎4.4 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent media control
  • Layout to match the need of the gamers
  • Fully programmable keys
  • Onboard memory for macros
  • RGB lighting with Aura Sync

Reasons to Avoid

  • No wireless connectivity
  • Feels heavier than standard options
  • Lacks keycap puller

The Asus Rog Strix Flare keyboard is part of the limited edition Pink Rog Strix collection and features a beautiful, bold, and feminine design. With its wide range of customization options courtesy of Cherry MX switches, this full-size multimedia keyboard gives users the freedom to determine the best way to deliver tactile feedback – whether through popular Cherry MX Red or Brown key switches. See these Asus RGB keyboards.

The build quality on this Asus keyboard is very good. It feels solid and doesn’t flex when we apply pressure to it. It has a premium feel to it, and you can tell it is very well-made without having to take much of a look at the technical specifications online.

When it comes to appearance, let’s face it: this keyboard looks pretty dapper. With clean lines and a chic pink and light grey color scheme, the ROG Strix Flare Pink has an air of class about it. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a translucent logo sitting on top, which you can slip your customized decal onto, and as soon as it lights up, your gaming desktop will stand out.

The ROG Strix Flare Pink is the best gaming keyboard with Red switches where the user has the option of choosing from different Cherry MX switches: red linear, blue tactile, brown tactile. The mechanical switch characteristics vary depending on which cherry MX switch you choose. For instance, Cherry MX Red and Brown are the right choices if you look to press more smoothly and quickly with less force. If you need a relatively silent keypress, you can choose Cherry MX Blue, as it takes 60 grams of actuation force with less sound.

The ROG Strix Flare Pink is well-matched with other devices and works well with Asus Aura and Armory II Crate. It allows for owners to create individual profiles and set the macros per game. It’s simple to sync the ROG Strix Flare Pink using the Aura software with other compatible devices like monitors and mice. Users can also choose from several pre-set lighting effects, including Current, Ripple, or Rain Drop, or manually configure their lights with Aura Sync.

This keyboard lets you customize it to look exactly how you want. Its patented RBG lighting technology makes it possible to change the lighting of each key with the Aura sync function. The acrylic badge on the top of this keyboard allows users to put their customized logo into the device, making it even more personal.

This Asus keyboard is a fully programmable model that boasts 100% anti-ghosting and onboard memory. A USB pass-through lets you connect your mouse or other accessories without having to crawl behind the desk every time you want to use it. The software on this model can occasionally be a bit of a hassle for some users. If you have a bigger sized mouse, like a Claw Grip Mouse, a bigger keyboard like this could be useful.

ASUS ROG Strix Flare is a beautiful curved best pink gaming keyboard with dynamic lighting effects backed by software that has you covered for what seems like all needs. It has an amazing macros setup for gamers and programmable Aura sync lighting. It will be an incredible addition to your workspace and give you the customizability and comfort needed

2. Razer BlackWidow V3

Best Pink RGB Gaming Keyboard

Best Pink RGB Gaming Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow V3


Manufacturer: Razer | Model: BlackWidow V3 | Switches: Razer Green / Yellow | Interface: USB/Wired | Storage: Yes | RGB Lighting: Yes | Software: Yes| Dimensions: 17.76 x 9.66 x 1.66 inches | Weight: 2.83 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • An ideal choice for gaming and typing alike
  • Comes with Razer Green switches
  • Razer Chroma offers customizations
  • Comfortable with wrist support

Reasons to Avoid

  • No macOS support for Chroma

If you’re looking for a keyboard with light-up keys, the legendary Razer BlackWidow V3 now comes in pink. This best pink RGB gaming keyboard features the Razer Green Mechanical Switches, which enable control and quick in-game responsiveness. The switches provide tactile and clicky feedback for a better gaming experience. It also has Chroma software that lets you personalize lighting effects across 16.8 million color options to suit any scenario.

The design of this keyboard is what makes it uniquely fit your natural alignment. What makes it unique is its state-of-the-art shape, unlike any other pink keyboard. This shape lends to an alternative style putting less pressure on your hands and letting you feel comfortable when you’re playing. The keys are made out of plastic, but that doesn’t mean they’re not durable. Each key has extra thick walls that withstand repeated pressing without wearing down or breaking easily.

Razer BlackWidow V3 has forbidden the idea of using the Cherry MX switches. Instead, it utilizes Razer Yellow and Green switches. Both the switches require 50 grams of actuation force. However, the Green variant is more clicky and tactile than the linear action of yellow switches. Regarding the actuation point, the Green one has a 1.9-millimeter actuation point while the yellow offers a 1.2-millimeter actuation point. Razer claims an incredible lifespan of 80 million keystrokes for these durable and responsive switches.

Razer’s software allows users to set up their custom profiles with different features. The company’s Synapse technology shares these custom profiles across any other Razer keyboards they might use. Users can also adjust the lighting effects or sync it with other gaming PCs connected via the Chroma platform, which is available for download online. Additionally, like most Razer products, this keyboard comes with Hypershift functionality, allowing you to map each key with a secondary function.

Like the ROG Strix Flare Pink, BlackWidow V3 is a full-size best pink gaming keyboard. All the keycaps are durable double shot ABS plastic, but they can pick up some shine over time due to fingerprints. The V3 offering does not have dedicated media keys, but a prominent scroll wheel on the top right corner of its keyboard makes web browsing easy.

Razer Blackwidow V3 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that features double-shot keycaps and an aluminum top plate. It has a full-size design and an affordable price. However, it lacks a USB pass-through and dedicated media Keys. As a pink gaming keyboard, BlackWidow V3 does provide a heap of features. It provides gamers with features that increase their performance and offer fun, yet sometimes it may be hard to choose one because everyone’s taste varies. Some users may like the low prices, while the enthusiasts may incline towards additional features and performance.

This is also the best keyboard for Fortnite

3. Logitech K380 Wireless

Logitech K380 Wireless
Logitech K380 Wireless


Manufacturer: Logitech | Model: K380 Wireless | Switches: Membrane| Interface: Bluetooth/Wireless | Storage: No | RGB Lighting: No | Software: Yes| Dimensions: 0.6 x 11.0 x 4.9 inches | Weight: 0.93 pound

Reasons to Buy

  • Soft round keys for comfortable typing
  • Can connect with three different devices
  • Apple keyboard layout for Mac and iPad

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not good gaming
  • Prone to Misscliks 

Logitech’s keyboard line is usually filled with gaming keyboards with a traditional outlook. Only a few of them are dedicated to specific use and the Logitech K380 is one of those exceptions. If you are looking for a wireless pink keyboard in a compact form and low-profile silent keys, the Logitech K380 Wireless is the best choice you can make. 

We loved the keyboard for its lightweight and compact design. The keyboard is so lightweight and small that you can keep it while traveling. Plus, the compact design makes sure that you have enough space on your table for other PC accessories. The round keys are decent and give a girly theme that can fit perfectly for office tasks. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that the round keys are really great in terms of typing experience. 

The best part is that the keyboard is one of a few of the wireless keyboards available in the Pink color theme. By connecting the keyboard via Bluetooth you are free to use it with a PC, Chrome OS, Apple TV, or an iPad. The wireless feature lets you connect and switch between three devices. With just one tap the transition between the devices is so smooth that you won’t feel any connectivity or compatibility issues while using it.

The keyboard is available in different versions for both PC and Mac users. If you are a Mac/iPad user I’d recommend you to go for the keyboard compatible with Mac because the compatible keyboard has many options available on Apple keyboards like Dashboard keys, mission control, and brightness keys. Apart from that, the function keys will perform correctly without duplication issues.

Performance-wise, the keyboard is extremely comfortable to enjoy the laptop-style typing experience. The small footprint lets you freely move your fingers and wrists for free-flow writing. The membrane keys are pretty soft and responsive making them virtually noiseless as compared to the rest of the pink keyboards.

For gaming, this is by far not a good keyboard, yet this is not the worst either. This is just Okay for casual gaming, but for a pink gaming keyboard, I’d suggest going for the Razer BlackWidow V3. 

By far this is the best wireless pink keyboard for an exceptional typing experience. The round keys, compact design, and lightweight are what make it the best portable keyboard that can be used in a cafe, home, office, or while traveling. Setting up the keyboard is easy and dynamic connectivity with multiple devices lets you connect it with three devices at a time. 

4. Ducky MIYA Pro Sakura Edition

Ducky Miya Pro Sakura Edition
Ducky Miya Pro Sakura Edition


Manufacturer: Ducky| Model: Miya Pro Sakura Edition | Switches: Cherry MX Brown/Red | Interface: Type-C USB/Wired | Storage: No | RGB Lighting: LED | Software: Yes| Dimensions: 14.02 x 5.28 x 1.3 inches | Weight: 4.4 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • Best Clicky feedback
  • Versatile Sakura design on Spacebar
  • Best for gaming and typing

Reasons to Avoid

  • Backlight LED is not so good
  • Expensive

Starting as a small company to make a fresh combo of art and technology, the Ducky has always been the favorite brand among gamers and typists due to their premium keyboards. The Ducky Miya Pro Sakura Edition is one of the finest keyboards you’ll ever have. The keyboard is impressive and pretty, and in my opinion, “cute” is the appropriate word to describe this keyboard. 

With its plastic body, the keyboard not only feels durable, it also doesn’t wobble even under long gaming sessions. Even more interesting about the Ducky X Varmilo Miya Pro is that the keyboard’s Spacebar features the color-theme of “Sakura” known as the Cherry Blossom in English, which makes it highly appealing and the right fit for girls who are looking for beauty, art, style, and elegance in their keyboard.

What We liked about the Ducky X Varmilo Miya Pro is that it is an all-pink design having a pink color scheme on its top, bottom, metal plate, LED, adjusting feet, rubber pads, keycaps puller, and even the USB cable. This is where it beats its competitors because you get a premium pinky keyboard setup in one package. Since the keyboard comes equipped with multiple switches, we loved to have the keyboard with everyone’s favorite Cherry MX Red rated to last over 50-million keystrokes. The keycaps are replaceable and their standard cross-shaped stem gives you the freedom to replace the keys without damaging them.

The adjustable feet are what makes this keyboard stable under long gaming or intensive typing. It doesn’t wobble and remains in the desired position for a comfortable typing experience. Unlike other ordinary keyboards, the Ducky X Varmilo Miya Pro features a detachable Type-C connector to connect it with any device in any way. Plus, the detachable cable version gives you the freedom to use a cable of any length depending on your needs. 

Since most of the typing or gaming keyboards have the main issue of misclicks when pressing multiple keys simultaneously. This is where this keyboard comes in handy with its n-key rollover design. Apart from that, remapping the keys is pretty easy and lets you customize the keyboard as per your needs.

Our main complaint with this keyboard is that although the keyboard comes with backlit LEDs, the LED doesn’t illuminate the keys, rather it just scatters through the keycaps and gives a glowing effect. Second, the bleeding backlight and the lack of illuminating keycaps make it difficult to type under low light. Third, the keyboard is overpriced. In a price range of more than $100, you can get another premium keyboard with a lot more features than that.

Overall, the Ducky X Varmilo Miya Pro is the best pink keyboard with a premium build quality and excellent switches for comfortable typing and gaming sessions. If price and LED is not a big issue, this is the best Ducky keyboard which is purely a decent combination of art and technology.

5. Motospeed CK82

Best Pink Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches

Best Pink Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches
Motospeed CK82 Pink Mechanical Keyboard


Manufacturer: Motospeed | Model: CK82 Pink | Switches: Mechanical Blue, Red | Interface: USB/Wireless | Storage: Yes | RGB Lighting: Yes | Software: N/A | Dimensions: 13.78 x 5.24 x 1.18 inches | Weight: 1.92 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • Budget-friendly ergonomic design
  • Responsive Tenkeyless design
  • Colorful RGB lighting
  • Comparatively quiet switches

Reasons to Avoid

  • No software for customizations
  • Slight rattling spacebar

The Motospeed CK82 mechanical keyboard is a stunning and compact TKL (tenkeyless) design that provides endless comfort on smaller desks. Every key is designed to make gaming and typing fast and easy. Its versatility allows gamers to hit each key with incredible speed, while its USB connection makes this keyboard ideal for gamers on the go.

This keyboard has aluminum construction to provide overwhelming durability and a sturdy frame. It has looks that will match any desk or workspace and smooth functionality with 12 multimedia keys and its lock ‘WIN’ function key compatible. With this wired cord and N-key rollover, this keyboard is designed for productivity in mind. The choice desk accessory, whether in your home office or at gaming, this product is equally impressive.

Saving space when you type on a keyboard is the main reason why CK28 mechanicals is so popular. Other than that, it also offers advantages for fast typers and gamers alike. Either way, the number of options and things like gaming-friendly features can make performing all sorts of functions easier.

It comes with two types of switches. The Outemu Blue switch is not too loud or too quiet, so it’s an ideal choice for typing long documents. The red one produces a nice clicky sound when actuated for gaming purposes, but it can be annoying when you type documents.

CK82 is the best wireless pink gaming keyboard for those who love pink and want a more personalized gaming experience. It is very durable, easy to clean, super responsive, and has an asymmetrical design that will enhance your gaming experience. It is perfect for those from beginners to experts alike because of its simplicity and versatility.

If you’re looking for a silent keyboard, take a look at the Outemu Red switch. It takes less force to actuate than the other switches under consideration and feels smoother. The sound is also quieter; it’s also extremely popular among gamers who like their keyboards to be quiet while playing. On top of all that, Motospeed claims this switch provides over 50 million key presses, making it even more durable than its counterparts. We should point out there is some noticeable rattle with bigger switches.

The Motospeed best pink gaming keyboard with Blue switches offers various abilities and features to help with gaming. It has five different functions, six-light color options for its LED lights, and you can choose from 24 that both catch the eye and enhance the visual aesthetic of this product. One standout that the Motospeed gaming keyboard is known for is its rainbow lighting effects. Not only are these visually pleasing to users, but they come in handy when it comes to playing intense games. Another feature is full key rollover along with anti-ghosting capabilities.

The Motospeed is the best pink gaming keyboard for work and play, featuring unique multimedia controls and adjustable LED backlight modes. It’s got an impressive range of color choices, and the design itself looks sleek. The price may put off some users who need something on the cheaper side to pair with their computer, but it’s still a pretty solid option – especially for users looking for something fancy to add to home office setup.

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6. HK Gaming GK61

Best Pink Mechanical Keyboard

Best Pink Mechanical Keyboard
GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Manufacturer: HK Gaming | Model: GK61 | Switches: Gateron Optical | Interface: USB/Wired | Storage: Yes | RGB Lighting: Yes | Software: Yes| Dimensions: 11.5 x 4.02 x 1.57 inches | Weight: 1.34 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable and durable
  • Supports Mac OS and Windows
  • Optical switches for an extra boost
  • Reduced response time

Reasons to Avoid

  • Mac users may need an adapter for connection
  • Difficult to use software

If you’re looking for a new mechanical gaming keyboard, then the GK61 from Thermaltake® might just be the one for you. The GK61 is great for beginners because it has everything you need to start having fun without breaking the bank. It also just happens to have a splash of vibrant pink.

It has a sturdy case made from thick plastic and an aluminum plate. Attempting to flex the board does nothing. It’s not easily moved and can withstand a fall without a problem. Its back is designed for improved comfort and has four rubber feet to prevent it from moving around. Unfortunately, there aren’t kickstands on either side, but the case inclines naturally to support your hand while you type.

There is a protective top plate where the switches are mounted, and it’s white, meaning you might get minor scratches while swapping your switches. However, the RGB offers vibrant lighting, which looks great in dim lighting, resembling standard-sized keyboards with a 60% backlit. You can connect using a wired USB-C connection, and a detachable cord makes it easy to carry and bring with you wherever you go.

Optical switches give this keyboard a long lifespan when compared to traditional mechanical keyboards. The optical switches are durable and replaceable when needed. This keyboard has many FN Functions which let you choose the right keys for your gaming needs. It has Gateron optical switches, which are easy to replace if you need different switches for your gaming or work needs.

Attaching and replacing the switches is straightforward and does not any soldering. The optical switches used in GK61 best pink gaming keyboard have a response time of 0.2ms, providing a quicker response time and great aid while playing competitive games. The optical switches especially suit the need of the esports player, while the double shot abs provide a solid keycap for stroking the keys during intense games. You can replace the keycaps if you need a replacement using the key puller. It also supports full ghosting by disabling the function keys on the keyboard.

This keyboard offers many features that you won’t usually find in a regular keyboard, such as recording macros, programmable modes, or advanced features. The backlighting is not only LED, but it also breathes along with a vibrational frequency that glows a beautiful pink color. It makes the keyboard look pretty from the outside.

This best pink mechanical keyboard is 100% waterproof, which means that you don’t have to worry about water damage if you accidentally get it wet. Furthermore, this keyboard runs on Mac OS and Windows without needing any additional programs installed.

Overall, we think this keyboard is a great option for anyone looking for an optical switch. We think it’s great for gaming because the response time it offers is much faster than standard mechanical switches and will help you react better in fast-paced games. The biggest downside to us, though, would have to be the ABS keycaps are on this board and less stabilizing without the kickstand that may be important for some users.

7. Varmilo VA87M

Best Pink Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard

Best Pink Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard
Varmilo VA87M Mechanical Keyboard


Manufacturer: Varmilo | Model: VA87M | Switches: Cherry MX Silver | Interface: USB/Wired | Storage: No | RGB Lighting: No | Software: No| Dimensions: 14.01 x 5.27 x 1.29 inches | Weight: 2.41 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • Solid build quality
  • Several switch choices
  • Good for typing and gaming
  • Ergonomic and compact design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks RGB backlighting

Varmilo Sakura Pink keyboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for better build quality and stellar performance within an ergonomic compact keyboard. The unit features a minimalist design that looks great on your desk, but it’s the tactile feel of this product that matters to someone working long hours on their computer throughout the day.

The design is neat, and the keyboard is solid. You don’t hear any creaking sounds when pressing it. It has large keys that show no weaknesses; its durable capacitive keyboard makes it easier on your hands and wrists. Its low profile makes typing natural on this keyboard. Apart from these, it also comes with rubber feet if you need to elevate your device slightly.

The keycaps on this keyboard have high-quality PBT plastic, which looks and feels much better than ABS plastics. After much use, they last much longer and don’t develop that icky shine that many ABS keyboards suffer from. The legends on the keycaps are printed with a dye sublimation process, making them resistant to fading. In addition, they have fully-programmable keys with rollover and anti-ghosting.

With so many options, you can choose the type of switch to fit your need. Whether you need the keyboard for typing or gaming, you have the choice to select the switch for each need. This best pink tenkeyless gaming keyboard offers Cherry MX Blue, Brown, and Red switches. You can also choose from the silent Cherry MX Red or special Speed Silver switches.

Typing on the Varmilo VA87M is comfortable. It’s enjoyable enough that you can spend hours at a time typing without it getting burdensome. To make sure your keyboard stays clean, you don’t have to worry due to its easy-to-clean layout. Unlike most other keyboards, you cannot customize your keyboard or make your macros to get the most out of this keyboard because there are no macro buttons or dedicated media keys.

The backlighting beneath every key of this keyboard is white. There are different brightness levels to set, or you can switch to a “breathing” effect by pressing the Fn key with an arrow key. The media control keys are labeled clearly, and though it doesn’t have any configuration software, there’s a Windows-lock function that works with the Fn key.

Vermilo is the best pink gaming keyboard that works flawlessly on Mac OS and Windows. Although it is not fully programmable, feature media keys that are easily reachable and provide good functionality. The USB connectivity boosts a good, responsive performance for gaming and work.

The Varmilo VA87M offers a clean and simple tenkeyless design that’s not only extremely compact but also ergonomically friendly. It has all the necessary features you need to make it your own; even though there is no wrist rest, regulation caps, or LED lighting effects, it still feels like an exquisitely crafted mechanical keyboard.

8. NPET K10

Best Budget Pink Gaming Keyboard

NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard
NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard


Manufacturer: NPET | Model: K10 | Switches: Mechanical | Interface: USB/Wired | Storage: No | RGB Lighting: Yes | Software: No| Dimensions: 17.32 x 5.51 x 0.98 inches | Weight: 1.32 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent Anti-ghosting keys
  • Good value for money
  • Water-resistant design
  • Budget pick for enthusiasts

Reasons to Avoid

  • No or little lighting customizations
  • No clear instruction for the key combination

The NPET K10 gaming keyboard is the first membrane switch keyboard on this list to offer tactile feedback. It means that it provides a keypress illusion for gamers, which helps with precision and maneuverability, so you can nail combos. It’s perfect for general use as well. The NPET’s 26 anti-ghosting keys pair nicely with its durability to reduce the number of errors you may otherwise experience.

The NPET K10 gaming keyboard is a model developed with the needs of gamers in mind. It comes with 104 keys, floating caps, 19 conflict-free keys, and a starched space key for tactile feedback as you use it. Each button has a design to give that smooth 60 million lifespan experience. You can thus enjoy a high-quality experience while playing your favorite games effortlessly because the keys provide better tactility for a smoother response rate while in use.

The layered floating keycap design of this best budget pink gaming keyboard enables users to play and type with ease and comfort, thanks to its strong durability and ergonomic design. Also, apart from its standard features, this pink keyboard comes with a water-resistant feature that prevents spilled drinks, coffee, or any other liquid from damaging the keyboard with the aid of a drain hole.

This best pink mechanical keyboard comes with a base made of an aluminum alloy equipped with a charming rose gold finish. You’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable typing experience, thanks to the ergonomic design of this keyboard, which provides a comfortable angle and height. The letters on the buttons will not wear off thanks to the Premium metal material used in their precise craftsmanship. This keyboard comes with four rubber pads that prevent slippage when gaming or typing for prolonged periods.

Besides its attractive pink color, this best pink gaming keyboard has seven backlight modes to choose from, including breathing lighting in various colors. It is perfect for creating an awesome gaming atmosphere because its rainbow backlit design gives you the ideal ambiance for gaming anytime.

Whether playing games or typing up a report, K10 ergonomic arc keycaps have proven to help users become more accurate with what they are working on. Having two folding stands is a bonus, so you can just relax and still get the job done. The pricing and the features this keyboard offer are outstanding. NPET has improved the quality of its keyboard over a few years by providing an ergonomic and performance-oriented keyboard for users across the globe.

The K10 pink keyboard is excellent for its gold-plated interface and anti-interference magnet ring. The data transmission is what you can expect from a high-end braided USB cable that is also waterproof. The keyboard can afford accidental spillage of coffee or drinks due to its water-resistant properties. Besides that, the tenkeyless design and affordable pricing make it an exceptional choice for a beginner-oriented pink gaming keyboard.

9. MageGee K1

Best Pink Gaming Keyboard with Mouse

MageGee K1 Pink Gaming Keyboard
MageGee K1 Pink Gaming Keyboard


Manufacturer: MageGee | Model: K1 Pink | Switches: Mechanical | Interface: USB/Wired | Storage: No | RGB Lighting: Yes | Software: No | Dimensions: 21.57 x 17.13 x 2.36 inches | Weight: 2.88 pounds

Reasons to Buy

  • Tactile and clicky switch
  • Affordable pricing
  • Comes with RGB backlighting
  • Extra keycaps offer more customizations

Reasons to Avoid

  • Key sometime rattle

MageGee’s pink keyboard provides a fun and inexpensive way to upgrade your typing experience. The larger size allows for increased key spacing at the cost of taking more desk space than a usual pink keyboard. The bright LED Backlit helps you type evenly across all keys during the dark of night. The lightweight ABS plastic construction ensures a worry-free investment, as it can withstand demanding typists and gamers alike.

The keyboard sports a clean finish that makes it look like it will last for quite some time. Its waterproof design protects you from accidental spills and damages too. The double-shot injection molding process gives the keycaps on this product a fascinating texture, which is hard to notice at first but pleasing to touch all the same. There are plenty of options for color lighting modes, so you’ll never get bored of using this keyboard.

This mechanical gaming keyboard comes with blue switches, just like you’d find on the Cherry Blue gaming keyboard. It’s great for typing, and gamers who love click will enjoy the keyboard. This gaming keyboard includes an additional set of white keycaps in case you want a more minimalist look on it.

There is even a panel for extra styling in case you also prefer more of a minimal look. It comes with multimedia keys for easy access to your media content. This kind of keyboard needs to have full key rollover because not all games require the same commands but no worries; this one has got you covered.

The mouse offers bold lighting effects, with seven striking color options to pick from for the glowing ambiance. The DPI level can vary from 800 to 3,000, so low DPI is advised and vice versa for gaming if precision is needed. With a multi-OS compatible USB connection, plug-and-play features are available, so no drivers or fussing around with software is needed before use.

This best pink keyboard with mouse has ten multimedia keys that instantaneously access multimedia functions such as music, volume control, web, and email. It features seven colorful modes of lighting. Users can press Fn+ESC to change their brightness. This keyboard has an auto-sleep function: it will automatically shut off to conserve battery power if you let it idle for ten minutes.

It may not be the best pink gaming keyboard, but it is certainly not the worst either. It is perfectly compatible with Windows PCs and laptops while having limited Mac connectivity. A high-speed USB cable comes in the packaging for a better user experience. We believe this entry deserves consideration on our top five list because of the features found in this affordable keyboard.

Advantages of The Pink Keyboards

Since the pink keyboards have no direct benefit, they are good to choose for those who are looking for a color variation in their gaming setup. Owing to the girlish color scheme, the pink keyboards are usually bought by girl gamers who prefer a uniform color scheme. So, the basic advantage of the pink-colored keyboards is the uniform color scheme. As the pink keyboards are pretty and appealing females usually adopt this keyboard to impress their friends.

Drawbacks of The Pink Keyboards

Pink keyboards are very rare, so there is no other disadvantage of the pink keyboard than finding the one that fits your needs. And if by chance you get a good pink keyboard, you might have to compromise over essential features which other premium keyboards have. And for this reason, finding a pink PC setup is really a difficult task.

How We Test The Best Pink Keyboard

Choosing and testing the best pink gaming keyboard that’s right for you can be an intimidating task with many decisions to make. Before deciding on your ideal option, there are several things to keep in mind, from the material it’s made from to what features it might have. Here are some things to consider before making a choice and taking delivery of your new tool.

Membrane vs. Mechanical Keyboard

When purchasing a gaming keyboard, the first thing to think about is whether you would like to pick up one that uses mechanical switches or membranes.

While membrane keyboard provides faster response times by way of shorter travel distances. They also generally put more strain on your fingers, hands, and arms if used for longer periods. Membrane keyboards offer less tactile sensation because of their lack of travel distance but make typing quickly without fully depressing your keys.

Mechanical gaming keyboards are customizable further than a membrane keyboard. It gives you the potential to make the device even better suited to your needs, specifically in terms of overall ergonomic comfort.

The decision of mechanical keyboards vs. membrane keyboards is entirely yours, as it ultimately depends on how much you can type per day. But you have to be aware of one thing: the most important question you should ask yourself here is whether or not your keyboard will have software that allows you to change its lighting colors. For those who play games a lot and love adding a little flavor to their setups, a LED color-changer might just do the trick.

Type of Use

Your next consideration is whether you will be using your keyboard for work or fun. Gamers, for example, need keyboards that can handle the stress of allowing users to veer off the beaten path and get creative during long sessions in front of a screen with lots of button mashing and frantic actions such as dodging left or right. In contrast, the casual user intends to buy the keyboard to write the blog post or create and complete the presentations and spreadsheets for office or schoolwork.

For gamers, look for mechanical keyboards constructed with solidity in mind to ensure they can withstand intense use. Something you should also look for is anti-ghosting technology. It allows your keyboard to register all of the commands you throw at it even when several keys are pressed simultaneously without any jumbled characters or mistakes.

For casual users, design is something else that may matter. Pay attention to ergonomic features like curved keycaps and palm rests. They not only help support your hands during long typing sessions but also help reduce fatigue. Look out for detachable or adjustable wrist supports too.

Keyboard Size

If you’re a fast typer or someone who has to spend hours in front of their computer, then pay close attention to keyboard sizing. Look for models that have full-sized keys. For anyone who types for long periods, there are models with ergonomic designs. They provide wrist support along with the bonus of hassle-free placement when it’s time to take a temporary break from typing.

Many people have strong preferences when it comes to their choice of small keyboards. There are many different models to choose from, making them a great purchase for a small budget since compact keyboards generally cost less than larger ones.

In addition, they fit better in small spaces where people might have to work on the go, such as waiting at a bus stop or while traveling on a plane. Some models even come with stands that allow you to use your mobile phone while still using a keyboard without having to set it aside or get caught up in tangles.

Keycaps and keyboard switches

Keycaps and keyboard switches are often the most ignored yet the most important factor while buying a keyboard for any purpose. Since there are two competitors in keyboard switches: Optical and Mechanical Switches, the former switches are faster in performance and feedback than the latter ones. Multiple vendors, like Razer, have developed their own modified version of switches that best fit their own keyboard series. Razer’s Huntsman series has the Opto-mechanical switches having fast feedback and low travel distance making them fast keyboard switches for gaming. 

Some mechanical switches such as Cherry MX, Kailh and Gateron switches are still the most widely used keyboard switches in gaming keyboards, and also used in custom-built keyboards. The mechanical keyboard switches are available in three different formats: Clicky, Tactile, and Linear. Clicky and Tactile are usually used by gaming while the Linear ones are commonly used by the typists who need silent typing experience. 

Now coming to the keycaps. The common keycaps used in most of the keyboards include the ABS and PBT keycaps. As per their design, the ABS keycaps are shiny and built with soft plastic, while the PBT keycaps are built with hard plastic built with double-shot keycaps and give a tactile response. Though the ABS is still dominant in the market, the PBT is now replacing them in gaming keyboards due to their higher durability and resistance to wear and tear.

So, while buying the best pink keyboard, always consider what type of Keycaps and switches you like. In our experience, the PBT keycaps are best for long gaming sessions, while the ABS keycaps are preferably perfect for typing and casual gaming. 


Gaming keyboards are certainly an investment, but they will help keep you organized and your work flowing much faster than ever before. As you now know, there are plenty of great options out there to choose from. We hope that our buying guide has given you an in-depth look into the available options to pick the best pink gaming keyboard that is right for your needs.

For the people who like to have build quality and performance for their pink keyboard, Asus ROG Strix Flare is the best option. It has overall better functionality and provides a durable build quality for investing into the keyboard for the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pink switches?

Pink switches are the variant of linear MX Red switches, which are often quiet in operation. They have sound dampening in their structure to produce less noise than the standard Cherry MX switches. The pink switches have rubber pieces inside their body to minimize the sound while remaining tactile and clicky.

Are Pink switches good for gaming?

Pink switches are excellent for gaming and office work alike as they have sound dampening to suppress the loud keypress sounds. They are much more efficient than the standard membrane switches regarding responsiveness and tactile feedback. Most gamers prefer mechanical switches, while the choice of color is still a matter of personal preference.

Are pink keyboards good?

Pink keyboards increase the beauty and aesthetics of the gaming setup. Besides the traditional gray, black, and white color, pink keyboards offer a better value for style and aesthetics. Moreover, the gaming performance of these switches is at par with the standard gaming keyboards to provide a sound gaming experience.

What switch color is the quietest in Pink keyboards?

Mechanical switches have tactile feedback, less click latency, and more responsiveness. They have a longer lifespan and perfectly suit the gamer’s needs. Out of all the mechanical switches, Red (Pink) switches are considerably quiet. Although they are not silent, they are still considerably less loud. There are some other switches like Cherry MX Silent that are similar in functioning.

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