Best Motherboard for i9-12900K

The revolution in the gaming industry is never going to stop with the upcoming processors and improved technology of the gaming peripherals. The hardware demands surges to a new level with improved dynamics, especially when looking for new upgrades. Such an amazing addition is Intel’s i9-12900K 12th generation core processor. It brings a new era of processors that can also meet high-performance requirements for gamers and graphic designers. As the chip provides similar performance to Apple’s ARM silicon chip, it requires the best motherboards for i9 12900K to handle the I9-12900k motherboard requirement out there.

These motherboards are helpful when playing heavy-duty games, especially ones that involve VR and ultra HD graphics. Because handling these tasks requires every peripheral to perform at par, increasing the demand for a solid motherboard. The best motherboards for i9 12900K give a unique experience with more features that a gamer wants to get as a complete package. Keep in mind, we already have Done Best Ram For I9-12900k, so you may need to check that if you want your motherboard to have memory.

To boost the performance of an Intel Core i9-12900K, you need a great motherboard with the Z690 chipset. Our articles and buyers’ guide help you find one that will keep your new monster CPU from overheating. In addition to cooling it, some Z690 motherboards enable overclocking.

But if you are not a competitive gamer who plays the most complex of video games all the time, then don’t fret. You can get by just fine with a mid-range motherboard. The truth is that most gamers simply want something that does its job without all the bells and whistles. We’ve researched for you and found the following motherboards highly specialized for premium PC builders like yourselves. Check out the best motherboards for i9 12900K below before making your final decision on what to go with.

ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero

Best Performance Motherboard for i9 12900K

Best Motherboards for i9 12900K
ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero


  • Supports DDR5 high-speed memory
  • AI-controlled overclocking, cooling, and networking
  • Ready for 12th Gen core processor by Intel
  • High-speed onboard WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet
  • PCIe 5.0, ROG Hyper M.2 card support
  • Integrated aluminum I/O cover with optimized thermal design
  • Premium metallic capacitors with MicroFine alloy chokes

Reasons to Buy

  • Plenty of USB ports
  • Dual-channel 4 DDR5 RAM slots
  • Advanced Thunderbolt 4 technology
  • Six high-speed SATA ports
  • RGB Gen 2 headers

Reasons to Avoid

  • Slightly expensive
  • Variable data rate for CPU
  • Single Ethernet port

The ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero is the best i9-12900k motherboard you can own if you plan to pop in one of these – a Core i9-12900K. Sure, there are other boards with plenty of M.2 ports or multiple PCIe 5.0 slots, but this is where the board can shine as a jack-of-all-trades motherboard. The ROG Maximus Z690 Hero was also built with overclocking in mind, allowing your Core i9-12900K to run at maximum speeds without having to worry about either throttling.

Hero Z690 is dark and mysterious like the deepest parts of space, and the Republic of Gamers has always preferred black color, so it seemed fitting to install a Z690 motherboard dressed in black. It looks great from all angles, especially when it contrasts with glowing strips on a carefully crafted motherboard.

The Hero provides state-of-the-art features and the latest technology to go along with them. However, it is also a beginner-friendly motherboard with locks to ensure M.2 drives remain attached without the need for any screwdrivers. Even experienced users will enjoy the upgrades that come along with this new motherboard as you can simply press down on a button near the topmost PCIe 5.0 x16 slot to release its lock, and you’re able to remove your graphics card and cool for upgrades quickly.

Hardware compatibility is a must when it comes to stability and productivity. One of the things that we love about the Procool II motherboard is that you can plug in longevity. A sturdy power-supply unit like this one not only has some impressive specs but beautiful ones too. The pro cool II connectors, microfine alloy chokes, and magnificent metallic capacitors give your computer a sleek look while providing robust performance that ensures your PC can absorb high-end gaming resolutions without a hitch.

The 12900K’s thermal performance might give you pause, but the Hero has this side of things covered. Its power output isn’t up to the Master’s standards, but 20+1 stages and 90A output (yes, you read that right!) help keep your processor stable even during frequent switches. It also helps that the towering heatsink combo whisks heat away efficiently.

Storage is one area where the Z690 motherboards for i9 12900K has a clear advantage. The motherboard allows you to connect three M.2 Storage drives, which is particularly impressive. It is on top of the six legacies SATA 3 plugs available too. Notable mention goes to the onboard M.2 storage, which has thickly padded heat spreaders for additional protection for your drives and added stability when transferring data.

The board comes with a wide range of headers. You’ve got the basics like Four Case Fan Headers and USB 2.0 through USB 3.2 Gen2x2, not to mention some water-specific headers like dedicated water in & out headers and one for pumps, for example. Other essential internal headers include three addressable RGB & 1 dedicated Aura header.

Overall, the Hero Z690 is the best performance motherboard for i9 12900K with DisplayPort and HDMI ports. It does not have port clutter to keep things simple for connectivity. With Thunderbolt 4 headers, WiFi 6E, and fast Ethernet connectivity, you are never devoid of having an excellent gaming experience. 

MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi

Best Overclocking Motherboard for i9 12900K

MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi - Best Overclocking Motherboard for i9 12900K
MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi

MSI MPG Z690’s Features and Specifications

  • It supports DDR5 5600 MHz high-speed memory
  • Supports Intel Core 12th Gen processors
  • Aluminum cover VRM heat pipe for cooling
  • M.2 Shield Frozr and MOSFET baseplate
  • High-speed storage with lightning Gen 4 solution
  • Hight speed Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6E

Reasons to Buy

  • Long-lasting stability for high performance
  • Highly robust and durable
  • PCB coating in eight layers
  • M.2 double-sided shield Frozr

Reasons to Avoid

  • Still an expensive choice
  • Lacks CrossFireX technology
  • High latency connectivity issues

If you’re looking for the best overclocking motherboard for i9 12900K with a performance twist, then the MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi is the way to go. It provides all the essentials in power regulation and cooling, and other necessary items like high-quality components. It also has its unique advantages, so let’s delve deeper. First up, it features next-generation network support such as 2.5Gb LAN Port which provides faster speeds.

The 12900K and DDR5 RAM are not cheap components, but if you’re really in the market for a VRM-oriented motherboard, then the MSI Z690 Carbon WiFi is the one to get. Its low cost and high functionality make it an excellent choice without taking a significant hit on performance. MSI’s Carbon WiFi isn’t just better than others; it’s plain incredible. Not only can you play Far Cry 6 at smooth triple digit FPS, but it runs beautifully without any technical glitches

Finally, something a bit more eye-catching for the MSI Z690 Gaming Carbon that the RGB had to give way to. Granted, dark carbon gray and black isn’t exactly a warm and inviting color scheme, but at least MSI still found ways to introduce some visual interest with geometric patterns adorned across its surface. However, once the lights illuminate, they become a sight to behold and bring things to life.

The Z690 Carbon can hold five M.2 drives without add-in cards or PCIe 3.0 throwbacks. It provides ideal stability for gaming and professional users who want to take advantage of such storage power. They get covered by double-sided Frozr heatsinks on every M.2 drive, one above the GPU to keep that area nice & cool as well.

The Carbon’s VRM, which provides precise and reliable power to the CPU, is relatively standard by Elite’s standards. While not comparable to more expensive board’s top-of-the-line offerings, it dwarfs what we have seen with previous generation motherboards. This particular setup offers up to 75A of juice but performs just as well at a lower cost. The VRM runs at around 50°C range due to enormous heatsinks surrounding each phase.

The Carbon supports DDR5 RAM overclocks up to a staggering 6666MHz. The Carbon comes outfitted with a postcode display and PCIe 5.0 x16 slots for expansion. The cooling department is also well equipped, allowing you to connect six case fans and a water pump. You’re covered if you have Thunderbolt 3 as long as you provide a suitable card for it.

Overall, MSI MPG Z690’s is among the top best motherboards for i9 12900K among its peers regarding overclocking and performance. Its high-speed connectivity with nine USB ports and orderly labeled I/O makes it desirable. Furthermore, the HDMI and DisplayPort are amazing additions that give high-resolution displays a good option. The 7.1 Surround Sound Support and high-speed networking with 2.5G Ethernet and WiFi 6 cannot get any better on top of all these features.

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E

Best Value Motherboard for i9 12900K

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E - Best Value Motherboard for i9 12900K
ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E Specifications

  • Intel LGA 1700 12th Gen ready socket
  • AI-controlled networking and motherboard
  • ProCool II power connector for a robust power solution
  • DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 support
  • High-speed storage with ROG Hyper M.2 card and USB 3.2 Gen
  • Robust Intel 2.5 Gb ethernet and WiFi 6E connectivity
  • Optimized VRM heatsink thermal design

Reasons to Buy

  • High-speed HDMI and DP ports
  • RGB board for aesthetics
  • Robust build quality
  • DDR5 high-speed RAM support

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks backplate

If you’re looking for a great mid-range gaming motherboard and don’t want to spend a lot, the ROG Strix Z690-E will deliver on just about all of your requirements. With support for PCIe 5.0, DDR5 RAM, and high-end components, you can enjoy responsive computing without sacrificing performance or stability. The board also has 2.5Gb LAN, WiFi 6E, and an excellent aesthetic implementation that goes well beyond what we’ve seen before. In comparison, it’s not as flashy as some of its more expensive competitors. It certainly delivers on every single one of its promises.

The Asus ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WIFI motherboard is extremely sturdy and rugged. Its sense of being premium is second only to its intelligent aesthetics, which in this case, feature adjustable RGB lighting that accentuates the overall look and feel of the product. It features an 18+1 VRM design @ 90 A for extreme power delivery.

You will see capable elite resistors, tough capacitors, and a low-temperature I/O cover design that ensures exceptional heat dissipation. An impressive integrated VRM heatsink is intended to provide superior overclocking support of 6,400MHz for the DDR5 RAM. The power it packs is more than what you need for running your daily tasks and gaming routine.

The most significant aspect is that it has 5 M.2 slots which provide faster connectivity. In addition to all these features, something additional to note that distinguishes Asus ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming from its competitors is its Noise cancellation technology. It inhibits fan noise and reduces high-frequency noise generated. This feature adds a layer of sophistication that sets this board apart from its competitors and truly cements its reputation as one of the good motherboards for i9 12900K processors.

Two thick VRM heat spreaders improve cooling quality on these powerful Alder Lake Intel processors. Excellent thermal pads can help transfer heat from one point to another, such as removing it from the inductor and spreading it across the heatsink.

Many superb features will not allow one motherboard to dominate the market, and this is the point of differentiation that separates one from the crowd. The high-performance WIFI 6 standard offers an exceptional gaming experience for its users, allowing them to immerse themselves in a new dimension of gaming pleasure. The latest revolutionary technology combined with top-notch engineering makes Asus ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming a good-looking and functional piece, giving gamers exactly what they yearn for – something unique yet efficient.

With the all-around performance, robustness, competence, and aesthetics combined with an overall good value for money without compromising on any of these features, the ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E is the best value motherboard for i9 12900K. There is no comparison of this motherboard with the performance and value combined competition.


Best Budget Motherboard for i9 12900K


Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master Specifications and Features

  • Non-ECC Dual-channel DDR5 high-speed memory
  • Supports 1700 socket Intel LGA
  • Commanding power direct VRM design
  • Thermal cutting design with NanoCarbon fins Array III
  • Fast connectivity with AQUANTIA 10GbE LA, WiFi 6E, 2.5 Gb Lan
  • Next-Gen PCIe 5.0 and Intel Thunderbolt 4 connectivity

Reasons to Buy

  • VRM setup is formidable
  • Substantial overclocking potential
  • It comes with 10 Gbps Ethernet and WiFi 6E
  • Remarkable cooling potential
  • Durable and quality build

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks SLI support
  • It comes with variable cache data

The AORUS Master is one of the best motherboards for i9-12900K. It comes with features that make a difference and allow consumers to experience faster performance, cooler gaming and make their PC lighting pop. The motherboard includes the innovative VRM Heatsink. It provides excellent heat dissipation and keeps the internal components cool after long hours of gaming.

All the Z-series motherboards are attractive in their way, but something about this one just takes it to another level. The RGB color scheme is not only gorgeous to look at, but it helps enhance its aesthetic demeanor. Two RGB zones on the I/O shroud and chipset heatsink ensure you can still make Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master unique by adding your touch of personality with custom lighting schemes and effects.

Aorus Master doesn’t win the race with a large margin when overclocking, but it is a Marvel to behold even without extreme tweaking. Without going overboard, its prime concern is stability, and this extends to both the GPU and its VRM circuit, with a total of 19+1+2 phases. That’s equivalent to 105A worth at the Vcore for each. Gigabyte has taken cooling a step further by designing this new type of heatsink that resembles more CPU coolers. It allows the motherboard and processor to remain cool enough not to need any intervention from the fire department for fear of them catching on fire.

The cooling of the AORUS Master best budget motherboard for i9 12900K is not a marketing tactic. It hosts one of the best cooling solutions among its peers, with its bottom part having an enormous heatsink to cover four M.2 slots and chipset. The second part supports eleven headers that excel the competition by bearing the four water cooling components, including the standard system fans.

DDR5 is an incumbent of its generation; expected card-sized interface expansions are one of the game’s MVPs. Plating mechanisms around these slots help hide other goodies like WIMA capacitors. They make for a much more immersive audio experience. It features fewer USB headers and allows connections for add-in cards for the Thunderbolt.

There are many misconceptions about computer hardware not being concerned with aesthetics or looks. It is far from the truth. The AORUS Master has proven to be among the top choices among other motherboards because of its gorgeous lights and awesome style, making it perfect for gamers.

Overall, Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master is a showcase of power and aesthetics. The compatibility with WiFi 6E and faster Aquantia Ethernet makes it an excellent choice for gamers who don’t want to miss any bit of their network speed. You can have fun while getting an unparalleled sound experience. It does well in overclock, but the cooling and stability make it one of the top-of-the-line motherboards for i9 12900K.

ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus

Best Cheap Motherboard for i9 12900K

ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus
ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus

Features And Specifications of TUF Gaming Z690-PLUS:

  • Windows 11 ready with Intel Core 12th Gen support
  • Military-grade components with enhanced power solutions
  • VRM heatsink, hybrid fan headers, M.2 heatsink for comprehensive cooling
  • Thunderbolt 4 headers, High-speed USB, and SSD for connectivity
  • PCIe 5.0, SafeDIMM, and PC GIY friendly I/O shield
  • TUF gaming ID design and LED for aesthetics
  • Pristine audio quality with Realtek S1200A and ASUS AI noise cancellation

Reasons to Buy

  • Integrated WiFi support
  • High speed DDR4 memory support
  • Beautiful RGB lighting
  • Attractive black design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks latest DDR5 support
  • Lack SLI support

TUF Gaming Z690-PLUS is one of ASUS’ top-quality motherboards with the latest processor support. It eliminates the need for additional accessories and components when you’re putting together a new computer. It also features AURA Sync RGB lighting with a 1700 LGA socket, which helps to make setting up your computer look great. If you are a serious gamer who plays to win, this board has advanced Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and will give you everything you need to achieve victory without investing more.

It comes with all the features a person wants to purchase and corresponding performance statistics. The user’s experience is impressive, and it also values its price point. In other words, it’s one of the most premium enthusiast motherboards available on the market when it comes to Intel’s newest line of CPUs that can impress even the most pretentious user. It’s not perfect in every sense of the word, but for those looking for top-of-the-line performance and don’t mind paying above average dollar amounts for it—you might find just want you’re looking for with ASUS TUF Gaming Z690.

ASUS TUF Gaming Z690 motherboard has AI to enhance sound and graphics quality for gamers who love to turn down their volume for noiseless gaming sessions. These boards have built crystal clear communication between the display and speaker audio by keeping your chats and music chatter-free from interference. So you may still be wondering why others crown them as the motherboards for i9 12900K processors. They simply outshine other models by combining stability, efficiency, and power with increased durability.

TUF Gaming Z690 is one of the most affordable and reasonably priced high-end graphics cards available on the market today. What’s helpful is that this product doesn’t come with a steep installed price tag associated with many other items out there. Although it does not advertise multi-GPU support and DDR5 RAM, it’s still excellent news for customers looking for significant upgrades for their PC by reusing parts from their previous setup. If you want to experience an upgrade like never before, then ASUS TUF Gaming Z690 will never let you down in terms of performance or value for money spent.

Overall, ASUS TUF Gaming Z690 offers an excellent cooling solution with an extended CRM heat sink. It comes with unique and modified hybrid fan headers to address the issues related to the performance during long gaming sessions. If you want the best cheap motherboard for i9 12900K processors, you can never go wrong with TUF Gaming Z690 as it features memory modules, aesthetics, and good storage coverage.

How We Chose The Best Motherboard for i9-12900K

If you want to get hands-on with the best motherboards for i9 12900K processors, our list can help you to narrow down your research. However, when selecting the finest of all these five motherboards, you need to look for some important considerations.

These considerations will help you finally select your motherboard for i9 12900K.

Latest Models

It’s better to choose the latest models from reputed brands. Companies update their products regularly, and the latest models come with many useful new features, better than before. Whatever issues were found in previous versions are also improved for newer versions – so it’s never a bad idea to get your hands on one of the newer ones.

CPU Socket

The CPU socket plays a key role when searching for the right motherboard that supports your chosen CPU. A compatible socket ensures that you won’t have compatibility issues while installing your chosen processor into the motherboard. If you’re looking to install an Intel Core i9-12900K processor into a motherboard, we recommend selecting a motherboard with an LGA 1700 socket.

Form Factor

Many variables will ultimately decide your motherboard size, but (depending on what kind of computer you are building) the biggest deciding factor is whether or not you want an ATX, Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, or Extended ATX motherboard.

But if you ask us, we would always recommend choosing the larger because they tend to come with more expansion slots and ports – which isn’t something you want to skimp out on in today’s increasingly connected world. So be sure to research all of your options before buying a new motherboard and make sure it comes with the right specifications for your specific needs.


You can’t just go around buying whatever motherboard you want without first having a good grasp of how much memory it can support and what type. You need to get the most advanced type of memory and higher capacity drives, though it’s even better if your motherboards can support SSD NVMe 4.0 storage.

A good motherboard should also have a solid connection with USB 3.0 ports. When selecting a motherboard for your PC, be sure that its connectivity options include multiple ports and drive connections so that all of your devices will work well together.

AI Motherboards

Advanced AI algorithms tend to couple with the selected operation and decision making, which means the devices made could be best when it comes to performance and speed issues using these technologies. When it comes to gamers or graphic designers, they will find these devices to offer extreme power in terms of performance, memory, and graphic quality that was never before obtainable.


Modern motherboards include built-in standard features, so users no longer purchase additional expansion cards. They may run a little more expensive than basic models, but they can be worth their price if they provide features that you need, like enhanced onboard audio, for instance.

Gamers might also prefer specialized protocols, depending on whether or not you need extra features such as enhanced overclocking and quick connectivity for one of your components. So it’s really up to the individual user about what features matter most to them when purchasing a motherboard.


When creating a new PC or updating an existing one, there are many options. You should know that the market has extended to offer so much variety in choices and materials ready to go right into production. But you need to test all the possibilities to make the best out of your investment which will pay off with better performance and performance scores.

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each item and eliminate worries associated with defining prices or building quality by choosing a proven manufacturer who delivers reliably on their time frames while being affordable as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which motherboard is best for i9 12900K processor?

There are plenty of options when buying the best motherboards for i9 12900K. However, the final selection and their value for making the best in business depend on the specifications. They may have excellent overclocking abilities, cooling features, DDR5 RAM, extended storage, and a design to take the gaming to the next level.

Is the DDR5 backward compatible with DDR4?

A physical difference between DDR4 and DDR5 RAM makes compatibility a known issue. The pin and the cut are different, hindering the adjustment of one module to another. In simple words, you cannot use the DDR4 RAM on the DDR5 motherboard due to the different physical structures.

Will the RTX 3000 GPUs perform better with the PCIe 5.0 motherboard?

The RTX 3000 GPUs have PCIe 4.0 standards for their all-lineup. Whereas the PCIe 5.0 is a performance upgrade from the previous generation. It is not possible that an RTX 3000 GPU can perform better than the latest standard in terms of performance and power.

What motherboard is compatible with an i9 12900k?

The motherboards with LGA 1700 sockets are the most compatible motherboards with the i9 12900K. They have an excellent design to feature cooling capabilities and outperform the previous generations with a much better performance. You can also get the next Gen connectivity without losing a bit concerning the money spent.

Do you need a new motherboard for i9 12900K?

The motherboard is the key component of the computer build as it houses the component and allows to run them in perfect coordination. The i9 12900K is a new processor that needs a compatible motherboard to house it and run the components perfectly. Therefore a new motherboard is a prerequisite for running i9 12900K processors.


The i9 12900K processors are a performance beast with the best clocking speeds, highest score, and better characteristics. You need to consider many things when buying the best motherboards for i9 12900K, like durability, aesthetics, RAM support, cooling, and stable performance. We have listed the best options that you can buy from the market while investing in the budget to expensive models.

I recommend going for the motherboard that offers a balance of everything. Furthermore, invest in the motherboard that addresses your needs. Sometimes a model is best from our perspective but not for the user, so keep this in mind while purchasing. Going with a reputable brand and a motherboard with plenty of features is the best investment, according to my experience.

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