Best Keyboards for Fortnite

When you are a gamer, the equipment you use is extremely important. Every Fortnite gamer out there is looking for the best gaming keyboard for Fortnite to help them improve their game and win that one battle they can’t seem to win. Especially for those players who have missed numerous opportunities on the battlefield due to a lack of accuracy and precision in their gadgets.

Whether you’re playing Fortnite, League of Legends, Genshin Impact, or PUBG, it’s hugely annoying when your keyboard or mouse suddenly stop working. Another possibility is that it did not accept the command you were attempting to enter! The quest or battle is then forfeited. Every gamer has experienced frustration at some point in their gaming. This is the reason you not only need to have the best settings for fortnite, but also the best mouse for fortnite and a perfect keyboard with best RGB that could let you win the battle in every situaion.

Not to worry! Many brands have introduced some amazing keyboards that will satisfy the needs of gamers of all skillset out there. These amazing set of keyboards will give you the best and most wanted experience that a pro gamer yearns for as they enter the quests and battles.

What Makes a Keyboard Best for Fortnite?

Well, there are a number of reasons that you may want to use a keyboard while playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. There is no best way to play the game and some players prefer the controller while others love using a mouse and keyboard on PC or console. Having said that, here are some ways in which you can use a keyboard over other peripherals that may enhance your Fortnite: Battle Royale gaming experience.

The first and foremost reason you might want to choose a keyboard for playing Fortnite: Battle Royale is the ability to use more than one keybinding at once. This means that even if you have set up multiple character bindings, you can use one button on the keyboard to activate them all at once. This is really useful when building bases and allows you to build quickly with less effort.

Another great reason that you might consider using a keyboard while playing Fortnite: Battle Royale is the ability of the keyboard to allow for macros. Macros are like sophisticated scripts that can activate a series of keybinds with one press. They can also be used for a variety of other automation tasks that will help to set up your preferred gaming environment.

A keyboard can also give you the advantage in Fortnite: Battle Royale when it comes to communication and typing chat messages or twitch alerts. Using a mouse to type, while possible, can be a little bit tricky and the small movement of the keys on a keyboard makes it easier to type while using special characters.

Finally, you might want to consider using a keyboard just because some players have said that they feel that they are better at aiming with one. You may agree or disagree about this but from a purely mechanical point of view, keys are mechanical in nature while a mouse is not. This is why some players prefer using a keyboard to control movement in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

While it is certainly possible to have good aiming with a controller or even on touchscreens, most Fortnite players agree that the mouse and keyboard combo just feels more natural and organic.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences and playstyle. It is up to you which device will suit your needs the best while playing Fortnite: Battle Royale, but we do hope that this article will help you make a more informed decision in making your choice about hardware devices for the game.

6 Best Keyboards For Fortnite

  1. Redragon S101
  2. Logitech G910 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  3. FIODIO Wired Gaming Keyboard
  4. HyperX Alloy Origins Core
  5. Corsair Gaming K95 PLATINUM Mechanical Keyboard
  6. Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

1. Redragon S101

Best and cheap All in one keyboard for Fortnite gamers

Redragon S101
Redragon S101


ModelRed Dragon
Dimensions17.91 x 7.2 x 0.91 inches
BacklitRGB (5)
SwitchesGaming Grade Micro
Wrist restIncluded- non-detachable
Keyboard typeMembrane keyboard
Connectivity typeType-A USB cable
Chord length150cm

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable
  • Can be attached to multiple devices
  • Best for multiple gaming consoles
  • Water resistant

Reasons to Avoid

  • Keys are not much durable
  • Buggy software

For gamers of all levels, this model will do the best job under a low budget. This keyboard is a good choice for all gamers, either rookies or pros under $50. Not only that, but this model also provides the precision and accuracy that every gamer players desire when they are in the midst of a high-stakes game.

In addition, this keyboard provides all the functionalities that a player needs while playing a game. This budget-friendly keyboard will be a good option for them. However, this keyboard has a plastic body chassis. It means that this keyboard is not a sturdy keyboard, though the hardcore gamers need durability.

Moreover, the keyboard has 25 non-conflict keys. Non-conflict keys are underlined so that gamers can easily find those keys on the keyboard. This will help the player feel less trippy or confused while playing the next arena or the quest which they always wanted to win.

This keyboard comes with a mouse, which is a little average in comparison to the keyboard. However, this mouse is quite budget-friendly! Additionally, the mouse weights at the bottom are removable.

Finally, this entry-level set is ideal for all those newbies looking to get their feet wet in the world of gaming. Even if you are a pro player and looking for a good set of peripherals to give you a good gaming experience, this is a good investment.

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2. Logitech G910 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Take that control today.

Logitech G910 Orion
Logitech G910 Orion


ModelLogitech G
dimensions19.88 x 8.27 x 1.4 inches
Backlitintelligent RGB Illumination
Weight‎3.3 pounds
SwitchesExclusive Romer G mechanical switches.
Wrist restAttached- detachable
Keyboard typeExclusive Romer-G Mechanical keyboard
Connectivity typeUSB
Batteries1 AA batteries required.

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable
  • Highly responsive keys
  • Macro keys are easy to use
  • Software is easy to install

Reasons to Avoid

  • Noisy keyboard
  • Not durable

This keyboard has collaborated with Omron on an improved switch type. Moreover, this keyboard has about 104 key layouts, and 9 extra macros programmable G3 keys located on the left and top of the WASD keys. These keys can switch between three different types of functionality per profile.

With all these features, this is one of the most responsive keyboards available on the market. It will provide the gamers with the best gaming experience possible and prove to be the finest equipment as well.

In Addition, the visible RGB LED lighting with multiple light patterns will enhance your gaming experience as well as the gaming setup. It also has a button dedicated to gaming mode. When pressed, it disables the backlit in the window keys. It has two wrist hand rests to support your hand, those are removable as well.

It has its own dedicated multimedia control buttons. Other than that, the keyboard even has a dock for your phone to sit in. Probably for visuals while the gamer is playing. You can use it to talk with friends on your phone while gaming.

For gamers, keyboards like these give out a nice feel while typing. A tactile and satisfying click as the gamer presses the keys. The performance of this keyboard is super good for gamers who want fast and precise keyboards for their games.

Furthermore, this keyboard comes with Romer G switches These are some exclusive and new switches developed in collaboration with Omron electronics. This will make the gameplay for the gamer even more smooth than before.

Moreover, for gamers who are accustomed to using rubber domes, for this keyboard, the engineers of Logitech and Omron have successfully engineered a better and much-upgraded version that will give you the same comfort level as before.

However, there are some issues with the keyboard’s outer finish. The keyboard’s keycaps are designed in an extremely inconvenient manner. They have a steep, angular shape. I’m not sure if it was done to add style, because it’s not appealing to some gamers.

But, aside from that, I believe this keyboard is fantastic and will be your best gear for easily winning on the battlefield.

3. FIODIO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

A cool and reliable gear in a Fortnite battlefield.

FIODIO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Fiodio Rainbow Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo


dimensions17.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches
BacklitRainbow RGB
Weight‎2.4 pounds
Keyboard typeMechanical
Connectivity typeUSB
Operating systems ‎Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Wrist restAttached-removable
SwitchesBlack Switches

Reasons to Buy

  • Sleek design
  • RGB lighting with varied effects to choose from, including rainbow wave, breathing and ripple effects
  • A plethora of shortcut keys on the left for quick access
  • Inexpensive compared to similar products from other brands

Reasons to Avoid

  • Keycaps feel a bit flimsy.
  • The rubber pads are way too small and slip off easily
  • Non-detachable USB cord
  • Scratchy plastic on the inside of the wrist rest portion

This mechanical keyboard has black switches, which are thought to be the best for gamers who enjoy first-person shooter games like Fortnite. In other words, these liner switches will give the gamers an edge in the game.

Moreover, the keyboard has 19 different types of beautiful backlighting. the user can also adjust the light’s breathing speed, streaming speed and racing speed. It has a knob on the right side of the keyboard that allows you to change the RGB light settings. This feature allows gamers to select different styles of backlighting based on the mood of their game and gaming environment.

 This keyboard is the best in terms of responsiveness and accuracy, especially when inputting game commands and other information. It has a great feature which is the full 104 key anti-ghosting to help you play like a pro and as smoothly as possible.

Gamers want a long-lasting keyboard that is sturdy and durable. Having said that, the FIODIO mechanical keyboard has a metal and plastic structure that is quite sturdy and fulfils that requirement. Likewise, it has also been tested over 10 million keystrokes to check its durability. In addition, it also consists of detachable magnetic hand rest to prevent problems like hand fatigue.

Similarly, it is important to stay hydrated during long gaming sessions. If you are a gamer who keeps water near your gaming setup to stay hydrated; this keyboard is best for you as it is built to resist liquid spillage.

As for the typing feel, the keyboard is a mechanical keyboard so there will be clicks heard while pressing it. However, they will not be that loud. So, a gamer will not cause any disturbance to others while using this keyboard. Moreover, it has a good and tactile feel to it while clicking or typing on the keyboard. This keyboard can be used by typists as well.

To finish, this keyboard is great for all levels of gamers out there. It comes at an affordable price and gives the gamer all the things that they need to enjoy their games like a pro.

4. HyperX Alloy Origins Core

Fortnite gamer’s best friend

HyperX Alloy Origins Core
HyperX Alloy Origins Core


dimensions14.1 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches
Weight‎2.4 pounds
Keyboard typeMechanical
Connectivity typeUSB
Wrist restAttached-removable
SwitchesHyperX Mechanical Switches 

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable design and materials
  • Minimal branding
  • Powerful, user-friendly software
  • Consistently high performance

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive compared to similar keyboards
  • Lackluster design
  • USB passthrough would be nice
  • Wrist rest is a bit too flexible

This keyboard is an excellent choice for any gamer looking to purchase a good keyboard for their gaming setup. This keyboard is a reliable choice for gamers. It has a good balance of responsiveness and accuracy that is provided to the gamer at a small actuation force.  Furthermore, it has a strong aircraft-grade aluminium body, indicating that it is a long-lasting and well-made keyboard.

This gaming keyboard takes up little space on the desk as required by the gamer. They do not come with a lot of features like the keyboards that came before it on the list. However, it fulfils the gamer’s necessity of precision and accuracy as the game is played.

The hyper x Alloy origin comes with its own set of mechanical switches. The red ones are for a linear feel, while the aqua ones are for a tactile feel. These switches are ideal for gamers because they allow for repetitive actions or clicks while also being easier to click and press. And also have a good level of response time.

Furthermore, it has an 80 million keystroke life span, indicating that it is durable and suitable for gamers. Although it is very loud, the keyboard feels good to type on. The loudness can be blamed on the cheap keycaps.

This keyboard works well for both gamers and typists who are looking for a good keyboard to make gaming or typing satisfying for themselves. Other than that, it also necessitates the installation of a software; the Nguenity software. The Nguenity software has some issues, such as being difficult to install on many computers.

Other than that, if a gamer is looking for a simple gaming keyboard for their gaming setup this one will do and is worth buying.

5. Corsair Gaming K95 PLATINUM Mechanical Keyboard

Everything you need for Fortnite

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum
Corsair K95 RGB


Product dimensions18.3 x 6.7 x 1.4 inches
Weight2.92 lbs
Keyboard typeMechanical
Connectivity typeUSB
Hand restAttached- removable
SwitchesCherry MX Speed RGB mechanical key switches: 

Reasons to Buy

  • Aesthetically pleasing (personal opinion)
  • Mechanical Cherry MX Switches. You can get it with Red, Brown or Blue switches.
  • Macro keys. (MMO lovers might like this)
  • USB Pass-through Port for easy access

Reasons to Avoid

  • It is a bit pricey.
  • You can’t remap the macro keys, but that’s alright with me.
  • The keys are a bit loud!

This Corsier mechanical keyboard is a sleek and stealthy keyboard with several new and amazing features that will revolutionize the gaming experience. It has a row of 6G macro keys on one side and it has beautiful RGB lighting. This device has all that is wanted by an average and pro player. It has a fast actuation, fast response and good tactile feedback.

It also has an onboard 8 MB memory on it, which means that it can save 3 customizable profiles on the keyboard. In addition to this, the lighting is completely under the control of the gamer. The gamer can experience in-game lighting effects as well. Because of these awesome features, this keyboard is one of the best gadgets for gamers to have a fun experience.

The keyboard is constructed entirely of aluminium and strong plastic. The structure of the body is extremely strong, sturdy, and flat. Because of its high quality, it lasts a very long time. This makes this keyboard one of the best for all gamers looking for a good keyboard that will last a long time. And this keyboard is guaranteed to last for at least 5 years.

A magnetically detachable hand rest is also included. High-quality materials are used to make the hand rest. It is made of military-grade aluminium, which improves the keyboard’s quality. This is a fantastic feature for many gamers. On the keyboard, there is a set of multimedia keys. A few examples include window lock, brightness control, mute, volume dial, and profile keys.

The keyboard’s switches are comfortable to type on. The switches’ down travel is a little low, but it feels smooth and good to type on as well as while gaming. It allows for repetitive clicks with quick responses. Which is needed while gaming.

This product offers a lot of features that are considered futuristic by many gamers. It is best for those gamers who want to fully enjoy the gaming experience. However, it is really expensive. It depends on the gamer if they want to spend on this item or not.

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6. Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

The best partner in the Fortnite tournament

Razer Huntsman Elite
Razer Huntsman Elite


Product dimensions5.54 x 14.27 x 1.45 inches
Weight3.63 lbs
Keyboard typeMechanical keyboard
Connectivity typeUSB
Hand rest Attached removable
SwitchesRazer Linear Optical switch

Reasons to Buy

  • Sleek looking keyboard with customizable backlighting
  • Individually programmable keys(great for macros)
  • Built in Passthrough USB
  • Slim keycaps, great for gaming.
  • Great tactile feel when pressing buttons.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive
  • Not a true mechanical keyboard, the keys only have 45g of travel.
  • No dedicated media buttons

Like its recently released model, Huntsman Mini Analog, this keyboard is one of the bests, especially for eSports, where gamers want extremely fast and instant actuation, accurate responsiveness and a lot more. It has the greatest features that only a few keyboards can give. It has one of the fastest Razor switches, giving it the speed that all the gamers dream of.

It also has RGB lighting and removable wrist rest. Its keycaps are also of the highest quality, being made of double-shot PBT. They give the keyboard a lovely and premium appearance. Its tenkeyless design allows for easier positioning and more involvement in the game while playing.

It has a detachable type c cable that makes it easier for players to move from one match to another. Moreover, it’s important for the gear to keep up with the player’s speed and this gadget keeps up with the speed of the player with ease and perfection. The switch designed for this keyboard is made for the completion of that purpose. To help you win in the game.

The switches will give you a smooth and frictionless feel while playing the game that requires concentration. It will respond to all the commands that are input by the player in no time. These keyboard switches will allow you to experience quicker responses with very little force.  This is ideal for a pro player especially.

This keyboard offers a lot of upgraded features that a player would kill to have. Although it is a little pricy. Having said this, this keyboard is the best option for those players who want to compete on a higher level, for example, esports.

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Things to Consider While Buying a Keyboard for Fortnite

There are innumerable things that you have to consider before purchasing a keyboard for yourself. This includes the type of device, price, the shape of the keys, keycaps and so much more.

Keyboard Type

The first thing that you have to think about is what kind of keyboard do you want to purchase? There are three main types of keyboards that you can purchase for DIY use and these include mechanical, membrane and hybrid.

Mechanical keyboards are the most popular kind of keyboard when it comes to gaming because they provide great tactile feedback while typing. Most gamers prefer using mechanical keyboards when playing Fortnite: Battle Royale because they do not have trouble with things like ghosting or key bounce. These keyboards are a little more expensive though and this might turn off some gamers from purchasing one.

Membrane keyboards are the most common kind of keyboard that you will see around in homes and offices today. They are usually lightweight, thin and require less force to activate keys when compared with mechanical keyboards. The largest drawback that you will come across with a membrane keyboard is that they don’t have the same feedback as mechanical keyboards and often feature key bounce. This means that while you are typing, some keys may register twice due to physics.

Hybrid keyboards are a mix between membrane and mechanical keyboards. They combine the best features from both worlds but at the same time provide the drawbacks that you might encounter with membrane keyboards. This can be a great option for people who like mechanical keyboards but don’t want to spend too much on them because hybrid keyboards are definitely cheaper than their mechanical counterparts.

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Price Range/​Budget

The second thing that you should consider before purchasing a keyboard is your budget. You can find keyboards from as little as $30 brand new, but it is better to spend a little more on them if you want to buy one that will last for a long time.

There are hundreds of different brands and models available when it comes to Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboards, which means that you can get one that fits your budget and contains the features that you need.

You can get keyboards from manufacturers like Corsair, Razer, HyperX and many others. This means that there is no dearth of choices when looking for Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboards.

Keycap Material​s

The third thing to consider while purchasing a keyboard is the materials that are used to create the keycaps. There are three main types of materials that you will come across while purchasing a keyboard and these include plastic, metal and polycarbonate.

Plastic keycaps are the cheapest option by far when it comes to Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboards. Since most Fortnite: Battle Royale players prefer buying cheap gaming peripherals, you will see people using keyboards with plastic keycaps and that’s because they are very lightweight. They also do not contain any kind of backlighting and since they can get dirty rather easily, maintaining them after a while may be difficult.

Metal keycaps are the second most common option when it comes to the materials that are used to create keycaps for mechanical keyboards. Most manufacturers of Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboards use metal (aluminum) keycaps on their products because they are heavyweight, durable and they also contain backlighting options. Most people like using aluminum keycaps because these come with an added advantage of not getting dirty as easily as plastic keycaps do.

Polycarbonate keycaps are a relatively new technology that is being used by manufacturers of Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboards and they contain benefits like durability, lightweight nature and backlighting options from their predecessors. Polycarbonate keycaps are very expensive but if you want to get the best keyboard for Fortnite: Battle Royale, you will have to spend a little amount on it.

RGB Backlighting

The fourth thing that you should keep in mind before purchasing any keyboard is whether or not the model you are buying features backlighting options. Backlight illumination is generally used to illuminate the keycaps of mechanical keyboards but you will also see manufacturers including this feature on membrane keyboards as well.

The good thing about backlighting is that it helps you to type in low light conditions or when playing games in dark environments. However, not all Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboards come with backlighting options because they are expensive and they may eat up a lot of battery life.

You can find backlighting options in almost every price range available when it comes to Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboards but if you are looking for the best model, then you should probably look into spending a little extra on one that has RGB LED illumination options. The good thing about RGB LED lighting is that it allows players to set a lighting effect for their keyboard and also change it whenever they want to.

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Purpose of Use

The fifth thing to consider while purchasing a Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboard is why you are buying one in the first place. I am not saying that you should not buy a good quality keyboard just because your primary reason for doing so is gaming, but you should know why you are spending money on a keyboard.

If you prefer playing games and also need a typing keyboard using the same surface, then it would be better if you spent a little bit of extra money and bought a full-fledged mechanical gaming keyboard instead of buying a cheaper one. Mechanical keyboards usually come with additional features and these features can help you with your gaming and typing experience.

If you don’t mind having two different keyboards, then getting a membrane keyboard for Fortnite: Battle Royale may be a better choice because it will cost you less than $50 and they usually do not contain any additional features which means that you will be able to concentrate on Fortnite: Battle Royale without any hassles.


The last thing to consider while buying a Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboard is portability because there are some people who don’t like having heavy keyboards with them when they’re on the move. If you belong to this category of users, then I would recommend that you buy a folding keyboard for this particular game because they are very lightweight and you can just fold them to save space when not in use.

This type of portable Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboards may be less effective than the larger ones, but if portability is your primary goal, then getting one would probably make more sense to you. Also, this type of keyboard will cost you less than a mechanical gaming one and they are available in almost every price range.

If you’re going to buy a Fortnite: Battle Royale Keyboard, then keep these things in mind and you won’t face any issues when purchasing your next one for this particular game.

Different keyboard types for Fortnite. 

The first is the standard keyboard. This type of keyboard has all of the letters, numbers, and symbols that you would expect on a keyboard. It is perfect for people who want to type out their words manually.

The second option is a gaming keyboard. This keyboard is designed specifically for gaming. It has several extra buttons that can be used to control the game. It also has a backlight to see the keys in the dark.

The third option is a laptop keyboard. This keyboard is designed for laptops. It is very slim and compact to fit in a small space. It also has a backlight to see the keys in the dark.

Which keyboard is right for you? That depends on your needs and preferences. If you want a standard keyboard that is easy to use, then the standard keyboard is the best option. If you want a gaming keyboard with extra buttons, then the gaming keyboard is the best option. If you want a slim and compact keyboard for your laptop, then the laptop keyboard is the best option.

Importance of Keyboard in Fortnite

In Fortnite, a keyboard is one of the essential gaming peripherals. It allows players to communicate with each other, as well as to execute various in-game commands.

A good keyboard should have a fast key response time and be comfortable to use. Many gaming keyboards also come with backlighting and additional macro keys, which can help perform specific in-game tasks.

When choosing a keyboard for Fortnite, it’s important to consider the game’s specific needs. For example, if you plan to use macros frequently, you’ll want a keyboard with dedicated macro keys. If you’re looking for something easy to transport, then you may want to consider a gaming keyboard that’s slim and lightweight.

One of the most important aspects of playing Fortnite is having a good keyboard. Many people seem to underestimate how important it is, but if you want to be successful in the game, you need to have a good keyboard.

Things That Make A Keyboard Good For Fortnite 

  • Lag

One of the biggest problems with gaming keyboards is that they often have a lot of lag. This can be frustrating when trying to play a fast-paced game like Fortnite. 

Some gaming keyboards also have backlights, which can also cause lag. If you’re looking for a good keyboard for Fortnite, you should avoid gaming keyboards with backlights.

  • Keys

Another essential thing to look for in a keyboard for Fortnite is the keys themselves. It would help if you had a keyboard with keys that are easy to press and don’t require a lot of force. This is especially important when you’re playing in a team, and you need to type quickly.

  • Layout

The layout of the keyboard is also essential. It would be best if you had a keyboard with a comfortable layout for you. Some keyboards have different layouts depending on which hand you use, while others are symmetrical.

  • Building elements

When you’re building in Fortnite, you need to press the corresponding keys quickly. Some keyboards have extra buttons that allow you to do this without taking your hand off the mouse. These keyboards are ideal for Fortnite.

How to choose the Best Keyboard For Fortnite

To determine the best keyboard for Fortnite, we looked at various factors, including the number of keys, the type of keys, the size of the keyboard, and the key layout. We also considered how well the keyboard performs in other games, such as PUBG and Overwatch.

There are many different keyboards on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. If you’re looking for a keyboard that will give you an edge in Fortnite, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, think about the type of gamer you are. If you’re a hardcore enthusiast who wants to have the best gaming experience possible, you’ll need a keyboard that is both durable and features customizable backlighting. However, if you’re more of a casual player, you may be more interested in a keyboard that is easy to use and has a low price tag.

Next, consider the games you play. If Fortnite is your only game, then any keyboard will do. However, if you play other games as well, you’ll want to look for a keyboard with features specific to those games. 

For instance, if you play first-person shooters, you’ll want a keyboard with anti-ghosting capabilities so that you can press multiple keys at the same time without worrying about missed shots.

Keyboard Compatibility in Fortnite 

One of the questions that Fortnite players frequently ask is whether or not their keyboard is compatible with the game. The quick answer to this question is yes – all keyboards are compatible with Fortnite. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when using a keyboard with the game.

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure your keyboard has the necessary keys to play Fortnite. The most important keys are the W, A, S, and D keys, which control movement. You’ll also need the spacebar used to jump and the E key, which is used to interact with objects in the game world.

If your keyboard doesn’t have these keys, you can still play Fortnite, but it may be more difficult. In particular, you’ll need to use the arrow keys to move around, which can be tricky in the heat of battle.

Another thing to keep in mind when using a keyboard with Fortnite is that not all keyboards are created equal. Some keyboards are better suited for gaming than others and may have more responsive keys or additional features that can help you in battle. If you’re looking for a keyboard specifically for Fortnite, be sure to do your research and find one that fits your needs.

Finally, it’s important to note that not all keyboards are compatible with every device. If you’re playing Fortnite on a PC, for example, you’ll need a keyboard that’s compatible with Windows. If you’re playing on a Mac, you’ll need a keyboard that’s compatible with macOS.

Keyboard Controls In Fortnite 

The keyboard controls in Fortnite are similar to the keyboard controls in other games, such as PUBG and Overwatch. In general, the keys are divided into three categories: movement, action, and inventory.

The W, A, S, and D keys are used to control your character’s movement, while the E key is used to interact with objects, and the Q key is used to open your inventory. The 1-4 keys are used to select weapons, and the M key is used to map an ability or item to a key.

Overall, the keyboard is a very important peripheral for Fortnite, and it should not be underestimated. If you are having trouble with lagginess or other performance issues, make sure to check your keyboard settings and make sure they are correct.

Final verdict:

Lastly, gaming keyboards are an absolute necessity for anyone who plays video games. With that in mind, we’ve created this list of the best gaming keyboards for Fortnite. We hope the information we provided has helped find the perfect keyboard for your needs.