Best Keyboard For Long Nails: 8 Keyboards Ranked

Your wish to keep long fingernails can come at a heavy price as not only can it become challenging to complete your activities but it can also slow your pace. One example of such tasks is typing; along with the uneasiness comes the difficulty of making errors. This is why it is important to buy an ideal and dedicated keyboard for long nails.

If people with long nails buy low-quality keyboards, they will have to strain their fingernails; this can cause their rate of your typing to become slower and your work becomes more prone to typing errors. Furthermore, the position of hands of these users can also kindle sprain in your wrists and hands.

It is on the account of all these factors that users with long nails must opt for more nail-friendly keyboards. Keyboards available in the market are of many kinds and most of them are not built for long nails or they are not the gaming keyboards built for persons with long nails. They either don’t possess adequate space for your nails or can cause your fingernails to slip and break. Do not stress it though, because this article has got you covered. In addition to facilitating you with buying tips and guiding you on how to better type with longer nails, we will also be providing a detailed list so you can easily choose the best keyboard for long nails. One more thing, as you have long nails, you also need to look at these best mice for fingertip grip.

Shopping Tips While Buying Keyboard for long nails

Before we dive into the options we have narrowed down for you, it is essential that you must first be able to decipher what are the fundamental features that you should be looking for. In order to effectively choose a keyboard for long fingernails, you have to take into consideration its ergonomic design, availability of non-slip material, silent typing, and affordable price.

Ergonomic design:

The prime concern of all users with long fingernails is ergonomics. What is your priority when you are typing? The thought that first comes to your mind is just you hoping that your nails won’t break. As a result of this, you neglect the proper alignment of your wrists which strains them and can lead to an injury if the position continues for long hours.

For better comfortability and safety, it is mandatory for people with long nails to decide on an ergonomic keyboard. The benefits of this will be that on top of the fact that your hands will be at ease, you will also have a better posture and you can further type better as your fingers will be aligned naturally.

Silent Typing:

It is a given that everyone requires a peaceful and silent environment. This is so you can fully focus on your game without being distracted. Moreover, you also don’t want to annoy others around you with click-clack noises. The keyboards you will be going through shortly offer a smooth response and thus minimize the noise that keys might produce.

If you are solely concerned about keyboards that offer Silent Typing you should read the following article: 7 Best Quiet Keyboards To Buy

Non-slip material:

Most keyboards are manufactured and designed so that your fingertips can rest on the keys. As a consequence of this fact, the keys on most keyboards prove to be more slippery for fingernails. This is why it is crucial to buy a keyboard that comes with non-slip material.

The keyboards that we will be mentioning below are least likely to cause your nail to slip. Therefore, if you were to choose any of the keyboards from the options we are providing, you are guaranteed better accuracy and a strong typing feel.

Affordable Price:

There is definitely no point in wasting a heavy amount of money just to be able to type better with long nails. It is important that you also check the affordability of the keyboards. Below are some of the keyboards that will not only prevent your nails from breaking but they will also save your bank from banking.

Best Keyboards For Long Nails in 2022

After thorough testing and research, below are some keyboards from Corsair, Logitech, Cooler Master etc. and using different types such as wired, wireless, full-sized, or Tenkeyless. So, here are the best keyboards for girls with long nails.

  1. Logitech MX Keys
  2. J JoyAccess 2.4 G
  3. Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  4. Cooler Master Sk-650
  5. Havit KB395L
  6. RK Royal Kludge RK61
  7. CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2
  8. Logitech G PRO

1) Logitech MX Keys

Best Wireless Keyboard For Long Nails

Logitech MX Keys - Best Wireless Keyboard for long nails
Logitech MX Keys

Reasons to Buy

  • Wireless charging lasts long
  • Smart Illumination
  • Can work with multi-devices simultaneously
  • Non-slippery

Reasons to Avoid

  • No mechanical switches
  • Charging speed is average

If you are looking to purchase a specifically wireless keyboard for long-nails that delivers high-end performance then the ideal choice would be Logitech MX Keys. This keyboard is manufactured with premium material and the structure is more robust. Therefore, with Logitech MX Keys, you can perform long hours of extreme gaming with ease. The retail price of this keyboard is $99, which is fair when considering what this keyboard has to offer.

Furthermore, in comparison with the preceding MX series, Logitech has increased the key stability in Logitech MX Keys. There are no signs of any wobbling which leads to an ultimate consistent typing experience. The keys have been optimized to be highly responsive and overall the key-press produces low noise. In addition to all that, the keys also have dents of a shape similar to our fingertips. This causes each stroke to feel more natural and comfortable.

Not only are the keys easy to press but the keyboard also has adequate space between the keys; owing to this, people with long nails can comfortably speed type. This is one of the many reasons it is one of the best keyboards for girls with long nails.

The layout of the keyboard is simple and has a single plate. Moreover, if you are willing to invest an extra $20 then along the surface you can add a separate area to rest your palm. This further ensures that even in intense situations, the user gets a comfortable experience of typing. The profile of the keyboard is low and the edges are round compared to other keyboards that mostly have sharp edges.

Since it is a wireless keyboard, you will have to go through the trouble of having to charge it from time to time. For this purpose, the users are provided with a USB Type-C cable. The cable offers quick and hassle-free charging. Additionally, after charging the keyboard once it worked around nine to ten days for us before the charging depleted. It is noteworthy that if you switch off the backlighting, the charging can further last up to around four to five months.

Logitech has implemented proximity sensors around the frame of the keyboard. With this smart illumination, the keys light up when you approach the board and fade when you are away. This is quite useful if you are gaming in a low-light environment.

The Logitech MX Keys does not come with mechanical switches; the users will not get a click-clack experience. However, this keyboard for long nails does ensure a solid, tactile, and faster experience when you hit every key. This proves quite useful when you have to type in the middle of a game. You naturally get used to faster typing as the travel distance of keys is short as well.

Altogether, Logitech MX is definitely a high-quality and highly compatible keyboard that delivers remarkable performance. Therefore, we highly recommend it for users with long nails.

2) J JoyAccess 2.4 G

Best budget Keyboard for Long Nails

J JOYACCESS 2.4G - Best Compact Wireless Keyboard for long nails

Reasons to Buy

  • Fast and Convenient
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable to use
  • Whisper-Quiet design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Low range connectivity
  • Relatively smaller overall size

You probably have never heard of this keyboard as it is not a prominent keyboard brand relative to other mentions in this list. Nevertheless, it is an exemplary keyboard for long nails. It comes in well-built material and has sufficient space between the keys. Even with long nails, you can type smoothly without any inconvenience.

This JoyAcces Budget Keyboard For Long-Nail comes in a compact design and wireless connectivity; the range is low but there is no lag or any sort of interference in the signal. It is a whisper-quiet gaming keyboard and the keys are manufactured from non-slippery material. In addition to making low noise, the keys are also highly responsive as the travel distance is short. However, the keys do make some noise when the user types fast. Additionally, the keys are positioned in a scissor-cross low profile layout and this makes the keyboard ultra-slim. The Budget keyboard for Long-Nail rests in a tilt position which renders typing even easier.

This is a wireless keyboard and has an impressive battery life that lasts up to 90 days. It automatically goes to sleep in 8 minutes if there is no typing. You don’t have to install any additional software and it is compatible with any operating system.

Overall, the JoyAccess wireless keyboard is a remarkable ergonomic keyboard that offers a convenient and comfortable typing experience during working or gaming. In spite of being a wireless keyboard with good quality performance even intense gaming sessions, it is still relatively cheaper and well within an average person’s income. It is slim in nature and the key press travels a total of 2mm thus it has a fast response time as well; the keystrokes are firmer and accurate. The alphanumeric keys also allow the user to quickly access any desired feature like the internet and music.

Although the keyboard is highly compatible, the hotkeys of the keyboard are not compatible with the Mac system. JoyAccess uses PAW 3212, which is a new chipset and it grants this keyboard stability in the transmission of the data. Owing to this factor, the keyboard is lag-free.

JoyAccess is a well-designed and well-differentiated keyboard that is durable, responsive, and easy on pockets.

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3) Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best mechanical Keyboard For Long Nails

Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Reasons to Buy

  • Comfortable for Long nail users
  • LED lighting assists typing in low light
  • Keys can be pushed easily

Reasons to Avoid

  • Noisey

Do you miss the old typewriters with those clickety-clack sounds? Well, the third in our best keyboard for long nails is the Ralon Mechanical Keyboard, which brings to life this aesthetic and style in this well-crafted retro keyboard. It comes with 12 LED-backlit modes and is customizable to fit your needs and wants.

Among all other keyboards dedicated to people with long nails, the best out of them would be Ralon Mechanical Keyboard. It is ideal for long nails because it in addition to being comfortable while typing, has ample space between the keys. You can easily place your fingernail on one particular key and it would not interfere or affect other keys around.

This Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard gives a look of a typewriter which can be relaxing for some people. The keys are responsive and susceptive to touch; the clicks from these keys produce loud click-clack sounds. This keyboard features 13 LED-backlit which are also referred to as backlit modes as they can be adjusted along with speed and brightness.

It is an anti-ghosting keyboard that comes with 104 keys and great multimedia keys; you can utilize several keys simultaneously with accuracy. The panel of Ralon is designed from the highest grade metal panel and a remarkable plastic body. The panel and keycaps have a brilliant matte finish; they have a strong built and thus are impervious to damages such as scratches and can withstand strong hardcore gaming.

Furthermore, the keycaps are made of ABS copolymer which can be dismantled easily; the keycaps can be effortlessly detached and replaced as well so you can type according to your convenience. Lastly, this Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is compatible with Windows 10/8/7, XP, VISTA, and Mac OS X.

4) Cooler Master Sk-650

Best Gaming Keyboard For Long Nails

Cooler Master SK650 Mechanical Keyboard
Cooler Master SK650

Reasons to Buy

  • Short actuation distance
  • Wide RGB lighting customizability
  • Easy to use software
  • Responsive keypress
  • Durable and high-quality build

Reasons to Avoid

  • Absence of wrist rest
  • Absence of mute button
  • Absence of dedicated media playback buttons
  • Thick keys

If you are a gamer who is obsessed with long nails, there’s no need to be frustrated over the choice of the keyboard because we have got you covered. Cooler Master Sk-650 is a gaming mechanical keyboard that has a low profile and comes with Cherry MX Low Profile Red Switches; moreover, the top of Sk-650 has a brushed aluminum plate over a plastic base which augments the rigidity of the keyboard.

This keyboard offers better precision and greater durability with its extra slim physique and extra-flat keycaps. It basically offers you high-quality looks without compromising on the performance of the keyboard.

The committed software of Cooler Master SK-650 is quite easy to use and allows you a wide range of customizability options; you get around 16.7 million colors that elevate the aesthetics of your gaming setup. This keyboard has a thoroughly appealing appearance with its colorful RGB lighting. The edges of the keyboard are chamfered as well to give it a more premium look.

Furthermore, what catches the attention of those who are habitual of moving the keyboard around frequently is that this keyboard possesses a slim minimal design; additionally, Cooler Master has also included a carrying bag to prevent the metal from getting scratched. The cable is also removable and is type c which means that you can use the wire you charge your phone with, if type c, and use the same wire to connect the keyboard.

The Cooler Master Sk-650 further vaunts the innovational on-the-fly procedure that allows easy and fast alterations of lighting modes, backlighting, speed of lighting, or recording a keyboard macro; all this can be done with just a couple of clicks in the software. One thing that it does lack is the availability of many preset options that users could take advantage of. Altogether, the keyboard allows four profiles to be saved.

In addition to all that, Cooler Master SK-650 features rollover technology that means multiple keys can be pressed at the same time. Furthermore, each key presses are of low noise, efficient, and are registered precisely; the actuation distance is actually very short, of approximately only 1.2 mm. This assists the users in heated gaming sessions where you might have to type quickly, especially with long nails.

With such a fast response, it does not even feel like a mechanical keyboard because you hit the keys and do not even feel the actuation point. Overall, with this gaming keyboard was a good experience, we did not experience any finger fatigue even after playing Overwatch for around half an hour.

One thing which is sort of a missed opportunity is the absence of angle adjustment pop-out clips at the back of the keyboard as they really make the typing more comfortable. It is really odd for a keyboard this expensive to not feature these back flip-up clips. Moreover, there is a lack of dedicated media playback buttons and a wrist rest.

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5) Havit KB395L

Best RGB Keyboard for Long Nails

Havit HV-KB395L - Best RGB keyboard for persons with long nails
Havit HV-KB395L RGB

Reasons to Buy

  • Shorter actuation and travel distance
  • Portable due to slim design and low weight
  • Withstand ability is around 50 million clicks
  • Easily customizable many different RGB modes
  • Not expensive

Reasons to Avoid

  • Absence of Type C cable
  • Lacks dedicated volume control keys

Havit KB395L is a full-body low-profile mechanical keyboard which comes with compact and ultra-slim design with a total of 104 keys. In fact, it is almost 25% slimmer than standard keyboards and weighs around 570 g only. Its low weight suggests that it is much more portable and consumes less time and force for each keypress. This means even faster competitive gaming.

Furthermore, due to the low profile, the body of the keyboard is not raised up off the desk which means you do not have to be raised up on the keyboard either, and this makes fatigue a lot less.

What really sets it apart from others are its smooth Kailh Blue switches which have a short travel distance of only 3 mm, compared to standard 4 mm, and provide utmost precision. As this is an RGB gaming keyboard with custom backlit mode; owing to this feature, gaming at night time or in lower light becomes much easier and comfortable. Per key lighting can save up to a total of 5 profiles.

The keyboard has 25 different brightness settings and you can customize the RGB lighting with just a few key presses; the RGB on this keyboard for long-nails is brighter than most other keyboards. You can even enable individual illumination of keys thus earning it the best RGB keyboard For Long Nail title.

Moreover, with the service life is of more than 50 million key operations it is also a durable keyboard. Like Cooler Master, it also comes with a detachable cable which, added to the low weight, is another great feature of a portable keyboard. It is noteworthy that this cable is not USB Type C but a micro USB. It also comes with flip-up clips to provide an angle for comfortable typing.

Although it has a full body size layout and has a number pad, it still lacks dedicated volume controls. Nevertheless, the keyboard features very minimal branding which is a plus point as it gives the keyboard a clean look

The driver software can be used to adjust several settings of the keyboard such as backlit lighting modes, USB report rate, profiles and keystroke’s response time, etc. Overall, Havit is a great keyboard to type on or game on.

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6) RK Royal Kludge RK61

Best White Keyboard For Long Nails

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 - Best Wireless 60% Keyboard for long nails

Reasons to Buy

  • Compact in design
  • Bluetooth pairing with three devices simultaneously
  • Double shot keycaps

Reasons to Avoid

  • Absence of wrist rest
  • Some Hotkeys don’t function on certain devices
  • Wobbly Keycaps

The ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is a wireless, 60% compact, clean-looking best white mechanical keyboard for Long Nails that offers multi-device pairing. Like other keyboards mentioned on the list, this too provides sufficient space between keys to prevent the nails from breaking.

The build quality of this White keyboard is good; it has a solid metal base plate with a plastic frame. Although RK Royal has advertised its ABS keycaps, not PBT, to be double shot, we only found the top of the keys to be double-shot; the sides of the keys did not impress us and they flexed a lot. Although the feel is solid overall, the keys still wobble easily, especially when the user is typing.

As it is a compact keyboard so it only has the most needed alphanumeric keys; although its compactness is a great plus point as it is easier to carry around but still, the lack of dedicated arrow keys is not something we were a fan of. Nevertheless, the mechanical RK switches are swappable; this White keyboard comes with three types of switches so that is up to your preference. The colors they are available in are red, brown, and blue.

Royal Kludge RK61 is also equipped with LEDs, RGB in particular which is on par with most high-quality keyboards. The colors of an RGB RK61 are vibrant and brighter than the standard. Moreover, you can control the speed, brightness, and animation of RGB lights with onboard controls. However, you can also get a variant with static LED color and that keyboard will obviously cost you even less.

Furthermore, this keyboard can be paired through its super fast Bluetooth connection with three devices simultaneously. Basically, you can use this keyboard wireless and with wire at the same time without unplugging the keyboard. The RK61 has a 450 milliamp battery which provide can provide you with 12 to 13 hours of continuous use.

The standby time is around a couple of weeks, which is a lot as you do not have to worry about turning the Bluetooth off. Furthermore, it is compatible with any operating system, desktop’s or mobile’s; however, do note that some hotkeys don’t function on certain devices.

We would not recommend you to use RK Royal Kludge wirelessly while gaming as it can lead to latency problems. Other than the fact that keycaps become wobbly, overall it is a great keyboard with decent typing experience at a given price, good backlight LEDs, double-shot keycaps and great Bluetooth connectivity.

7) CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2

Best Silent Keyboard For Long Nails

CORSAIR STRAFE RGB MK.2 - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for boys and girls with long nails

Reasons to Buy

  • Cherry MX Switches
  • Silent Keyboard
  • RGB Lighting
  • Detachable wrist rest
  • Ideal for gamers

Reasons to Avoid

  • Pressure is required for each keystroke, not ideal for typists.
  • Incompatible with MacOS

In case you are looking for a keyboard that users with long nails can use and it produces relatively low noise, then CORSAIR MK.2 is the best option. It is a full-sized keyboard that offers colorful, bright, and flashy RGB lights.

Briefing a bit on the looks of Corsair Strafe, it has a strip of aluminum on the top, and in this variant is also a Corsair RGB logo which gives an overall premium look to the keyboard. It has a plastic body and thus has an ample amount of weight to it; the plastic body feels sturdy and well-built.

Corsair has added extra keys to these keyboards like keys at the top to adjust brightness, a key to switch on and off the computer and a key to alter between different gaming profiles. This keyboard also has dedicated media keys that were missing in the previous strafe including a scroll button for volume settings.

The keyboard comes with an 8MB onboard profile storage that enables it to save gaming profiles for you regardless of where you are. As for the keys, they use the Cherry MX red switches which is what makes the keyboard less noisy. Moreover, the keys also have a textured feel which assists in developing the muscle memory of gamers.

Whenever you have long sessions of typing, your wrist gets sore. Corsair MK.2 comes with a detachable wrist pad, you can use it during your long hours of gaming or typing without getting exhausted. The keyboard also has two flip-out feet that help the angle adjustments of the keyboard; However, due to the absence of any rubber pads, the keyboard easily moves around the desk and is not steady. What’s unique about this Silent keyboard is that it comes with a USB pass-through port that gives access to a connecting mouse, headsets, or even charging your phone.

It is noteworthy that it is an anti-ghosting keyboard so every keypress registers just what it should. Although Corsair Strafe RGB is great for gamers, it requires a considerable amount of pressure for each keystroke. Therefore, we will not recommend this keyboard as Best Silent Keyboard For Long Nails . As for the compatibility of this keyboard, it connects fine with windows but is incompatible with macOS.

8) Logitech G PRO

Best Tenkeyless Keyboard for Long Nails

logitech Pro - Best Mechanical Keyboard for girls with long nails
Logitech Pro

Reasons to Buy

  • Extremely low latency
  • Well-built
  • Customizable backlighting
  • Comfortable typing experience

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lack of wrist rest
  • Keystrokes require pressure
  • Although fully compatible with Windows, some keys fail to function on macOS

The Logitech G PRO is an RGB-lit Mechanical Gaming keyboard we ranked 8th in our best keyboard for long nails test. It has a compact Tenkeyless design which means it occupies lesser space and with its detachable micro USB cable, it can be easily carried during traveling as well. It has a great built and excellent overall typing experience for users with different nail sizes.

Logitech G Pro is great for gaming as well. It has Logitech GX Blue switches that are very heavy and clicky relative to other mechanical switches. These are highly responsive because of the low latency and short travel distance of the switches; even long sessions of typing on this Tenkeyless keyboard cause no fatigue.

Audio feedback and tactile switches are also excellent. With 12 programmable F-key macros, you can use Logitech G Hub to program commands and actions to F1-F12 keys. There is also a key dedicated to Game MODE that disables all other keys that you do not need while gaming.

Due to a small bump prior to the actuation point, each keystroke demands a little more force than most of the other mechanical switches we have tested. Nevertheless, it is still 25% faster than any other mechanical keyboard. The clicky switches make it not ideal for office use as they are rather loud and can get annoying for some people. But another great is that if you do not prefer clickety switches then Logitech G PRO also comes with swappable linear switches or clickety switches you can choose according to your preference.

As far as the backlighting is concerned, Logitech G Pro has nailed it. All individual keys are RGB backlit; the lighting is very vibrant and bright even in high light surroundings. We recommend Logitech G Pro as the Best Tenkeyless Keyboard for Long Nails.

The board is sturdy owing to the solid plastic frame but the keycaps are ABS which is somewhat of a disappointment. Nevertheless, they still have a decent feel to them and are not cheap like other ABS keyboards we have tested. Moreover, in the middle of intense gaming, rubber feet really help in keeping the keyboard in place.

In addition to this, there is also a three-step angle adjustment available that provides the users with a comfortable customizable angle position. The cable of this keyboard is three-pronged and provides a safe and fast connection.

Overall, it is a remarkable keyboard that is known to be used by most pro players.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to type with long nails?

It can become quite difficult to register the right key when typing with long nails. The best way to accurately type with long nails or fake acrylic nails is to always remember to type with fingertips and not your fingernails. You should make sure that, at the beginning, you type slowly. Reducing your speed will also help you as it avoids typos and breaking of your nails.

How to get used to typing with long nails?

First off, you have to take the shape of your nails into consideration; mostly oval or flat-shaped nails are great choices for typing on a keyboard. We also suggest that you straighten your fingers. This will enable you to easily glide over the keyboard instead of moving your fingertips around.
In order to become more comfortable in typing with long nails, you should also focus on your sitting posture. You should sit such that your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle. This will allow natural finger placement when typing with long nails and will allow you to easily get used to it. To this end, it is a practice that makes everything perfect.

Our Verdict

Different keyboards suit different people based on their preference of the design or features embedded. From our tests we found Logitech MX Keys to be the best keyboard for long nails. It provides ample space, non-slippery texture, smart illumination, long-lasting battery life and can even work with multiple devices simultaneously!

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