Best Gaming Mouse Under $100

When buying a gaming mouse, everyone has different goals and performance expectations. Similarly, the best gaming mouse under $100 have a diverse collection of gaming mice. It depends on whether you are buying a mouse to play MMO games that require many buttons. Or you are looking for an ergonomic gaming mouse with a comfortable grip and higher DPI under the hood.

Don’t rush to buy a gaming mouse by only following a fan hype. There are many things like sensor type, build quality, DPI, ergonomic design, and gaming performance that make a perfect gaming mouse. No mouse is flawless, but we have compiled the 8 best gaming mice under 100 dollars for getting you the best mouse in the market. In this guide, I’ll only test Mouse Under $100, strictly related to Gaming, thus, if you have a budget of around $20-30, we have recommendations for that as well. Similarly, If you are looking for Gaming Mouse Under $50, there is an in-depth different test as well.

8 Best Gaming Mice Under $100 in 2022

1. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Best Overall Gaming Mouse Under 100

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum - Best Overall Gaming Mouse Under 100


ModelG502 Proteus Spectrum
Weight‎4.3 ounces
Dimension1.57 x 2.95 x 5.2 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly customizable keys
  • Build quality show sturdiness
  • Ergonomic design with thumb rest
  • Best for right-handed users

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not best customizations for RGB light
  • Design not suitable for left-handed people

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is an excellent gaming mouse that boasts a high build quality, many customizable buttons, and reduced click latency. The comfortable right-hand design makes it ideal for most users as it contains an ergonomic thumb rest to support the grip. Despite its fairly huge size, it is suited for all grip types and works best for large-handed people. 

The Proteus Spectrum is nearly identical to its sibling in terms of the overall design. It has glossy finishes on all of the 11 programmable buttons, which also includes the scroll wheel. A textured rubber grip on both sides of the mouse while a groove is there for three top buttons. There are two additional buttons beneath the scroll wheel: The top button allows you to adjust friction for ultra-fast scrolling, while the bottom button allows profile switching.

The Spectrum sensor’s highest resolution is 12000 DPI make a notable impact on hardcore gamers. There is an adjustable range of polling rates from 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1,000Hz. A cool feature is the ability to pick which profiles to use, either those saved on the mouse’s onboard memory or Spectrum’s computer-based auto-detection. Finally, the Spectrum is easy to calibrate to various surfaces to optimize the sensor’s tracking accuracy. It adds to a bit of increase in accuracy and sensitivity, but any edge, no matter how slight, is vital to dedicated gamers.

For everyday use, the G502 Spectrum is comfortable and efficient. Testing Red Dead Redemption 2 revealed no noticeable lag while changing camera angles. Generally speaking, the buttons are nicely positioned, particularly around your thumb. However, because of their location, the DPI adjustment buttons demand greater concentration to utilize efficiently. Increasing and decreasing the DPI can lead to unintentional left-clicks due to key placement. You can remap the keys and assign these functionalities to the Forward and Back buttons for practicality. We Rank the Logitech G502 as the Best Overall Gaming Mouse Under 100.

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is an excellent computer mouse for gaming and office use. It has a solid feel to it and is ergonomically designed for right-handed use. Additionally, it contains numerous programmable buttons and accompanying software for customization. However, it is rather hefty, and it is only ideal for people with bigger hands. 

2. Razer DeathAdder V2

Highest DPI Gaming Mouse Under $100

Razer DeathAdder V2 -  Highest DPI Gaming Mouse Under $100


ModelDeathAdder V2
Weight‎6.4 ounces
Dimension2.87 x 5 x 1.69 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly comfortable grip
  • Suitable for every hand type
  • Optical sensors offer durability
  • Many customizations options
  • High DPI value in its class

Reasons to Avoid

  • For small hands, only palm grip is suitable
  • It weighs slightly above the comfort level of some users

The Razer DeathAdder V2 is a fantastic first-person shooter gaming mouse featuring significantly improved aesthetics and button over the DeathAdder Elite. It features onboard memory, which allows you to save your customization to the mouse memory. This is particularly useful if you plan to use the mouse with several PCs or an unsupported operating system. The low click latency, good palm grip mouse, and highly customizable CPI make this mouse place in our list of best gaming mice under $100.

Buttons on DeathAther V2 are highly accurate and durable. They discarded the mechanical module and worked on optical detection to register the mouse clicks. Having implemented the optical module, you can expect fewer latency issues and lags in this gaming mouse. The keys have a reasonable distance between them to avoid any false clicks. Besides the apparent buttons on the front and sides, there are two additional buttons on the button of the mouse. These buttons allow changing the RGB lighting and switching between different profiles.

The sensor on Razer DeathAdder V2 can go up to a DPI of 20,000, thus making it the Best Highest DPI Gaming Mouse Under $100. This is incredible DPI in this class of the best gaming mice under 100. It tracks up to 650 inches per second which is a swift movement for a gaming mouse. Besides that, the resolution accuracy is at par with a resolution accuracy of 99.4%. Although these stats look fascinating on paper, you can often use the full potential of 20,000 DPI. Therefore, in normal gaming and office work, you won’t notice much difference in performance.

Compared to the Elite version, the performance looks promising compared to Elite version as its sensor worked flawlessly and felt snappy. The smooth and lag-free movements on an ordinary surface vs. mouse pad seem pretty outstanding as they adapt well on all surfaces. You can glide the mouse over any surface due to its PFTE feet. Besides that, the mouse button on the left and right seems sturdy when clicking straight and feels flimsy when pressing sideways. However, this minor gap seems not worth getting attention in front of a sturdy build and excellently finished body.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 features exceptionally low click delay and an extensive adjustable DPI range, as well as a high maximum polling rate, making it an excellent choice. Each button is highly customizable to suit your preferences. The design is comfortable and ergonomic for supporting the gaming for long hours. Smaller hands may have a more challenging time with fingertip grip, while larger hands will have no trouble with palm grip no matter their size.

3. ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin

Best Performance Gaming Mouse Under $100

ASUS ROG Gladius II - Best Performance Gaming Mouse Under $100


ModelROG Gladius ll
Weight‎‎9.5 ounces
Dimension5.51 x 2.76 x 8.66 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • The cursor is highly responsive to the movement
  • Feels great in hands for grip
  • The optical sensor provides smooth performance
  • Robust build quality and design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited configuration profiles
  • A little higher price compared to features

The ROG Gladius II is a high-performance gaming mouse, and it comes with several extreme features that are suitable for serious gamers. Despite its many features, though, it is relatively pricey, coming in at just under $100. It has RGB lighting that creates an under glow effect for enhanced desk appeal, and you can customize it according to your taste. Overall this mouse is an attractive package for the gamers who want swappable clicks for the mouse button or want a stunning design for hardcore gaming.

The design seems more than enough to carry you as your daily game driver. It does not feature flashy buttons, but there are enough for you to carry out your daily FPS and MMO needs. The left and right clicks are removable and switchable with the Omron switches to get extra responsiveness according to your playing style. This is an appealing feature for an audience that likes the flexibility and more utility in their gaming mouse.

In testing with Asus Gladius 2, it performed excellently on any surface as it packs a high DPI value of 12,000 with 50g acceleration. Combining the 1000 times per second polling rate provides a blazing fast and pleasing gaming experience. You won’t feel lags, and the overall experience feels snappy and smooth. In most FPS games setting the general DPI to 1800 works flawlessly, while for snipping needs setting the value to 800 can result in excellent results.

When it comes to gaming mice, performance is of critical importance. The Asus ROG Gladius II is quick and responsive when playing games due to the 12,000 DPI sensor. With it, we could engage in a variety of video games, including many famous FPS and MMOs. No matter what game you were playing, the Asus ROG Gladius II shows excellent performance.  Asus ROG Gladius II does not include any advanced gaming mouse capabilities, such as swappable weights, despite the fact you may change the switches.

The Asus ROG Gladius II is an outstanding all-around gaming mouse and has an excellent sensor for gaming. It has great build quality, is pleasant to use, and excels in a variety of genres. Nevertheless, it’s a costly mouse — and it lacks a few sophisticated functions, including more buttons and interchangeable weights. A less showy but more feature-packed gaming mouse is a good alternative for players that take their games seriously.

4. Corsair Nightsword RGB

Best RGB Gaming Mouse Under $100

Corsair Nightsword RGB -  Best RGB Gaming Mouse Under $100


ModelNightsword RGB
Weight‎4 ounces
Dimension5.08 x 3.38 x 1.71 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • The RGB lighting is well placed.
  • Optimal and powerful sensor
  • Click latency is very low
  • Suitable for both palm and claw grips

Reasons to Avoid

  • Smaller hands can face difficulty in operating
  • The sensor seems less consistent

The Corsair NightSword is an ergonomic gaming mouse under $100 that provides a reliable and snappy gaming experience. The design looks more oriented towards the gamers with a slanted shape for the placing thumb. Besides that, the sensor is lag-free and performs well in most gaming conditions, except few occasions of overshoot when moving it slowly. It feels a bit big for people with smaller hands, while it fits well in their comfort zone for large hands.

The overall feel and look of the Corsair Nightsword look excellent for the palm grip. People with small hands can feel uncomfortable with the claw or fingertip grip. Besides that, the slop at the rear makes the palm rest well and provides a natural resting position. There is a relatively large thumb rest at the left side of the mouse for resting the thumb. This design makes it better for the people with right hands to operate rather than the left hand.

The sensor in Nightsword feels accurate and responsive, thanks to PWM 3391 custom optical sensor. Its performance seems more than satisfying owing to the 1000 Hz polling rate for reliable tracking. The sensor is not the only thing worth praising in this optical gaming mouse as it is a good combination of technology and ergonomics. We have tried the performance on various games and found out that it remains snappy in all circumstances.

NightSword shows some crazy RGB patterns, and it amazes you if you are a big fan of having an RGB gaming mouse. You can program the top logo, front mesh panels, and back panels individually according to your required pattern. The setup becomes crazier when you have Corsair RGB Keyboard, and both devices sync the lighting pattern. Besides setting up RGB lights, you can use the iCUE utility to custom map the keys and calibrate various surfaces.

The Corsair Nightsword RGB gaming mouse is perfect for video games due to its adjustable wide DPI range. Even though it’s an excellent mouse for every type of grip, it may be too large for little hands to operate comfortably. There are some minor issues like slightly higher latency and some consistency issues. Additionally, it includes other features, such as the separate RGB zones and changeable weights that you wouldn’t anticipate for the price point.

5. SteelSeries Rival 710

Best Grip Gaming RatUnder $100

SteelSeries Rival 710 -  Best Grip Gaming Mouse Under $100


ModelRival 710
Weight‎‎5.6 ounces
Dimension4.92 x 2.09 x 1.65 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • Performs well in gaming
  • Robust build quality
  • Highly customizable body and sensor
  • Good programming potential

Reasons to Avoid

  • Display and haptic feedback could be better

The SteelSeries Rival 710 is a solid gaming mouse that includes a fully programmable and quite distinctive OLED screen located at the front of the body in terms of overall performance. The mouse is a good choice for folks who prefer to utilize a palm grip. The ergonomics are best for working long hours, and its performance is outstanding. It has good programming potential due to its Engine 3 program to modify preset values.

Talking about the size of the mouse, it feels relatively large for a gaming mouse. However larger mouse tends to be more ergonomic and comfortable despite some reach issues for small-handed people. Its OLED display and swappable components are the possible reason for the increase in mouse size. The OLDE display is not big but can display jpg or GIF of your choice. The color choice is not there, but customization possibilities are endless.

There is an excellent blend of build quality and performance in SteelSeries Rival 710 when we see it’s under the $100 gaming mouse tag. The sensor on this mouse offers a decent 12,000 CPI with a TrueMove 3 sensor to take the performance to the next heights. This sensor increases the performance dynamics and provides a spot-on performance while enjoying high-resolution gaming on a 4K monitor. There are no annoying slight movements that usually results from shaky hands due to stable sensor. Despite its style and everything, it might not be for small hands, but surely the Best Grip Gaming Mouse Under $100.

The default configuration software on Rival 710 is SteelSeries Engine 3, which provides various customizations and helps you set aesthetics parameters. It comes with 5 onboard profiles for using the mouse without needing to set up customizations every time. Besides that, you can store unlimited customization profiles using the software on the computer storage. The program is straightforward to operate, and you can set the customization easily.

The SteelSeries Rival 710 is a competent first-person shooter mouse. It has a short click latency and feels very reactive to the user’s input. A unique feature of this mouse is that its sensor is readily swappable by just unscrewing it from the base. However, it feels relatively heavier when playing games for long hours. If you can adjust managed the weight, this is the best gaming mouse under $100 you can get right now.

6. Razer Naga Trinity

Best Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Under $100

Razer Naga Trinity - Best Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Under $100


ModelNaga Trinity
Weight4.2 ounces
Dimension4.69 x 2.93 x 1.69 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • Diverse panels on sides
  • Good ergonomic gaming mouse design
  • Software integration is excellent
  • Highly customizable in all aspects

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only wired use makes it less portable

The Razer Naga Trinity is a fantastic and adaptable gaming mouse under $100. Whether you prefer first-person shooters or massively multiplayer online games, it works best on both gaming worlds. The extremely low latency and wired connectivity make it best for gaming. It adheres to the Razer Synapse 3 for the customizations and setting up profiles. Since it is somewhat large, it will not be suitable for use when traveling or having smaller hands. Despite the size, the Naga Trinity is ideal for players that prefer larger mouse dimension and those looking for the Best Grip Gaming Mouse Under $100.

The basic model of Razer Trinity is the same as we get in most gaming mice. The two primary clicks at the front, a scroll wheel, and two DPIU adjustment buttons are prominent. On the side panel, there is a removable thumb placer that adds to the ergonomics of the mouse. You can remove it and use the mouse accordingly. The 12 buttons on the sides are also comfortable and easy to detach at will. But we will not advise it as it exposes the metal that can touch the hands.

The customizations on Razer Naga Trinity are easy and manageable through Razer Synapse 3. You can manage and create profiles, map keys, adjust DPI, and change the RGB lights. It works between 100 to 16,000 DPI which is an extended range. The side panels are fully customizable, and you can swap them any time. They adapt to the new settings quickly. However, we won’t recommend swapping during the gameplay; else, you have a chance of getting a fatal blow from the opponent.

The performance looked promising during our tests with different game titles. We were amazed by the performance of Razer Naga Trinity for MMP and FPS titles. No matter what skillset and character we choose, it turned out a fantastic experience. With immense customization possibilities, Naga Trinity is still not the best choice for FPS due to its hefty size. You can remove the extra keys and modify the layout but cannot change the basic model.

Overall, Naga Trinity is an excellent choice for massively multiplayer online games under $100. This mouse has extremely low latency, and you may choose from a variety of configurations that include up to 19 customizable buttons. The design of the mouse feels comfortable and ergonomic, although it may be a little too big for people with smaller hands to operate comfortably.

7. BenQ Zowie EC1

Best Claw Grip Gaming Mouse Under $100

BenQ Zowie EC1 -  Best Claw Grip Gaming Mouse Under $100


ModelZowie EC1
Weight‎10.1 ounces
Dimension5.03 x 2.5 x 1.6 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • High click latency
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Good for large hands
  • RGB lighting

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks customization using software
  • Rigid cable

The BenQ ZOWIE EC1 is a solid gaming mouse for under 100 dollars with a wired connection. The design supports right-hand users, although it is ergonomic and represents good build quality. However, it is not a highly customizable mouse because the CPI and other customizations are limited. Although it supports all hand types, it suits best for the larger hands, making the reach easy to the buttons.

If you prefer palm grip over fingertip and claw grips, then it fits well in your hands. Besides the standard buttons, there is two side button near the groove where you res the thumb. Meanwhile, the right-hand side of the mouse has a modest raise to it, which allows the fingers to rest there comfortably. The mouse wheel glows according to the level of DPI, which is a good addition to knowing the DPI value.

In terms of performance, the BenQ Zowie EC1-A mouse uses Avago 3310 sensor and also features Huano switches, which provide the forceful click that FPS enthusiasts need for their games. The scroll wheel does 16 clicks every revolution and provides a lot of actuation. Due to its more FPS-oriented switches, some gamers, particularly those who enjoy MOBA and MMO games, may prefer to look at other mice that use Omron switches.

The optical sensor performs marvelously in the EC1-A, offering amazing input from the faintest of movements. The DPI range of 400 to 3200 makes it an excellent mouse for track-aiming in FPS titles when using it on the lower side of the DPI range. We recommend lowering the DPI only in gaming; otherwise, you will end up moving the mouse cursor slow for day-to-day tasks.

The BenQ ZOWIE EC1 is a capable first-person shooter gaming mouse with our recommendation for the Best Claw grip Gaming Mouse Under $100, and on an affordable budget. Aside from feeling well-built and having good click latency, it does not offers customizations like other mice in competition. Other than that, it performs well in day-to-day tasks and providing you an edge over the opponents in first-person shooter games. Regarding different gaming genres, it performs moderately well.

8. Acer Predator Cestus 350

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $100

Acer Predator Cestus 350 - Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $100


ModelPredator Cestus 350
Weight‎10.4 ounces
Dimension4.92 x 2.52 x 1.57 inches

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly customizable settings
  • Programmable buttons
  • Good overall stability
  • Perfect fit for right-handed people
  • Wireless connectivity

Reasons to Avoid

  • The shape could be more comfortable

The Acer Predator Cestus 350 is an ergonomic gaming mouse that comes at a budget price and offers excellent features. It features grooves on both left and right buttons while you can enjoy the wireless and wired gaming connectivity at your ease. It best suits gamers who like right-handed gaming mice with ease of connectivity and high DPI value.

The Predator Cestus 350 isn’t very eye-catching in terms of its appearance. To put it another way, the mouse’s curvature has a design to fit exactly in the palm. You can do long gaming sessions without any wrist and palm strain due to the supporting hump. The entire mouse has a matte plastic material that rapidly accumulates fingerprints. RGB lighting also adds a nice touch, and it offers several customizations according to your requirements. As per our experiment and testing after going through all Mice available under $100, the Acer Predator Cestus 350 is by far the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $100.

In terms of specifications, the sensor on the Predator Cestus 350 appears to be up to the task of competing with the best in the business. Its PixArt PAW3335 sensor has a resolution of up to 16,000 CPI with 40G acceleration. It is a reasonable consideration in the given price as it can hit up to 400 inches per second. However, there are good options available that can outperform Predator Cestus 350 in terms of specifications.

In terms of onboard profiles, Acer’s Predator Cestus 350 can support five on its memory. Its wired connections offer a polling rate of 2,000 Hz. On a wireless connection, the connection seems stable at the pooling rate of 1000 Hz. The sensor seems to work fine and provide consistent performance for reliable gameplay. You can expect a blazing fast CPI switch during the gameplay due to easy to access button for changing the CPI. 

The Acer Predator Cestus 350 may not be very eye-catching, but its ergonomic design makes it a comfortable weapon to use for extended periods. You can use it with a wired or wireless connection without getting any noticeable effect on the performance. However, there are other better options that you can get at the same price.

How To Select A Gaming Mouse

When you want to buy a gaming mouse, then you need to have a broad idea of the best mice, which comes under this price point. Some considerations need your attention to facilitate your selection and get the best gaming mice under $100. If you have never used a gaming mouse, some critical features may remain under your consideration when you buy a gaming mouse so that you become able to choose the best mouse for yourself.

1. Known Brands

Although the big brands spend a lot on their marketing and promotion of their mouse, the item now brings at its higher point by their marketing and advertisement. These gaming mice are super hyped because of marketing, but it is not the only thing that we should look for.

There are a lot of brands and companies which make gaming mice. But we revealed some brands there, like SteelSeries, Razer, and Logitech, which are highly trustworthy and have been around for a long time. These all brands are good to use; they all come down with the features which a user wants to see in a gaming mouse, and the mouse will benefit you and your playstyle.  

2. Selecting DPI

When you want to play with high accuracy, you will want to play on a lower DPI level. This means the DPI level will remain about 200-800 DPI. It is necessary to set your in-game mouse sensitivity, which can match up with how you play. You can adjust your DPI by assisting the mouse driver software you may use for gaming.

According to FPS titles, the mouse with lower sensitivity is best because they are more precise in gliding your hand and wrist on your mousepad to make an accurate shot. It is better to buy a mouse with 20k DPI because it sounds reasonable than the 16k DPI. There is hardly anyone who wants to play on those silly levels of DPI. Most of the companies provide high levels of DPI. The only purpose of them is to show you that your experience is customizable on any setting of DPI which is best for you to play.

3. Weights

The weight of the mouse cannot define by any “meta.” Because every mouse is different, every mouse has a variable weight according to design and features. The heavy-weight mouse like the version of the DeathAdder V2 and Logitech G502 is the best, making you love every moment of playing with them.

Some mice can carry variable weight, which gives you a complete command to set a perfect mice weight. This is the best way to dictate your mouse according to your desire if you like a heavy mouse over a light one or vice versa.

4. Mouse Accuracy

The sensor of any gaming mice is critical as the accuracy comes from the mouse’s sensors. All of these mice have optical sensors in them, which make sure that they are incredibly accurate. There is a minute difference when you want to track each of these mice. This difference is so tiny which is hardly noticeable.

In this age of 2022, the mice are so advanced that the sensors have a remarkable ability towards accuracy. If you want to have a gaming mouse with specific features and sensors, you should research them. For this purpose, you can search about the websites and videos that can provide information about mice you want to find as the sensor and quality are highly marketed. At this price point, sensors for mice have been highly tuned no matter the mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are lighter mice better for FPS?

The weight of the mouse is so essential for your gaming. If you have a heavy gaming mouse, you may face difficulty accelerating or decelerating it and are more accurate with higher sensitivity. While you operate a lighter device, it will be faster and easier to handle and be more accurate towards lower sensitivity.

How long should a wireless mouse last?

The mouse’s life significantly depends on the materials manufacturers use and the type of beating it handles. However, a common belief is that a wireless model works flawlessly and lasts about 3 to 5 years. While some high-end gaming mice can last more, cravings for upgraded mice usually don’t let most users experience the whole lifespan.

Does a Gaming Mouse Improve Aim?

The aim does not necessarily improve by the gaming mouse on its own, but it may be an essential tool when you want to improve your aim. It means that you will have to work hard on your aiming skills, and the gaming mouse helps you in it, but it has not any ability or magic that makes you a sports superstar.


Getting perfect gaming mice under $100 is getting easier with increasing competition in this niche. Most gamers focus on performance, while some focus on aesthetics and build quality. When choosing the best gaming mouse under $100, a perfect combination of performance and design is ideal.

We recommend Razer DeathAther V2 as the best gaming mouse for enjoying a lag-free gaming experience with extremely low latency from our tests and feedback from the gaming community. However, you cannot ignore Logitech G502 Spectrum in this race for a performance-oriented gaming mouse. It shows high possibilities of customizations with a modern design. While you are here, also check out our recommendations of the Best Drag Clicking Mouse.

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