5 Best CPU Coolers for i7 12700K

what is the most integral constituent while building a PC? It is undoubtedly the processor. Your PC’s processor is the core of your entire system’s strength and performance. Let’s assume, that you have probably selected the processor you need with thorough diligence. Not all processors are suitable to every user; a non-gamer and a non-programmer can easily settle for a mid-range processer but for competitive gamers Intel has new series of processors. This list includes the ultra-fast Intel Core i7-12700K and it boosts the performance for gamers. You should also know that CPU Coolers obviously require a Motherboard For i7-12700k – gladly, we have an in-depth article on that.

That’s probably enough on the Processor and its utility, let’s now lay the foundations for detailed exploration of best CPU coolers for i7 12700k. To fill in the gaps so you can understand how these two are interrelated: All the components of your PC are working ceaselessly and forcibly to keep pace with the high-speed and efficient Intel Core i7-12700K. Now this grind and toil leads to tremendous generation of heat and if your processor becomes susceptible to this heat it is bound to get damaged or it can even lead to sudden crashes or other issues related to stability. Therefore, if you wish to game non-stop with top-shelf performance results then it is imperative that you choose one of the CPU coolers for i7 12700K that will effortlessly draw out the heat from the components of your PC and it will maintain the temperature at an optimal level.

Important Tips While Researching I7-12700k CPU Cooler

For gaming computers, a CPU cooler is a fundamental and essentially important part of a PC and a good and perfectly selected CPU cooler can allow your processor to keep running stable and cool for a long period of time so you can make the best out of it. Your main goals should be purchasing a highly compatible CPU cooler that will meet all the minimum requirements for your processor, that is, Intel Core i7 2700K. Do keep in mind that there are countless other gaming processors like GTX 650, i5-4670K etc. Therefore, be mindful of what are your conditions and demands from a CPU Cooler.

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Fortunately enough for you, there is no need for you to overthink this because in this article not only we have compiled a list of Top 5 CPU coolers for i7 12700K as the title says but we have also made the buying endeavour of yours even easier. If you continue reading further we will provide you exceptionally helpful and practical buying tips that you can consider and reach a final decision for a product more quickly and accurately.

You can be confident that this is the right place for you to select the right item. Keep scrolling to discover quick buying tips that we have mustered through research and experience to assist you in clearing your confusion in product selection process.

Best CPU Coolers For i7 12700K

In this article we will be touching every vital detail of buying one the best CPU Coolers for i7 12700K. When you get to the end of the article, you will be aware of description of the coolers, their comparison with other coolers and characteristics of a cooler that will be perfect for your processors. Without any further delay, let’s get right into it.

Noctua NH-D15

Best Budget CPU Cooler for i7 12700K

Noctua NH-D15
Noctua NH-D15


Brand: Noctua | Voltage: 12 Volts | Dimensions: 5.31 x 5.91 x 6.5 inches |Cooling Method: Air | Noise Level: 24.6 dB

Reasons To Buy

  • Low Noise
  • High Quality Performance
  • High Compatibility
  • Convenient Mounting Kit
  • Recognized Brand
  • Appropriate Price

Reasons To Avoid

  • Huge Size – Too big to fit in most cases

Being one of the elite-class air coolers that features dual tower and currently has the highest demands, Noctua continues its quest for providing its users ultimate cooling performance. If you are familiar with NH-D14, which has accomplished over 350 awards and recognition from international magazines and websites as one of the most successful heatsinks, know that Noctua NH-D15 is actually built on similar design and provides further improvement in NH-D14’s efficiency.

If you are wondering what makes NH-D15 so special or why it’s worthy of being bought, this Noctua cooler is unlike the conventional coolers and instead of single tower heatsinks it features dual tower design with 6 tuned up 8-mm heat pipes that are spaced further apart which increasesNH-D15’s efficiency. It is one of the positive characteristics of Noctua NH-D15 because it provides larger surface area which further leads to well organized and structured heat-distribution. In addition to that, the dual mode allows more advanced efficiency in air flow.

Other than the expanded heat pipe layout that increases the surface area, Noctua NH-D15 comes with dual premium 140mm fans that support pulse width modulation mode and offer automatic speed control via the motherboard. The aerodynamic design of these fans is up to par with Noctua’s standards and offers sophisticated Flow Acceleration Channels. All of these characteristics have led to NH-D15’s 140 mm fans quickly gaining reputation and are currently considered as one of the best fans available in the market. Another best part about buying Noctua NH-D15 is that it also comes with Low-Noise Adaptors. If you wish to attain quieter operation, you can simply reduce the maximum speed of the NH-A15 fans from 1500 to 1200rpm. In addition to efficient CPU cooling, these large NH-A15 fans extend below fin-stacks and provide immense airflow over other surrounding components of motherboard as well and consequently causes overall component cooling.

As far as the design of Noctua NH-D15 is concerned, it comes with a sleek black design that gives a clean look with minimalist feels. It is ideal for gamers that are enthusiatic about aesthetic chromax-black look that also offers durability. The cooler, the copper heat pipes and the fans – all are covered in paint job. Now regarding the size of NH-D15, as you can tell from the height, width and depth mentioned above in the specifications, this is indeed a huge cooler. Furthermore, due to the installation of dual fans it also weighs heavy.

You would probably be concerned about mounting system and the compatibility of socket types. Well know that Noctua has got you covered and there is nothing to worry about. The mounting kits offered by Noctua’s SecuFirm2™ are known to be convenient, safe and most easy to use in the market. The contact pressure guaranteed by this mounting kit provides maximum practicality on all sockets. NH-D15 supports LGA115x sockets, Socket V, Socket R4 and AMD. Noctua ND-15 can also be made compatible with Socket B and Socket T with the assistance of NM-13, which is a Mounting Kit that Noctua provides free of charge.

One thing that you have to stay mindful of if you wish to use Noctua NH-D15 for gaming purpose it that make sure that your case is big. It is recommended to install this cooler in a case that have sufficient space for RAM and leave adequate room for radiator as well. If you are going to employ single fan mode, then the cooler will be compatible with any premium RAM module available on the market. However, in dual fan mode make sure you use Noctua NH-D15 with up to only 32mm of RAM which is standard height.

To add more to the advantages of buying Noctua NHD-15, the thermal compound you will get in it is the much acclaimed NT-H1 that has received over 150 awards. This compound offers least thermal resistance and has remarkable reliability. It is ideal to be used in any professional server and is outstandingly easy to use. Owing to these features, NH-D15 is able to outperform NH-D14’s functionality.

Overall, the durability and quality of all the Noctua’s products is top-shelf and the NH-D15 also comes with 6 year manufacturer’s warranty. This cooler is the best budget cooler for i7 12700K present on the list because it offers all these advanced features for such a moderate price. The cooler is not too cheap and not too expensive either, it offers ideal value of money. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality cooling solution and an alternative that will not break your band then Noctua NH-D15 is will not only suit your needs but it will also suit your budget.

Corsair H100i Platinum SE:

Best RGB Cooler for i7 12700K

Corsair H100i Platinum SE
Corsair H100i Platinum SE


Brand: Corsair | Dimensions: 11.02 x 4.72 x 1.18 inches | Cooling Method: Water | Noise Level: 36 dB

Reasons To Buy

  • Remarkable RGB system
  • High Build Quality
  • Pump and fans PWM supported
  • Accessible with Corsair Software
  • Wide Customizability Options
  • Highly Compatible

Reasons To Avoid

  • Expensive
  • You can only synchronize RGB lighting with Corsair Software
  • Cable Management can be tricky
  • Lack of any fan anti-vibration pad

If you are looking for an all in one cooler that supports RGB lighting, a liquid cooling method and is widely acclaimed then Corsair H100i Platinum SE would be an ideal choice. This cooler has got it all: H100i Platinum SE is compact cooler with a self-contained 240mm dual radiator and also comes with two Corsair’s LL120 fans that are PWM supported and feature RGB Lighting.

The reasons why we highly recommend this Cooler are so many. But the top most reasons include its over the top performance and stylish look supported by RGB. RGB Lighting is the main highlight of this cooler. Along with broad range of settings for temperature Corsair H100i SE also offers 48 RGB LEDs that are individually addressable. Thus, not only H100i provides ultimate Hydro Cooling but it also delivers graphic and radiant RGB Lighting that can be switched to different profiles. What’s amazing about H100i Platinum SE is that it features Corsair iCUE software that allows you to adjust the RGB Lighting of your cooler such that it is synchronized with the rest of your devices including all iCUE compatible ones. With the help of this highly effective software you can further maneuver your CPU and coolant temperatures.

There is an additional option of Zero RPM cooling profile in this Corsair iCUE software: if you think that the temperature of your system is low enough, you can fully terminate the movement of fans with the help of this option and by this way you will also be getting rid off all the fan noise. What users really like about this cooler is that the software gives you abundance of customizability options: you can switch from spiral rainbow profile to color shift or rainbow wave or even static white.

The rotational speed of the fans is from 360 to 2,200 RPM when they are functioning at full. This gives the user an ultimate experience of cooling performance. Along with the thermally optimized plate and an advanced pump in Corsair H100i Platinum SE that features low noise design, you will get consistent, high standard and quiet performance and cooling. Furthermore, the design and color combination of pump cap, fan housing and the radiation is bright and radiant white that gives a clean and sleek look. You can further adjust your RGB Lighting to static white to get supreme eye-catching look.

Moreover, just like Noctua NH-D15, the expanded radiator core extends the surface area and provides more consistent and efficient cooling. As far as the mounting and installation of Corsair H100i Platinum SE is concerned, the tool-free mounting bracket of Corsair provides convenient and pain-free installation process that is compatible with all eminent socket types like Intel LGA 115x, Socket Type B, Socket R4, LGA 2011 and AMD.

Overall, this is a great overall Cooler that is compact which makes it easy to fit in. Furthermore, in case your Corsair H100i Platinum SE has some fault in it, which is close impossible, but if it does you can simply return it for refund. The procedure is uncomplicated and free. Further, if you are experiencing any issue with your cooling device, you can simply contact Corsair because reassessing can avoid any avertable hazard. Additionally, if you find it difficult to choose a single product from this list of i7 12700K CPU Coolers and you are ready to allocate your money and time then you can opt for H100i RGB Platinum SE as It’s our recommended Best RGB Cooler For I7-12700k. We haven’t gave it any second thought because not only does it provided top tier performance and looks but it is also highly compatible.

be quiet! BW007 PURE Loop 280mm:

Best Quiet Cooler for i7 2700K

be quiet! Pure Loop 280mm AIO
be quiet! Pure Loop 280mm AIO


Brand: Be Quiet | Dimensions: 14.38 x 5.99 x 8.08 inches | Cooling Method: Water | Noise Level: 38.1 dB

Reasons To Buy

  • All in one liquid Cooler
  • Extremely low noise levels
  • High quality cooling performance
  • The RPM range is wide
  • Excellent GPU clearance
  • The cold plate is Nickle-coated – optimal use of thermal compound
  • Water Block joint is flexible
  • 3 year warranty

Reasons To Avoid

  • Requires frequentloop filling
  • Bulky
  • Lack of any power coating on fans

It is true that in the current age of intensive gaming, simply air cooling is not enough to satisfy gaming geeks. Air cooling is sufficient for simple tasks but for hectic and heavy gaming, liquid cooling is a better option that cools down the whole system in a matter of second. Moreover, for i7 12700K, a super-performer, we highly recommend a Best liquid cooler like Pure Loop 280 mm. Even during Peak CPU performance, the immense cooling performance of Pure Loop 280 mm will provide long durations of low temperature. The functionality of Pure Loop 280mm Liquid Cooler is similar to that of Corsair H100i Platinum SE Liquid Cooler and although Pure Loop 280 mm lacks an elegant RGB Lighting system, the decent default color scheme it comes in is still appreciable. Those who are not really fan of flashy color themes actually love the simple white LEDS Pure Loop has to offer.

Nevertheless, lighting is not the feature that Pure Loop 280 mm calls attention to. As you could tell from the name of the brand “Be Quiet”, the main emphasis in this product is enabling the user to have quiet, noise-free operation. This Cooler performs with as little noise as it is possible. Altogether, the company offers four sizes of 120 mm, 240 mm to 280 mm and 360 mm; all of these have same functions and perks to offer, they simply differ in the size of their radiators. Therefore, if you wish to buy Pure Loop Liquid Cooler, you have plenty of options to choose from; 280 mm is just the most popular one among these sizes which is why we will be covering it in this article.

As for the fans, Pure Loop 280 mm features Be Quiet’s very own dual 140 mm Pure Wings fans that are PWM supported. The rifle bearings of the fans are outstandingly noiseless. The 140 mm fans possess the highest speed among the series with top most speed of 1,600 RPM. The fans have total of 9 highly optimized blades that are ideal for the aluminum radiator of Pure Loop 280 mm.

With regard to the design of Pure Loop 280 mm, it can be said that it is fairly typical with cooling block mostly made of plastic. The all black design of Pure Loop 280 mm looks elegant with the contrasting white LED illumination. Pure Loop 280 mm looks magnificent in any system especially with its aluminum cooling block.

Another great characteristic of Pure Loop 280 mm is that the pump is separately located and not on the cooling block like most coolers. Therefore, when the block’s job is to exchange the heat between CPU and the cooling liquid, the pump is not exposed to immensely high levels of temperature and consequently lasts longer. Moreover, this unique position of the pump near to the radiator isolates it from rest of the cooling system and further eliminates unnecessary noises by blocking out micro-vibrations. The effective and useful damping by pump is one of impactful tactics used by Be Quiet to further enhance quiet operations.

Pure Loop 280 mm features several other characteristic that improves its performance. For example, in order to increase the efficiency of the cooler’s transmission of heat, the radiator fins are more compactly packed. Not only that but with help of a reservoir, the cooler allows a smooth and nonstop flow of liquid throughout the whole system which further improves heat transfer.

As far as the refiling of the coolant is concerned, the process is easy, comfortable and safe as the refiling port is easily accessible. Another great thing about Pure Loop is that a coolant bottle is already included in the packaging and thus it ensures even longer life span. Handling of the cooler has also been made very easy with simple mounting process and sleeved tubes that are flexible. It supports most prominent sockets like LGA1200, LGA1151 and AM4.

Conclusively, Pure Loop 280 mm is an ideal choice as one of the Best Quiet CPU coolers for i7 12700K as not does it give ultimate performance but it is noiseless and also ideal for price-conscious. It is best suitable if you play high-end and CPU intensive games like Cyber Punk 2077.

Arctic Freezer II 280 Liquid Cooler

Best Cheap Cooler for i7 12700K

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280
ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280


Brand: ARCTIC | Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x1.06 inches | Cooling Method: Liquid | Noise Level: 22.5 dB

Reasons To Buy

  • P Fans have extended speed range – from 200 -1700 RPM
  • The static pressure is high for better cooling
  • Improved lifespan with a ten year guarantee!
  • Vibrations reduced by 95%
  • Low power consumption
  • PWM supported

Reasons To Avoid

  • Absence of RGB Lighting


Another Cooling solution for superior high-end CPUs is Arctic Freezer II Liquid Cooler 280. This CPU Cooler was awarded the “European Hardware Award 2020” for the best liquid cooler. It has been tested numerous times and we also highly recommend it. What makes it so special is that it checks all the boxes of being one of the best CPU coolers for i7 12700K while also being one of the most least expensive cooler on this list.

Arctic Freezer II offers low noise and high quality performance; it comes with a clean and competent look with its unsegregated cable network. Arctic Freezer is further easy to install and is one of the most high in demand liquid coolers of today. To find out why, continue reading below.

Starting with the installation process of this cooler, although the in-box accessories are not many, the installation process is extremely easy with even a web-based manual. Owing to the elite EPDM tubing, the installation process of Liquid Freezer II has been made even easier regardless of the size of the case. Furthermore, this tubing method also does not allow the liquid to evaporate and thus saves you from struggle of constantly refiling the cooling liquid. The cable management of this cooler is another plus point. The sophisticated method with which they are arranged keeps them out of your view so you can easily connect a simple plug to the motherboard. The installation process really saves your valuable time and is another reason why this cooler is so loved by its users.

As for the compatibility of this liquid cooler, it is unmatchable. This multi compatible Liquid Freezer II functions with most desktop CPUs including most of Intel and AMD CPUs. Users state that the mounting hardware that ARCTIC has included is very useful and helps build most connections. The LGA 1700 mounting kit, with all new Intel’s processors and comes free of charge.

The main emphasis of ARCTIC was on the water pump of Liquid Freezer II. As a result of great though and research, humming and vibration sounds have been greatly reduced and efficiency has increased by great amount compared to previous versions. Along with comparative low noises, the power consumption has also decreased. When there is no load, it pump consumes approximately 0.7 W, if you are doing typical work then 2.7 W and even under hard core gaming it will only consume 4.7 W for the entire all in one liquid freezer II.

Another factor that adds to efficiency of this cooler and its demand is the high fin density and 38 mm thick radiators. High density means greater efficiency with greater amount of water available to be utilized in the circuit which in turn extends the cooling surface remarkably. Furthermore, since water is being used which has higher heat capacity, the rise in temperature from heat is lower compared to other coolers.

The list does not end here. Mostly fans are known to be short-lived and especially noisy. However, ARCTIC has developed a quiet fan for Liquid Freezer II that is durable. Another great thing about their service is that in case the fan fails and you need replacement then ARCTIC’s customer service team ensures that you get a replacement which will be free of charge and convenient. In addition to that, the fan is PWM supported and keeps the temperature of your system’s voltage transformers low which can prove effectual in overclocking or poor air flow scenarios. Voltage Regulator Module cooling is important and this fans effectively achieves that. This fan can also be switched off if temperature has become considerably low.

Overall, ARCTIC Freezer II performs effortlessly and can dissipate over 200 W of heat. This is why even under intense and long gaming hours your CPU can stay cool despite the overclocking. This versatile Liquid Freezer II surpasses all of its competitive liquid cooler products in terms of performance and noise levels. If you are looking for the Best Cheap CPU Cooler For I7-12700k, the ARTIC Freezer II won’t disappoint.

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4

Best Compatible CPU Cooler for i7 12700K

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4
Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4

Brand: Be Quiet | Dimensions: 5.3 x 5.7 x 6.4 inches | Cooling Method: Air | Noise Level: 24.3 dB

Reasons to buy

  • Silent Wings
  • Superior build
  • Efficient dual radiator
  • Seven heat pipes

Reasons to avoid

  • Lack of anti vibration pads
  • The large size can cause clearance issues

Is virtually inaudible effective performance by an Air Cooler really possible? Dark Rock Pro 4 answers those questions with the features it has to offer and its 250 W cooling performance. This all is thanks to the two silent wings Be Quiet has employed for Dark Rock Pro 4 fans are PWM supported and offer remarkable fluid-dynamic bearings. The blades of the fans are optimized and Dark Rock Pro 4 also features smooth six pole motors. The heatsink also has vibration reducing elements. All of this has resulted in insignificant fan speed noise even when it is working full time on its maximum capacity.

Starting with the compatibility of this cooler, it supports all new Intel processors and is compatible with the both LGA2040 chipsets. Dark Rock Pro 4 comes with two heatsinks which have been cut out so that the cooler can be installed without removing the RAM. Along with enhanced RAM compatibility, the fans also come pre-installed, making the installation process even easier. However, there is enough space to add another fan which can lead to even better cooling. The mounting kit is also included so the process of installing the cooler is convenient and user friendly.

Additional features that lead to highly advanced cooling are the seven 6mm copper heat pipers with maximum conduction of heat. These have been given special black paint that further allows to have an efficient transfer of heat. The fans have also been optimized and wave contoured, their surface further has small dots which increases circulation. The funnel-shaped face of the fans allows even higher air pressure.

Overall, the performance of this appreciable along with its heart-winning looks and award-winning quiet operations. All this at a low price tag as well! This product gives the utmost performance, mesmerizing looks, and phenomenal quietness. Its cost must be too outrageous, right? Surprisingly, it is not expensive at all. Although, we would have recommended it as The Best CPU Cooler For I7-12700k, however, we will keep it to Compatibility recommendation.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying CPU Cooler For I7-12700k

Before you embark on your journey and start analyzing the products, it is important you take certain factors into consideration. You should be aware of your budget to avoid the effort of finding the right product and not being able to buy it. Other factors that you must give thought to are the fan type, socket type, the size of the coolers, the noise it produces, thermal design power and most importantly the compatibility.

Size of the Cooler:

There are number of coolers available for i7 12700K that are large and bulky in size with voluminous heatsinks and they require sufficient space to fit in. Nevertheless, these coolers provide ultimate cooling power but you should have a bigger case. However, if space is a problem and you do not want your PC to take up a lot of space, you should select a cooler that is not designed with tall cooling fins but rather possess slim ad low-profile ones.


TDP or thermal design power is one of the most crucial factors that you have to analyze before selecting a CPU cooler for your system. This determines the capability of your cooler, how much pressure of maximum amount of heat generation can your cooler bear or dissipate so the processor can continue to function without any hurdle even under immense workload. The combination of your processor and your cooler matters a lot here. It will prove very helpful if you select a cooler that has either same or more TDP rating compared to your processor. A higher TDP results in cooler being larger in size and possessing more cooling fins but it also gives results that are beyond one’s satisfaction.

Fan Type:

There are types of fans that you have to choose from: would you rather prefer an air cooler or a liquid cooler. The difference between these two categories is that one uses cooling fans and heatsinks to eliminate heat form CPU whereas the liquid cooler utilizes water blocks as the name suggests. Although, air coolers are quite efficient at the job they perform; however, the problem with air coolers is that the fans disperse the heat right back into system which can cause a little rise in temperature. Liquid coolers, on the contrary, relocates the same heat but it moves it to outside of the system

Socket Type:

The basic reason why not all CPUs support every type of CPU cooler is the CPU’s socket type which connects to the motherboard. Different CPUs support different socket. It is possible that you buy a CPU Cooler but later realize that the socket type is incompatible. Therefore, on your journey of building an ultimate PC, make sure you purchase a cooler that has a socket compatible with your CPU. Otherwise, your components will simply fail to connect and all your hard work will be to no avail.


In many coolers, there is this annoying noise that fans produce when they are functioning fast to their limit. This sound is not only unpleasing for the user itself but for the surrounding as well. Hence, make sure that you check the specification list of the cooler to assess the mentioned noise levels.

Additional factors that you have to stay conscious of are the usage rate of your PC. If your usage rate is high you will be indeed of a robust and a highly durable cooler. A competitive gamer needs a high-end Cooler as the rig is more burdened. Other than compatibility of socket and TDP, you should make sure that your cooler is up to mark with all the specification of the motherboard. Other than that, as far as price levels are concerned, most expensive air cooler can cost approximately $100 whereas liquid coolers are much more expensive.

How we chose the Best CPU Cooler for i7 12700K:

You can undoubtedly blindly trust our recommendation of this cooler. This is because Corsair has been a top-tier member in the manufacturing market of brands. It is near to impossible that someone is unaware of this brand. This is because of its long history of providing dominant and high ranking hardware components just like Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE that offers highly effective blades, remarkable fans and design.

We found the CORSAIR H100i RGB Platinum SE to not only provides high-tier performance but it also proved to be highly compatible. We came across wide customizability options through CORSAIR’s software. The build quality is also commendable. Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE really checked all the boxes for us. Therefore, even if it is expensive, Corsair H100i is undoubtedly worth every penny you spend on it.

Once you have purchased and installed a particular Cooler, make sure you regularly clean it and maintain the system by using good quality thermal paste. This way you will get optimal performance and longer durability.


It can be difficult to arrive at one final decision when so many different kinds of CPU coolers are available. If you find it confusing to pick one cooler from above mentioned famous brands and models, our recommendation would be to purchase CORSAIR H100i RGB Platinum SE as it is the best overall CPU cooler for i7 12700K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air Cooling Or Liquid Cooling for i7 12700K?

The Intel Core i7-12700K is an amazing rig ad due to CPU intensive work or hard core gaming CPU can still become overheated and either get damaged or perform poorly. Therefore, air cooling might not be adequate because as mentioned in the buying guide above, you have to consider Thermal Design Power as well, which is low for air cooler. However, do note that the i7 12700K possesses 6 cores which enables the CPU to handle more work load than any other CPU on the market currently available. Therefore, in case you are not doing any heavy gaming or any other multi-tasking then air coolers actually work fine. In the end, it all depends on you and the tasks you perform on your PC.

How do I know what will fit in my system?

Firstly, thoroughly read the specification to know which heat sink size or radiator size will be the best. Manufacturers always state the height of their cooler or the dimensions of the radiator. You also need to make sure that the cooler you are going to buy allows sufficient clearance space above the motherboard for your memory and adequate clearance under the cooler for RAM. Whereas for liquid cooling, the key factor in deciding the fitness will be the number of radiators and how big the radiators can be. This is not the problem either as manufacturers state the location of the radiators and their sizes. Some radiators are top-mounted which can be a problem as they can interfere with your motherboard

Do I need to buy CPU Cooler for i7 12700K?

The Intel i7-12700K is a dynamic and powerful CPU that can run the most demanding and most power consuming games. However, there’s a limit to it. If you wish to play long sessions of games and you also wish your CPU will continue to work efficiently for longer period of time, then yes, you have to buy a CPU Cooler for your i7 12700K.

Does i7 12700K Overheat?

Yes under heavy load i7 12700K is prone to getting heat up or potential damages to the system which is why a CPU Cooler is needed.

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