Astro A50 Review

Soon after joining the competition in gaming accessories, Astro has managed to be the best gaming brand. Though the company is popular for most gaming accessories, the prominent category is gaming headsets. Astro A50 wireless gaming headset is one of the best gaming headsets that come with the most demanding features.

In its first look, the headset is most appealing and offers more than 15 hours of battery life, as well as excellent sound with 7.1 Dolby, surround sound features. As you know such specs come up with a higher price than an ordinary gaming headset, even more than its predecessor Astro A20. This is why unlike Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE, which costs less than $200, you have to invest more than $300 for this headset.

Astro A50

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Astro A50 wireless gaming headset
Astro A50 wireless gaming headset is one of the best gaming headsets that come with the most demanding features.


The Astro A50 is the best wireless gaming headset that offers the perfect sound experience, appealing design, and premium quality material.

Astro A50 wireless gaming headset image

Astro A50 Specifications

ManufacturerASTRO Gaming
Model A50 Wireless
Headphone TypeOver-ears
Wireless RangeUp-to 30ft
Surround SoundDolby Headphone
USB Output5.0V – 200mA
Transducer PrincipleOpen Air
Color OptionsFor Ps4 + PC: Blue & black
For Xbox One + PC: Green & gray
Microphone 6.0mm unidirectional noise canceling
Frequency Response10Hz – 20KHz
Nominal Impedance48 ohms
Power SupplyUSB Micro-B (USB 2.0 compatible)
Battery life15+ hours
Drivers40MM Neodymium magnet
Weight 380g
Price Range$300 (When reviewed)

Appearance & Design

Let me explain one thing: as I have already mentioned in specifications that the Astro A50 comes with two color options. The Blue + Black color combination is made for Playstation users, while the Green + Grey combination is made for Xbox One users. Both versions are compatible with PC, so PC gamers don’t have to worry about which one to choose from.

Astro A50 black edition

The color combinations are really beautiful. Both versions look nice and give a premium look. One interesting about these color schemes is that both are similar to the color schemes of respective gaming consoles. It means the company has tried to smartly add beauty to your gaming accessories.

The microphone can be bent and rotated according to headphone position overhead. Another feature of the Astro A50 mic is auto-mute, which means you just have to click it in its upright position. Overall, the material is really durable and would not break easily, unless hit with a hammer or try a shot of the gun.

Nothing can be expected from Astro A50 without its base station. Slim in design and powerful in performance the base station is great in every aspect. The shiny black color of the base adds much to the perfection of the headset.

Astro A50 base station


By joining the small accessories an impressive gaming gadget comes into fruition. This is actually true about Astro A50. The headset comes with an optical port that helps it to connect with other devices. Also, you can connect it to other devices by other available options like speaker cable.

Once you have connected it to other devices like PS4, Ps3, PC, or Xbox 360, it first syncs with those devices which is quite easy and sync completes in no time. Remember: if you don’t know how to connect the headphones (which obviously is very easy) then the Quickstart Guide could prove helpful for you.

For setting up Astro A50 you need to plug into the USB and optical ports. By pressing the button first on the transmitter then on the headset, the synchronization will start. After completion of the syncing process, you are all set to use the headphones. However, you have to sync again if you like to connect it to another device for the proper working of the headset.

Remember: If you are using an A50 headset on PlayStation 3, instead of PS4, switch audio from the settings menu. The process is easy but may annoy beginner gamers who are less tech-savvy.

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Base Station – Software

The Astro A50 has software to customize its sound. If there is a sound problem in your headset you may tweak the sound by downloading the Command Center software from Astro Website.

Astro A50 software

Astro needs to focus now on its software. Sadly the software is old fashioned: means the software lacks retina display updates and you have to update the software every time there is a new update. The software still lacks many features and is not user friendly.

Despite its imperfections, the software works impressively. Even though it is not user-friendly, it works like a charm in tweaking the headset. The software contains settings for Streaming that helps to adjust the sounds of the microphone, chat, game, and auxiliary audio. Suffice is to say that not only you can adjust EQ, you can also create custom EQ and then sync it to the headset for custom sound effects. Additionally, the advanced setting tab (in the dialogue box) is totally dedicated for audiophiles. My advice is not to go for this tab if you do not know much about sound and sound effects.

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Astro A50 base station image

Performance & Features

Astro A50 comes with a prominent feature “accelerometer” which automatically detects the position of the headset. It remains on whenever you are using it and it is in a vertical position on your headset. The sensor switches off the headset if you are not using it and the headset is placed in a horizontal position. Sadly, it just stops playing music when it is in a horizontal position, but the headset is still working and draining the battery continuously. So, it would be better to leave the headset on its base station than to leave it on the table.

The downside is that the base station loses connection after continuous use for a longer time. That is to say continuous plugging in and unplugging will leave you with no option but to use the backup USB charging cable. So, the better idea is to use the USB charging cable more often than directly plugging it in the base station for charging. However, the base station is the best option, albeit risky.

As you know this is a wireless headset, it uses 5GHz frequency. The wireless range of this technology is average and offers a range of up to 30ft. But the closer you are to the PC, the better the connection and sound will be.

Sound & Mic Quality

In terms of sound performance and microphone quality, the headset won’t disappoint you. With deep bass and rich and clear sound, you will like the real-time studio sound effects. As I have already mentioned, you can adjust its audio, Equalizer, and balance through its Command Center software.

Different sound modes are available for different purposes. The studio model is best suited to listening to music and watching movies, while Pro mode is perfect for gamers who want to hear real-time gaming sounds and be alert about footsteps and gunshots of enemies while playing.

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The built-in earpads do not offer greater noise cancellation. However, you will be able to get excellent noise cancellation, if you can manage to replace them with leather earpads. The sound quality is above average and does not disappoint, but for more better opportunity in this price range, other headsets like SteelSeries Arctis 7 and Logitech G Pro X are most suitable competitors.

The mic quality is a bit below average. The downside is that the mic lacks clarity and does not cancel background noise effectively. If you want to use this headset for calling on skype or something like that, you should opt for better options, other for just gaming purposes the headset mic works average.

man wearing Astro A50 headset


The A50 is actually a lightweight wireless gaming headset, though heavier than Astro A40. Though the weight is average and bearable to be placed overhead, you will still feel the weight after a long gaming sessions. But overall the headset is comfortable.

The complete fit with soft cushions over the earcups offer greater comfort. Actually the tight fit is best if you want to play the game for a few hours. For longer hours of gaming you will have to loosen the tight fit of the headset to alleviate squeezing issue.

The earcups of Astro A50 can swivel up-to 90 degrees. Additionally, to get greater comfort and noise cancellation you will have to buy an extra pair of leather earcups that are much better option.

Testing Results

Finally, the Astro A50 is sleek wireless gaming headset that is best for gaming as well as listening to premium quality music. Though the headset is one of the most expensive gaming headsets, its design, build, durability and performance actually deserves higher cost.

The Astro A50 is definitely worth the money for serious gamers who need perfection both in gaming as well as music experience. Buy this only if you are a high-end gamer for whom gaming matters more than anything else as it will cost you higher than other headsets.

Reasons to Buy

  • Immersive surround sound
  • Soft, comfy earcups
  • Excellent mic performance
  • Durable and Easy to use
  • Diverse connectivity options

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited color options
  • Mic performance is not up-to the mark
  • Very expensive

Astro A50 FAQs

Is the Astro A50 worth it?

Definitely, Astro A50 is worth it. It offers excellent gaming sound quality, durability, and comfort. Additionally, you can use it on Mac, PC, Xbox 360, or PS4.

Is Astro A50 better than A40?

One prominent difference between A40 and A50 is the connectivity. The A40 is a wired headset while the A50 is wireless. For various reasons the A50 wireless headset is the most appropriate choice, but it comes at a higher cost than A40. The A50 offers greater comfort, and freedom while gaming. On the other hand, the A40 is a wired headset which means you will have to deal with wires while playing which is really annoying for many gamers.

What headset is better than Astro a50?

If you want the most comfortable premium headset, SteelSeries Arctis 7 is the best option to choose from. If, however, you are looking for a gaming headset with a great sound experience and comfort, then go for the Astro A50.

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