Astro A20 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Welcome to’s Astro A20 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset Review.

Nowadays headphones are considered an essential part of gaming, no matter what platform you use, whether it be PC, XBOX or PlayStation a good gaming headset, like Astro A20 Gen 2, is always required by a gamer. It is because the developers of games put on their complete efforts to create various in-game-sounds which are must require to listen while playing the game to get the whole exciting experience.

Choosing the best headset has never been an easy task because if you go for features you will find, high prices and if you go for low prices you will find low quality and low features. Considering this, in today’s post we are going to give you a review about a new headset which arrives in the Mid-range segment and has also showcased some of its features in its launch.

Similar to the Astro A50 Headset, Astro A20 generation 2 headset is another masterpiece by Astro Gaming. Unlike its old variants which were launched for relatively high prices this headphone comes with an appealing price tag and also.

ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset Gen 2 for Xbox Series
Credits: Astro

Astro A20 Gen 2 Wireless

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ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset Gen 2 for Xbox Series


Astro A20 is a good headset that will satisfy the people and will work with them.  The sound is appraisable if we consider the price range. Some users may find the design to be a bit odd and would not like it.


ASTRO Gaming A20 Gen 2 – Video

Credits: Astro

Astro A20 Gen 2 Design

The A20 is a new design that’s thick than the previous version. It’s a plastic headset with a blocky-shape design with color accents ( blue for PS4 versions and green for Xbox one).

The A20 relatively shows a massive upgrade to its predecessor A10 with big sized Earcups connected to a flat strut that slides up and down for adjustment of size. The headband has a flat design which gives it an uncomfortable and imposing look.

man wearing ASTRO Gaming A20 Gen 2 Wireless Headset
Credits: Astro

Unlike other headphones like Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE and SteelSeries Arctis 7, Astro has come up with something unique this year, with the most prominent being the physical design. Rather than going with the traditional oval shape, Astro has shaped its A20 in a rectangular way.

Luckily, that look is deluding. This flat angle of the headband is designed to work with the thick padding of earpads and rubbered padding on the underside of the headset to decrease the pressure on the sides of the head. It’s warm but stable and very comfortable.

The right earcups have all controls and a micro USB port for the charging of the headset and a volume dial at the lower back corner to adjust the audio, with power and EQ buttons on the back edge. The left earcup has a microphone identical to A10. The headset automatically mutes the mic when you upturn it.

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An LED on the top edge tells you about the status of the headset as there are no other indicators to provide you more specific information, whether it’s in PC mode or Xbox mode if it’s currently flashing. Everything functions through the USB when it is connected to a computer and when connecting it to the Xbox One S or Xbox One X, both USB and optical cables are needed.

A short and long USB cable with an optical audio cable is used. This is all you need for starting up the A20, no other wired connections.

ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset Gen 2 Accessories
Credits: Astro

Astro A20 Gen 2 Product Specs

A20 headset offers a variety of features and here you can find a total overview of all the new features you are getting to use this year with this new headset.

  • Battery ( A20 offers a very good battery timing as well and if you are a gamer you are probably gonna enjoy the 15+ hours battery time.)
  • Wireless ( This is a wireless headset, so you don’t have to manage up with the mess of wires.)
  • Compatibility (Astro has made this compatible for the PC and XBOX one and has a separate model for the PS4 as well which also works on the PC. The interesting thing is that you can also use this headphone on the PS5 as well making it the first headphone made for the PS5.
  • Price (If we talk about the price of this headset then you would be amazed to hear that this headset only costs nearly $120. So basically you are getting all these features in a headset that falls in the $150 category.

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Astro A20 Gen 2 Comfort

Unstable headphones can spoil or worsen the thing audio your listening to. They might need some repeated adjustments.

The Astro A20 Gen 2 is quite snug and enjoyable because of soft fabric and its plastic frame, which makes it stay on your head for a long time without any discomfort and it feels pretty good with glasses on, too. It’s a squishy foam so it molds nicely around the glasses. It’s similar to the quality of a10.

The pads serve it’s purpose well and offers more head support than any other headset of Astro. These pads are made of soft rubber and these feel very nice on the head and in the hands.

Its weight and grip are just perfectly balanced and so is the headset easily wearable for many hours, without any discomfort but if you don’t place it correctly then the ridges might cause you a bit of discomfort, which is not a comfort issue.

man showing ASTRO Gaming A20 Gen 2 Wireless Headset
Credits: Astro

A20 Gen 2 Gaming Performance

Talking about the performance of the headset, it would be very offensive if say that this headset is not up to mark with the latest models of other vendors.

We have to keep this thing in mind that this headset only costs like $120 and I think that it is impossible to find a product like this in this price range.

Astro’s A20 Gen 2 gives out its maximum while gaming and once can have the pure desire of playing a game and listening to in-game sounds with this device.

We have reviewed this headset on various popular titles and the output given was simply amazing. The Microphone also delivers the result up to mark and you would be having no problems in communicating with your friends.

Besides gaming, this headset also provides a soothing experience if you listen to songs on it, Now I am not suggesting you buy this device for listening to music but if you are planning to buy a gaming headset which can also give you a good time in listening music then you can go for this device. The amount of Bass/treble is properly set and it gives you a comforting experience in anything you use it for.

ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset Gen 2 white color
Credits: Astro

Astro A20 Gen 2 Features

This year Astro has managed to gear up its A20 second generation with some amazing features and we will be taking an overview on all of them and will be sharing their pros and cons with you.

The first feature which makes this product unique in this price range is that it’s a wireless headset and as well you can use them on all major platform available out in the market.

There are different models for PC and Playstation and XBOX and the PS and XBOX are also cross-connected to PC, which means that you can also use the headphones on XBOX as well as PC.

For the Playstation variant, you have to buy a separate adapter to connect it which costs nearly $20. This is somehow a negative point for this headset but if we see the benefit of the adapter we can say that this headset is still good in this range. 

The adapter/transmitter converts your headset to work on PC and as well as PS4. We have sorted out the pros and cons with proper details for your ease and below you can find all the features of these headphones.

Astro A20 Gen 2: Pros

  • Variety of Colors ( Astro A20 2nd gen headset offers a variety of colors, if you are buying for XBOX you will be getting Green color (highlighting) and for the PS4/5 version you will be getting glazing blue highlights. These highlights give a premium look to the product and can also pair up with your lighting system on your console or PC if you have.)
  • Buttons ( The headset offers numerous buttons on both earcups for various features, like adjusting the volume and to adjust the sound levels.)
  • Microphone ( The microphone of this headphone was designed to provide quality and so it does, on the other side you also get access to the flip-to-mute button on the microphone, which means that you do not have to mute your mic by going into the in-game settings but you can simply use the button provided to mute your microphone.)
  • Wireless Range ( The wireless quality of this headphone is not a thing which should be compromised and so on Astro has done, This headset provides a long-range wireless experience with connectivity up to 15 meters.)
  • USB transmitter ( The A20 Usb transmitter turns the headsets into Multitasker, which means that you can use this on cross-platforms.)

Astro A20 Gen 2 Cons:

  • Design ( The design of this headset is off-market with the other headsets available in the market. The looks are not that much appealing of this headphone)
  • Transmitter ( The transmitter costs you as well if you want to use it on a PS4/5 and also it is very difficult to connect the headset with the transmitter.)
  • No Software Support ( Although the A20 2nd gen offers a variety of features, it lacks software support, which means that you are not getting an application to further customize the settings of your headset.
  • Lack of Surround (Unluckily this headset does not provide any surround sound effect. Although you can find this feature in its next model, Astro A50 which also offers a base station in it.

Where to buy Astro A20 second-gen headset?

If this review has convinced you to buy this headset and you are thinking about where you can get these headsets then don’t worry. We got it covered for you. You can check out this product from the below links.

You can also buy this product from Astro’s official website. The link is mentioned below.

Testing Results

We have reviewed every aspect of this headset and after reading the article you may have also got the overview of this product and the Astro A20n is impressive. They fit comfortably, and they sound great. the thing that makes this headset more unique is its price. It is a decent headset which balances functions and price quite well.

The thing that gives it the edge is its ability to work with different systems at a low price. Astro A20 is a good headset that will satisfy the people and will work with them.  The sound is appraisable if we consider the price range. Some users may find the design to be a bit odd and would not like it.

Our final verdict on this headset would be that if you are looking for a good product within a lower price range, then you should got for this product.

That’s it for today, if you have any questions in your mind regarding this headset then you can reach out to us by commenting below. We hope that our review helps you in choosing out the best headset which fulfills your needs.

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